I remember it like it was just yesterday and not the three years that it has been. That was the night my wife showed me what anal sex was all about. We had been together about five years at the time and I begged and pleaded with her to let me fuck her in the ass. We tried so many times, doggy style, sideways, me on a chair with her coming down on me, me lying on the bed with her straddling me and of course missionary and nothing seem to work. We read the books and watched the instructional videos but it just wasn’t working. I knew it wasn’t because of my size; I am not overly huge, just a nice average 7 inches and not too thick. We came to the conclusion it was just a mental block she was having. She had always thought of her ass as an out hole only.

Well this went on for the full five years then one night she had a few glasses of wine and I tried something new. I got out the lube and lubed up her five inch dildo and gently put it in her butt. She didn’t seem to mind this as much because it was very soft rubber and it was smaller than my cock. I took my time with it but soon she was moaning so I went a little faster. I had a feeling that my luck was going to change that night. I was finally going to fuck her tight ass!

I kurtköy escort pulled out the dildo and started fucking her, with her on her side. This gave me access to her ass while I pumped my cock in and out of her wet pussy. I then took the dildo and put it back in her ass. I didn’t even have to take my time it was as if her ass swallowed the toy up. She was really cumming now; my cock was just soaked from her cum. I figured if she can handle both my cock and a dildo why couldn’t their places be reversed with my cock in her ass and the dildo in her cunt.

The small dildo was not one she really like to have in her pussy because of its small size so I took out her other one, it almost was a mold of my cock it was so similar. I kept her on her side and started fucking her pussy with the larger dildo, she started cumming again. When she was in the middle of her orgasm I slowly slid my cock into her warm tight ass. She went crazy and drove her sexy ass back on my rod. I could feel every ridge of the dildo as I kept sliding it in and out. It felt amazing rubbing on my cock through the small membrane. She asked me to fuck her ass harder and that is what I did. I didn’t last very long and in seconds I blew a huge load inside malatya escort her rectum. It was one of the best orgasms in my life up to that time.

We now had the secret on how to fuck her in the ass and we got to practice it more regularly. We even invited another man in the bed with us and what a night that was. (If you want to know about that read my story Doubled Up Wife). Anyway the anal sex was fantastic because I just love her plump ass. I love squeezing it, I love licking it and I love fucking it. She was really into it too.

There had been a lot of fucking, sucking and ass fucking since then. We have had two on our bed, three on our bed, and four on our bed. We have even been to a party with ten on a bed, we didn’t care too much for that night though, I guess it was too many people and not enough intimacy. Sex was great; we always tried spicing it up different ways. Food, acting out stories we’ve read, watching porn (not my wife’s favorite act, especially if the movie has no storyline), just about anything we could think of we would try at least once. Some things I am not going to mention (wink), but let’s just say we had fun. Some things we would and have done again some things we wouldn’t but you don’t know till ya kayseri escort try right?

Anyway to make a long story short, one night my wife and I were in the sack and we had her toys out and I was giving her one of her double fucks and she loved it as usual. After she came for the umpteenth time she had me lay on my back and she started to give me head. And man does she give good head. Personally receiving head is not my favorite pastime in sexual activities but I do enjoy it. And this night she was really gobbling me up. She then without warning stuck a finger in my ass. I was shocked at first, she had done this to me before but it wasn’t part of her normal repertoire, and then I started to get into my prostate stimulation. I was just about to blow a huge load down her throat when she all of a sudden withdrew her finger and replaced it with the dildo that was the size of my cock. That is when I yelled out, “Ouch that hurts Hun!” But she didn’t even hear me. She just kept on sucking me. She was sucking and shoving and shoving and sucking. Soon the pain was replaced by an amazing feeling, I was so turned on I just couldn’t hold on any longer and blasted a huge load of cum deep in her throat. She swallowed every drop. When she pulled out the dildo I almost missed it I felt so empty.

So now we take turns every once in awhile fucking each other in the ass. We are thinking of buying a strapon for her to use on me, we will let you all know how it goes.



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