Scott slammed the car door and began to walk towards the store. He couldn’t believe that he had been called in, especially after he had requested the night off. However, his date had canceled and none of his friends wanted to hang out, so he felt that he might as well go in when they called. It wasn’t that he was opposed to the extra money, it was just the principal.

As he walked through the door he was greeted by a loud “Hey Sexy Man!” After looking quickly around the store, Scott looked at the counter to see Ana standing behind it. Ana was a head shorter that Scott’s six foot frame. She was small, almost petite, with c-cups breasts that stretched against her blue work polo. However, her tits looked larger due to her willowy body. She had dark hair came down to her shoulders, which was dyed purple this week. Some customers thought that they were related, due to the fact that both had dark eyes and tanned skin. However, they were not related, as far as he knew, as she was actually a Latino, while he was grade B American mutt.

He had thought about those tits many times since she had come to work at the store, but never made a move due to the sexual harassment policies. Still, that didn’t stop them from sharing many stories about their respective sex lives, nor did it stop the occasional butt slaps or verbal teasing. There was no denying that there was something about her that caused a fire to ignite in Scott whenever they worked together.

“Hey Ana, how’s the late rush going?” Scott replied as he clocked in. “Where’s Teddy?” It was a running joke among the employees as the evening shift rarely experienced a lot of customers, much less a rush.

“He took off as soon as you said yes. By the way, thanks for coming in!” she replied.

“No, Prob. My date canceled anyway, so it wasn’t like I was doing anything,” Scott said. “So I figured that I might as well come in and make a little scratch.”

“That bitch canceled again!” Ana exclaimed. “What the fuck is her problem?”

Scott said, “She works a demanding job, so I try to understand…”

“FUCK that! She is stringing you along!” Ana broke in, “You keep taking her out, and haven’t even gotten a good night kiss!” The door chimed as a customer walked in. Both of them greeted the customer as he walked towards the back. Ana leaned over and whispered “I would have fucked your brains out by now, I’m just saying.”

“Yeah right,” Scott muttered as more customers came through the door.

The night continued that way as the conversation turned to other topics that could be explored within the hearing of the customers. Nine o’clock eventually came around and Scott was locking the door as Ana disappeared into the back to count the tills. He looked out of the windows into the dark parking lot and thought. Ana was right; he had been going out with his girlfriend for several months with nothing to show for it. To tell the truth, his relationship felt more like a friendship. Dana wasn’t very affectionate or sexual. Her idea of a fun night was dinner, a movie, bakırköy escort then home to bed, alone. It burned Scott up that this woman had such control over him, and he hadn’t even had sex with her. It was at that point Scott decided to do something he would normally never do. He walked back to the store room where Ana was counting the racks, as she had finished with the tills already.

Ana turned her head as Scott approached then turned back to the rack. “Hey, sweetheart! What took you so long? Did a customer want in or something?” Scott muttered no and walked up behind Ana. Looking at her round backside, Scott began to feel the stirring of his cock, which goaded him to move closer to Ana, with his stomach touching her back and his quickly thickening cock pressing against her butt. He then moved his arms around Ana’s torso, his hands resting on her hips as he began to kiss the back of her neck. She stiffened in his arms, and Scott expected her to start screaming. He had just ended his career at the store, but didn’t care. He was happy to simply touch such a beautiful woman. Then the unexpected happened, Ana relaxed in his arms and began to wiggle her ass against his dick. “Wondered when you’d grow a pair,” she murmured. Ana then tilted her head back and slightly over her shoulder, allowing Scott to lean in and kiss her. He felt an electric shock as their lips met, and a chill go down his spine as he felt her tongue slip into his mouth. This went on for a few moments when Ana broke off the kiss. “So, what should we do now?” She asked in a tone that said exactly what she wanted to do.

“Hold on a sec, I want to try something,” Scott said. He moved his hands towards her front and began to undo her belt and pants.

“Hold on! Not so quick. At least let me turn around,” She exclaimed.

“No, stay there, please,” Scott said. Ana sighed and waited as Scott finished unbuttoning her pants and he slid a hand down the front of her panties. His hand moved downward, only stopping when he encountered her pubic hair. While he hadn’t expected hair, but he didn’t let that stop him. He moved his hand further down to her pussy and began to use his middle finger to rub her clit. He started off slow and teasingly listening to her breathing faster as he increased the speed of his finger. She was eventually panting.

She said, “Ok, I think I’m ready.” Scott didn’t respond verbally. He moved his hand further down and began to rub her clit with his thumb, while taking his middle and pointer fingers and dipping them in between the lips of her pussy. He felt the wetness of her pussy and began to move his fingers in and out of the beginning of her pussy, all the while rubbing her clit with his thumb. She began to moan and breathe heaver, grinding her ass against his rock hard cock. She whispered, “I want you to fuck me, now! Don’t make me cum like this! I want to feel you!”

Scott continued to rub and finger her pussy, while with his other hand; he slid up her shirt and under her bra. He beşiktaş escort found her hard nipple and began to rub it and trace around her areolas with his fingers. This caused Ana to moan louder. Scott kept rubbing, he knew she was close. All at once Ana let out a load moaning shriek and Scott could feel her pussy clamp down on his fingers. She almost seemed to curl up in his arms, causing him to suddenly support her weight. After a long minute, Ana shakenly regained her feet. Scott pulled his hands out from under her clothes. She turned around and kissed him, her tongue sliding into his mouth.

She broke off the kiss and with a lopsided grin said “Great. Now my underwear is soaked! Thanks alot.”

“Well, you could just…take them off,” Scott replied.

Ana grinned “You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Fuck yeah! I’m the one who has to drive home with this thing.” Scott gestured to his erect cock.

Ana began to playfully rub it, “I should let you, given that you made me cum when I told you not to. But…”

Scott replied with a grin, “But nothing, I want to fuck you now!”

Ana’s smile grew bigger, almost like a Cheshire cat. “Well…”she begain. Scott then slid his hands around her thin waist, under her pants, causing them to fall to the ground. Ana’s Cheshire grin took a seductive tone as she said, “Ok, lets. I wasn’t done with you yet anyway.” They both undressed and looked at each other. Scott had always imagined what she would look like nude, but it didn’t do her justice. Her breasts were full and round, the weight of them pulling the skin around her collar bones taunt. Her nipples stood erect, like pencil erasers surrounded by soft pink areolas. Her stomach was smooth and toned, like her legs. Her pussy had less hair than he had thought. He could smell her juices in the store room. He began to think that she might have started to have second thoughts. While tall, he had a hairy chest and stomach, and more than a little out of shape.

Suddenly, Ana moved forward and kissed Scott, pressing her lithe, nude body against his. Forgetting his earlier concerns, he wrapped his arms around her, grabbing a firm hand full of her round, firm ass. He felt her smile, as their kissing took on a more passionate pace. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, wrestling with his as their hands explored each other’s bodies.

Ana then broke off the kiss and silently knelt down in front of Scott’s throbbing cock, which had grown to a full seven inches and had become as wide as a silver dollar. Taking ahold of the thick shaft, Ana began to move her hand back and forth slowly, all the while looking up at Scott’s eyes. She leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock, then began rolling the tip of her tongue around its head. Scott felt charged as she continued to do this, slowly picking up speed. She then took his cock into her wet, warm mouth and began to suck his cock, all the while moving her tongue up and down his shaft. Scott closed his eyes and focused Ana lips as beylikdüzü escort she moved back and forth. Normally, Scott didn’t get off on blowjobs; most girls lacked the endurance, technique, or a large enough mouth to accommodate his dick, but Ana was not most girls. She continued to lick and suck, making the shaft wet and slippery with her spit.

Scott eventually stopped her by putting a hand on her head, causing her to look up and letting the dick slide from her mouth. She stood up, turned around and grabbed the racks. Ana looked back at Scott, smiling. Scott moved up behind her and positioned the head of his cock at the lips of her wet pussy. He took a moment to admire the smoothness of her back, her round ass, and musky smell of her earlier orgasm. Gently, he wrapped his hands around her hips, slid the head of his cock into her, inching his massive dick into her tight, wet hole. He felt the curve of her cervix meet the head of his cock and stopped. Slowly, he began to thrust, causing Ana to moan with pleasure. Scott began to move faster, his more bestial instincts taking over, his hips slapping against her ass. Ana’s moans turned to shouts as Scott thrusted as hard as he could.

Reaching up with one hand, Scott grabbed a handful of Ana’s purple hair, gaining another scream of pleasure from her. “Oh, God! Fuck me Scott! FUCK ME!!” Scott grunted and continued to pound her cunt, dimly aware of her juices coating his pubic hair and balls or of the load slap of skin on skin.

They continued, grinding, trusting and screaming. Scott became aware that he was getting close to losing his load. “Ana, I’m gonna cum soon!” he said.

“Me too baby! Try to hold it until I cum, I’m almost there!” Ana replied. Scott continued pounding her cunt, Ana screaming “I’m almost there baby! AAAhhh! Ahh!” He felt her pussy clamp down on his cock, her pussy juices shooting down his shaft and coating his pelvis.

“Shit Ana, I’m gonna cummmm!” Scott groaned.

“DO it! Cum in my pussy, make me yours Scotttt!” Ana screamed as she felt his hot jizzm fill her pussy. Scott groaned as he unleashed what felt like gallons of cum into her. Ana stood there, her pussy taking it all.

Scott and Ana stood there, covered in sweat and each other’s juices. Scott moved back, his now flaccid penis sliding easily from Ana’s hole. She panted for a few moments before standing and turning around. Scott moved forward and wrapped his arms around her, and she mirrored his movement. “That…was…great!” She said.

“Yeah” he murmured into her hair. “I’m speechless. I literally cannot put words…”

She looked up that Cheshire cat smile and said, “I know.” They continued to hold each other, feeling the chill of the store room air covering their bodies.

“So… Um, about me cumming in you…” Scott began.

Ana broke in; “Don’t worry about it sweetheart. I’m on the pill.” They continued to hold each other, eventually separating to dress. As they set the alarm, locked up the store, Scott mulled over what had happened. He walked her to her car, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.

“Um, I liked this, a lot! Maybe we can get together again?” he asked, nervous.

She giggled and said “Of course! What made you think I was done with you? I have a lot of plans, so you may want to stock up on vitamin E!”

End of part one.



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