OHGIRL Pregnancy 2Two more months passed by as Lou continued to push me to get pregnant. I had been off of my birth control for over three months and even though I had engaged in sexual intercourse nearly every day of the month, sometimes multiple times a day with multiple partners, I hadn’t yet been able to give him the good news. Not that I thought that it would be good news. I enjoyed the sexual excitement of tempting fate and winning. It was not unlike a person gambling their last dollar on a high odds bet and the feeling that they got when the odds went in their favor and they won. The odds were tremendously against me in this endeavor and yet I had won for three months straight. Some women have sex once and get pregnant and then there is me. I had fucked a couple of hundred different men over the time span, all of them filling me with their baby batter and yet my womb remained empty. The feeling I got with each gamble was spine tingling and I had never cum so many times thinking about it as I did while I was being fucked by my clients. Each scheduled escort meeting, every man who propositioned me at the club and elsewhere or every man that I fucked just for my own pleasure was a possibility of becoming my unborn baby’s father. Beating those odds was a rush and each chance I took made it more exciting. Halfway through my third month, I had accepted an escort job with my body building client, JJ. He had started scheduling with me on a weekly basis two months prior and had been splitting me open with his black whale cock on a regular basis. I was going to be leaving town with him for 10 days, to be his date in Vegas for a contest and then off to Hawaii for a week of relaxation afterwards. We didn’t have sex on the first two days of the competition in Vegas, but after the contests were over, JJ let his steroid rage loose on my poor body. I had gotten used to him over the year that he’d been my client, but this was the first time that I would be fucking him on a daily basis. Once a month or every two weeks was fine, but recently he had begun seeing me every week and he was still the only man that could make me scream when having sex. I was usually not a loud person. I might grunt if someone is fucking me really hard or quietly moan when I’m having an orgasm, but JJ made me scream all the time. Sometimes because of the pain that his horse sized cock caused me and sometimes because it really felt good and bordered the pain threshhold. JJ was in his late twenties and had an extremely strong sex drive. As I soon found out during our trip to Vegas and Hawaii, his ability to fuck upwards to three times a day or more was very real. I always wondered if his cock size was caused by his steroid and growth hormone use. He had claimed that he had been using the performance enhancing d**gs since he was young. His balls weren’t nearly as large as some of the men I fucked, but they weren’t nonexistant. He still ejaculated in large quantities and he had no problem getting an erection, but the size of his penis was just unreal. The last night in Vegas, after the competition was over, JJ had brought some of his friends back to our room and they all had fun with me. Not only did JJ show off his big cock by fucking me in front of his friends, but he offered me up for their pleasure too. All of them were bodybuilders and they were able to blow off a lot of steam and semen after the contest. I was very tired, as our plane flew out of Vegas at around noon, after spending all night and much of the early morning being fucked by JJ and his 4 friends.I slept on the plane for quite a while until JJ woke me up by fingering my pussy under the blanket, that we were sharing, on the plane. It was nearly an 8 hour flight to Hawaii and JJ must have been horny and had other ideas. I was getting really wet as he whispered in my ear about how he wanted to fuck me in the plane’s toilet. It wasn’t the most appealing place to fuck, but it was the only available place. I had been a member of the mile high club for a few years, having fucked a few of my clients on other trips and fucking a couple of local pilots that owned their own small planes back home. I went to the restroom first and waited for JJ’s knock before letting him in. I wasn’t wearing anything under my little dress and JJ had on a pair of athletic pants that made for quick access to his huge tool. His hard black erection nearly knocked me out as it flopped out of the front of his pants and smacked me in the face. I held it with both hands as I licked it and tried to suck it. I had always had difficulty getting his cock in my mouth and could barely get my lips around the head and down onto the top of his shaft. I had barely had him in my mouth for a couple of minutes before he bent me over the toilet and pushed me up on my knees, squeezing me back into the corner of the toilet area. My dress was pulled up around my waist and JJ held onto his cock as he pressed it against my moist lips and slowly slid the entire length into my deep, wet hole. He started slow, but after no more than 4 or 5 full length strokes, he began fucking me harder. I was holding back my usual grunting and occasional screams as his cock slammed into my cervix with each rapid, deep stroke. My head was banging into the wall and it was very uncomfortable trying to accommodate me and a 240 lb muscle man in a tiny plane bathroom. JJ’s pelvis was pounding into my ass with each stroke and I finally couldn’t stand it anymore, as my lip biting could no longer hold back my vocal sounds. Each stroke brought a loud groan from me and as his cock got harder and stiffer, I felt my vagina stretching even more. My grunts became a louder rhythmic moaning, and occasional outcry, when he plunged in too deep. There was a knock on the door about 5 minutes into our fuckfest and the attendant asked if I was alright. I responded through the door that I was fine and then JJ resumed his jackrabbit fucking until he finally filled my pussy with his sticky goo. It was a little obvious when we both tried to leave the restroom and we got a few stares, but three hours later we arrived in Hawaii and I had a full 7 days to acclimate to JJ’s giant pole. I truly did have the best time on the Islands, as we took a small plane to explore more than one of them. JJ took advantage of every opportunity he could to fuck me, or for me to give him a blow job, in any tropical environment where we could find 5 minutes of privacy. He was a sexual machine that week and I had his cock in me more times than I can count. My body became accustomed to his large cock and rough sex after just a couple of days. I had no choice though, since he demanded sex quite often and in truth, I had been a bit smitten by the size of his male member. I had fucked him a number of times in the past, but had never known him personally. Now that I understood his personality, he was more than just an enormous cock for me to fuck and get paid. I had a blast on our small trips and I began taking it upon myself to initiate our sex. I found myself in JJ’s arms quite often during the days and we became more passionate when we had sex. It was still very rough and athletic, but it no longer felt like he was trying to hurt me with his dick. We had sex on the beaches, up on Diamondhead during a tour, in our room, and any other place we could get away with it. He may not have cum each time we tried, but his cock was sliding into my cunt quite often and if he just got to stroke it 3 or 4 times before we stopped to avoid being caught, that was more than enough. As our trip came to an end, JJ finally expressed his desire to date me on a regular basis. I didn’t know how to deal with the idea, since he was a really well paying customer and I hated to lose him as such. I let him know that I would think about his offer and even spent the night with him when we returned home. He filled me with his cum one more time before I left and it continued to ooze out of my gaping pussy as I drove back to my condo thinking of my answer. The long trip fethiye escort with JJ had prepared me for another fetish party the next day and after riding his cock every day for well over a week, I was able to fuck just about anything. Logan once again sponsored this party and I was the center of attention for him and a couple of different friends of his. He had wanted to film another fetish sex act with me and his group and I agreed, as long as Lou wasn’t invited. I was told to wear only a spiked collar and a pair of thigh high leather boots and arrived at Logan’s bar after closing time. Every time that I did a party for Logan, I was never told what they had in mind, but they were always nice and kept things within my limits. A leash was attached to my collar when I arrived and I was blindfolded before being led into his back dungeon room. My hands were cuffed behind my back when I entered and a number of hands began feeling me up as I stood there. My breasts were squeezed and nipples pinched, my ass was flogged lightly with a leather whip and a few tongues and fingers made their way between my legs. I wasn’t sure how many men were present, but I knew it was at least 3. After my initial groping, I was led to a mat and made to kneel on it. Someone grabbed my head rather roughly and I felt the head of a cock press against my lips. No one said a word and I opened my mouth to begin sucking it. After a short while this happened about 5 or 6 more times. I didn’t know if all of the cocks were the same or all of them were different, but all of them were hard once I got done with them. Somebody pulled on my collar and I fell forward onto my face. Luckily the mat was well padded, since I couldn’t catch myself with my hands. I was still on my knees and my head was lying sideways on the mat when I felt someone force their cock into my pussy from behind. I didn’t fight it and they were soon quickly fucking me from behind. This went on for a while until I felt another person enter me. When they had done their share of fucking me, a lubed cocked slid into my asshole. A pair of large hands held onto my hips as the cock dove deeply into my behind. When that cock was pulled out, I was lifted back up with my collar and two pair of hands lifted me up and sat me down on top of a prone person. I was guided down onto someone’s hard dick and they began to fuck me as I straddled them. It was all a bit difficult to comprehend, since I was blindfolded, but everyone seemed to be taking a turn at each position. My cuffs were grabbed on my wrists as I was pushed forward to lay on the guy I was straddling and then I felt another cock slide into my ass. I was being DP’d and noticed that a couple of different guys took turns fucking my ass while I rode my original male. My latest anal partner pulled his cock from my ass and I felt the next person push up behind me and lean in to whisper in my ear. “I hope this feels good.” he said, as I felt his penis pushing into my already cock filled cunt. My lips began to stretch and my vaginal muscles gave way as another cock slid into my full pussy. I had never had two cock in me at the same time. I had seen as much in an old porn movie I had watched with a client before, but had never considered doing such a thing. Both cocks began to move in me and I moaned out loudly as I felt them pumping me at a different rate and rhythm. JJ’s cock was huge and much bigger than any man I had ever fucked, but having to large cocks in me at once was truly filling. Someone stuck their hard prick in my mouth and my cries were muffled as my often used box was filled to it’s capacity. Both cocks moved in me for some time before one then the other climaxed. I could feel the throbbing of both stiff muscles as they filled me with cum. After they finished I was stood up and lowered on top of another waiting male. Clumps of warm jizz dripped from my wide hole as I knelt over my newest partner and I’m sure they splattered on him as I slid onto his long, hard member. It wasn’t long before another cock joined his in my oft fucked pussy. I was pressed between two bodies and had no ability to control my movements as my hands were cuffed behind my back. My breasts were being sucked and nibbled on as my ass was smacked from behind, all the while two large cocks fucked me at the same time. My cunt was being worked over pretty well as their two hard poles struggled to take control of the stroking beat. My partner from behind pulled his cock out for a short while and shoved it into my ass for a few strokes before he once again stuffed it into my pussy with his friends. The man under me came first and his cock slipped out of my spunk filled hole and shortly afterwards the male behind me came. For the third time, I was lowered onto another anonymous erection, but this time I was sat prone on the stiff cock as it slid into my ass. I was pulled onto my back and my legs were spread wide while my anal partner rapidly drove his cock in and out of my rectum. I felt another pair of hands grab my legs and then that person attempted to press his lubed cock against my already filled sphincter. I was about to protest when another long cock filled my mouth from above. Someone’s hand took a hold of my hair and used it to control my head as they fucked my mouth. In and out the cock slid between my lips and deeper into my throat while the second cock at my backdoor was being forced into me. I tried to let out a yell, but failed in barely being able to breathe as two hard penises were now filling my ass and moving back and forth. They couldn’t move too quickly in the confines of my tight asshole, but my behind was burning as two men double penetrated my rectal opening. Tears ran down my cheeks as I gagged on the hard cock fucking my mouth. My gag reflex nearly causing me to vomit, until they would remove it, just long enough to let me breathe and moan out in pain. I was held in place by two arms around my waist, keeping me seated on one of the hard cocks while my legs were held open by the other male who was also in my ass. I thought that JJ’s cock hurt when he fucked me in the ass, but this was worse, since it was two cocks. I began to relax a little as I started to concentrate on the cock I was sucking. More lube was squirted onto my asshole and both of the cocks were now sliding in much easier as they continued to fuck me. The man between my legs pulled his cock from by behind and quickly drove it deep into my pussy, pumping away until he blasted my cervix with another coating of warm cum. It wasn’t much longer before my ass was given a little relief and my last anal intruder did the same, filling my pussy with his sticky seed. I was pulled up to my knees and continued to suck off my last anonymous group member until his throbbing cock filled my mouth full of his spunk. I swallowed it all and was then stood up on the mat, still blindfolded. My leash was reconnected to my collar and the blindfold and cuffs were removed. My eyes readjusted to the bright lights of the cameras surrounding me, filming the entire proceeding. I stood there, cum running down my thighs and surrounded by 7 nude men, all wearing leather masks and their cocks flaccid and wet with my juices. I was brought again to my knees and they all moved closer as I was told to lick all of their cocks clean.I began at one end of the circle and started sucking and licking their penises as they stood there before me. Each of them left the circle once they were done and two of them became erect again while I was cleaning them. The first male with the erection moved up behind me as I was cleaning the others and began to fuck me from behind. He was slamming me rather roughly, making my job of sucking the other cocks much harder, so it took me longer to finish my job. I felt him cum in me and he moved back to the circle for me to clean again while the second man with an erection repeated the same action. All of the men were finished and I was still on my hands and knees being fucked from behind until the last man ejaculated in escort fethiye me again. I turned to suck his cock clean and waited for Logan to give me my next order. I knew who Logan was, even with his mask, but I had no idea whom the other six men were. He took up my leash and led me to his converted chair and table. I was bent over it and locked in with my collar hooks. My hands were attached to a couple of handles and I waited, bent over at the waist, for my next penetration. It soon came as one of the other men led in the same nude, handsome and well hung male that fucked me in their first fetish party. He had on the same leather gladiator outfit, but this time he also had a belt with a large black rubber dildo attached to it. His huge cock and the dildo were of similar size and one of the other males lubed up both of them as I watched behind me to see what they were doing. I felt the cool, slippery dong slide into my ass and my gladiator’s stiff warm cock press into my cum filled cunt. His hips started gyrating and I began to moan out in pleasure. Five of the masked members moved up in front of me and took turns feeding me their reawakened cocks while their captive gladiator dp’d me from behind with a combination of his long, hard white pole and a big, black dildo. I had to find out who that gladiator was, because this was the second time I had been fucked by him and he was awesome. I would later add him to my stable of free fuck partners and his cock would become one of my regulars. A few of of the men came again, this time spraying my face with their final reserves of semen and a couple ended up going limp and couldn’t maintain their second attempt. I could tell that a few of the men were much older and that could have been the reason for their inability to get it up again so soon. I came twice before my gladiator filled me with another huge blast of baby batter, to join with the rest of my potential baby daddies. I was pretty tired and worn out after the fetish party and didn’t go back to work for a couple of days. When I did make it back to the club to work, it was the first time I’d seen Lou in two weeks. He was very eager to see me and he let me take off early, halfway though a rather busy night. Many of my regular clients were there to see me after I’d been away for so long, but they had to wait until the next night, since Lou was horny as hell. Lou and I left the club at 10 pm and I had already fucked 5 different clients before then. He didn’t know or seem to care as he pumped my well used pussy until early that morning. I laid on top of him, his limp cock still in me, as I felt his warm cream seeping between my swollen lips and he discussed my future with him. He was eager to become a father and if he knew how much cum had been ejaculated into me during the last two weeks, he’d know that the odds were high that I’d get pregnant, but they were against him for being the father.The third month in a row was coming to a close and the excitement was looming ever closer to see if I’d beat the odds again. I was bent over the side of one of my client’s bed while he pump me with his hard cock and I began to have an orgasm as I felt his impending release getting closer. My legs began to shake and I moaned out loudly when I felt the first pulse of his eruption spurt inside of me. I rolled over onto my back when he was finished and he crawled between my legs and slid back into me. We kissed and made out for a while before I had to leave. I had two more regular clients to fuck before this evening and then I had a date with JJ.I showered and cleaned up well before all of my appointments and I did the same for my date that evening with JJ. He would never know that I had slept with 3 other men that same day. It had been a little more than a week since we had returned from Hawaii and this was the first time we had seen each other. Our date was fantastic and we ended up at his house where his cock reminded me of what I was missing, since I last felt it in me. I filled his apartment with my screams, as usual, and his neighbors definitely knew what was going on. He spent a large amount of time fucking me in my ass and it brought back my memories of the fetish party, when I was double penetrated in both of my holes. After I began to get sore, I asked him to slide into my cunt and he pounded my wet silo with his huge missile until he exploded. We discussed his question of becoming one of my regular boyfriends and I accepted his offer, as long as he realized that I would still be a high priced call girl and that he could live with the fact that his girlfriend was basically a prostitute. He seemed to accept the fact and I was rather happy that I would be getting his big black cock on a more regular basis….since I was beginning to enjoy it quite a bit. I had just gotten back from a 3 day trip to Vegas with a client and was holding my breath as the plane landed and I met JJ at the airport. I was spending the evening with him and then heading to the club later in the evening to meet Lou. I wasn’t scheduled to work, but I was three days late for my period and was hoping that it would start soon and keep my 3 month long streak of unprotected sex going another month. I had taken part in a wild gangbang bachelor party that weekend and it felt good to have JJ fuck me from behind and be the only person there to pleasure. Doing a lot of guys at once can be rather tiring and you have to be able to concentrate on what you are doing when there is more than one person to please. A group of guys from California had gone to Vegas for a blowout party and I just happened to be the girl in the center of it all. They were all a bunch of young surfer, college k**s from Southern Cal, so I got it on with a lot of blonde white guys over the weekend. They enjoyed their weekend of debauchery and getting to fuck the brains out of a little black girl from the midwest seemed to keep them preoccupied in their hotel room all weekend long. I’m sure that their parents came up with much of the money that I had charged them, but I earned every dollar of it, as all ten of them pumped me full of cum over my three day stay. I laughed as JJ asked me how many men I had fucked while I was gone. He was pumping me hard with his big black cock and it just came out, so I told him. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I had had sex with ten men or that they were all white. He drove his cock even harder into me when I began to scream out his name and demanded to know who’s cock I loved the best. Of course, I had to tell him that it was his big, black horse cock and it was true. Six hours later and I was laying in bed with Lou after another passionate round of sex for the day. We had fucked for nearly two hours and I was exhausted. I began to wonder if he had even felt my pussy after all of the cocks that I had fucked in the last three days. My fingers rubbed his cum across my pussy lips and I licked them afterwards to taste his sweet jizz. It had been a while since I had swallowed his load and I wanted to taste him. I had been taking so many cum shots in my pussy that I had barely given any happy ending blow jobs in a while. I used to be the blow job queen at the club, but that had all changed and now I was lying there telling Lou that I may be pregnant. He was so ecstatic and we began to make out. His cock got hard again and he slid into me once more, but this time his sperm wouldn’t be the ones that fertilized my egg. Another two weeks went by before I took a pregnancy test and it verified the fact that I was pregnant. Bill, Brett, JJ, Lou and Greg all found out the news. They were the 5 men that I fucked for fun and had been doing regularly over the last month. Bill and Brett, my old boss and his bartender, were both secretly fucking me again and had been doing so for two months, JJ had just become a regular boyfriend and Lou and I had been an item for nearly a year. Greg was the name of the gladiator from the fetish party. We hooked up after the last party and I had been fucking him a couple fethiye escort bayan times a week too. He was giving JJ a run for my favorite big cock. There was no way to let the other 50 or 60 different clients that I had slept with know about my predicament. I continued on with business as usual over the next three months and Lou was furious, as were a couple of my other boyfriends. Bill and Brett bid me goodbye and JJ was a bit upset, but still working with me. Greg didn’t really care and just wanted to continue to fuck me no matter what. None of my clients knew I was pregnant yet and I didn’t tell them. By the fourth month, I started to show and I had to quit dancing, since the look didn’t seem to be appealing for a stripper. Surprisingly, many of my clients found out I was pregnant and my business actually picked up. They enjoyed my swelling and sensitive breasts and the big, dark areolas and nipples that became evident when I was naked. Some of them enjoyed sucking on my nipples and were really turned on when I began lactating and squirted breast milk as they fucked me. I drew a lot of fetishists who wanted to fuck pregnant women and stayed quite busy during my fourth month, fucking nearly 3 to 4 men every day. I was even getting hornier if that was possible. I became nearly insatiable and found myself sleeping with not only my clients, but my three remaining boyfriends on a daily basis. Someone told me that I was probably pregnant with a boy and his testosterone was causing it. One day I found myself blowing a stranger in the back seat of his car in a grocery store parking lot. I had this unbelievable desire for the taste of cum when I had gone to the store to get some other type of food that I was craving. I was flirting with an older gentleman in one of the isles and he seemed to be staring at my breasts, while we joked about my baby bump. I was wearing a really tight fitting fuck me dress, since I had just come from a client’s house and apparently he enjoyed the view. We both left the store at the same time and I offered to blow him for $5 like a cheap hooker. I was sucking him like a fiend when he finally ejaculated in my mouth and I savored every drop of his sperm. He had pulled out my tits and was squeezing them while I sucked him and my dress was soaked with breast milk as I said goodbye and made my way to my car $5 richer. I ended up at JJ’s that night and made sure I swallowed another creamy mouthful of spunk before I finally fell asleep. It was so weird to be 4 months pregnant and still fucking so many men. Some wanted to cum in my pussy, some in my ass and some in my mouth and I didn’t care, since I loved it all. The men were all getting their chance to do what other women or their wives probably didn’t let them do when they were pregnant. I was also enjoying it as much as they were. My orgasms were strong and I had become multi-orgasmic since about my 2nd month. My sexual cravings and desires had multiplied and I was a much bigger whore than I had been before. Halfway through my 4th month JJ and I had broken up. He had caught me having sex with his neighbor one afternoon when he had returned home early from the gym. I had met his neighbor a couple of days prior and he had made a few references to my screaming and I directly asked him if he’d like to see if he could make me do the same. He had seen JJ leave that morning and had knocked on the door shortly thereafter. He was barely in the door before I was on my knees sucking his hard white cock and when he was stiff enough, I had bent over the island in the kitchen to let him fuck me. Breast milk was pouring from my breasts as they rubbed back and forth on the cold granite counter top moving in time with my new sex partner’s continuous thrusts. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but my impulses and mind were overruled by my raging hormones. JJ’s neighbor was about 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighed about 350lbs. He was balding and not that attractive, but there I was letting him fuck me at will and loving it. He reached around and squeezed my tits as he came, spraying milk from them up to 2 feet away. I was relishing the feel of his cock quivering in me and the warmth of his cum as it ran down my leg. He kept squeezing and my tits kept squirting. I was squealing in delight when JJ walked in to find us an hour later, as I rode him on the kitchen floor, for the second time that morning. The counter was covered in my lactating fluid as well as the floor and my new lover. He had just cum again and was sucking my breasts when JJ came in the front door to find us nude on the floor. JJ was furious and I flew off of his fat neighbor, as he threw me off of him, and ran out of the apartment nude. I began crying as I sat there, cum running from my wide crack and milk dribbling from my breasts. JJ just asked me to leave and that was the end of his big, black cock in my life. I was still fucking Greg on occasions, but it was just Lou and I now and it wasn’t enough. I knew that mentally and hoped that my clients would keep me as busy as possible. I was nearing my 5th month of pregnancy and I was still keeping a full schedule. The feel of cock in my pussy and ass drove me wild and my clients loved my reactions. I had even scheduled a gangbang with Logan’s fetish club in hopes of relieving my insatiable cravings. Logan was careful not to do anything to hurt me, but he had invited a full crew of his friends that evening and they had really taken the time to fuck me good in each and every hole. They loved my pregnant look as I came into the room in latex thigh high leggings, latex gloves with my engorged breasts hanging naturally and my 5 month baby belly sticking out proudly. My pussy began to melt when I saw 8 of his friends in leather masks waiting to have their way with me. Part of me wished that they would have been a younger group, since more of them would have been able to get it up again during the evening, but the fact that they were an older group of men, between their late 50’s and 60’s, and could still fuck like they did, impressed me. Their group fucking kept me satisfied until the next morning when I found myself hitting on Lou’s two stepsons again. Lou didn’t find out until nearly two weeks later that I had again been fucking and sucking off his two boys. Even though I no longer owed them a percentage of any of my earning and even though Lou had told them to no longer consider me available for their use, I had begun hooking up with both of them on my own time. His one stepson would only fuck me in the ass, since my pregnant pussy had scared him and the other boy only wanted blow jobs, but I didn’t care and took part in what ever they wanted to do. Just like JJ, Lou caught me with his stepsons at his apartment one afternoon, while he was supposed to be at the club. Either he knew what was going on or I just didn’t care if I got caught, but Lou walked in to catch his one stepson fucking my ass as I leaned over to suck the other’s cock on his couch. I had done them together in the past, but this was the first time in a long while and I was grinding my hips hard and feeling his cock deep in my ass when Lou arrived. Lou stared and we all stopped for a short minute as everyone was at a loss for words. Then Lou stormed out and I told the guys to keep going, since we had already been caught and there was no sense in stopping now. I had such a huge orgasm when I felt the explosion in my asshole and I jerked the cock I was sucking even harder until I tasted its eruption. Lou came back as I was licking his son’s cock clean and the other was getting dressed, while his cum ran down my ass and dripped on the couch. The boys left and Lou told me to leave with them. I was crying as I drove back to my condo and didn’t see the truck that hit me as he ran the stop sign. I woke up sometime the next day with Lou in the room and the doctor told me that I had lost my baby. Lou was visibly upset and I was in shock, but after a week, I was feeling better and Lou and I had called it quits. I never did know whom the father was and I’m sure it would have been impossible to find out. I didn’t start dancing again for about a month, but then it didn’t seem the same and I knew that I’d be looking for another place to work soon enough.



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