OHGIRL: Philly RoadtripI returned to work and to seeing my clients when I got back from Jamaica, but after about 3 or 4 weeks of very rarely seeing Mikey, I began spending more of my free time with Shawn again. He decided to take me on a vacation of his own and we drove in my car to the neighborhood in which he was raised, Philadelphia. His family still lived in the d**g infested part of town and we spent most of our time lying around the ramshackle housing project in which his cousin Jeffrey lived. Jeffrey was the same age as Shawn and I soon learned that they also shared another common thread, both of them used and sold d**gs. I over looked it, as well I should, since I spent my time getting high with them. Shawn had fun showing me off to his family and Jeffrey was impressed and flirted with me the entire time I was there. We did a driving tour of the city on one day, as we smoked a bag of weed while we drove by all of the landmarks. We did eventually get out to get lunch at one of the famed sub shops, but that was the extent of my sight seeing adventure. I actually enjoyed getting fucked up during our week long stay, since it kept me from realizing what a horrible place it was. His cousin had a couple of parties while we stayed with him, but those consisted of everyone drinking and doing d**gs while listening to really bad and loud local rap artists on cheap, homemade cd’s. Every once in a while I would try to get Shawn to take me into the room, that we were sharing, so that we could be alone, but he only fucked me once during the first 3 days that we were there and I was very horny. One night I decided to walk from their building to a small store that I had seen, on the corner, during our drive tour. I had already smoked a carton of cigarettes, since I was so bored, and I was smoking my last one as I got into the elevator to head out of the building. I was extremely stoned and drunk from the party, so my biggest concern was trying not to get lost. Jeffrey lived on the 18th floor and the doors opened up on the 11th on my way down. I inadvertently got off and wandered down the hall before I realized my mistake. There was some music coming from an apartment that had a blanket for a door and it was pulled aside as two young black men came walking out and saw me on their floor. They made their way over to me pretty quickly, as I was pushing the button on the elevator to begin my adventure to the corner carryout. “Yo! Hottie! Why ain’t you comin’ to our party babie.” one of them yelled to me while they each took a position on either side of the elevator. I told them that I was going to get some cigarettes, as I leaned back against the elevator doors to take a puff off of the one I was currently smoking. They eased in closer and stood over me, telling me that they had some smokes and some weed at their party that they were willing to share. I was dressed pretty sexy for Jeffrey’s party and they were eyeing me up in my miniskirt, black stilettos and sheer crop top. “Maybe I’ll stop on the way back.” I told them as the elevator bell rung and the door began to open. I stepped in quickly and they followed me. When the doors shut, one of them pressed the emergency button and stopped the car.”You got that see through top on baby, but why don’t you just show your stuff. Them’s some big, sexy titties.” the shorter of the two guys stated as he reached over and ran his finger under my shirt and slowly raised it. My right breast fell out as he pulled the elastic away and he slid in closer and pressed his body against me, pushing me up against the wall while he began to squeeze my breast. His friend stepped to my other side and took my arm by the wrist, pulled my cigarette from my fingers and dropped it to the floor, where he crushed it out. “I got something else for you to smoke girlfriend.” he stated as he held my arm down and began to tug at the front of his low riding jeans. He didn’t have to pull them too far down before his hard, black cock was popping out of the top of his boxers. The alarm was ringing in the elevator, but no one was calling on the intercom or even seemed to be coming to help. My shirt was completely lifted up and both of them were sucking and squeezing my breasts as my hand was placed on the one guy’s cock and my skirt was hiked up to my waist. They were both happy to see that I was wearing nothing underneath istanbul escort and looked at me with their hungry eyes. The tall guy grabbed my hair and pulled my head down to his crotch, holding his cock as he forced my face down to suck him. His hard prick pressed against my lips and soon my mouth was full as I felt his shorter friend pull my hips around to face him. My head was being pumped up and down and my lips slid over his stiff shaft and he fucked my mouth. His short friend had his pants down to his knees and his cock was shoved into me from behind in the matter of seconds. He held onto my hips and I felt his dark pecker quickly thrusting in and out of my shaved slit. “Damn baby, you are so hot. You need to party with us more often.” the one fucking me said, then he slapped my ass hard and let out a loud “mmmm, mmmmm.” as he continued to slam my cunt with his black pole. “Gimme some of that ass.” the tall one said and after a couple of seconds, I was spun around and the long, hard erection of the tall one slipped easily into my wet pussy. The shorter one fed me his cock and soon I was tasting my pussy and a hot load of his semen when he came in my mouth. “That bitch swallowed it all man.” the short one exclaimed while he pushed his cock back into his pants while he pulled them up. His tall friend took a hold of both of my arms and began to really fuck me hard as I was standing in the middle of the elevator, half bent over. “Come on man, finish this in the room.” the short one said as he pushed the button and the alarm stopped. I felt his cock pull out of my cunt and he gripped my arm with one hand and pulled up his pants with the other. The short guy was pulling down my skirt and shirt and by the time the elevator doors opened, I was standing between both of them and being led off down the hall toward their apartment and it’s blanketed entrance. The tall one put his arm around me as we entered and there were about 8 other guys all sitting around getting high and drinking. The music wasn’t as loud as Jeffrey’s party, but maybe it was because they had no door. There were also about 5 other rough looking ladies, many of them looking lke they belonged to some of the men. “Yo Shep, I found a hottie that wants to party with us.” the tall guy said to a big, tattoed guy on the couch. “We’ll be in the back.” he said and then pulled me with his arm around my shoulders back into one of the bedrooms. His short friend stood and watched as I was told to suck his friend hard again and then my clothing was pulled off and the tall guy proceeded to bang me on the bed in the room. My legs were spread wide as he laid on top of me, his shirt off and his slick, muscular chest sliding on mine while he drove his black member deep into my twat. Shep stuck his head into the room and then stepped in to watch just as I felt a blast of cum fill my vagina. I laid there with my legs still spread as Shep looked down on me, while the tall guy got dressed quickly. My stilettos were still on as I looked up at him and wondered what would happen next. “Who is she?” he asked, and the shorter guy said that they had met me in the hallway and that I was high and wanted to party with them. “Go get my pipe.” Shep told them and they both left the room in a hurry as Shep sat me up against the wall and asked me my name. I gave him my stripper name, Brandy, and he said the he’d like to get high with me too. The short one came in with a pipe and something in a bag and then Shep asked him to leave. Soon he had the pipe lit and he and I were smoking something that made my head spin. After 3 or 4 puffs, I was sucking Shep’s big black cock like I was a starving whore. He reached back and fingered my creampie pussy and he soon had two fingers in my ass and two in my snatch. I had a deathgrip on his stiff Johnson, stroking it fiercely and running my tongue the length of his 8 inch staff, when he got up and pushed me onto the bed to leave the room. When he returned, he had another bag of d**gs and another big, black tatted guy, who must have weighed at least 400 lbs, with him. Shep and his friend took a couple of tablets from the bag and gave me a couple and we all washed them down with a swig from a bottle of cheap champagne that the big man, whom was introduced as Rio, had brought avcılar escort in. We all started smoking another pipe filled with a white substance and my head really took off and my pussy began to tingle. Shep and Rio were soon filling my mouth and cunt from across each side of the bed. I was on my hands and knees between them and my mouth was working over Rio’s fat, stubby cock as he held my head with his huge hands. Shep was fucking the hell out of me from behind and he didn’t seem like he was going to stop anytime soon. Later, I found myself riding Rio, my hands resting on his big, round belly while Shep pumped my asshole from behind. Both of my holes were getting filled and eventually they both came in me. I didn’t realize what time it was or how long I had been gone from Jeffrey’s party. I was sitting on Shep’s lap in the front room, naked and with my stilettos still on, listening to the music and sharing a joint with him as we made out. The other women there were staring at me, but no one said anything as Shep played with my tits and I rubbed his big bulge in his pants. I was seriously stoned and Shep soon took me back into the bedroom again and fucked me with two more of his friends that had arrived much later. I was so horny and high, that I forgot all about being in Philly. Shep let both of his friends fuck me and had me suck them off before he slammed my pussy one last time. I fell asleep and woke up naked next to Shep some time later, trying to wrap my mind around where I was and what had happened. I found my skirt and top lying on the dirty floor and got dressed, then made my way back into the living room, where two girls and three guys were making out in a d**gged-up stupor. One of the guys waved me over, but I decided to grab a pack of cigarettes sitting on a table and leave the apartment instead. Part of me almost joined their little orgy, but I kind of remembered what I was doing. It was dark outside and I was afraid I’d get lost, so I found my way back up to Jeffrey’s place and walked in. The party was still going and Jeffrey and Shawn both asked where I had been, but neither of them realized how long I was gone in their current condition. I told them I had gone out for cigs and lit one up as I pulled it from my new pack, then made my way to bed. I woke up the next morning and quickly showered before Shawn saw all of the dried semen covering my body. It wasn’t how I expected the evening to go, but as usual, I seemed to find trouble when I’m high.A couple of nights later and we were all stoned again. This time the guys were drinking also and their competitive nature got them into a drinking match. Apparently they had been cross town basketball rivals when they were younger, so they always had to push each other to see who was better. The combination of d**gs and alcohol had them both staggering and slurring as I sat laughing at their c***dish behavior. I was once again high as a kite after smoking a pipe full of brown, crystal like substance that Jeffrey had pulled out. Shawn wasn’t as hardcore as he thought and soon he was lying u*********s on the couch. Jeffrey spent quite a bit of time strutting and bragging and he even put some kind of jelly from the refrigerator on Shawn’s face. I was laughing hysterically at the sight and Jeffrey kept telling me how he was so much better than his cousin at everything. I grabbed Jeffrey by the hand from across the table as we sat smoking a bowl of pot and I asked him if I could test out how good he really was. He looked over at Shawn’s motionless body and after a few big hits off of the pipe, we made our way back to his room. I pulled off Jeffrey’s clothes and he helped to take off my tank top and tight shorts that I was wearing. We were both naked when we fell into his bed and my legs were spread wide and pushed up to my chest as Jeffrey slid down to lick my wide hole. His tongue probed deeply into my well used cunt and his thick lips sucked on my labia and clit. It had been a while since I had someone other than Mikey eat my pussy and I was soon cumming hard as his fingers fucked my moist slit and he slobbered on my swollen lips. I reached down to grab his cock and found it wasn’t nearly as large as Shawn’s, but as he grew hard, I found that he was not far off. We found our way into a 69 position and I devoured his şirinevler escort long, black pole, sucking and stroking him with both hands. I sucked on both of his large balls and licked his hairy sack while I continued to pump his throbbing cock. His ebony prick sprayed my breasts with hot cum while I pumped him and when I felt him stop ejaculating, I pulled him back into my mouth to suck on again. He never got soft and soon he was fucking my pussy and driving his cock deep into my quivering hole. His cum was running down the sides of my chest as he held himself above me and rhythmically stroked his big, black cock into my soaked opening. Jeffrey fucked me for a while before he came again and this time deep in my vagina. We came simultaneously and I moaned out loud when I felt him fill me with a huge explosion. His still hard cock was covered in his cum and mine and I gripped his penis and pulled it from my cunt, aiming it downward and pressing it against my asshole, guiding him into me as he pushed forward. He slid in all the way and I told him to fuck my ass hard as he sat back on his calves and spread my legs wider for his deep, hard thrusts into my asshole. Each time his pelvis slammed against my ass I yelped out for more and soon his black, pole was driving over and over into my backdoor. I fingered my pussy and clit while he fucked my ass, letting my juices and his cum run down to lubricate my opening for his continued pounding. After some time on my back, I got onto my hands and knees to allow him to pound me from behind. My face was buried in a pillow as I groaned out with each thrust, my head banging into the headboard, but my stoned mind too high to worry or feel it. Jeffrey pulled me back onto his lap and bounced me on his cock just before he pushed up, impaling me on his long pole and released another gusher of of his warm jizz, this time deep in my ass. He was breathing hard and sweating profusely, the summer weather and lack of AC making his apartment a sweltering mess while I sat there, his cock still buried in my behind and cum dripping onto the sheets. I turned my head and we began to kiss, his tongue meeting mine and his cock still erect and deep in my rectum. He and Shawn definitely shared a few genes when it came to multiple orgasms. I leaned forward and slid off of his stiff prick, cum pouring from my ass and still dripping from my gaping pussy. I winked at him as I made my way to the bathroom and he yelled in after me, “So, was I better than Shawn?” I stuck my head into the room and smiled at him and told him that we may have to try a few more time to tell. I felt his arms go around me in the small tub-shower, as I was letting the warm beat down on my naked and worn out body. His erection pushed up between my legs and slid easily into me. Jeffrey was fucking me with long, hard deep strokes and I was grunting loudly when the shower curtain was ripped from the wall and Shawn stood there watching me with his cousin. Jeffrey’s shaft was yanked from my slit as the two cousins began to push and shove, then a few punches were thrown and I was d**g from the building, still naked and wet by Shawn and thrown into my car. He left and then returned a short while later with an armful of our stuff and he ordered me to drive home. We didn’t talk for a few hours before I pulled over and tried to put on some clothes at a roadside rest. It was late at night and only a few trucks were pulled over, the drivers probably already asleep. Shawn berated me about what I had done and then d**g me from the car and fucked me on the grass in front of my car. No one pulled in or saw us as he rammed his huge cock into my cunt over and over, as hard as he could, gripping me by my neck and holding me down to take his driving thrusts. He finally came in me and then left me lying there as he returned to the car. I got up and didn’t bother to get dressed as I returned to the driver’s seat and finished our drive back to my place. It was early morning and I gathered up my belongings in my arms and walked back to my condo from the parking garage. If anyone saw me, it probably didn’t keep them from thinking any more lowly of the community slut. I was a little sad about how everything turned out, but Shawn and I made up and we spent the next couple of days on a d**g binge and it all disappeared to the back of my mind. He started taking my car out each day to use for his runs and soon I was getting calls from the police about finding my car parked i*****lly or in a private area from which it had been towed. Shawn was getting out of hand and I had to start keeping an eye on him and my car, so I began to go on his d**g runs with him and soon became a part of his secret life.



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