My holiday with my friends to Ayia Napa, Cyprus, was cancelled at the last minute when the travel company went bust. My parents invited me to holiday with them instead. I reluctantly accepted. Even before the first day had ended it was the best holiday of my entire life!

Daddy applied sunscreen to both Mummy and me and made us both cum, twice. I then put sunscreen on Daddy and made him and Mummy cum together. We then cleaned Mummy’s messy pussy with our fingers. I fed Mummy. She fed me and Daddy fed both of us. I couldn’t suck Daddy’s cock on the beach. We went to the shower block at the site but it was too noisy to hear Daddy’s pleasure…

### ### ###

We took dinner on the deck, as they say in posh circles. I’d taken my dress off as soon as Daddy and I returned from the showers so Mummy sent me off to find some bottoms. I’d purchased something in preparation for the trip to Ayia Napa which I had hoped would attract a little attention but it was so tiny I had trouble finding it. It was in the little section where you’re supposed to put your dirty washing! No comment. With it safely in place I strolled into the main room of the chalet and stopped dead in my tracks!

Mummy’s bottoms were, maybe, no, definitely smaller than mine. The thin string went down between the cheeks of her bum like a cheese wire. But what a glorious piece of cheese! The little modesty triangle was perfectly placed nowhere near Mummy’s modesty (I actually think she’d left it at home). The little triangle of silk was carefully positioned to settle comfortably where her pussy fur would have been if she wasn’t totally smooth and the silk string from the back deftly split her pussy lips straight down the centre. Big, juicy, swollen labia winked seductively at me. I was tempted, sorely tempted and Mummy just grinned at the look on my face.

Daddy wore shorts. Big, loose, baggy shorts. It’s all he could wear. He needed somewhere to grow into, especially with Mummy dressed as she was. Daddy looked very happy with the outfits Mummy and his Baby Girl had chosen.

We ate in silence for a few moments. I know I was thinking about the wonderful day we’d just shared and I suspect that my parents were also giving it some thought.

“How do you feel about being naked on the beach and stuff?” asked Mummy after a while.

I told her honestly, as you would expect. Surprised – embarrassed – over-dressed – comfortable – very comfortable – sad we have to wear clothes at all.

“You’re happy being naked? Even with Daddy and me here?” Mummy checked delightedly.

“Particularly with Daddy and you here,” I confirmed.

“And how do you feel about the… altered family dynamic?” asked Daddy carefully.

I just had to grin when he said that. …’the altered family dynamic’?

“Do you mean the three way, totally incestuous, relationship we’ve embarked upon?” I laughed, “will you accept, absolutely delighted?”

We laughed together. Mummy and Daddy gave me a big hug and sloppy kisses and I loved it. I suspect they were as happy as I that everything was most definitely out in the open and we could continue wherever our fancies took us.

We had coffee ice-cream topped with Normandie Creme, for dessert. Delicious.

“Where do I sleep tonight, Mummy?” I asked casually.

“Well Dear, I always sleep on Daddy’s right side, so you have a choice. His left side or the other bedroom?”

I didn’t bother to answer, left or right didn’t matter to me.

### ### ###

We stood leaning on the deck railing, waiting for dinner to digest a bit. There was plenty to look at, people watching, boats on the horizon, the nudist beach. Y’know, I really enjoyed the freedom that beach had given me. It was still light enough to see huddles of people dotted around that area.

“What’s with those little huddles of people up on the nudist beach, Mummy?”

I’m certain sure Mummy heard me but…

“Will you look at the time!” Mummy squealed suddenly, “We’ve been up and doing over thirty six hours! And you, Baby Girl have still got to finish your unfinished business, c’mon!”

A very simple and effective way of suck-cessfully taking my mind off unimportant questions.

We followed Mummy back inside. She whipped daddy’s shorts down in double quick time and while holding the waistband out in front at the same time. Just as well she did. Daddy’s cock was not nonchalant nor was it ‘I’m getting interested’. It was ‘bring it on, Baby!’ Fighting fit and rarin’ to go. Mummy dipped her head forward quickly and Daddy’s bulbous, purple cock head disappeared into Mummy’s mouth. She slurped greedily, withdrew and kissed it gently on the very tip.

“Enjoy!” she instructed happily then looked at me, “both of you.”

She pointed to the long banquette under the big front window. Daddy had obviously had his cock sucked before and knew exactly where he was supposed to be.

“Between or beside, Baby Girl?” asked Mummy.

I didn’t need to ask what she was meaning. I’d sucked cock before.

“Beside, ataşehir escort please Mummy.”

Daddy adjusted slightly and Mummy placed two deck chair cushions in exactly the right place.

“Where to you prefer to splosh your cum, Daddy?” I asked, like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.

“Anywhere you desire, Baby Girl,” Daddy replied happily, “and if you could save some for your Mummy, she’d appreciate it,” he added in a whisper.

“Daddy prefers MFT, Baby Girl, if you wouldn’t mind.” corrected Mummy delightedly.

I gave Mummy a wicked grin, Mouth, Face, Tits! Yep I can handle that.

I cupped Daddy’s nut-sac lovingly. It was heavy again. More than enough for MFT I decided as I fondled and caressed them. With one hand busy I used my mouth to trace a long wet line from cock root to glistening tip. Daddy’s magic had already replaced the glistening juices that Mummy had stolen. I circled Daddy’s knob end carefully with my tongue searching out any further naughty grains of sand. Everything was as clean as a whistle so eased my tongue to one side and lowered my mouth lovingly onto Daddy’s magnificent cock.

I heard Daddy sigh contentedly. Much better than in the noisy showers. The quietness only amplified by the soft swishing sound of the little waves kissing the sandy shore, there’s a tune in there somewhere, coming through the wide open chalet door. Daddy didn’t seem to mind nor Mummy and who was I to complain? I’d have sucked Daddy’s cock on the beach if I’d been permitted.

Daddy’s cock is long and fat when nonchalant but when it’s getting close to blowing its load it’s even longer and fatter and … If I was going to take Daddy’s cock as deep into my mouth as I wanted I needed to get a move on. I lifted the still growing tool of multiple pleasure, shifted my position a little, opened my mouth wide and slid my head down towards Daddy’s thighs.

Daddy’s cock-head slipped easily between my lips, paused at my throat while I grabbed a lungful of air and eased deeper. I’d taken a few decent, not to be sneezed at, cocks in my time and in all holes but I have to say, Daddy’s was going to be a challenge. I was out of practice but instinct took over. I swallowed and Daddy’s cock slipped deeper. After swallowing again I had a decent amount down my throat and started to swallow quickly. Daddy’s cock wasn’t going any deeper but I was sending muscle spasms along Daddy’s cock and he was moaning very satisfactorily. I managed a few more moments then came up for air.

“Good girl, Baby Girl, you can do it. Take all of your Daddy’s cock,” encouraged Mummy enthusiastically.

Not removing Daddy’s cock from my mouth entirely I sucked air in through my nose while teasing his cock head with my tongue and stroking his length softly with my hand. Down, swallow, swallow. Once more? Swallow. Daddy’s grunting like a snuffling pig searching for truffles. I chuckle at the thought. Waves of energy pulsed up through my throat muscles massaging Daddy’s cock. Short strokes with my hand. With my hand pressed against my lips I grasp Daddy’s cock a little harder. I can’t get my thumb and fingers to touch at all! I cum up for air and look at my hand. At least a quarter inch, maybe more between thumb and index finger and about three more inches to swallow. I swallowed hard. Maybe not all of it tonight but…

Stroking Daddy’s impressive length I sucked and teased the throbbing head for a few minutes while recomposing myself, having a rest in English. Daddy’s enjoying it. His hips are starting to move encouraging me to stroke faster and harder. I bide my time. When Daddy cums I want his cock as deep in my throat as I can manage so that he can force it even deeper in his excitement.

I dive down, swallow follows swallow as I drive Daddy’s cock deeper and deeper. I pause and chortle silently as Daddy responds to my muscles. Hold my breath, hold my breath, more, more… I’m done, retreat and suck and stroke and lick and kiss while Daddy starts to push up to meet my stroking hand with more and more energy. I drag more air into my lungs. Close? Close enough?

Daddy’s getting vocal, very noisy. Crying out that his Baby Girl should take his load and swallow his seed. I think of the people walking on the beach and those on the deck of the nearest chalet all hearing Daddy’s demands quite clearly. My pussy is wet, dripping. I’ve no idea where Mummy is but I know where my Daddy is. Close, very close. Down I go again, swallowing all the way forcing my Daddy’s cock even deeper. My lips reach my fingers. Three fingers from the root of Daddy’s cock. I swallow but cannot add any more. Daddy’s hips jerk upwards, More cock pushes into my throat. I remove one finger. Daddy drives upwards again. Deeper again, my finger stops Daddy’s driving cock going deeper. My body’s crying out for air. I hang on, just one more, please just one more. Daddy’s hips sink back, pause then drive upwards even harder. I’ve no fingers to protect my throat and Daddy’s cock only stops when my lips are hard pressed against the root. kadıköy escort I laugh in my head with total delight as I feel Daddy’s rich, warm seed coat the walls of my oesophagus. Withdrawing just enough I suck air through my nose as Daddy unleashes a second load into my throat.

Grabing hold of Daddy’s cock hard I pull it from my throat. Lay my head on his tummy and close my eyes. I wank Daddy’s cock swiftly. I feel his spunk blast against the bridge of my nose and turn my cheek to accept the next. Clamping Daddy’s cock hard once more I pull him towards me. I sit up.

“Roll Daddy, roll!” I laugh in delight.

Daddy rolls and I press my tits against his cock head and wank and stroke and coax more delicious spunk out of his balls and onto my naked body.

I stroke Daddy’s cock contentedly while we both recover. I was just about to take him back into my mouth when I realised Mummy was sitting only a few inches away on the banquette. Her legs parted and her fingers frantically stroking her swollen lips.

“Would you like a taste of Daddy, Mummy?” I asked softly as I slipped a finger into her pussy.

### ### ###

“Ohhh… Not… just… yet… Baby… Girl… That… feels… wonderful,” Mummy sighed.

I wriggled my finger inside Mummy’s pussy. She groaned happily as I dipped my mouth down, back onto Daddy’s cock. I sucked and stroked to ensure I had all of Daddy’s seed and eased another finger into my Mummy.

Mummy shuddered;

“Ohhh, Baby Girl. You’re a wicked Baby Girl, don’t ever stop being so very naughty,” Mummy implored as she wriggled and squirmed. I felt very happy. I’ve made Daddy cum into my mouth and Mummy was cummin on my fingers.

“Would you excuse me Daddy, Dear, I’d like to help Mummy cum now, if you don’t mind?”

I released Daddy’s cock from my firm grip without waiting for his answer. I knew Daddy wouldn’t object and he needed a rest. Turning swiftly I bent my head down, between Mummy’s legs and with no hesitation whatsoever sucked her clitty between my lips. Mummy squealed with pleasure, put both her hands on the back of my head and pushed her delicious pussy hard into my mouth with a very satisfied sounding ‘grunt’.

I played with my Mummy, bringing her to the very verge then easing her back down. She sobbed and moaned and sometimes told me off for teasing. We both knew that I wasn’t teasing and that one time she would reach her pinnacle and I’d push her right over the top and chase her down the other side. Adding another finger to the two already inside Mummy’s pussy I started to explore her dripping love hole. With it so nicely opened I could probe a little inside with my tongue and lap up her delicious juices as they were delivered do my mouth directly from the source.

Three fingers in my Mummy’s pussy together with my tongue tip, my nose mashing against her clitty. Could I add a fourth finger? Mummy could probably take it, after all she could take all of Daddy’s big, fat, glorious cock. I didn’t slow my teasing and playing while I pondered the matter. Tomorrow I decided, there’s no rush and if she can take four fingers she might be able to take my hand if she’s not too tired.

Mummy was getting close. Time to release her from the agony. She climbed her mountain. As soon as she reached her pinnacle I pushed her over the top. She screamed and sighed and sobbed with her release and I chased her down, bouncing her off the thermals with my fingers deep inside her pussy and my teeth and lips firmly clamped on her clitty. Mummy came, noisily and energetically. With one final thrust of her pussy hard onto my mouth, Mummy squirted delicious Mummy juice all over my face and neck and hands. It felt wonderful and I was as ecstatic as my Mummy but I didn’t forget my duties, I brought her back to earth as gently as I could.

### ### ###

I sensed something flop down beside me and glanced that way. Daddy had put a sponge mattress on the floor.

“Let’s make Mummy comfortable,” he suggested.

We eased Mummy onto the mattress. I had to move my mouth from her pussy, obviously but I managed to keep two fingers inside her so that she knew she wasn’t being abandoned. Daddy slipped a pillow under her head. She parted her wonderful legs, bent her knees and clearly invited Daddy or me between them. I won because I already had my fingers deep in her pussy. I dipped my mouth to her swollen wetness and continued to enjoy one of the two best things I could ever have in my mouth. Mummy’s pussy and Daddy’s cock.

After causing Mummy to have the big orgasm I was more gentle and just enjoyed her enjoyment of my touch. I sensed Daddy behind me and wriggled my bottom enticingly. He touched it, first with one hand then two together. He circled my bum cheeks, traced his fingers down my bum crack and teased around my bum hole. I was already wriggling like a mad thing and added shivering to my repertoire. God it felt so wonderful having Daddy touch me so intimately, so naughtily.

Daddy didn’t give me time to relax and invite him into my bum, bostancı escort just long enough to hear my soft sigh of pleasure before moving onwards and down. My gaping, wet welcoming pussy hole isn’t very far from my bum hole and Daddy’s fingers found it easily. Two slipped inside without any problem. I pushed back onto them from the knees ensuring that my mouth didn’t lose contact with Mummy’s suddenly soaking pussy. I shuddered with pleasure as Daddy’s fingers plundered my most intimate place.

I sobbed with happiness into Mummy’s delicious pussy and pushed my hips back hungrily trying to get more of Daddy’s long fingers into my pussy. Daddy let me rock backwards and forwards on his fingers only three or four times before withdrawing them. I sobbed loud as I felt them slip away from me. His hands returned to stroking my bum for a few more moments. I felt one of them go, almost leaving me stranded. I consoled myself by burying my tongue deeper into Mummy’s pussy, so deep that it hurt.

I felt it at the entrance to my pussy as soon as it was there. I knew what cock felt like. Daddy’s cock was gently stroking up and down my dripping slit. He was teasing my clitty, running his pre-cum covered cock head in among my swollen folds. I pushed back onto his cock as soon as I felt it right at the entrance but Daddy moved back with me, keeping his wonderful cock just out of reach.

“I need to know that you want this Baby Girl,” he whispered, “once this is done we can never undo it. We shall be bound together by this act for the rest of our lives. Do you understand?”

I fully understood and wanted it more than anything in the world. I nodded my head vigorously.

“Daddy needs to hear you say it, Baby Girl, as do I,” murmured Mummy gently.

Taking my mouth reluctantly from Mummy’s pussy I told Mummy and Daddy exactly what they needed to hear.

“Mummy, Daddy, I understand exactly what we are doing. I want it as much as you both do. I need it more than you shall ever know. Please make this wonderful day into a perfect day for your Baby Girl. Slide your cock into me Daddy, fuck your Baby Girl, make her yours and make me the happiest Baby Girl in the world.”

“Thank you Baby Girl,” said Daddy as he began to ease his big, fat, magnificent cock into me.

“Thank you Baby Girl,” said Mummy as she pushed her pussy up and my head down so that I could eat her pussy while Daddy fucked mine.

Daddy took our first fuck very, very slowly. I felt every single millimetre of Daddy’s cock slide gently into my pussy. I came before he was halfway in, a long, sobbing moan of utter joy as Daddy continued to ease into my dripping pussy. Daddy was experienced enough to know it wasn’t a big cum and that many more would follow once I’d taken his full length and he started to fuck me properly. Pounding my pussy until I screamed for more.

Daddy paused when I had taken as much of his cock as I could. I knew there was more and we both knew that I’d take it all before we finished fucking that night. Mummy came quite quickly. She later said it was mainly due to watching Daddy sliding his cock into her Baby Girl and I teased her, pretending to be hurt because I wasn’t eating her pussy well enough. Mummy laughed, she knew I was teasing.

Mummy tried to pull away after she’d cum;

“I’ll leave you to enjoy your special, first time, with Daddy,” she said.

I pulled her back holding her pussy lips hard against my mouth and chewed her clitty quite forcefully. She squeaked with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“No! Don’t move Mummy! It’s not my first special time with Daddy it’s our first special time together, the three of us. Mummy, you grew me, with Daddy’s seed, inside you. You gave birth to me, through your beautiful place. It’s only right that when Daddy feeds his very same seed into my pussy, I should be connected properly to your beautiful place. The three of us bonded together, for the rest of our lives.”

Mummy slipped back into position, got herself comfortable again and raised her hips invitingly.

“Thank you Darling Baby Girl,” she murmured, “the three of us bonded, forever. Yes. Yes that’s what it is, the three of us.”

Something must have flicked a switch inside Daddy’s head because as soon as I put my mouth back on Mummy’s pussy he stated to fuck me in earnest making me cry out in pleasure instantly. Daddy’s energy drove me hard into Mummy’s pussy. I could see her boobs driving up and down with his thrusts as if he was fucking her directly. I knew my boobs were swinging violently beneath me, they were quite painful but it was the most beautiful of pains.

Mummy came violently, nearly pulling my ears off as she held me tight into her pussy preventing me from escaping. She squirted, which felt absolutely wonderful but I felt a little sorry that she might have washed even more of Daddy’s spunk from my face. I consoled myself with the thought that I’d just have to get some more!

With Mummy resting for a few moments I was able to encourage Daddy, I pushed back to drive his cock deeper. It hurt so I did it again and again and again until the hurt became pleasure and I was taking all of my Daddy’s, big, fat, magnificent cock deep into my pussy. His nut-sac bounced on my clitty as I built to the best possible orgasm ever.



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