Oh how i miss it pt 2THUD we heard moms car door in the driveway. Scrambling to grab clothes we ran to our rooms and got ourselves in order. It was another close call almost to close. And i still had to rub one out.A few days had gone by and Kaitie hadn’t really said much of anything to me. I was begining to think that she maybe had regrets about what had happened. Naturally i wanted to find out so while she was in the shower i left a note under her pillow that said “We should talk tonight wait till you hear mom and dad snoring”. I layed in bed for what seemed like hours hoping she would come in there to talk to me. Just as i was about to doze off my door opened and she slipped in. As she slowly walked towards the bed i could make out that she had on a big tshirt but that looked like all she had on. With that sexy grin of hers she laid down next to me. I started to ask her, “if you regre….” and she cut me off with a kiss that lovers share. My heart skipped a beat and i responded. My hands were once again free to feel her sexy little body from head to toe. I wasn’t even thinking anymore i was just moving and rubbing. My knee fell between her legs and i pushed it up tight against her hot mound. She began to roll her hips and i could feel the heat and moisture coming off of her tiny pussy. She hadn’t even cum yet and she was just going absolutely crazy i had to keep my toungue in her mouth just to keep her quiet. Suprisingly once we had our bodies locked together it wasn’t but a couple minutes and she just exploded into her first orgasm. I thought i was hard before but when she just erupted with pleasure, seeing it was almost to much for me to handle.As she came down from her high, she pushed me over onto my back, kissed me and said “Your turn” with no hesitation she pulled my boxers all the way down to my feet. My dick sprung up with all seven inches and stood straight up. It was throbing and looked like the blood vessels could pop any second. I had never seen my dick that hard before. She ran her hand up my thigh and wrapped her fingers as far around it as she could but unable to touch her fingertips together. Her hand started moving up and down slowly and she looked into halkalı escort my eyes with a glaze in hers that just begged for anything i could give her. “what do you want me to do with this big brother?”I couldn’t believe it she left me speechless with that one little comment.”I uh I uh why dont you kiss it”She pecked the side of my cock all the way up to the tip then i felt her warm tounge lick back down to the base of the shaft. She lifted her head up and opened her mouth over the tip of my now precum leaking head. She glared up at me and slowly lowering her head down she pushed my dick halfway into her mouth and carefully started sucking. I was in heaven i had my little step s***** sucking my dick and she was good at it, a natural. I ran my fingers through that beautiful blonde hair that came down half way on her back and started pushing her head further and further onto my cock. She pulled back and gave a little gag when i hit the back of her throat the first time, but never missed a beat. My eyes were in the back of my head and she just kept going faster and faster. I lifted her chin and our eyes instantly met.”I’m gonna cum soon baby” She simply just nodded and sped up shoving as much dick as she could into her tiny little mouth. She grabbed the base and pulled it out of her mouth then shoved it right back down her throat. This was to much for me, I grabbed the back of her head and pushed down shooting rope after rope after rope of hot cum into the back of her throat and without missing a beat she swallowed every single drop. I didn’t even know i could come that much. I layed back trying to catch my breath and she hoped out of bed. I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back to me.”where you going?” i asked.”Just wait ill be right back.” and she left with a smile.When my door opened back up she slipped back in and just stood in the middle of my room. My jaw hit the floor she was standing there in a red nightie and a lacy black thong. “you like?” I was hoping it wouldn’t be to much”I stood up, my dick fully erect again, and pulled her into my arms. We spun and fell onto the bed with her little olgun escort frame underneath me. I looked deep into her eyes and said.”Do you want to…?” with almost no hesitation the first thing she said was “Do you have a condom?”As proud of my little s*s as i was for wanting to use one, i hated them cause i got spoiled with my first. I noded yes and got up to grab one. I reached in the droor and grabbed my last one. As i turned around to walk back to the bed she had her hand slid down into her thong and was fingering that sweet little pussy that i wanted so bad. I leaned over and kissed her lips and worked my way down her tight body to her love hole. As i slid that sexy thong down her thigh she lifted that butt up so i could get them off. I kissed my way back up alternating left to right sucking her thighs into my mouth. I hovered over her little honey pot and smelled the sweet nectar that was leaking from inside. I gave her pussy a long slow lick from back to front and she grabbed my head pulling it tight to her body. I pushed my toungue into her as deep as i could flicking and swirling teasing her body into mystifying pleasure. I could feel her breathing speeding up so i knew she had to be close. I shoved a finger into her tight hole and that was it. She locked up and i heard her voice start to raise. I clamped my hand over her mouth so that noone in the house would hear us and was given the luxury of this beautiful little g*** have an orgasm words cant describe.After she came down i figured she wouldn’t want more but boy was i wrong. She flipped her leg over the top of me and straddled my dick. She tore the condom open and went to slide it on, as she pulled on it it ripped. My dick went right through it. She looked up at me “Got another one?” and i just shook my head.She layed back on the bed and you could see the frustration. Better yet you could feel it in the air so thick that you could cut it with a knife. She leaned up on her elbows stared at me with a question in her eyes. “Screw it i dont want to wait…” she said with commitment.She pulled me on top şişli escort of her and grabbed my hard cock rubbing it against her slippery wet lips. I gazed into her eyes and could see that this was it she wanted to feel my dick inside of her and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. So i pushed against her and got nothing. I backed up and tried again and nothing my dick just wasn’t going into her. “I have an idea” i whispered in her ear. I lifted her ontop of me and she held her body directly above me. “Now go at your own pace ok, it will hurt a little at first but it gets better.” I told her. After that she looked a bit scared but started to lower herself down onto me. I felt the head part her glistening lips and she felt it stop right at the entrance. I put my hands on her hip bones and pushed down a little. With almost like a pop she slid all the way to the base of my dick and stopped. Her eyes got big and you could tell it hurt her. I grabbed her tight and just held her there for a second until i felt her body relax. I pulled back and forth in the tightest most velvety pussy i had ever felt. After a few minutes i rolled her onto her back and we struck up a rhythym. I sped up and she would slow me down so instead of trying to just bang the shit out of her i decided to make love to her. Grinding back and forth as deep as i could my dick inside of her and her body was just begging for more. Pushing against me with such force that i couldn’t pry her off. She pushed me back over onto my back and started to ride me. Leaning that little body backwards she flipped her hair over her head. The glaze was back and i knew she was close. It was a good thing cause i was to. As she stared into my eyes she said “I Love You Justin….Oh My GOD I’M GOING TO CUMMM”.Her body tensed up and that little velvet vice clamped down on my dick. I felt that old familiar feeling in the bottom of my nuts i pulled her close and whispered “I’m going to cum to baby” She wrapped her legs tight around me and pushed down as hard as she could grinding that clit into the top of my dick and i lost it. One last convulsion from her pussy and it pushed me over the edge and i came. What felt like eternity i came and came. Once she felt that hot cum hit the walls of her pussy it set her off one more time and we just layed there my dick still inside of her both of us unable to move from the stregnth of the orgasms we just had. As i pulled out of her i kissed her softly and the thoughts hit me, she isn’t on the pill….Alright guys that was our first big encounter. These stories are true. More to come if you want.



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