Our First TIme TogetherOur First Time TogetherShe was in an unhappy relationship, was waiting for me when I arrived home from work. Today was her birthday. A day I had promised she would never forget, if she just trusted me. When I arrived, I had her park her car in the garage, while I took a quick shower and changed clothes. We talked briefly, me checking to see if this is what she wanted. She informed me that she was looking forward to her birthday date with me. So in my car we got and off to the first of what will to be a long evening. We drove to the next town not far away and I pulled into the local movie theatre. I purchased two tickets and we entered and spent time watching the movie, “Independence Day”, while holding hands. She would rub up and down my arm during the movie. As the movie ended, we returned to my car and for a moment sat quietly just looking at each other. Finally I spoke up and asked what she would like to do next. It was her day I was here for her. That being said, I grabbed her head and pulled her in for a kiss, slowly just lips and then my tongue entered her mouth. It turned into a very passionate kiss and neither wanted it to end. Finally we parted and I suggested we drive around for a few minutes. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I’ve made arrangement to be with you tonight, you can do what you wish, I’m yours.” We drove a few miles to the newest hotel in the area. I checked into a room and we went to the second floor, slowly unlocking and opening the door. We entered the room, turn on the lights and looked around. That was when she said, “Just one bed?” To which I replied, “For us to share, but I bet there’d be very little sleeping in here tonight.” She smiled as she went over to the TV and turned it on. I replied, “you’ll have very little time to watch it.” I then grabbed her and placed her on the bed and positioned myself above illegal bahis her and began kissing her, just as before. After a few minutes, I could feel the hardness of my cock pressing against my jeans. I moved away and rolled onto my back. She immediately noticed my hard-on, but before she could say anything I had move her into a position sitting her on top of me, straddling my hardness. She was slowly rocking back and forth enjoying it as much as I was. I re-positioned myself into a sitting position and kissed her while she continued rocking. She was wearing a black button up shirt that I began to unbutton one button at a time, slowly kissing her between each button. I removed her shirt and noticing that she was wearing a black bra that had a clasp in the front. This was the first time I was this close to her breast and saw the size, larger than I expected, yet not too large. I grasp the clasp and she offered no resistance as I undo the bra. I pulled the bra apart exposing her breast for the first time and right in front of me. I reached up and cupped each one, the licked her erect nipples. Using my tongue, I licked them and sucked them while listening to her moan. After a few minutes, I rolled her off me and onto her back, slowly undoing her jeans and sliding them off, revealing black panties. I then began kissing her thighs, licking slowing and moving up until I touch her moist panties and buried my face in her pussy. I moved back and gently remove her panties, revealing her pussy, with trimmed dark hair. For a few moments I just stared and took it all in. I moved closer and kiss her pussy, darting my tongue in and out as she tried to stop me, but she was losing the fight and started wiggling and thrusting her pussy to my waiting tongue, this continued until she starting moaning and then climaxed, grabbing my head, pressing it deeper between her legs, holding me illegal bahis siteleri between her legs. She finally released her grip, and I asked if she enjoyed that, yet by her look I already knew the answer. I moved up slowly up her torso, licking and kissing until I reached her breasts where I again sucked each one and fondled them, rolling her nipples between my fingers. I then slipped the middle finger of my right hand into her now warm, moist pussy slowly rubbing on her clitoris causing her hips to gyrate against my finger. I was kissing her and playing with her breast. She then pushed my away, sitting up she slowly removed my shirt, then rubbing her hand on my chest. She then sat on me and placed her breast against my chest, slowly rubbing her nipples against me. She then undone the belt on my pants and pulled them off along with my shorts, releasing my erect cock. She grabbed it and began stroking me. She moved back into her previous position my cock just inches from her pussy as she continued to stroke it. She then rose up ever so slightly and lowered herself onto my hard cock. I nearly exploded right then, but was able to regain composure and slowed her pace, it was then that she made a surprise move, quickly dismounted and began sucking my cock. We then got into a position of me standing in front of her while on her knees, she coming sucking me until I was about to explode, when she pulled away and continued to stroke me until I came onto her breast. She rubbed it around her breast before tasting it. We then laid side by side, talked about us, kissed and fondled each other for a while.She asked after several minutes, how long before I’ll be ready again, to which I replied, that all depends on you. She smiled and said she couldn’t wait as she continued to play with me and kiss me. As my cock was getting harder from her stroking me, she then got canlı bahis siteleri into a more comfortable position and starting sucking my cock. Her sucking and tongue action didn’t take long for my erection to get to the hardness she was pleased with. She then got on her back, spread her legs telling me she wanted me now. I got between she smooth legs, rubbed by cock just inside her pussy before inserting it fully. I started slowly making love to her, kissing and sucking her breast, playing with them while kissing her. She wanted to make it last, so she told me to go slow so she could enjoy it, as it had been awhile since someone made love to her. Needless to say, her moistness told she was enjoying it. We made love nice and easy for awhile, until she told me to give it to her hard. I started pumping faster, until I heard her tell me she was about to climax. I continued the fast pace, for just a short while allowing her to finish, when I pulled out, she grabbed my cock and stroking me until I came all over her pussy and belly. Again she rubbed it around, licked her fingers, all the while smiling. We just rolled over, snuggled up and feel asleep.I awoke sometime around three am, she was still beside me naked. I pulled her closer, reaching over her, I started fondling her breast. She awoke and turned onto her back, allowing me to be able to suck on them. As I was doing this I slip my hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her clitoris until she was moist and ready for some more. This time she mounted me, telling me we were going to fuck this time. She proceeded to ride me vigorously doing everything in her power to bring me to climax quickly, which didn’t take long. As I told her I was about to cum, she rose off me, grabbed my cock and started to finish me off, as the last dropped seeped from me she put me back inside her until my erection went away. I knew now this was going to be a great relationship, as we knew how to please each other. We went back to sleep and woke to an alarm clock at seven am, as she had to get back home to the k**s. This was one hell of a birthday gift, if I recall correctly.



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