Might be late! Thankfully these country lanes are quiet at this time of the evening so I’m not. On reaching the station car park I pull nose first straight into the first available space. Rush hour is long over so there aren’t many cars. I jump out and start to head for the platform, this was the last train into town and I wanted to be on it.

‘I wouldn’t rush, it’s late.’ A female voice said; slowing, I look to my right, a blond woman is leaning against the back of an estate car that is also parked nose first between mine and the hedge, her arms crossed.


‘It’s 30 minutes late! Technical problems apparently.’


I stop and face her; 5′ 8″, shortish blond hair, attractive, pleasant smile, wearing a knee length summer dress.

‘Damn!’ After a moment, ‘Waiting for someone?’

‘Husband. You?’

‘No, heading into town.’

She nods.

I walk over and, indicating the space next to her, ask ‘Do you mind?’

‘Be my guest’

‘Thanks’. Moving next to her I lean against the back of her car and adopted her pose.

’30 minutes?’



‘Yes you said, problem?’

‘Not really but I’ll miss the film’

‘Shame, which film?’

‘The new Mission Impossible. You look fed-up’

‘Just means he might be a bit grumpy!’

‘Oh. Sorry about that.’

‘Hardly your fault’

‘So I’m missing my film and you’ve got a grumpy husband to look forward to!’

We both look at the other, in a whisper she replies ‘that’s about it’

In a totally impulsive move, and, when I thought about it later, one I couldn’t believe I’d made, I lean across to kiss her, her head flinches back, a frown on her face, her eyes shifting between my mouth and my eyes, a long second later the frown clears, her eyes also seem to clear and relax and she closes the gap. Our lips meet, tentatively at first but the pressure slowly increases, my lips part and my tongue tickles her lips, the tip of her tongue touches mine, we break apart, her eyes still on mine, enquiring, I take her hand and walk round to the front of her car pulling her with me.

I turn to her and, one hand behind her head the other on her hip, I pull her body against mine, again our lips meet, this time with a hunger, mouths nibbling and sucking, kadıköy escort tongues twisting against each other, her hands either side of my head pulling me with a desperation.

My hand on her hip slips round into the small of her back, pushes down, middle finger pressing through the thin material of her dress feeling the resistance of her panties, bunching her dress in my fingers I start to lift it until I reach the hem, a bit more until I feel the direct warmth of her skin, with my wrist I pin her bunched up dress against her back and my fingers push down under her panties, over the swell of her bum to just reach the crease underneath, I cup the cheek, squeeze it.

As my hand is sliding around her hip our mouths part and I lick her lips, the corner of her mouth, up to her nose, trace over the tip and up to the corner of her eye then her eyebrow, licking round her face to her ear, tonguing her, nibbling her, all the angles and dimples.

Down below, my hand releases her bum and slides round and up to her tummy and then, with a little push, my fingers slip back into her cotton panties to find the soft downy hair around her pussy, a bit further and I feel the heat, a fingertip slips in, she takes a slight breath, a shiver of anticipation, I gather her juices on my finger, find her cliteris, gently rub it, barely moving, start teasing, tapping, flicking, stroking; tiny movements but constant.

Her one hand grips the back of my neck the other drops to my shoulder, she pulls away from my mouth and looks into my eyes, a deep frown of concentration on her face, she’s biting her bottom lip, her hands rhythmically grasping. Her legs start to shake, a low mewling at the back of her throat as her orgasm builds, I tap her clit one more time, her eyes widen, she gives a small cry and falls into it, her legs and arms lock, her hands grip, her forehead drops onto my shoulder as a wave tumbles through her, then another, her legs start to give way, the hand on her neck drops down to her bum and I support her as yet another wave flips through her, then another, this time less intense, my finger slows and stops, I press the palm of my hand against her pussy as the waves become ripples, üsküdar escort the tension begins to slip from her and her hands drop as she sags against me, I pull my hand out of her panties and then, not giving her time to think, give her a quick twist with both hands and spin her around!

Pulling her in I press against her, my painfully hard cock against her bum, chest against her shoulders, the side of my face just touching hers, she twists her head and looks at me, my hands slide up her body and cup her breasts, feel her hard nipples through her clothes, rub them between my fingers;

I whisper “I want to fuck you……..I’m going to fuck you!”

Her only response a press back into my groin. I push forward with my chest and she sinks onto the bonnet resting on her forearms. I again lift the hem of her dress, drop it onto her back, swiftly I pull her panties down and off, drop them onto the bonnet. I unfasten my belt and push my trousers down, my boxers follow them. I’m standing so close to her that my cock bumps against the cheek of her arse, she gasps, I take hold of it and rub the swollen head up and down the puffy lips of her wet pussy, find that spot at the base and push slightly forward, just enough that I part her lips, her head lifts, once more rub down, make contact with her clit, tease it until she starts to moan, slide back, find that spot and puuuush! A long groan from her and her head drops back!

I bump her cervix just as my hips press against her. Grind against her, pull out push in, pull out push in, hands now gripping her hips I build a steady rhythm, her hands grip the top edge of the bonnet her forehead pressed against it, a soft grunt escapes her lips each time my balls bump against her pussy!

I look down, watching as my cock disappears into her, I see her puckered anus, suck my thumb and press it against that ring, it sinks into her to its full length, her head jerks up and she catches her breath. Through that thin membrane I can feel my cock, feel the ridges and bumps, the back of my foreskin and then the swollen glans as I thrust in and out. Each time my hips press against her arse I grind in, pushing against her cervix and rubbing my balls against her pussy, with each thrust she pushes back tuzla escort against me, her forehead’s back down on the bonnet and she’s breathing harder. A strange feeling begins at the back of my throat, a slight tingling behind my balls, my hand pulls against her hip as I build the pace, the grunt has become an almost continuous moan, I’m pounding her now, the car is rocking each time I slap against her, she still pushes back with each thrust, wanting each thrust that smacks into her, suddenly she starts to lose the rhythm, the walls of her pussy start to swell and tighten around my cock, her arse muscles grip my thumb. The sensations are becoming overwhelming and the tingling moves to my balls and gets hotter, sweat rolls down my back,

Then she’s there, the rhythm goes completely and she cums with a long drawn out cry, her head lifts again, her legs stiffen and her pussy becomes a hot liquid tunnel; that’s the tipping point for me and, with one last slap of my hips against her arse, the heat becomes a scalding rush as I cum into her, it pulses out of me, filling her, she pushes back against me, rubbing against my hips, her muscles gripping my cock, squeezing me, my orgasm shudders through me and, pulling my thumb out, I grind hard against her trying to push in as far as I can. After several hard spasms the pulsing subsides and I sink onto her back, for a whole minute we remain there, panting, our orgasms shivering through our bodies, both absorbed in the pleasure. Then, as we begin to recover, the sound of a ringing bell begins to penetrate; the barriers are closing, the train’s arriving!

Forcing myself upright my shrinking cock drops out of her dripping pussy, a second later she stands and staggers, her dress drops back into place as I grasp her forearm,

‘You OK?’

‘God yes!’ She replies in a very shaky voice.


She straightens and brushes her fingers through her hair, clearing her throat;

‘Wow! Never felt better!’

Behind us the train’s pulling into the station. I quickly pull my boxers and trousers up, take my wallet out of my pocket and remove a business card. I press it into her hand and grab her panties from the bonnet of the car,

‘If you want them back, text me’

I kiss her hard, then more gently: soft lips against her soft lips.

‘Will he be able to tell?’

She gives a slightly sad smile, ‘Not a chance, he never notices anything.’

‘Ah.’ Get into my car, start the engine and as the train pulls in, I reverse out, with one last look at her, now standing at the back of her car, I pull away. 30 seconds later my phone bleeps twice…



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