I spent the next hour imagining the horrors that I was about to endure– Everything from being stoned like Stephen to being burned at the stake! I tried to rationalize the sin that I had committed: getting a hard-on from staring at a naked, skinny, eighteen year old woman. Then it hit me! The reason that Prophet David was so angry was that the girl that was tempting me must be his DAUGHTER!

I made my way to the large cabin that the women had emerged from earlier thinking that the largest cabin would belong to the Prophet. As I approached the front door, it opened and I could hear taped organ music playing what sounded like a dirge. There were three rows of chairs in the back of a large room, a lectern to the left of a raised stage at the front, a wooden chair center stage and in front of the wooden chair there was a padded kneeling bench.

“Be seated and I will be with you in a short time,” his voice said from a speaker in the ceiling.

The two women entered the room dressed in black robes and took seats in the first row of chairs.

Their heads were bowed. We waited for the Prophet.

Then he entered very slowly, dressed in a black cassock and a black miter. He was very tall and dressed to kill — me!

He stood at the lectern and began, “We are gathered here to study the universal, natural truth of TEMPTATION! This young man, Robert, has yielded to the temptation of lust! He has let his manhood raise it’s head by viewing a beautiful, naked, young woman! Was the young woman guilty of tempting Robert? Yes! She to must learn to stand strong in the face of temptation! If we can not learn to ignore temptation we will die as sinners! We must practice resisting lust until temptation becomes UNFEELING! Join me center stage, Sister Lisa, and Sister Shirley take this riding crop and stand behind Robert.”

I could not figure out what was going to happen but I thought that it might involve me getting whipped by the mother, Sister Shirley. I smiled at the name and wondered if she had two sisters: Goodness and Mercy? A smack to my shoulder let me know that smiling was not allowed.

The Prophet had turned Lisa toward me and spoke again, “Now I will show you Sister Lisa — the same young woman that you LUSTED after this afternoon! As I show you her body, you will feel no yearning, no lust, no wanting! For if you become aroused, Sister Shirley will ankara escort smack you until your miserable manhood loses its rigidity! And we will repeat this lesson until you can understand the universal, natural truth of resisting TEMPTATION!” And with that, he lifted the bottom hem of her robe showing her legs from her knees down. He asked Sister Shirley, “Is he resisting temptation?” She nodded. I was looking at Lisa’s face and she wore this smirk — like a spoiled, rotten teenager that was too big for her britches. Real sexy, right? NOT!

“And now I will turn Sister Lisa and show Robert her beautiful buttocks! My, isn’t that a glorious sight? Is Robert resisting temptation?”

There was no blow. I was unaffected by the spoiled kid’s skinny behind BUT, the Prophets robe was tenting just about where his cock was located…

“Since Robert is learning so quickly, we will expose the entire naked body of Sister Lisa!” And with that, he undid the buttons down the front of Lisa’s robe and she let it slide to the floor. “Glory be praised! What a fine figure of virginal womanhood! Can any man resist wondering how the white alabaster of unblemished skin must feel? How her caress might stoke the fires of unbridled passion hidden deep in his loins? And if I were to reach around her body and hold the breasts lovingly and feel no temptation, I would reach a new height in understanding these universal, natural truths! And pinch her nipples lightly to watch then grow rigid in response, and still I feel NO TEMPTATION! Even if I kiss each nipple– suck each nipple– and suck the nipple and most of her breast, –mmm– –mm– I feel no temptation. We are learning to RESIST together… one and all, isn’t that right?”

I thought I heard Sister Shirley say something like, “Yah, right…” Then I felt her left hand (her right hand still had the riding crop) reach around to see if I was hard. Oh, yes. I was hard but it was from Sister Shirley standing so close, smelling so good and feeling me up!

Unfortunately, the organ music stopped which caused the Prophet to get a hold of himself while Sister Shirley scurried off to start a new tape — Ravel’s Boléro! How symbolic! A pulsating ballet that starts quietly and ends up with a huge climax! I thought to myself, here’s another universal, natural truth: ‘Timing is everything!’

The Prophet sat down on the wooden chair escort ankara and held Lisa by the hips. She still had that smirk and was staring, unblinkingly into my eyes. The Prophet’s cassock parted where he had unbuttoned it and his legs and hips were exposed — a skinny man and his skinny daughter poised to teach me a lesson…

“I’m back,” Sister Shirley whispered into my ear while her hand returned to rubbing my cock.

“Robert, these are the truths that must be taken to heart! You must never gaze at a naked woman with animal lust! You must never touch a woman’s breasts, buttocks or her vagina. You must never caress them like this or insert your fingers inside her body! NOW LOOK! See how I am caressing her buttocks and pushing one finger into this woman? You must resist temptation and never do this. I can do it because I am NOT TEMPTED! One finger back and forth or two fingers in and out or THREE fingers pushed in as far as I can — NOTHING! I FEEL NOTHING! You must never feel lust because that is a SIN!”

Lisa’s eyes were glazed over. I don’t think she was thinking too clearly anymore. It must have been something her father had said.

He pulled on Lisa’s hips and forced her to spread her legs and step back until she was positioned over his exposed cock! There was about an inch clearance between the head of his penis and her pussy lips.

The music was reaching a climax. The Prophet was speaking louder and louder to be heard. “Robert! Pay close attention while I demonstrate total SELF CONTROL! I have let my priapus engorge so that I can show you how to resist temptation. Note the pubic hair that surrounds the vaginal opening and how it teases the head of my priapus! See how my penis pulsates in time to the music! Notice the Lisa’s labia are engorged also and lubrication drips! Watch now as Lisa sways to the music in intense, hypnotic lust and I feel NOTH— LISA! Gaaah! What have you done?!”

I watched as Lisa skewered herself on her father’s prick. She had just dropped onto his lap. His cock slid in easily to the hilt! She just sat there with this silly smirk on her face while her father pumped sperm into her de-virgin-ized pussy!

Sister Shirley had brought my cock to a ready state and when the Prophet ‘sowed his seed’ in his daughter, I came in my jeans. Not quite as fulfilling but a lot safer.


During the commotion, ankara escort bayan I had escaped back to my cabin and the safety of my bunk bed. In the middle of the night, I heard a car start and head out to the highway. I guessed that the Prophet and his two women were fleeing the scene. Ten minutes later there was a knock at my door and I found Shirley standing there when I opened my door. All she said was, “They’ve gone back to Sioux City.” And she crawled into my narrow bed and held the covers so that I could join her.

She held me for the longest time. Then she sat up and took off her nightgown and lay back down. She moved under me so that I found myself in the missionary position. She undid my pajama tie and opened my fly, and positioned my cock so it would slide into her. We made love until dawn.


I did not see or hear from the Prophet for the next six weeks. The routine was simple after the camp started two days later. The boys and girls registered and were assigned cabins. I taught swimming and boating safety plus two sessions a day on bible history. After vespers, I would make sure all of the boys in my cabin were asleep and then I’d join Shirley in the big cabin where she taught me how to please a woman in intimate detail. Since I was eighteen, my stamina kept me awake and ready all night so Shirley and I would fuck three, four and sometimes five times a night. She missed her period about a month after we began our trysts and became excitedly happy. I was not so happy.

Shirley had mentioned that the Prophet and Lisa had been raising funds for the church touring the churches in and around Sioux City. They must have been somewhat successful because a truck loaded with bricks and mortar came to camp and several men created a nice entrance with a huge vertical sign that said:

Church of the




The Prophet would have been proud. And if I remember correctly, it was one day after that that Shirley came to me and suggested that I be on my way.

She said, “Lisa is pregnant and the Prophet has it in his mind that you are the cause of her predicament. Therefore, you are to marry Lisa and raise his children– I guess that he thinks that he will continue impregnating her. I’d love it if you would stay but I really think you’d better go to college and get a good job far away from him.”

I took her advice and packed, said goodbye and left during the night. As I walked away from the camp, I looked back one last time. The new sign had the acronym lit: There for everyone to see were the neon letters glowing red: C U N T



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