Julia Redmon lived in New York City with her mother in a one bedroom loft. Her mother moved them out there from a small town in Alabama when she was 12 years old. Her mother wanted Julia to get a better education and better opportunities later in life and thought New York was the best place to provide that.

Mrs. Redmon, Julia’s mother, had saved up enough money to move to New York but had to work two jobs so she could afford the best education for her daughter. Julia worked hard around the house so her mother didn’t have to. She knew how much her mother was sacrificing for her and always wanted to make her happy.

Julia was always the oldest person in her class because when she applied to the school they would only accept her if she were held back one grade. Julia goes to school, including summer sessions, at the New York City Preparatory School for Girls (NYCPSG). After school she goes home to clean the house, cook for her and her mother, does the dishes and then studies for school. On the weekends Julia would spend it writing her reports and other long term projects she didn’t have time for during the week.

Neither one of them had a social life and rarely had an opportunity to even watch the television. Such was life for them but they new if Julia were to do well in school she could get a scholarship to a good school and her mother could quit one of her jobs and begin to relax.

Here we are seven years later; Julia has been struggling with a couple of her classes and her mother decided it was time for her to get a tutor for her daughter with some of the money she has been able to save up over the years. They both sat down interviewing several potential tutors before her mother selected Mr. Steven Burkhart.

Julia had a half day of school and decided to sit down in front of the television before she were to start her chores. She was woken up at four o’clock in the afternoon when she heard a knock at the door. “Ah man!” she said to herself sounding perturbed. She completely forgot that Mr. Burkhart was starting today and she was still in her NYCPSG uniform. Along with the uniform she also had on her black three inch heels.

“Oh well.” She thought aloud and opened the door to greet him. She had only seen him once before and that was when he interviewed for the job the previous week. Julia’s mother told her that he had been referred to her by many of the mothers from her school. “He has a knack for making young girls learn their stuff.” She told her.

“I know he can be a little strict sometimes but if you are respectful and do everything he tells you to then you will be getting those grades back up and then a full ride to the school of your choice.” Those words from her mother rattled around in her head as she opened the door.

There she stood eye to eye with Mr. Burkhart who had a big smile on his face as he said “Good afternoon Miss Redmon.”

He was about 5’9″ 180 pounds short brown hair and dark brown eyes and in his early thirties. He was wearing a dark blue tailored suit which formed his body quite attractively she thought to herself. Julia could tell, even through his layers of clothing, he went to the gym on a regular basis. She did not recall him looking so endearing last week.

“Good afternoon Miss Redmon.” He said again. “Oh; sorry.” She said shaking her head as if coming out of a dream, “Good afternoon to you to, come on in.”

As he walked through the door he thanked her and noted aloud, still smiling, “I see you haven’t had time to change out of your school uniform yet Miss Redmon. You must have been studying real hard?”

“Oh. No.” She said with a laugh “I sat down on the couch with an iced tea and accidentally fell asleep. I actually woke up when I heard you knocking at the door.”

He slightly nodded in agreement and then went on to say”Ok Miss Redmon, let’s head over to where youdostudy and start our first session.”

“Right this way.” She said with a smile and little hop.

“Sir.” Mr. Burkhart said with a slightly stern voice. “Please address me with Sir or Mr. Burkhart. I am a stickler for proper manners.”

Julia, taken slightly off guard by the tone in his voice, responded with a laugh, the kind of laugh she gets when she is in a slightly uncomfortable situation, “Yes sir.”

She led him to her bedroom and quickly ran over to pick up some or her personals lying on the floor while apologizing for the mess. Once she was done he asks for the list of her classes.

“Math, Sex Ed, Chemistry, US History, Economics, Greek Mythology and English. Pretty full class you have there. Miss Redmon this doesn’t leave you much time to go out with your friends?”

“No social life for me sir; If I want to graduate on time and have my summer free this year I have to take a full day of classes and please, call me Julia. Miss Redmon is so formal.”

“As you wish Miss Julia. Which class is giving you the most difficulty?”

Then all of a sudden Julia got shy and her face turned bakırköy escort red. “It’s kind of embarrassing sir, but its Sex Ed class.” “It can be so confusing and the other girls all laugh at me because I’ve never been with a boy so I don’t know nearly as much as those rich bitches pretend to.” Her eyes got real wide after she said that knowing that Mr. Burkhart would not tolerate that kind of language.

“That’s two mistakes now Miss Julia. Do not let there be another or you will find out what happens when little girls forget their manners around me.” He said even more sternly than last time. Julia has never had a father figure in her life and was wondering at this point if she had one would he have been like this

“It’s Ok.” He continued placing a hand on her shoulder. “You should not be embarrassed about that and that is why I am here. To help you learn what you don’t know.” Julia noticed that his smile changed just a little bit, almost into a smirk, but something in the tone of his voice was reassuring to her.

“Now there are three major parts to Sex Ed.” He went on as she sat down on the bed “Sexually Transmitted Diseases, or STDs, the male and female sexual and reproductive anatomy and the miracle of child birth through intercourse. Which topic are you having problems with Miss Julia.”

“Anatomy.” She hesitantly whispered. “I can’t hear you.” Mr. Burkhart replied. “Don’t be afraid.” She said again louder and acceptably to her tutor “Anatomy. Sir”

“Great let’s get started. Where is your book?”

“Out in the hall sir. Let me go get it.” She said as she rose off the bed and into the hall. She came back a few seconds later with her book bag in hand looking inside of it. She then looked up at Mr. Burkhart with a scared and adorable puppy dog face and stuttered out “I must have forgotten it in my locker sir.”

“That’s three.” Mr. Burkhart stated firmly as he sat on the edge of the bed facing Julia’s double full length closet mirrors. “Come here and lay face down on my lap.” He spoke with such resolute confidence that without thinking or knowing what was about to happen she walked over to him. He guided her to his right side and assisted her in lying on his lap.

“Have you ever been spanked before Miss Julia?” He asked while lifting her skirt to expose her white cotton panties.

His voice sounded fatherly to her. She presumed that is how a father would talk to his daughter and therefore did not object to him lifting her skirt. “No.” She said.

WHAP! Then “Owww.” went Julia. Without warning Mr. Burkhart had slapped her ass and hard too. She squirmed a little but he held her down.

“That was for not saying Sir.” WHAP! “Owww.”

“That was for forgetting your book.”

A slight tear came across her face. Julia could not help but notice that the pain felt awkwardly good. She couldn’t describe it and wasn’t sure if she wanted him to stop. She then caught the two of them in the mirror and the feeling got stronger and her panties started to get wet. She silently prayed that he wouldn’t notice.

“I think we can cover this topic without the book. A little unorthodox but, I believe you will retain the information better with a hands on approach.” He said while rubbing the spot where he spanked her. Julia noticed he sounded comforting and had that smirk again. She was confused by what he meant when he said “hands on.” She couldn’t contemplate learning without a book but didn’t dare to question him.

Mr. Burkhart continued as he helped her back to his feet “Let’s begin with the female anatomy. Now I need you to face the mirror so we can both see what I am about to show you.”

Julia turned and faced the mirror then Mr. Burkhart continued the instruction “Miss Julia take off your coat and unbutton your blouse please.” As he was speaking he moved from directly behind her to just off to her left. He gripped her shoulders strongly with both hands, almost hurting her just as he finished speaking.

Julia tried to turn around and protest but Mr. Burkhart’s grip was too strong for her so all she could do was turn her head and say “What? Why?”

Then his right hand left her right shoulder and WHAP followed by “Owww. What was that for?”

“For questioning me during our instruction time.” Then WHAP. “Owww.” “And that is for not saying sir.”

Julia has now been slapped four times more in the last five minutes than her entire life previously. Also her panties are wetter now than they have ever been before.

“Your mother hired me to instruct you and you are supposed to follow my instructions. Now take off your coat and unbutton your blouse.” Now Mr. Burkhart said this without raising his voice. At the same time Julia remembered the words of her mother “Do everything he tells you.” That’s what she said and that is what she did from that point on without contradiction.

She slowly unbuttoned her coat as Mr. Burkhart rubbed the spot he just spanked. She was feeling beşiktaş escort naughty and she liked it. She was also getting worried about her wet panties. She didn’t know why they were wet. She didn’t know why the pain felt so good. She did not want Mr. Burkhart to stop rubbing her butt either.

She maintained eye contact with Mr. Burkhart while taking her jacket off. He took it from her and placed it on the dresser beside them. She then continued to take off her blouse and when he turned back around their eyes locked again.

“Why is he looking at me like that? Why am I looking at him like this? Should I look somewhere else? Will he think that it is rude and spank me again if I do?” All these questions were circling around in her head and before she knew it Mr. Burkhart was turning around and placing her blouse on top of her coat. Julia noticed herself in the mirror in only her heels, skirt and a bra that looked one size too small for her natural breasts. “Oh my.” She quietly pondered.

Mr. Burkhart turned back around replacing his hands on her shoulders more gingerly this time. His touch on her bare skin caused her to sigh. An almost inaudible sigh but her tutor heard it and knew at that moment she was his.

All the fears she had just seconds before were whisked away with that simple touch. The look in his eyes proved to her that she was in safe hands and all the tension in her body was released at that moment.

“Do you know what these are called?” he said as he motioned to the part of her anatomy her bra was supporting.

“My breasts.” She said with a slight pause then continued “Sir.”

“Very good. And what is their primary purpose?”

“I don’t know sir.”

“The primary purpose of your breasts is to provide milk to the child you birth. They are made up of mammary glands, these produce the milk, and the areolas, and this is what the baby sucks on to drink the milk.” He delivered soothingly.

“Primary purpose sir? I remember this a little bit in class but I do not remember the teacher mentioning a secondary purpose.”

“Their other purpose is for arousal; now Miss Julia let me help you off with your bra so we can have a look at your breasts more clearly and I can point to you where everything is located.”

Mr. Burkhart slid his hands down from her shoulder to her bra. Julia did not object or flinch when she felt the snaps on her bra come undone. She even moved her arms out slightly to help the bra slide off more easily. The only things going through her mind now as she stared at herself in the mirror was “Heels, panties and skirt, oh my.” And “Why are my nipples poking out like that?”

The bra was placed on top of the blouse by her tutor and he returned to her, this time on her right side with his left hand on her back. Taking his right hand and cupping and gently lifting her left breast he continued the lesson. “Underneath the skin here” now moving to the other breast to do the same thing “and here are muscles and the mammary glands. This is where the milk is stored when your body is preparing to breast feed.”

“And these, more commonly known as nipples are your areolas.” Mr. Burkhart then looked into the mirror and straight into Julia’s eyes. She stared back at him confusingly and then he proceeded to slightly pinch and twist her left, half dollar sized, pink protruding nipple. Her eyes closed, her head tilted back and she sighed “Ohh” very gently. Julia did not notice that Mr. Burkhart had a celebrated smirk upon his face.

Then he released his grip. Julia’s eyes opened just slightly. Then she gasped again “Ohh.” Just a little bit louder this time. Mr. Burkhart was now pinching and twisting her right nipple and it the most pleasurable experience she has had. She had no idea how much more pleasurable this lesson would become.

When her instructor released his grip, she looked him in the eyes with a wanton expression. She needed him but did not know for what purpose. Mr. Burkhart broke the ice by saying “and that is the pleasurable aspect for this area of the body.” And they both chuckled together.

“Time for your first test” Mr. Burkhart continued. “Where are your breasts located?” Julia points to her tits with a “duh” expression on her face.

“Good and where are your mammary glands?” He said. She began to gently touch her breasts and said “Under the skin of my breasts.”

“Really rub them well. Feel the muscles under the skin. Get familiar with your body.” Julia began to rub her breasts. One in each hand, she was not shy at all. She massaged the left breast in her left hand and the right breast in her right hand. Her breasts were not overly large but they could not fit in her small hands either.

“Now pinch, twist and tug at your areolas while massaging your breasts?” the tutor continued. She did as she was told and began to moan again. At this point Julia knew there was something missing. She wanted to be spanked again but she couldn’t beylikdüzü escort just ask to be spanked so she thought for a second and said “This feels really good Steven.” As she spoke a smile ran across her face because she knew he would not stand for being called by his first name.

Mr. Burkhart was no dummy. He knew what she was asking for. And he gave it to her. WHAP! And Julia moaned and then he rubbed. “That’s Mr. Burkhart.” He said with a smile

“Ok Miss Julia let us move on to the next lesson.” Mr. Burkhart spoke and waited. Julia did not stop pleasuring herself; she did not want to stop. Mr. Burkhart raised his hand up to hers and gently pulled them away from their massaging and pinching and then reassured her “Don’t worry Julia the next lesson is even more pleasurable.”

She didn’t think it was possible that something could feel better than what she was feeling at this moment but she stopped anyway trusting in her instructor.

“The next lesson is going to be about the vulva, more commonly known as pussy. Vagina is a misnomer; it is a part of the entire vulva region.” He said. “Sit down on the bed facing the mirrors and take off your skirt”

“Yes sir.” She replied still recovering from her playing and eager to learn after the last lesson.

She sat on the bed and began to slip off her skirt. Mr. Burkhart kneeled down in front of her to assist and noticed a big wet spot on her white cotton panties. She had completely forgotten about her wet panties and he did not say anything.

He slipped the skirt off her legs and over her heels. As he laid the skirt on top of her bra Julia silently thought to herself “Heels and panties. Oh my.”

He then kneeled again in front of her. “Now your panties.” He said as he reached up the outside of her legs to grip the waist band. As he started to pull them off Julia lifted her butt a little off the bed and wiggled her hips to make their removal easier.

They passed over her heels and he placed them on the top of the clothes pile. “Heels. Oh my.” She thought with a smile and images of what Mr. Burkhart was going to do next.

He kneeled back down and helped her to scoot closer to the edge of the bed and spread her legs. He sat slightly off to her left side on the floor with his right forearm on the top of her left thigh.

He noticed how her pussy was neatly trimmed and glistening with her juices. She was almost ready for a good fucking. It was small and tight looking. He was planning his approach on how to increase the size of her opening. He knew if he could get three fingers in her then she would be ready for his manhood.

“This is whole area is called your vulva or pussy.” The lesson continued. “Here you have the labia majora; the outer lips to the pussy.” He said as he traced his finger atop of her outer lips.

With his thumb and index finger of his right hand he spread the lips apart and continued the instruction “And this is your labia minora; the inner lips to the pussy.” Again he traced her lips with his soft finger. When he slowly removed his finger from her wet pussy lips a string of her fluids was attached.

He then surreptitiously placed his finger to his own lips and tasted her natural honey. Julia did not notice this because her eyes were closed from Mr. Burkhart’s soft gentle touches. It felt good but not as good as his breath felt on her. Every time he spoke she could feel his breath on her pussy and would get a tingling feeling.

Julia’s breathing started to increase at this point. Her breaths got deeper, quicker and slightly louder. Every second that went by her pussy got wetter. She subconsciously started massaging her right breast with her right hand and occasionally tugged and pinched her nipple. Her left hand was now resting on Mr. Burkhart’s muscular right arm slowly stroking it.

Mr. Burkhart would occasionally look at her in the mirror noticing her biting her lower lip and playing with herself. He imagined that she was stroking his shaft and not his arm. He was starting to feel uncomfortable in his pants and did not know how much more of this he could take before he needed to explode. His dick felt as hard as a 6 inch thick titanium rod. It was begging to be released from its prison but, he knew if he were to even slightly touch himself the game he was playing with her pussy would end and his animal instincts would take over.

Still holding her pussy lips open Mr. Burkhart took his finger and placed it against her vagina and began to trace the outside of it. “This is your vagina.” He said. “This is where the penis goes in to impregnate the woman. When it becomes wet, like yours is, it is getting ready to receive the man’s penis.” His words got softer but his finger pressure was increasing and slowly started pursuing her inner cavern.

“You are awfully quiet all of a sudden Julia. Are you feeling alright?” Mr. Burkhart inquired without stopping his finger from circling her pink tunnel.

“Yes sir.” Julia gasps. “Your finger feels so good. I can barely concentrate or think.”

“You haven’t felt anything yet dear.” He replied as he pushed his finger slowly into her depths, knuckle deep. She gasped again “Oh god yes!” as her pussy welcomed and enveloped his finger. In, out. In, out. Nice and slowly.



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