Group Sex

As a home worker, my diary and timetable can vary a lot, and sometimes my free time to get out of the house is in the middle of the day.

On this particular Tuesday, my free timeslot happened to be early afternoon, and I took the opportunity to get out onto the road for a run. My regular route took me past Mrs E’s house, though at this time of day I wasn’t expecting anyone to be home.

As I rounded the corner however, I could see that her car was pulling into the driveway and as I got closer to the house, Mrs E got out of the car, and caught sight of me as I came within talking distance.

“Afternoon Mr M!” she said, as I slowed to stop on the pavement outside of her house. “Just the man I need, can you come in and help me with something?”

I smiled and nodded, and followed her into the house. She was dressed for work, in heels, tights and a sensible skirt, a pale blue blouse and a dark jacket. Her hair was pulled back into a sensible bun and she was wearing some light makeup and lipstick. I wondered what had happened that she had to come home in the middle of the day – maybe something in the house needed fixing? Maybe that was all, today?

We entered the house through the side door and went into the kitchen. My memory prompted me with images our first sweaty sexual encounter in that room and my cock twitched in my shorts at the thought.

“Hang on a minute Mr M?” said Mrs E and she disappeared into the hall, leaving me with my memory for a few minutes. I wandered over to the sink and washed my hands and face quickly to get rid of the sweat from the running, and turned around when I heard her heels clicking over the tiled floor as she returned to the room.

Well, it was quite a sight when I turned around. Mrs E had removed her skirt while out of the room and was now stood in the kitchen doorway smiling at me. My eyes travelled up her legs from the black heels to what was now revealed not as tights but as a pair of hold ups, then now no skirt and no knickers, the light blue blouse kadıköy escort and jacket still in place, but with her hair now undone and falling around her shoulders.

“Let me show you what I need your help with…” she smiled, and with that she turned around and bent over, running her hands down her legs. My eye was immediately caught by the flash of her pussy and then a flash of colour as she revealed she had been standing there with a bright green plug tightly ensconced up her arse!

I started with surprise and she stood back up and walked over to me.

“I have had that inside me all morning,” she murmered “and it’s been driving me crazy. I had to come home to get myself off… but when I saw you coming round the corner I had a better idea…”

I grinned and stepped in close to her, bringing my lips to hers and my hands around her to her pert arse cheeks. I squeezed and rubbed them as we kissed and felt her squirm and moan as the plug shifted inside her.

She pulled back from our kiss and pointed to the rug in the adjoining room.

“Lie down there, please Mr M?”

I didn’t need inviting twice and jogged over and got down on my back on the soft rug. I had the great pleasure of then watching Mrs E walk over to me in her heels and hold ups, pulling off her jacket as she did so and throwing it over the sofa.

She knelt on the rug beside me and tugged my shorts down and off. My cock was already hardening but Mrs E quickly took my cock in hand and started to rub it and squeeze my balls with her other hand. I quickly responded, especially when Mrs E dropped her head and swirled her tongue up and down the shaft and across the head of my cock.

I was now fully erect and Mrs E swung her stockinged leg over my waist and rested her wet pussy on my hips and looked down at me with a smile. She shifted herself back up onto her knees and reached underneath her and pulled my cock toward her sopping üsküdar escort pussy. With a grunt I slid between her lips and deep into her pussy.

Mrs E settled back down, straddling me and groaning. She was clearly highly aroused, her eyes were unfocussed and her lips were moving soundlessly. She started to gently rock her hips back and forward across me, not a lot of movement but enough to start her gasping. I could feel the pressure of the butt plug on my shaft through the wall of her pussy, which was an odd sensation but not unpleasant. I kept looking up at Mrs E as she moved gently back and forth. After a few minutes she leaned forward slightly and put her hands down onto my chest.

“I… don’t… think… uhhh… I can… stand aaaahh… much more…” she gasped and with that started to push herself up and down on my shaft somewhat faster and harder. It only took a few thrusts and she squealed and shook, her pussy clamping itself to my cock as she had a powerful orgasm. Her arms shook and she let herself down gently until she was lying on my chest, breathing heavily, with my unspent cock still in her.

A few minutes later, she stirred herself and slid up and off my cock, which was still rock hard and I was aching to come myself. She looked down at me with sparking eyes.

“I’m just wondering…” she murmured, “do I dare… oh I think I’ll have to…”

Mrs E then reached around behind her and her eyes closed. I heard a soft pop and realised she’d removed the bright green butt plug, which she dropped to one side.

“Now, don’t move a muscle, Mr M…” she said, shifting her position slightly and raising herself off me. She reached down and put her hand on my wet, stiff rod, which twitched in response, causing a smile to tug the corner of her pretty mouth.

Using her hand she guided the tip of my cock, not to her pussy lips but to the entrance to her arse, which had just relinquished it’s green plug. She gently pushed back and fed the tip into tuzla escort the warm tight opening.

“Ahhhhhwwww…” she winced slightly as the tip breached her tight hole, the way having been made easier by the presence of the butt plug for the earlier part of the day.

Slowly she eased the stiff shaft into her arse, giving me the most amazing tightness around my cock head as it worked deeper into her.

“Ah… I’ve not… had… a dick in my… arse… so much… bigger and harder…” she whispered and pushed down on me a little more, “oooh… and deeper…”.

Before long I was fully engulfed in Mrs E’s arse, and she slowly started to move back and forward on my dick. It was an amazing feeling for me and watching her face above mine as she fucked her own arse, her eyes glazing over and biting her lips with the sensations radiating out from where I was plugged into her.

I could tell it was really doing something for her as she moved herself to be more upright, driving my cock even deeper into her, and starting to bounce upon it harder and harder, each bounce eliciting a squeak and a groan.

I could feel my own orgasm building, the tightness of Mrs E’s arsehole and the way it was squeezing my cock as she slid up and down upon it.

“I’m going to come…” I groaned as she pulled herself back up my shaft again.

“Go on… go on… fill up my arse Mr M!” she shouted, pushing herself down harder again and driving my cock deeper into her than before.

I gasped and groaned as I came, thick wads of come shooting up into Mrs E’s arse as she squealed and shook on top of me, the sensation of my orgasm triggering hers. She slumped forward onto my chest and gasped for breath, my twitching cock still in her arse.

“Wow, Mr M, that was worth coming home for!” She said when she had her breath back.

She rolled off me, my softening cock slipping from her arse as she did so and we lay side my side in the afterglow as the autumn sun came through the windows behind us and cast reflections on the ceiling.

We pulled ourselves together and tidied ourselves up. Mrs E winced slightly as she stood up and tottered toward the hall bathroom. She called over her shoulder as I rested against the kitchen table, my own legs shaking slightly.

“Thanks so much for stopping by Mr M, consider me well and truly fixed!”



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