You are laying beside me. Your eyes slowly open as I reach out, shyly touching your chest. My fingers glide along your neck and up into your hair, stroking behind your ear across the strong line of your jaw, tracing your lips with my fingers. I hear you moan as you reach out and grasp my hand, stopping my fingers’ exploration of your face. Your fingers now trace my lips, my chin, down my neck, dancing along my spine, and caressing my bottom.

You look into my eyes before placing your hands on my hips. Pulling me against you with a slight groan, you hold both my hands above my head, rolling me onto my back. I wiggle my arms and my body as I try to loosen your hold. You lightly nibble on the edge of my ear. I feel your breath warming me, as a cool breeze lifts the curtains and whispers across my skin.

Mmm I tilt my head to the side, feeling your teeth as you nibble along my neck back up to my lips, which you suck into your mouth. Once, twice, you probe my lips with your tongue, your kisses making me dizzy. I open my mouth slightly, giving you the chance to slip your tongue kadıköy escort inside. Our tongues’ dance of passion quickens my pulse. Using your free hand you slowly start caressing my breasts, the tips of your fingers tracing circles around my nipples, first one and then the other. Teasing me, your lips trail kisses down my neck, my collarbone, my shoulders, down to my breasts. I gasp as you suck my nipple into your hot mouth.


I want to touch you.

I push my body against your mouth, as you release your hold on my hands. I move my fingers to your hair, slightly tugging, holding you there.

As you start licking lower, your hot tongue burns a trail across my skin. Your hands on my hips, you pull me down to the edge of the bed. Kneeling, you begin rubbing your hands aganist the inside of my thighs. Pushing my legs apart, you slowly kiss the inside of my thigh, your fingers stroking ever higher. I whimper as your fingertips brush over my skin. You slowly slide a finger üsküdar escort into my warmth, pushing deep. I gasp and close my eyes.

I hear you whisper, “Look at me.”

Opening my eyes, I see the raw hunger in your face, almost frightening with intensity. I feel the fire leap higher in my stomach.

“Oh please,” I softly cry.

Your eyes never leaving mine, you ask, “Please?”

I move my hips against the fingers stroking inside my hot body.

“Taste me,” I plead.

You slowly lower your head. The first touch of your hot velvet tongue is maddening as my legs start to tremble. Your fingers move in unison with your tongue. You nibble, bite, and tease me. I move with you, against you. My fingers reach out to grasp something, anything, to hold on as you take me on this wild ride.

I feel the rising tide within me, my breathing ragged, my heart racing. I cry out as I tumble over the edge, wave after wave crashing over me, taking my breath away.

You slowly stand at the end of the bed. Watching my face you slowly place tuzla escort your hardness against my heat. I gasp as you slide forward.

You stop.

My legs aganist your chest, you moan and lean into me. My legs slide up over your shoulders as you slide in deep, deeper than I had imagined possible, filling me.

You remain still, allowing my body to adjust to you, my body tightly clenching around you. I see the emotions running across your face as you fight for control.

Opening your eyes you slowly start moving, slow, deep strokes, your eyes on mine. Lightning builds. I moan, you growl. You put your hands on my hips, holding me, pressing me into the sheets, and you increase the pace. Moving faster, harder, feeling as if we are one, higher and higher, I soar.

I feel you throbbing inside me as my hot pussy wraps around you, muscles squeezing. You throw back your head and cry out, as you spill your cum inside me. Tightening my body around you, my legs begin to tremble as I feel the quivering begin deep inside, gripping you with fire. I cry out as the heat explodes within me, my body rippling with aftershocks.

You lay down beside me, still within me. I reach out and stroke your face, moving the hair that has fallen into your eyes. Your fingers caress my lips, my face. We drift off to sleep, locked in a lovers’ embrace.

The night’s breeze slowly moving the curtains in the windows.



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