For years Hank and Laura Bauer had done Laura’s sister Amy a favor by having the single mother’s only child stay with them for a week or so each summer, and through the years Erin Bauer had understandably accepted the exile from her friends at home with varying degrees of attitude. More recently the now 18 year old lass had become more tolerant of being shipped out to the middle of nowhere because even Erin had come to realize that her Mom deserved a break.

For the middle-aged hosts, Erin’s presence cheered up the empty nest couple, although to be fair Laura Bauer was much more accepting of the chance to be a mother for a week. Hank Bauer? Well, as the gruff trucker would have admitted if forced to, as Erin grew older he realized that it was a good thing he had never fathered a girl, and it was just as well that his long hauls found him away from the house during some of the visits.

This year’s visit found Hank at home for their niece’s entire stay, and although Hank had insisted to his wife that it was a coincidence, after seeing pictures of the girl at her graduation he knew wanted a chance to get to know Erin better.

Right from the moment Erin got dropped off, the atmosphere in the house changed, or at least that was how Hank saw it. His wife Laura seemed oblivious to it but Hank felt it and he sensed that Erin felt it too. She felt her uncle’s eyes on her in a different way, and while it seemed to make her nervous it wasn’t overt for her aunt to see.

The banter between Uncle Hank and Niece Erin was a little bawdy during the day, but only when Aunt Laura wasn’t around. At those times it got a little suggestive, more so on Hank’s part but Erin giggled at a lot of it, and there she was sitting in the chair opposite her uncle and aunt, wearing the tank top Hank had suggested she wear although she had a bra on underneath.

The TV was on but nobody was watching it, most noticeable Aunt Laura who was sound asleep, her head leaned back and pointing upwards with a occasional snort making the other two smile.

“Why don’t you come over here Erin?” Hank asked as he padded the middle cushion that separated him from his wife at the far end, his gruff voice lowered and softened to something he hoped sounded like a Caucasian Barry White. “Plenty of room.”

“What if Aunt Laura woke up and saw me there?” Erin whispered.

“Not a chance,” Hank informed his niece. “Thanks to Lunesta she’s gone for the night.”

“Okay,” the nubile teen said as she crossed the room and eased into the space in the middle of the sofa, putting her elbow on the back of the couch and turning to face her uncle, shrugging her curly light brown hair back over her bare shoulder.

“Much better,” Hank smiled as he faced Erin, and nodding to the blouse he had found with some other things his niece had left behind last year, added, “and thanks for wearing that blouse. It’s one of my favorites.”

“Kinda small on me. I think it shrunk,” Erin frowned in referring to tight fit of the horizontally striped blouse.

“I think it’s more a case of you growing,” Hank purred as he looked at the top’s snug fit around the girl’s chest, which while not large had blossomed a bit since last year. “It would look better without the bra underneath though.”

“Don’t think Aunt Laura would appreciate that,” Erin sniffed.

“Probably not. She’d be jealous more than anything,” Hank opined. “I love the gal but these days? She never had much on top to begin with, but now when she takes her bra off her tits collapse. They look like fried eggs laying there.”

“That’s not nice. I love Aunt Laura.”

“I do too and you’re right. No, it isn’t nice,” Hank replied as he leered at his niece’s chest. “Lucky for her she’s only an A cup. What are you? A B cup for sure, maybe a C?”

“Uncle Hank?” Erin groaned as she blushed. “Can we talk about something else?”

“Okay,” the older man agreed as he put his hand on the girl’s wrist which rested behind him a bit, and as he let his rough fingers slide on the soft skin of Erin’s forearm she shivered as goose bumps formed behind the touch. “Let’s talk about this.”

“Uncle Hank!” Erin hissed, glancing behind her to make sure her aunt wasn’t awake. “What are you doing?”

“Playing,” Hank told the squirming teen as the back of his index finger glided along the pale inside of her upraised arm until it slipped into her moist armpit to toy with the coating of peach fuzz in the deep recess. “I’m not the only one that didn’t shave this morning.”

“Forgot,” Erin admitted as she watched the stroking finger. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I think it’s sexy,” Hank noted as he kept up his playfulness. “Wouldn’t bother me if you didn’t shave at all. Last year I picked up this girl who was hitchhiking. She had more hair under her arms than I did – hairy legs too – but it didn’t bother me. To be honest I kind of like it. Your aunt didn’t use the razor much when she was your age “

“That what you do when you’re away Uncle Hank? Pick up hippie chicks on the road?” Erin ankara escort asked. “I remember overhearing Mom talking about how you screwed around on her sister.”

“I understand that when you’re apart a lot and you’re oversexed things happen,” Hank told his niece. “But not to me. I have many faults but infidelity isn’t one of them. I have been faithful even when sorely tempted. That cheating works both ways you know.”

“Aunt Laura doesn’t seem like the type to have an affair,” Erin replied timidly, and her uncle shrugged his shoulders and tried to change the subject.

“So Erin, you aren’t one of those girls that shave down there – are you?” her uncle said as he nodded down to her lap.

“This is getting weird,” Erin said in not answering the question.

“Think so? How about this then?” Hank said with a twinkle in his eye just before he leaned over, and before his niece could react his mouth took his finger’s place, swabbing the scented sandpaper-like hollow with the flat of his tongue and kissing her underarm before straightening back up and grinning at the shocked teen.

“What if Aunt Laura saw you do that?” Erin asked after she stopped shivering.

“I suspect she would say something like “there goes my kinky husband again” or something similar,” Hank explained. “She might also notice that you seem to have big nipples.”

“Omigod!” Erin gasped when she saw the outline of the fat peg visible through her top and bra.

“It’s really strange to see you now, all grown up,” Hank said with a sigh. “Makes me feel creepy because of the things I think about too.”

“I suspect we all think weird stuff, Uncle Hank. It’s when you do the weird stuff instead of leaving it in your head that you get in trouble,” Erin explained. “You must keep the strange stuff to yourself.”

“I don’t know. Remember that a minute ago I licked your armpit,” her uncle reminded her, and after she grinned and shrugged he added, “did you like that?”

“Like what? You licking my underarm?” Erin asked, and after her uncle nodded she replied. “I dunno. I would have liked it better if I wasn’t hairy. Probably smelly too by now.”

“Erin, that peach fuzz hardly qualifies as hair, and by the way you smelled fine,” she was told. “Your deodorant burns off by the end of the day so I didn’t have to deal with the chemical taste. I got nothing but pure unadulterated Erin.”

“Serving wine with dinner might not have been a good idea judging by the way this conversation is going.”

“Are you offended?”

“No, it’s just weird, and why are you wiggling around like that?”

“My boxers are bunched up and it’s making me uncomfortable. Probably me having an erection isn’t helping.”

“Almost time to turn in anyway,” Erin noted. “You can put your jammies on that I got you for Christmas last year. “

“True, or I could just take my cock out,” Hank suggested.

“Now that would probably be something Aunt Laura would want to see.”

“She’s seen it and the thrill is gone.”

“Well, I’ve seen it too,” Erin said.

“You have? When?”

“Years ago. It was an accident. I walked past the bedroom and you were drying off from the shower,” Erin admitted.

“Damn. I had no idea. Obviously you found the sight underwhelming or else you would have run in and attacked me.”

“To be honest it scared the crap out of me,” Erin giggled as she glanced over at her dozing aunt. “First dick I ever saw. A man’s dick I mean. It looked gigantic.”

“You sure it was me you saw?”


“Trust me I’m painfully average,” Hank confessed. “Six inches long if the person measuring is generous, although it is rather thick. Probably more information that you wanted.”

“Blame it on the wine. If Mom asks I’ll say it was just another week with Uncle Hank and Aunt Laura. Describing penises and guessing bra cup sizes,” Erin quipped.

“You never did tell me,” Hank reminded his niece. “Your bra size.”

“Oh geez. 32 B.”

“Nice. Perfect handfuls.”

“Not if you’ve got big hands,” Erin noted before standing up and announcing she had to go to the bathroom.

“Wouldn’t mind seeing you pee,” Hank mumbled under his breath after she left. “Hell, I wouldn’t mind if you tinkled on me.”


When Erin came back from the bathroom Aunt Laura was still snoozing away at one end of the couch and Uncle Hank was in his place at the other end, but as Erin walked around to sit in the middle again she did a double take and hit her knee on the edge of the coffee table. Looking back at her sleeping aunt and then back at her uncle she mouthed her uncle’s name but he just sat as he was.

Erin tiptoed over to sit back down, doing everything in her power not to look at her uncle’s lap as she leaned over and hissed in his ear, “What are you doing? What if Aunt Laura wakes up?”

“I told you she’s dead to the world after she takes that pill, and combined with the wine at dinner – heck – you saw that she was knocked out as soon as she sat down,” Hank told her. escort ankara “I’m just having fun. Heaven knows there’s very little of that around her. I’m on the road half the time and when I’m home it’s like I’m not here..”

“You’ve been married 30 years Uncle Hank,” Erin whispered.

“She’s seeing somebody behind my back. I wasn’t going to any anything but..”

“How do you know? Hell, she always thought you were cheating on her too.”

“Never have. I’ll swear on a stack of bibles. Been tempted, especially lately, but I never have. Me sitting here with my cock out – nobody else besides her has even seen it all this time.”

“You could be wrong about Aunt Laura. Probably are.”

“Do you know what Magnum condoms are – and don’t play dumb Erin.”

“Yeah, thy’re rubbers for guys with big ones,” she replied, and then after nodding down at the erection pointing upwards she noted, “you are pretty big.”

“Saw a couple of those rubbers in her purse. Since I had a vasectomy after Katie was born, I don’t see we have the need for them,” Hank said sadly.

“Sorry Uncle Hank.”

“You’re sorry? Sorry is a 58 year old man exposing himself to his niece, praying that – hell I don’t know what I’m praying for. Maybe hoping you would take pity on me.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Erin said.

“Just let me…” Hank whispered in his niece’s ear as he put a handkerchief over his erection and nuzzled into Erin’s neck while with her other hand he squeezed her breast though her clothing. “You smell so nice.”

“Uncle Hank. No,” his niece said as she pushed away, and when she saw the big strong uncle who served in the Marines and gave her piggy back rides back in the day was crying she fought back her own tears.

“Sorry. Please let’s say this never happened,” he sobbed.

“It never did Uncle Hank. None of this ever happened.”

“What?” Hank said as Erin leaned over his lap, pulling the handkerchief away from his now semi-erect member and took him in her mouth.

“Oh honey,” Hank gasped as he looked over at his dozing wife and then back down to his niece, who head was bobbing up and down as her lips slid from the tip to stump of his rejuvenated cock.

This was obviously not the first time for Erin because she was good. Way too good because although he tried his best he was losing the battle and was about to cum. He frantically tapped Erin on the shoulder and leaned down to warn the girl but all she did was to move her lips up and down faster until his cock jerked. Erin kept her mouth at the base of the thick tool and took the endless volleys of semen without gagging, and she kept sucking until he went limp.

“I love you so much,” Hank said when the red-faced girl straightened up, semen oozing out of the corner of her mouth.

Erin didn’t answer, instead jumping up and hurrying out of the living room and down to her bedroom. leaving her uncle sitting on the couch with a virtually comatose cheating wife and a flaccid cock that had just cum for the first time in practically three years without the use of his hand. He tucked himself away and killed the TV, and although he was tempted to leave his wife where she was in the end he decided to help her – almost carry her – into their bedroom and deposited her in the bedding still in her clothes.


Hank wasn’t surprised that he couldn’t sleep, and it wasn’t because when he was driving all day sleep came easy because his eyes were tired, unlike at home when he just puttered around all day, so he climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. At the sink Hank stood at the mirror above the sink and had trouble looking at what he saw, and with him in the pajamas Erin had gifted him. Down the hall in the guest room Erin was probably wondering what was wrong with him and probably hating herself for what she had done, so instead of going back to tossing and turning in bed Hank went down the hall, hoping the guest room light was on.

There was a faint light on that Hank assumed was the night light, so instead of him creeping in – and what would the poor kid do if he did? – he tapped lightly on the door. To his surprise the door opened up a little so he nudged it a bit and whispered the girl’s name.


“Can I come in for a second?” Hank asked, and when she said yes he came in and closed the door behind him.

Erin was on her side on her elbow, and Hank went over and sat at the chair next to the bed.

“I’m sorry if I woke you. I won’t be a minute.”

“It’s okay. I couldn’t fall asleep.”

“Me neither,” Hank agreed. “I really needed to talk about what happened.”

“I thought we agreed that what happened, didn’t.”

“I know but I have to say this. What happened – I was wrong to force you to…”

“Whoa Uncle Hank,” Erin interrupted and she swung her legs out and sat on the edge of the bed facing him. “You didn’t force me to do anything. I did it by choice.”

“Okay, but I was crude.”

“True, but I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for you, ankara escort bayan or maybe the soft spot is in my head,” Erin said with a hint of a grin.

“And what I said about never straying, it’s true. I do pick up hitchhikers but just to talk to. It’s lonely in the cab all day, almost like it is here,” Hank admitted.

“I believe you, and maybe one reason I did what I did was because I sort of lied. I overheard Mom talking to Aunt Laura one time a while back,” Erin confided. “And I wasn’t sure but I thought something was said about her having a – friend. I wasn’t sure but I should have warned you. I don’t like cheaters, like my old man was.”

“You did right. You weren’t sure,’ Hank replied. “I have to tell you something, and please don’t take this wrong, but what you did out there? Laura – she stopped doing that sort of thing long ago, but even when she did she wasn’t nearly as…”

“As good a cocksucker as me?” Erin said in finishing his thought and making him wince in surprise. “Comes with practice.”

“Probably more information than YOU wanted this time,” Erin chuckled. “Didn’t mean to gross you out.”

“You didn’t, and I don’t judge.”

“I’m a virgin, for what it’s worth,” she revealed. “It’s not like I’m any great shakes to look at so I need to try harder.”

“Nonsense. You’re beautiful,” Hank protested.

“You suffer from the same disease my Mom has. Love I think it’s called. I’m not beautiful, not even close. I’ve got this tipped front tooth, big ears that I have to keep hidden. My butt is bigger than my bust and my one tit is a little bigger than the other, so if I want to go out on dates – to the movies and stuff – I have to give guys something in return. Head is safer than the alternative, so someday I’ve be able to give a future husband something nobody else had.”

“Well?” Erin said after a moment of silence.

“No, it makes sense to me. I may have been a good boy while I’ve been married but before that I was no saint. These fellows you pleasure, they don’t do anything to – reciprocate?”

“Rarely, but that’s okay. The couple of guys that tried meant well but you know? Boys will be boys.”

“I’m not a boy,” Hank heard himself say, and as if he was a marionette with no control over his actions he watched his hand land just above Erin’s knee, just below the over-sized t-shirt she had worn to bed.

Erin said nothing and did nothing but looked at the beefy hand on her leg, nor did she protest when her uncle’s hand slid up a bit, his fingers running against the grain of the down on the teen’s thigh. Hank heard the sharp intake of Erin’s breath through her teeth when his hand inched the garment upwards, and when he went to his knees on the carpet his nieces response was to open her legs a bit to give him room.

“Forgive me,” the trucker said under his breath as he watched the girl inch backwards on her bed, taking the nightshirt up with her, and when her uncle took the hem of the garment in his hands she raised her butt up to let him pull it to her waist as she fell back into the bedding.

“So beautiful,” he whispered as he stared at the dark triangle of brown hair between the girl’s legs, the thicket much larger and denser than he would have figured, but his fingers found the rich growth soft and more importantly damp around the shielded opening.

“Ah!” he heard Erin sigh after he had lowered his face into the delta, inhaling deeply and savoring the distinct scent of her pussy as he slipped his tongue into his niece’s sex.

The older man held the girl’s hips down as she writhed in the sheets, and as he went down on her he learned that like riding a bike, just because you hadn’t done something in years didn’t mean the skills were gone. Judging by his niece’s reaction as his tongue worked around her clitoris he seemed to still have it, and as her body churned harder and the noises she made got louder he looked up through the curls at Erin.

Good girl, Hank thought as he saw her grab something – a stuffed animal for crying-out-loud – and bite into it while he other hand clutched at her titty through the t-shirt. He heard himself snorting as he slobbered into Erin, a fitting sound considering what a pig he felt like, but soon it didn’t matter because Erin was cumming, her lithe body bucking as her squeal was fortunately muffled.

He kept licking away until her body finally went limp, and as he raised his head Erin sprang up to something like a sitting position so she could wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him passionately.

“I taste funny,” his niece giggled after the kiss ended and she licked her lips.

“Not to me you didn’t. You were delicious,” Hank assured her.

“And you were right,” Erin countered and when he gave her a quizzical look she explained. “About how you said you weren’t a boy. That was like – wow! That was way better than the boys. Heck, you were better than the gir…”

“What?” Hank grinned when Erin caught herself. “Were you going to say better than the girls? I hope so. The other alternative word would be giraffes.”

“Yeah. Guess I gave my piggy lifestyle away.”

“Nonsense. If I was a girl I would too, Besides, they were girls so they’ll get better.”

“One was a girl but the other?”



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