Older New Friends

We were headed home as I drove my new friend Bill’s Land Cruiser. His wife Lynn rode shotgun while my wife sat in the back seat flirting with Bill. She had told him over breakfast that she could show off more of her oral talents if he’d let someone else drive, which was something he rarely did.

I watched my wife in the mirror as she snuggled under Bill’s arm. He fondled her breast as she rubbed the inside of his leg and squeezed his cock through his slacks. She asked what he enjoyed the most about the previous day’s experience.

“It was all fantastic, better than I imagined and certainly more than I had hoped for,” he replied.

In a soft sultry tone my wife replied, “I want specifics.”

“Well,” he said, “I had a great day at the track thanks to you. Dinner was wonderful and provoking. But experiencing your mouth on my cock and seeing you naked beneath me as I stuffed it into your tight pussy was just incredible.”

By now Bill’s big dick was straining to get out of his pants. Amy squeezed his meat. He was getting uncomfortable and adjusted it down along his leg closest to her. She massaged it and asked if he had any regrets about the prior evening?

m “Just one. I wish I’d watched my sexy wife more. I love seeing her lost in lust,” he said.

Lynn looked ankarada yeni escortlar over her shoulder towards the backseat and said, “I hope we can accommodate you sometime soon.” She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and winked.

Amy raised and got on her knees in the seat. She reached over the back rummaging through her bag. Since her ass was up in the air, Bill couldn’t help himself and grabbed it playfully. She removed her jacket and resumed her position next to him. Wearing only a tight sweater her hard nipples looked incredibly sexy. She had retrieved a small jar of coconut oil and told Bill he needed to get comfortable. He undid his pants and pushed them and his boxers to his ankles. His heavy cock bobbed once free.

Amy warmed the oil in her hands and slowly massaged Bill’s cock. He moaned and commented on how good it felt.

Amy asked Lynn if she’d share her favorite part of the previous evening.

Lynn said, “oh honey, it was all so wonderful. You rubbing my clit while having my ass full of cock made me come so hard I couldn’t see straight. I guess that stands out the most.”

“Damn I wished I’d seen that,” Bill said. His cock was twitching in Amy’s hands. She leaned over and wrapped her mouth around his swollen cock head. She swirled her tongue and began massaging bayan escort elvankent his ball. Bill groaned.

Amy stopped sucking long enough to say, “any regrets Lynn?” She leaned her head back, closed her eyes and said, “not a damn one.”

Amy said, “what about you sweetie?” I said, “all good here” as I reached over and placed my hand on Lynn’s upper thigh.

Amy sucked Bill’s thick cock into her mouth, taking it as deep as she could. It stretched her lips and the head stretched the back of her throat. She came up, breathed deeply and tried again. This time she went slower and more deliberately. The swirling of her tongue and massaging of his balls was driving Bill wild. He kept moaning and saying, “oh shit that feels good.” Amy loved his reaction. She worked the head with her mouth and stroked the shaft with both hands.

I had began to run my free hand over Lynn’s body. I caressed her tit and squeezed her nipple. She opened her blouse and came out of her bra. “I feel like being comfortable too,” she said with a seductive tone. I continued to drive while I played with her puffy nipple. She kept watching the porn show in the mirror. She was getting very worked up. I could barely reach her pussy, but she cooed as soon as my fingers grazed it through her pants.

We escort bayan etimesgut were approaching our exit, so I announced, “15 minutes to arrival.” Once we were off the interstate I really had to watch my driving on the curvy country roads. I kept gently fondling Lynn. Amy slowed her assault on Bill’s cock, but it sounded like he was going to cum before we got there. She squeezed the base of his pole and he panted as he held back.

As we neared our house she stroked him and teased the head with her mouth. I rubbed Lynn’s pussy hard through her pants as we drove down our lane. Finally I stopped the car. Amy stopped sucking and asked Lynn if she needed to be fucked?

Lynn unfastened her seat belt, kicked off her shoes and pulled down her pants. She barked, “Bill, give me that fat dick now!” Bill stepped out of his pants and ran around the car with his erect pole. He stood between Lynn’s legs in the open door and shoved his dick in deep and hard. She grunted and moaned as he pumped as fast as he could. I held my wife as we watched our handy work. Our new older friends were fucking like teenagers….in our driveway.

Lynn began panting, her legs trembling. Bill grunted as he exploded inside his wife. She cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm hit. As they began to relax, we fetched them something to clean up with and unpacked our bags.

Our new friends dressed and came inside to freshen up before hitting the road. We all agreed it had been an awesome weekend and we’d get together again soon. Bill said he couldn’t wait to show us their farm. That should be interesting.



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