our big weekmy wife and i swap/group with a black couple for over two years now and our relations have grown and broadened to the point where last august on vacation we made our first attempt at a “cross-seeding”,.without much success. recently we forfilled our plans at a second attempt swapping mate for a full wife’s bull joined us in bed on the morning of our first day of the swap for an incredable threesome before i left to spend a week with his beautiful wife , was one of the best weeks kadıköy escort we ever shared !my beautiful ebony mistress became my wife and the experiance drew us much closer then i thought it would.,.for one week we became more then only sexual parners but passionate lovers., as i tried to impregnate my thing i love about my mistress is how open and direct she is, head games just honest emotion, for me fucking her is a breath of fresh air. laying üsküdar escort with her in bed at night knowing my wife was balling her bull down the street only fueled my passions. we spent hours exploring each other and whispering our most intimate thoughts.,i was almost sorry that the week passed so quickly and it came to an end.when i return home my wife related how much she enjoyed giving herself to my best friend to be seeded.,.i realize that she is a sexual tuzla escort submissive and that she spent her week being dominated yet i had no idea until i talked with my friend (her bull) .he told me how my wife begged to be bred and how her used her like a whore all week. i know he was basking in the glory of his manhood as he related how often he took my wife and what she did to please him. he also told me that IF he did impregnate “our” bitch that he’d want free access to my wife and he would give me the same in return.i didn’t have the heart to tell him his wife already gave me an open door, and that she and i renewed our commitment to each other.,.i guess now it’s up to nature and chance as to what happens but i begin to think that there will soon be two new swollen bellies on our block .



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