Out Of Africa, Chapter 46Out of AfrikaA Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi******Chapter 46- The Clinic’s first customer******?Our story thus far:Rhino, the black-owned electronics and media conglomerate together with the teachings of the Church of the Black Staff, had bought joy and prosperity to the previously depressed town of Hawksville. This had been mainly achieved by the insidious effects of the mind-controlling software embedded in all Rhino’s products that conditioned anyone who came within range. Taken together with the teachings of the church which emphasised the superiority of black cock and the need to procreate through the virtues of black seed, the white population had little resistance to offer.However, the church in its wisdom recognised that not all white women were physically or mentally susceptible of being successfully impregnated by a black man so together with the assistance (and funding) by Rhino a specialist fertility clinic was proposed that would investigate the possible reason for infertility and thereby alleviate the distress of women who felt they were not fulfilling their need to be carrying a black baby.The clinic was finally built and staffed by specialist clinicians and was ready to receive its first client.******?Not for the first time Hilda Hauck, Director, went on a tour of inspection of the newly built complex of lo-rise buildings that comprised the ‘Hawksville Reproduction Clinic’. She had butterflies at the prospect of receiving their first client and wanted to ensure that all was in order before the doors were officially opened for business.The foyer had a reception desk behind which was a passageway leading to the simply furnished consultation room which contained a desk for the consultant and two chairs provided for the client and her partner (should he be invited to be present). Leading off the room were two doors one which led into the treatment room which had the various fixtures required for the treatments to be applied and the other into the viewing room where the partner was welcomed to go and wait and observe through the mirrored window. The complex was completed by the provision of a changing room that had an en-suite bathroom. The whole building was fully wired and had the latest Rhino electronic systems installed so that everything could be faithfully recorded for the purpose of providing material for ongoing research and also the filming of ‘instructional videos’.There had been an opening ceremony the previous day when the commemorative plaque on the wall behind the reception desk bearing the name of Oskar Botha, CEO Rhino as benefactor was unveiled. A small drinks party had followed and now with everyone gone it was up to Hilda and her team to make good on the promises of providing the much needed service of depositing fertile black sperm into the potentially fertile wombs of white women of Hawksville. Hilda smoothed down her white housecoat which had the clinic’s logo on her breast and called out to her husband Billie, “You can put away that duster; everywhere’s looking just fine. Come and open the front door. Our first client is due in a few minutes …. and take off that apron, we don’t want to be giving the wrong impression on our first day.”Billie untied his beloved frilly apron and revealed his ‘uniform’ of white polo shirt with the same logo and white shorts. He scuttled through to the foyer as directed on his white tennis shoe-clad feet and pulled the locks on the glass door and swung them open to Jeanne Goodfellow who was just approaching the steps leading into the building. She gave a wave to her husband Jim who had just dropped her off. The car drove away and she turned and made her nervous way up the steps.Nervous she may have been at the prospect of what she was about to embark upon but at the same time she was amused when she saw Billie holding open the door thinking that this was the standard welcome to the clinic’s customers, “just imagine, this place is classy enough to have a doorman” was her train of thought. Billie didn’t disabuse her of the idea as he welcomed and invited her in.Director Hauck stood up behind her desk and offered her hand, “Good morning and welcome to the clinic. We are so excited to have you here as our first patient.” She picked up the clipboard from the desk, adjusted her glasses on her nose, “Ah, you must be Mrs. Goodfellow,” she stated rhetorically knowing full well that’s who stood before her given they had no one else booked for that morning.Jeanne said nothing, just nodded, given she was a little overwhelmed at the welcome and also at the enormity of what she had agreed with her husband Jim to do. Hilda recognised her trepidation and sought to calm her nerves. She beckoned Jeanne to follow her into the consulting room and as she passed through the door she clicked the switch that activated the sound system and instantly the room was filled with the soft sound and hum of Rhino’s signature tune. They entered the comfortably furnished room and closed the door leaving Billie to await the next visitor.”Now remind me what you are seeking and what bought you to us,” Hilda asked in her best calming tone. Again this was a question to which she already had the answer for it had been Jeanne’s husband Jim who had convinced his wife that she should be artificially inseminated given his inability to get her pregnant. (Jim had heard about the planned clinic and had contacted the help-line to see if they could help and for his wife to be a ‘customer’ once they opened. What the clinic hadn’t told him when he made the appointment was that she would be bred by a black man.)”Ah, um … we’ve been trying for a baby for a while but, I dunno, something’s not right with one of us and Jim, my husband, thought that you could help us.””Well, that’s what we’re here for and I’m sure that you both will be blessed with a satisfactory result after we have finished with the necessary procedure.”Jeanne giggled nervously, “Procedure?””Oh, don’t you worry. I can assure you the procedures are quite painless. We just need to find the best one that’ll work for you.”Firstly, we’ll try inseminating you artificially using an instrument that we insert into your vagina and will inject donor sperm directly to your womb. The tool that we use has been produced by a local company who specialise in manufacturing such devices and, I’m told, is very comfortable to use in its application.”She reached into the drawer of her desk and pulled out a Rhino Dildo which came complete with a realistic looking pair of testicles. She held it in front of the naive Jeanne and explained, “These rubber balls here are filled with the donor sperm and then we insert the shaft of the tool into your vagina. When we are sure that we have pushed it into you as far as we can go, after a few strokes to ensure it is positioned properly the balls are given a squeeze and, hey presto, your womb is filled with highly virile juice.”Jeanne took the dildo and examined the artificial cock closely, “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Whatever will ‘they’ think of next?” she said in her innocent way. (Hilda quickly recognised Jeanne was not the sharpest knife in the drawer!)Hilda continued, “If this method proves unsuccessful then we shall then have the donor provide the sample directly without the need for any artificial devices. It will be carried out under strictly controlled clinical conditions and to ensure complete compliance with our strict rules and standards we shall ensure that the procedure is observed by your husband.”All these big words and explanations went straight over Jeanne’s head; she was still intently examining the dildo and imagining what a girl could do with such a thing (even if she wasn’t trying to become pregnant). She nodded as if she had understood and continued to fondle the black-coloured rubber shaft. “Then what?” was her detached response.”If that doesn’t work then we may have to consider an IVF treatment.””IV what?””IVF, is ‘In Vitro Fertilisation, a process that requires we take eggs from your Fallopian tubes, fertilise them with donor sperm in a dish, let them pollinate your ovum and then return them to your womb and let nature take its course. However, it is an expensive procedure, requires using a lot of d**gs and comes with a lot of complications. We’d rather not go there and, in any case, I’m certain either of these first two methods will do the trick so we don’t need to bother ourselves with thinking about that. Shall we proceed?”Hilda picked up her tablet and then made a small adjustment to the sound system control panel which caused a targeted program to begin transmitting to the unsuspecting Jeanne. Jeanne stood up and still holding the dildo said with another giggle, “Wow, that’s nice music. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside.””Hmm, yes it is, isn’t it. We were told it would help relax our clients. Obviously it works for you so why don’t we take advantage of it and get you over to the bed so that I can make a few examinations. I first need to determine if the cause of your reluctance to get pregnant is with you or, as you suggested, with your husband. Please, slip off your skirt and get onto the couch.”Jeanne went over in an almost trance-like state to the bed and with no further prompting kicked off her shoes and lay back on the sheet covered mattress. Hilda made an annotation on the tablet, ‘patient has quickly succumbed to the hypnotic command’.”Now let’s take a look see,” said Hilda as she assisted Jeanne to get comfortable. She instructed her pendik escort to bend her legs and to spread her thighs a little, giving her a helping hand.“They are the smoothest thighs I have ever felt Jeanne; your husband is one hell of a lucky man”.Initially Jeanne went into a kind of shock not daring to move. She had never had anyone, other than husband Jim, touching between her thighs before and it took a few moments for her to decide that she liked this attention she was getting from another woman. The subtle commands from the sound system helped her reach that conclusion.”Jeanne, you are very beautiful; it’s an honour for me to be touching you like this” smiled the bi-sexual Hilda as she felt her own wetness begin to emerge from her pussy. “Now let’s get these panties off, shall we, so that I can take a closer look and examine and try to find out exactly what’s going on here.”Jeanne raised her butt from the couch and let Hilda pull down her sensible knickers to reveal a neatly trimmed thatch of hair that covered the pouting lips of her pussy. Hilda gave an involuntary lick of her mouth at the sight.”Mmm, Jeanne, already I can see that you appear to be a little tight. Does your husband have any trouble with penetrating you.”Jeanne giggled once more, “Oh no, he has such a dear little thing that there’s no trouble at all with him getting into me. In fact he is so small that sometimes I hardly know he’s there at all!””Well, sounds like we may have found the problem already but I’ll need to carry on with my examination and make sure we are not getting ahead of ourselves.”Jeanne, I am now going to probe a little further and I may need to become, how shall we say, a little more intimate and get you properly moist so that we can properly insert the applicator. You might consider my methods to be a bit unconventional but it won’t hurt and I am told that patients find the experience quite pleasurable. Do you mind taking off your blouse and your bra; it is important that you are totally relaxed. Don’t rush, we have plenty of time, the donor sample has yet to be prepared.”“But my breasts are awful,” Jeanne blurted for the need to say something.“Oh don’t worry about that, Jeanne. I’m sure they are far from being awful,” Hilda admonished.Jeanne sat up, unbuttoned and removed her blouse revealing her bra and swell of her breasts. She undid the clasp and Hilda let out a loud sigh of approval and said, “You really do have a magnificent pair of titties. You should be very proud”. All the time Hilda’s fingers never once stopped stroking her thighs and Jeanne responded agreeably to the attention as she was now completely mesmerised, very happy to be submissive and to let Hilda do whatever she wanted. Hilda leaned over and began sucking on one of her breasts and then let her fingers stray up to the crack of the hair-fringed pussy. This brought about the first clearly identified lustful moan from the patient. Eventually Hilda’s curious fingers made their way between her pussy lips and caused another moan to come from Jeanne. She decided that the time had come and in response to the moan she quickly stripped herself naked before returning to suck on her patient’s tits. “Oh doctor, that feels so nice …,” was Jeanne’s confused response as she spread her legs wider.Hilda moved to the end of the couch and climbed up and with a gleam in her eye said, “Jeanne, I am now going to closely examine your pretty little pussy and try to make it open a little wider so that we can apply the applicator. You may feel my breath on you, don’t be concerned, it’s quite normal and to be expected.”Jeanne, had no thoughts of anything at all. The fact that her doctor was now completely naked and was in the process of dipping her head between her thighs seemed to be entirely acceptable. The hum in the air had told her so and, if anything, she was quite looking forward to it.””This may take a little while. I need to hear that the sample has been collected.” She lowered her head and with a hand on either side of the cunt displayed before her spread the lips and using her tongue began to lap at the wetness. Jeanne sighed her approval.*******?The door to the treatment area closed leaving Billie to bide his time in the foyer and await the arrival of his next visitor. He sat at the desk and speculated as to what his wife Hilda might be getting up to with the dowdy housewife who she had taken through to the consulting room. He had been told of the planned course of events and imagined that by now the ‘patient’ was laying on her back and being closely examined by his dominant wife. He could hear the soft music playing and he knew by experience that there was little one could do to resist the warm feelings that such a sound incurred. His musings were interrupted by the sound of a vehicle crunching the gravel of the parking lot outside. He looked up and saw a service truck bearing the Rhino logo pull into a bay and sk** to halt as the brakes were harshly applied.Tyrone Brewer jumped down and slammed the door. He was mad and feeling mean. He had it all planned that day to go visit the McGrew Farm and to have his weekly dalliance with the Farmer’s wife and daughter and now his plans were all shot as his manager had told him, no, ordered him, instead to go to some dumb clinic to have some dumb tests and that he would be required to stay there for most of the day until they said he was free to go. He had no idea what the tests involved or what they were for, all he knew was that he was angry at being denied what had become a regular and pleasant start to his week.Billie stood up as the tall black man came through the door and instantly recognised that this was not the type of subject he was hoping would be his first ‘customer’. He held out his hand in greeting and with his best welcoming smile said, “Good Morning Sir, can I help you?”Tyrone ignored the offered hand and growled, “Yeah, you can tell me what the hell I’ve been sent here for. My boss wouldn’t say; I wuz jus’ told to get here, period. I’m a busy man and I don’t need this shit.”Billie gulped, “Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that. We were certainly expecting someone from Rhino to be sent here but I would have thought that they would have told you the reason why. Oh dear, that wasn’t kind, was it? Come on through and I will let you into our operation and then try to make things better.”Tyrone looked at this simpering excuse for a man dressed in his tighty whitey outfit and figured that he would be no match should he decide not to participate in whatever was in store. He followed Billie through another door from the foyer and had he bothered to have looked up and see the plaque on the wall he might have gotten a clue as to why he was there.”Please sit down in that chair there Mister, er, oh dear, I don’t seem to have your details … they didn’t give me a name … best we start with that then, shall we?” Tyrone settled back into the reclining chair and grudgingly answered Billie’s questions which were carefully entered onto his pad. He began to relax a little but, heck, he was still feeling mad.”So, Mr. Brewer, … or may I call you Tyrone, I do so want for us to be friends? … You have been sent here to the clinic because it is has been assessed that you are a perfect candidate to be a sperm donor …”He got no further before Tyrone spluttered, “What! … what the fuck; whadda you mean, sperm donor. I ain’t no donor of nuttin, man.””Oh, please calm down. This is a simple procedure; it won’t take long and after we have taken the sample you will be amply rewarded. I believe your company will be awarding you a bonus for every successful donation.”Tyrone on hearing that did indeed calm down, “They didn’t say anything about no bonus. Whadda want me to do then?””Well we shall together do what comes naturally and, in simple terms, get you to masturbate and ejaculate your sperm into a dish and, that’s it, your contribution is over and after ‘spending’ with us you can go off and spend your bonus.” Billie smiled at his little joke but Tyrone chose to ignore the humour.”You mean all I have to do is jerk off and cum on a plate?””Yes, I suppose you could put it like that.””Hell man, let’s go.” Tyrone unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants.Billie was new to Hawksville and, truth to tell, new to the proximity of black people and he was ill prepared for the sight that greeted him when Tyrone pulled off his pants and underwear; he had never seen such a big cock before, it looked as if it belonged to a horse was his first thought.”Oh my, you are a big boy, aren’t you?” he giggled.Tyrone said nothing, he just looked at the astonished face of Billie, took his semi-hard cock in hand and almost in defiance gave it a couple of strokes which instantly made it swell even larger.”Well now, we just need to give you a little stimulus to get things going and I can see that we will soon be done,” said Billie with another giggle, “I’ll just find something for you to read so that you can concentrate your mind and then BANG, Bob’s your Uncle, I’m sure we’ll have a dishful before we know it …”Tyrone gave another growl, “Forget the books, Faggot, you’re gonna be all the stimulating I’ll need. Git over here and you can do the job yourself.”The colour drained from Billie’s face; this wasn’t how Hilda had explained it to be, this was supposed to be a simple process of leaving the patient alone with a Porno book and letting him have a leisurely wank and for him to drain his cum into a flask and for him to return to collect the sample and then send the client on kartal escort his way. No, it wasn’t supposed to be this way at all. Inwardly, Billie was delighted, he had often fantasized about being with a black man and here, in the course of his work, he was about to make real his fantasy. “Oh my,” he giggled, “if you insist,” and he went over and knelt alongside the recliner where Tyrone was already stroking his ever-thickening cock.”Hold it, Faggot,” he was commanded.Billie moved his hand until it was wrapped around the fat shaft in a jerking position and then he squeezed on it tightly. He looked up at Tyrone as if waiting for the next instruction.”Stroke it, you dumb Faggot. Wassa matter wit you, ain’t you ever touched a cock before?”He moved his hand up and down in a rapid movement.”Not like that you dumb sonnaofabitch, slow down and use both hands. Jeez, anyone wud think you ain’t jerked off before.”Billie did as commanded and was amazed that unlike his own little dickie he was unable to actually meet his hands together such was the girth of the black cock that he now held. He did the best he could to hold him and began to make slow strokes up and down. He was impressed to see that after a few moments dribbles of pre-cum began to flow from the purple shiny plum of the glans and it made his task so much easier as the juice lubricated his grasp.”Thass better,” Tyrone mumbled as he settled back in the chair letting his mind wander over what he should have been doing by now with the Farmer’s wife and her daughter. He allowed his anger to subside as he felt the soft hands of Billie attending to his black cock. He had to admit that this wasn’t a bad substitute for his temporarily-spoiled intended activities of the morning. Indeed, the longer Billie applied himself to the task of jerking him off, the more he began to think that there might be more mileage in this situation.”Don’t forget the balls, Faggot.””Ah yes, the testicles,” thought Billie, “how could I ignore such a magnificent pair of balls …” He transferred his attention so that with one hand he was softly stroking up and down the cock whilst the other softly squeezed the hairy sacs. More pre-cum flowed as a result.Tyrone began to feel the tingling signs of his climax. It was not quite there yet but he knew it would not be long in coming. Billie for all his faux-naivety could also feel that his patient was approaching an agreeable conclusion but, “…Wait, Oh dear, I haven’t got the dish ready. Wait just a moment, let me find a dish.”He leapt to his feet and went over to the counter where equipment was stored and picked up the required receptacle. “There, that should do it. Now, where were we?” he simpered.”Get on with it. Get yourself back here. You know damn fine where we were at, get back here.”Billie returned holding the dish and resumed ‘the position’. He once more took hold of the rampant cock and rested the dish on Tyrone’s thigh just below the level of the streaming glans. With a sigh, for he couldn’t contain himself at the sight of that sweet nectar flowing, he knew just what he need to do, he leaned his head down and gave a rasping slurp across the fat plum and began to lick and lap up and down the throbbing shaft.The black man grunted his approval as the sissy boi expertly fellated him and once again felt the flood building up and rising deep from within his loins. He tried to hold back but then it was, “Oh shit, oh yeah keep sucking Faggot … yeah, jus’ like dat … oh fuck …”The first spurt hit Billie full in the face but he had the presence of mind before the second to pull his head away and direct the spurting cock so that the following fountains of cum splattered in the dish he had moved into position. He continued to pump the throbbing shaft with his free hand and once again gave that irritating giggle as he looked on in wonder as the dish filled up with the hot creamy sperm. “Oh my, they were right to send you; I’ve never seen so much cum before.”Tyrone took the comment as a compliment and slumped back in the chair making no protest as Billie released his hold on the still stiff penis. He watched him carefully carry the brimming dish over to the bench and then for him to take a spatula and drop a glob onto a glass slide. Billie slipped the slide into the microscope that was mounted on the bench and then bent over to view the sample through the eyepieces on the instrument. What he saw clearly thrilled him for he wiggled his butt from side-to-side in excitement. “Oh my, Tyrone, come and look at this …”Tyrone clambered off the recliner and with his cock still as stiff as when he had ejaculated (he hadn’t softened at all, but then again he never did, he was already for more) and he padded over to Billie’s bent form who was concentrating on the microscope, ” … you wouldn’t believe the sight of these wriggling little suckers …”Tyrone ignored the invitation to look at the magnified image of his cum, instead he took the sight of Billie’s wriggling bum as an invitation for him to pull down the little white shorts and to take his dripping cock and shove it into Billie’s pulsating anus.”Oh, you naughty man,” squealed Billie as he felt the stiff cock slip into his ass, pleased with himself that his teasing had succeeded in bringing about what he desired from the moment he had exposed his visitor’s black fat penis. His own little willy became just as stiff as the black invader began to work its magic and then after a few moments of bliss he gave a loud gasp of joy as he felt the cock throb inside him and then his ass being filled with Tyrone’s hot cum. He steadied himself against the bench and took himself in hand and only had to give himself the slightest touch to bring about the most exquisite orgasm and ejaculate his own cum through his grasping fingers. However, Billie’s few dribbles were nowhere as impressive as Tyrone’s far-superior spewing.Tyrone stepped back from Billie’s bent form and looked at two things in quick succession. First he glanced down at his softening, dripping cock and congratulated himself on showing this ‘White Faggot’ what a real man, a black man, was capable of doing; secondly he looked at his watch and figured that the morning was not yet over and he still had time to get out to the McGraw farm and catch up and do what he had intended in the first place. He pulled up his pants and without a backward glance left Billie to regain his breath and his composure.It took but a few minutes for Billie to calm down and to recall what he had been instructed to do next as part of the process. Ah yes, pour the ‘donation’ from the dish into a specimen flask and then take it to the consultation room where Hilda will be preparing the patient for insemination.He took a wad of tissues to wipe away the evidence of his recent pleasure and then pulled up his shorts that were still bunched around his ankles. With a still-trembling hand he made the transfer of the precious juice into the flask. He remembered his responsibilities and made measurements of the quantity and the quality of the sample he had observed through the microscope before entering the details on his pad. Satisfied that he had done what was required of him he picked up the warm flask and went to join Hilda. Neither Hilda or Jeanne heard him enter the room, so engrossed were they in the examination that was being conducted. Billie was amazed to see that his wife was completely naked except for the white shoes and socks on her feet and that the ‘patient’ was dressed in little more given that all she seemed to be wearing was hold-up stockings. As he approached the examination couch Hilda caught sight of him and took that as a signal to become a little rougher and she made Jeanne put her legs over her shoulders in order to bring her wet cunt to her mouth.Jeanne moaned in ecstatic delight as Hilda feasted between her legs. She had previously expressed her disgust at the thought of oral when her husband had suggested it but here she was receiving the most delightful treatment and experiencing feelings that she had never dreamed possible … just like the sounds in her head had assured her it would be.”Oh Doctor, you are fantastic. Oh thank you … I’ve never done these things before … I never thought that the treatment was going to be like this … are you sure I’ll get pregnant this way?” she mumbled.Hilda took her mouth away just long enough to say, “My dear, we’ve not done yet. I’m just getting you ready for the best part.” She dipped her head once more, put out her stiff tongue and lapped the length of her patient’s wet slit until she reached the protruding clit. The sensation was intense; Jeanne had never known such bliss. Billie smiled to see her shudder as yet another orgasm overtook her, he also noticed that his wife was busy with her fingers between her own thighs.Hilda raised her head once more, “Billie, please prepare the applicator, I think we are ready here.”He picked up the black dildo and carefully filled the rubbery sacs with the still-warm cum from the flask. In accordance with their agreed procedure he then liberally smeared the soft yet stiff shaft with a lubricant specially provided for the task. As his hand rubbed over the veiny pole he thought how lifelike and how much it felt like the cock that had just recently pleasured him. The thought was enough to make his own cock begin to stiffen once more.Returning to Hilda’s side he carefully handed over the obscene looking object, all shiny with lubricant and heavy with its precious load inside. She took it from him without maltepe escort any thanks and turned her attention back to Jeanne and said, “Now my dear, I want you to relax. You’re going to feel me pushing this applicator into you. I know it must look to be too large but, believe me, it isn’t going hurt and all you need to do is just lay back and let me do my work.”Billie smiled as he listened to his wife’s soothing words, he couldn’t believe that these days there could be anyone who was so naive as to not recognise a dildo when such an object was being displayed but, clearly, Jeanne must have led a very sheltered existence. He was excited beyond measure and watched as Hilda placed the head of the black cock between the open lips of Jeanne’s cunt. She rubbed the slippery head up and down the equally slippery slit and then without any warning pushed the phallic object into the gaping maw. Jeanne gave a moan of delight as she felt herself being filled by a proper-sized cock for the first time, instantly places that her husband had never before touched gave thrilling sensations that coursed through her body. Her moans turned to mewling as Hilda began to slowly fuck her with the toy. Billie looked on in wonder as the quiet housewife began to massage her own breasts and tweak and twist her stiff nipples, clearly the stimulation she was getting and the soft encouragement she was hearing from the hidden speakers was raising her to new heights of passion that were completely new to her sheltered life. She abandoned herself completely to the treatment being applied by Doctor Hilda and was loving it.”Billie come over here, I need you to help give Jeanne her ‘injection’, this is a two-handed job! I’ll tell you when to squeeze the bulb … and take your shorts off.”He needed no second invitation and quickly did as she bid. Following her instructions he took hold of the dildo and continued to slowly fuck the compliant but writhing pussy; Jeanne’s cries of passion increased with each push and he could feel his exposed dick had once more become erect such was his excitement at hearing her moans and the squelch of the dildo as it slid back and forth in her wet vagina. He was so absorbed in the sight and sounds that he almost didn’t hear Hilda’s next instruction, “Now Billie, now!” He squeezed on the rubbery sacs and instantly a fountain of Tyrone’s sperm flooded into Jeanne’s womb. She squealed as she felt the torrent hit her, the sensations giving her delectable climax of her own. Finally, Jeanne spoke in gasps, “Oh this is wonderful.” Billie didn’t hear her, he was too absorbed in feeling Hilda’s wet mouth that had enveloped his cock and her sucking that quickly bought about another orgasm and ejaculation from him. He was in such ecstasy as his cum was drained and swallowed by his wife that he almost forgot the instruction to hold the dildo fast against Jeanne’s pussy but, thanks heavens, he came to his senses and none of the donor’s cum was allowed to drain from the patient!Hilda got off her knees, wiped her mouth and found her clothes, putting them on quickly. She turned her attention to Billie and said, “OK, that went well, get yourself tidied up and we’ll finish off the procedure.”Billie recognised the business like tone in her voice and knew that the fun time was over and did as she commanded. All the while Jeanne lay back on the couch, eyes closed, a broad smile on her face, chest heaving as she gathered her breath and her legs spread wide with a dribble of cum now staining the sheet beneath her supine form.He gently withdrew the virile and dripping dildo from the spent woman and tenderly carried it over to the sink emptying out the dregs of cum before giving it a thorough wash and cleaning. Hilda nodded her approval at his diligence before returning her attention to the wall-mounted panel and made a few adjustments to the controls. She flicked a switch and suddenly the invasive humming vanished and silence ensued. Jeanne’s eyes blinked open in some confusion and she became even more confused when she realised her dishevelled state.She looked up to see Hilda looking down at her with a concerned expression.”Ah, there you are. Did you enjoy your little sleep? You certainly made things easy for us and I’m pleased to tell you that we have managed to complete the procedure and there were no complications.”Jeanne looked around and saw the back of Billie who was still busy at the sink. She assumed that he was engaged in some clinical task which to an extent was true albeit his cleaning was now concentrated on washing his cock and balls as he removed the residue of his own and Tyrone’s cum which covered his groin and thighs.”Now, my dear, if you would like to get dressed and come back into the office we can get the paperwork completed and make arrangements for your next appointment.””Next appointment; do you mean that I have to come back again?””Oh goodness, wasn’t it explained to you? That this may need more than one visit? We need to have you back here in a month’s time and check to see if the donation has been successful and if there is any doubt we shall then have the donor come back and provide for you by an alternative method.”All this was too much information for Jeanne to absorb, for some reason she was still having the same euphoric sensations that she had awoken to in the treatment room and it was affecting her concentration. All she found herself focussing upon were the delicious feelings that seemed to be emanating from her tingling pussy.Hilda completed the details on the pad she was holding and handed it over to Jeanne who was sitting there, day-dreaming at the other side of the desk. “If you will just sign at the bottom of the form here, I think that will be it until next time.”The two ‘clinicians’ watched Jeanne carefully walk her way out of the exit door and get into the waiting car.”Wow, that wasn’t a bad start, was it?” said Billie to Hilda. “There goes our first satisfied client and already I’m looking forward to treating our next!””Slow down Tiger,” she said giving his aching cock a pat, “if you’re going to act like this then I’ll have to seriously consider putting this little fellow back in its cage and you’ll just have to content yourself with watching and not doing.”They both chuckled at the thought of Billie being put back into chastity only to have their laughter interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Hilda picked up, “Hello, Hawksville Fertility clinic, how can I help you? …. Yes, we can make an appointment …. No, not this afternoon; we’re already fully booked …. Yes, tomorrow might work; I’ll just need a little time to arrange for a suitable donor and then I’ll call back to confirm a time … No, thank you for your call, goodbye.”She replaced the phone and gave Billie a wink. “See, already the word’s out. You better get some rest, looks like we’re going to be busy!”******?It had been a long week; the weather was awful; Zaire, her boss, had been away on business so Janice was missing his daily ration of black cock and now she had to get this damn report finished for Monday’s board meeting. She was so looking forward to going home to relax and having some ‘me time’ which would include sitting with her feet up, a glass of wine and continuing to read the old journal of her ancestor.Putting together the report was a complete chore as there was always some complication or other in gathering data from the various department heads and this one was no different when she came to the section that required detailed expenditure and budgetary targets. Oskar, Rhino’s boss, was very particular in knowing where ‘his’ money was being spent and she knew that he would be querying the new fertility clinic accounts should his eagle-eye rest upon it.The clinic in their reply had made a vague references to ‘Sperm Donor Bonus’ and the amounts mentioned and the frequency of their payment were significant but she hadn’t a clue what that was all about. She gave a sigh and grumbled to herself that it seemed everything this new organisation did was shrouded in mystery.She did the obvious thing and made a call to the clinic but the line was busy. She repeated the calls through the afternoon but again there was no answer and they still hadn’t called back to the messages that she had left. There was no way around it, she would have to contact the Finance department and see if they could shed some light on what this bonus thing referred to.Her call was answered by the refined English accent of the new Finance Director herself, Amy ‘something or other’ (names was another thing Janice struggled with). After a very short conversation that revealed nothing Amy told her that the best that they could do was to pay their own visit to the clinic and observe the way and the methods of operation which might explain exactly why these off-the-books payments were being made.Janice was not fooled as to the real reason behind Amy’s suggestion for although she knew little about the professional qualifications of the new finance director she had learned that following her appointment and arrival in Hawksville that this gracious English lady had shown herself to have a voracious appetite for black cock. Coupling that with what she had heard went on at the clinic it was clear that Amy’s suggested visit was a thinly-veiled excuse for her to be introduced to more than just an explanation of donor bonuses. ‘Hmm, perhaps the week had ended on a high note after all’ was her thought as she switched off the office lights and shut the door.She drove home through the rain excited at the prospect of what next week would bring; the visit to the secretive clinic; the return of her boss and his special loving but most of all she was looking forward to getting home and reading the next chapter of what her ancestor did following her arrival in Hispaniola.Yes, she had so much to look forward to.*******?



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