Pain Pleasure And Leather Boots.I Have A Boot FetishIt all started when i was about 15…with hormones racing and being curious i guess. My sister had moved out of the family home, and i was now taking over her bedroom. However she had left some items behind which she had said could be thrown out. As i was going through the items, i found her boots, the leather was lovely and soft, and they had a half length, 6 inch zip. I had always been fascinated by women in boots, like most young boys of that age..i had a few dirty mags under my bed…lol But spent longer looking at the pictures of the women with boots on, to which i got a hard on.So you can imagine just how i felt when suddenly…i have a pair all to myself they were now mine. The first thing i did was try them on, i could just squeeze my foot into them, then spent some time with them on, as i continued my search gaziemir escort .. i came across panties, suspenders, and a pair of stockings, as it was now getting late, and bed time. i yelled out goodnight to my parents. Now ready for the night ahead i got undresses. now laying on the bed naked, i put on the new items i had come across. In no time at all i was laying on my bed in suspenders, stockings, panties, and boots…and started playing with my cock, which was very hard indeed.I lay, rubbing my hands all over the nylon, and the soft leather of my boots, after some time, i thought ….what would the leather feel like om my skin.Then after taking off the boots, i started rubbing them all over my hard cock, this feeling was wonderful…now i was planing to wank with them and make myself cum, but as i did, my cock went in between the zip. gaziemir escort bayan This was a new feeling, at first it hurt a little, but then the pain turned to pleasure…i needed to explore this more.I then slid my hard cock into the opening of the zip, as it slid in it felt fantastic, so i decided to try and do the zip up as far as i could..i could feel my cock getting harder, with every little bit of pain..i just couldn’t believe the ecstasy i felt. Then with my cock in the boots, i wanted to feel more pain and pleasure… so i pulled the boots backwards between my legs, the more i pulled it back, the more pleasure i got. By now, i had pulled it back so far my cock was pointing under my ass backward towards the bed, with the rest of the leather boot laying on my ass, but i still wanted more pain and pleasure. Then leaning far forward, escort gaziemir grabbing my cock in the boots…slowly pulled it back towards my stomach , pressing it down tightly on my groin. It was hurting, it was stretched to the limit…but it felt like heaven…then i let it go, it sprung back between my legs, i still wanted more… so i stretched my cock again, pulling the boot even harder and further back…more, and more, then pulled it to the front again…it was as hard as a rock…and i was coming…OMG… was I. this was such a amazing feeling. Well, that’s how i got started. I’m now 50, and still love to masturbate like this, i did introduce this to partners over the years, and have found we both enjoy the fun. one last thing…when my cock is pulled back as far as it can go, and the leather boot is pushed down from the top, around my cock, it is as hard as rock, it is fantastic when you get your partner to hold the boots with her arms around your waist, and you pushing your cock in her very wet pussy, and equally as good when she is sucking your cock….cos she is in control, the more she pulls on the boots, the harder it gets your cock.



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