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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 44Out of AfrikaA Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi******Chapter 44 – Retirement comes in a Rush******?Our story thus far:The continuing story of the Town of Hawksville’s acceptance of the massive black African-owned and operated Rhino Industries Inc. This is a continuum of our OOA tale with a follow up on the 75-year-old lawyer, Rush, who is Rhino’s lead legal authority, and his busty bombshell wife Rosie, who is thirty-three and developing a loving fondness for big black cock of which her husband wholeheartedly approves.Rush is about to become a key player in Rhino CEO Oscar Botha’s run for the Governor’s mansion in the coming election.******?Mr. Rush had awoken earlier than usual.He turned and looked over at his beautiful wife Rosie sleeping beside him. She had taken to sleeping in the nude, and her skin glowed. He thought it was no coincidence that this had come about for ever since he had arranged for her to have a new personal trainer, the wonderful athletic black man, TJ, he knew that Rosie was immensely enjoying the privilege of regular doses of big black cock just as Rush had hoped.He hadn’t actually watched them having sex together yet but he was planning to visit the wonderful workout facility in the lower level of the sprawling mansion he owned. Rosie had kept her part of the bargain when he agreed to this arrangement and she described each of their highly satisfying workout sessions in great detail to her doting husband. He loved hearing about it from her. Every erotic detail thrilled him.He continued to look on the supine form of his wife as he got his thoughts together as to his schedule for the day. On this particular Monday morning, there was a special meeting that had been called at the law firm where he was Senior Partner. The Managing Partner, a young man fairly new to the post, was going to be looking through the archives and dusty old records at various benefits’ supplier’s contracts and so on which the other partners had long forgotten. He assumed this mornings’ meeting was going to be taking the place of the usual Monday Partners’ gabfest which was always the ‘same old, same old’ and boring for it. In a way he was looking forward to the change in routine, however, he had no inkling that come the meeting his life was about to change forever.He rose earlier than normal, perhaps a little apprehensive.Looking at the naked Rosie had stirred his arousal and he was gratified to note that having just that morning having started taking a little red pill to help correct or at least enhance his sexual performance by addressing his erectile dysfunction that his cock was beginning to swell. Thinking that Rosie was scheduled for her workout at 11 am with TJ, further aroused him so that by the time he was in the shower and having a shave that he was blessed with a raging erection, something he had not experienced in many months.His lovely young black maid, Daisy, was setting his breakfast table when he arrived downstairs unannounced and came up very quietly behind her. Lately Rush had noticed that Daisy was filling out quite nicely. Just eighteen, he had insisted she be hired and she appreciated the time he spent with her. This morning he was sexually aroused.She was bent over as he reached around her front and cupped her full firm young breasts.She straightened up, “Oh Mr Rush, you startled me, you are such a naughty boy this morning, do you want your Daisy to spank you to make you behave like a proper good boy?”He laughed, “I don’t think I will need a spanking, but perhaps you might punish me and I should have breakfast served in bed sometime?”She flirted, “That would be fine with Daisy Sir, but whatever would Mrs Rosie think if Daisy was to attend to your hard cock in her mouth in your bedroom?”He loved how she talked about herself in the third person, almost like there was another person involved as his lover, and not Daisy the maid who served him his breakfast. He loved how she talked dirty to him, calling him a naughty boy. Her confidence around him was growing as she hit the magic age of eighteen.She slipped to her knees and took his cock out and, looking up into his eyes, licked and sucked his length into her willing young black mouth. In no time he spurted his cum and she swallowed every drop. Smiling happily she then cleaned him up with her mouth.”Now, sit yourself down and I’ll go and get your breakfast.”Perhaps one day she could join them in bed, he thought. Daisy’s willing participation was his deepest darkest secret. He had yet to return the favour orally to lick, suck and eat her sweet young black cunt but he was sure he could arrange that soon.*******?The maid left Mrs Rosie’s healthy breakfast on the usual side table and smiled at her. Rosie liked the young black maid, what was her name? Oh yes, Daisy, of course. She looked like a spring daisy, with a lovely figure and she was so pretty. No wonder Rush liked her so much she thought.Rosie was distracted as she was preparing a surprise for her wonderful personal trainer. She had purchased new leggings at a famous store in the mall where all the teenage girls went. They were very tight, outlining her vulva’s prominent ‘camel toe’ on the front while splitting her ass cheeks in the rear. She bought three, one in white, one grey and, of course, the standard black. She reflected on the white teenage girls who all seemed to wear black tights and squeeze their cute bottoms so much so it accentuated the crack in their asses and from the front one could often see the lips of their pussies. She was sure that the manufacturer must have meant for the leggings to be worn under a skirt, but that got lost in translation, when those girls were in class, on the street and parading around nearly naked.She laughed to herself, thinking how hard it must be for their teenage brothers and boyfriends not to stare. Not to mention the many older men istanbul escort in the malls and in stores literally drooling over their perfectly shaped young bodies.But this day was not for wearing her new tights. Rosie had checked the weather and it was hot and humid. She wanted to thrill her black lover by wearing sports shorts and maybe just a sports bra, and nothing else. She couldn’t decide but what was clear was that she was horny and her personal trainer had promised her a special treat. She wondered what that was as she prepared a surprise for him.Heavens, she thought, has it has been only a couple of months since her husband had suggested she take private workouts with TJ? She smiled as she reflected on confiding with a couple of her tennis ‘girlfriends’ that he was the greatest lover she could ever imagine, and when they pressed her for details she confessed that her sweet husband Rush had approved and encouraged her. Rosie knew her friends hung on her every word and were envious of her hung, young black stud of a lover. Indeed, she liked teasing them almost as much as she liked cock teasing their husbands at parties when Rush encouraged her to wear stunningly expensive and revealing outfits. The more she flirted the better the sex was when she and Rush went home.For some unknown reason, she wanted ‘T’, the nickname she had bestowed on her black lover, to spend more time with her sweet rosebud of an anus. He had fingered her ‘back there’ on occasion which drove her crazy with lust. She was still a virgin anally and wanted him to be the only one to own her ass with his mouth and amazing young vigorous big black cock. Her tennis girlfriends had confided in her that anal sex ‘hurt at first’ but then was outrageously wonderful in providing crashing orgasms.T had followed much the same routine in each session with Rosie as he had with the very first one. He began by stretching Rosie’s legs and arms and her core to prepare her properly, followed by a vigorous workout, with changes in each routine to avoid boredom. He towered over her and the contrast between a strong dominating black athletic man and a small tender voraciously sexual busty and sexy white wife could not have been more obvious.Then the glorious massage shower which they enjoyed together when his black hands explored every inch of her body as they kissed, deeply and often. Gently at first, followed by the deep massage, interspersed with an ultra-light touch when he would tease her repeatedly until she cried out for him to fuck her and begged loudly for his cock. A wild, almost violent lovemaking session followed in the big bed. She loved watching him fuck her in the overhead mirror driving his cock fully into her with wild abandon. It was almost like watching a porn movie with her starring in the lead role.God, what a lover. She was in heaven.She often wondered if it was possible to film their fucking through the mirror. She must remember to ask her darling husband Rush if he might make that possible.*******?Rush’s black chauffeur, Bill, dropped his boss off at the normal time and watched carefully as the elegantly dressed old man entered the lovely sandstone edifice which he had purchased many years earlier. The boss was getting older, and Bill who took his responsibilities very seriously wanted to ensure he was safely inside … just like the ever-watchful eye of his black executive secretary who ran his life with almost ruthless efficiency. The law firm now leased the lovely gem of a building from one of Rush’s holding companies. It was the ultimate win-win situation for Rush, and few people, even most of the partners, knew of the arrangement.*******?The door swung shut behind Rush and Bill then took a different route back to the estate. Mr Rush had recently assigned Bill other responsibilities including that of collecting the monthly rent from several of Rush’s investment properties.Bill drove towards downtown Hawksville and the Asian laundry. He parked the car in a nearby quiet indoor facility, took the travel bag full of Rush’s shirts out of the trunk and walked the last few short blocks. He knew It would not be proper to pick up a rental cheque while parking a white Rolls-Royce in front of the building.Dressed like a successful businessman in a pinstriped grey suit, the black man looked every bit like just another successful black businessman in a town where that was now becoming much more accepted, and celebrated especially by the white wives who lunched and shopped in the downtown core and kept a sharp eye open for black, successful executives.Bill thought about details. He was fiercely loyal to his boss, who paid him very handsomely. Attention to detail mattered. This was a routine he performed every second Monday.He was an observant man, and on his very first visit to the laundromat, he had noticed there were three very attractive young extremely pretty Asian girls working there. Surprisingly, they were dressed quite provocatively and openly giggled and seemed to enjoy flirting with him. An older woman ran the washing and dry cleaning machines and seemed to keep a wary eye on the operation. They all thought Bill owned the building. Their checks were made payable to a numbered company. He would not dissuade them from that minor detail. It was a harmless deception.At the back of the storefront was a typical doorway of Asian strings of beads hanging down to separate the storefront from the back. He asked to inspect the back of the operation. Giggling, two of the girls took him there.As he had suspected, they were running a massage parlour with several doorways leading into private rooms, another harmless deception.He looked up and noted there were cameras were installed as an early warning system if police were to arrive and raid the operation. Two of the girls offered to provide him with a massage session. He agreed that they avcılar escort both service him.He removed his wallet and paid in advance.He quickly stripped off his expensive clothes, no one would miss him for half an hour. ‘Missy’ entered, all pretence of a serious the****utic massage disappeared and she ran her teenage fingernails up the back of his muscular leg while cooing:”Does Mr like it hard or soft? Your body rub I mean,” she said laughing.He admired Missy’s firm young breasts. Her hand ‘accidentally’ brushed the back of his ball sack as she slipped the towel off and handed it to her sexy friend, Megan.His cock thickened.’Megan’ was new, she was very pretty and innocent. It seemed to him that as a general rule most Asian girls looked much younger than their actual age. (One of the secretaries in Mr Rush’s office whom he thought looked to be about twenty was he later found out was closer to forty!)Megan said she was 18 and when Bill questioned ‘if she was truly 18 and not u******e’ she showed him her birth certificate. He was relieved.”Would you like topless, Mr Bill?”He replied, “Well since I am naked, I would like you both to be naked as well.”The girls giggled. They loved their ‘job’ they loved meeting men, especially generous older men who tipped them because they deserved it. They made a lot more money than many of their friends who worked in menial labour such as Nail Bars or as domestic help.Bill rolled over onto his back and the pretty young women understood the signal and took turns massaging his big black cock. He was delighted to see that their teenage hands did not quite encircle his now hard erection. Missy bent over and put her open legs over his face offering her wet pussy for his eager tongue while starting to suck him.Coming up for air, Bill looked down to see both teenagers licking and sucking his cock at the same time. He could not hold back and the talented girls brought him to a crashing orgasm.As he left the Laundromat with an armful of freshly laundered shirts he noted with satisfaction that his ‘diversion’ had not exceeded the half hour he had allocated himself.*******?Rush arrived at what he thought of as ‘his law firm’ just in time for the special meeting to be called to order.Every partner was there.Unusual, he thought as someone or other was often on the road.The new Managing Partner did not beat around the bush.”We installed a policy of mandatory retirement a few years ago and the first of us have now reached the age of 75.””While we are not in a panic to see our esteemed friend and partner leave, this meeting is being held to advise Mr Rush that the time has come for him to start to move in that direction, and also to introduce a new partner who will assume his role with a selected number of his clients.”The Human Resources Committee of the firm has met several times with excellent candidates from all over our wonderful country, and we will take a few minutes to inform the partnership on our thinking in making the final decision.”Rush was stunned.Of course, the man was correct in what he was saying but, he thought to himself, why had he not had the common decency to tell him one-on-one prior to the meeting? Doing it this way left him no ‘wiggle room’ whatsoever, and he sat in silence, not knowing quite what to say or when to say it.He decided that for the moment silence was the best policy but also saw that some other partners were also squirming in their seats.He noted, ruefully, that the younger, most recently elected partners almost seemed to enjoy his discomfort. He tried as he might to look casual, and non-plussed with the rapidity with which he was being removed from his life’s work.The Managing Partner asked the Chair of Human Resources to speak. Rush stared across the conference and looked upon her with a fixed expression as she stood up to give her presentation.”Our firm will recognize the tremendous dedication and service to this firm by our founder in due course, but for the only agenda item, I must propose we admit to full partnership our successful recruit.”We have recognised the need to diversify and we are delighted to announce that we have recruited Ms Annette Bishop who will bring to our partnership world-class expertise in racial relations. Her hands-on ability to solve complex interracial issues is second to none. This, we felt, gave her an edge over other finalists, as she will be lead counsel on the Rhino Industries file, working closely with CEO Oscar Botha and his key executive members.”With a sweep of her hand she gestured toward the stranger at the far end of the table, “I would like to introduce to you our new partner, Ms Annette Bishop.”A murmur of approval greeted this announcement as several partners had had many challenges dealing with the head-strong black African leader, and a woman of such high quality was a welcome and inspired choice. Rush could see that Ms Bishop was indeed a confident, excellent choice. And he was pleased to see that she was most attractive and had exchanged knowing looks with several of her new partners, one of which was the first black man to achieve partner.”She is a perfect age, has an amazing grip on black issues, has many experiences with getting down to the nitty-gritty with many black men at once and one-on-ones with her husband’s encouragement and tremendous support.””She is also an expert on the growth of interracial sexual relationships having done extensive research and experience during her college years.””In our view, she is second to none in that regard and will need all of her abilities to keep Oscar satisfied, onside and content going forward.”Partners were not sure what all that meant, and Rush, knowing more about Rhino’s inside workings and black leadership, thought to himself that this woman must be a superstar in bed with her black lovers and competent in court and general practice. It was almost as if Rush had been forgotten already. şirinevler escort All the buzz was about ‘Ms Bishop’ or ‘Annette’ as all the senior partners were already gushing over her constantly referring to her as if she was already in charge.”She comes to us from the great State of Wisconsin and will be an inspired choice. I would not be a bit surprised to see her in the Chair of this firm in a few years!”The selection won unanimous approval.Rush decided then and there that he would suggest to Rosie that Ms Bishop and her physician husband should be added to the guest list for their secret upcoming fundraising dinner for the Gubernatorial candidate, none other than Mr Oscar Botha.With no further business for him to conduct at the office (he felt he had been sidetracked already)Rush called Bill, his chauffeur to pick him up.Bill was surprised when he saw who calling his cell but quickly relieved that his little escapade had gone unnoticed and went immediately to pick up his boss. It was not unusual for him to hurriedly pick up Rush to take him to the airport, but this day Rush simply said, “Home please, Bill.”Bill knew better than to attempt conversation, as he noted that Mr Rush seemed very quiet and reserved. He dropped him at Rush’s private entrance and slipped the Rolls into its custom-built garage.*******?Rush let himself in the private door that he occasionally used when arriving home late at night. This time it was not even midday and Rush realized that his darling wife would soon be joining TJ for her workout. She had often suggested he watch them ‘in action’ but he never had. He briefly thought of Rosie when she had been splayed on their bed, her legs open for the black photographer, Seydou, to place his enormous cockhead at the entrance to her wet willing white cunt as she pleaded with him to fuck her in the language of the streets.That had been his 75th birthday present; to watch his wife seducing his friend. They may have had too much to drink but, whatever the excuse or reason, it was burned into his memory.,Now he was stone-cold sober and he reasoned that he needed something, a distraction, to put the morning’s meeting behind him.He knew she had another black lover. This one was an athletic young horny well hung professional trainer and he wanted to watch her again.As he entered the lobby he caught a glimpse of his darling Rosie as she entered the secret entrance to the world-class workout facility. She hadn’t noticed him.He put down his briefcase and hung his jacket over a chair and quickly entered another discrete doorway which led into a comfortable study which was located next to the gym.He soon forgot about his law firm. He would deal with those issues later. He slid into a comfortable easy chair and used the remote control to open the full-length curtains to expose the one-way glass. He turned on the remote speaker. He could see and hear everything.Rush felt himself get aroused.She was wearing skin-tight short shorts which rode up the crack in her ass and a thin crop top which barely concealed her swaying full, firm, ripe breasts, with no sign of a bra, her nipples extended, and certainly there was nothing on underneath the ultra-tight shorts.She was more than gorgeous, she was stunning.Black mascara emphasized her eyes and there was a distinct damp spot between her legs.She licked her lips; she wanted it. It was obvious she wanted to be fucked hard by her black, young lover.As she turned to close the door, Rush saw her young lover flexing his massive muscles as he awaited his pale white wife. ‘God,’ he thought, ‘the man will split her in half!’He was surprised that TJ was so formal.”Good morning Mrs Rosie, I have prepared quite a workout for you today.”Rush watched as his gorgeous wife’s face flushed.Rush stared at TJ’s crotch as his manhood strained at the front of his shorts. ‘God’, he thought, the man is hung.For almost an hour Rush watched as the physical trainer put his wife through her exercises. He thought that perhaps they were not having sex together; perhaps his fantasy would not come true, that he was somehow mistaken about what his wife had told him.Perhaps she was making it up?That doubt was dispelled when without ceremony TJ sweetly removed her top, slipped off her soaking wet tight shorts and she was naked. As if by rote, she stripped his clothes off and the two perfect physical specimens were right in front of Rush’s secret position. A perfect black man, naked with his big cock standing at attention.The black athlete towered over the stunning white wife of another man. Proudly naked she reached for his cock, the workout was over.Or was it? Rush wondered.She led her lover out of sight and into the oversize walk-in shower.Rush rubbed his own erection and let his thoughts wander. He thought back to the meeting and of Annette Bishop. She certainly had come across as a stunning lady and he mused that he would like to take her to bed. She was older than his gorgeous wife but he saw that Annette had a way about her, confident in front of a room full of men, she exuded a sexuality with which he was unfamiliar.As he stroked himself he thought that Annette had almost been communicating that she could fuck everyone in the boardroom and still have energy left over. Indeed, he had noticed, some of the younger partners, ten years younger, were almost drooling as they were no doubt having similar thoughts of a road trip with Ms Bishop.There was movement on the other side of the mirror and Rush snapped back to attention to see that TJ was drying his wife off.Then she knelt in front of him and kissed his black cock.Opening her mouth she proceeded to pleasure him in ways that her husband had never even imagined. One hand held his big balls, the other roamed behind him to play with his anus and her mouth and head bobbed up and down while never stopping sucking his cock.Rush smiled ruefully as her wedding rings sparkled in the low light.*******?An hour later Rush exited his private entrance still shaking from what he had seen his pretty wife doing with her black ‘trainer’. He stepped out and walked carefully down to the barns to examine his breeding stock of the finest Arabian horses in the country.He realized that this day had changed his life forever.*******?



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