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A few weeks ago my 25 year old niece, Liz, called to let me know that she was visiting Chicago for a long conference and that she would be staying for a couple days. I have not seen her in several years so I was looking forward to seeing her again. That probably meant that we would have to plan our sexual escapades around her schedule. First night she was in Chicago we met her for dinner. She was no longer that 18 year old little girl I had seen her last. She was sweet, gorgeous, corporate-looking, sexy girl, had light brown hair. She was 5.5 may be 120 lbs and had gorgeous 32DD breasts with hard round pointy nipples. Perhaps the best part was her round bubble butt which looked amazing when Liz stood straight. May be it was the fact that I have been fucking my sexy sister that all I could think of what it would be like to explore incest sex with my sexy niece. My sister saw lust in my eyes and became çatalca escort very jealous. Liz told my sister that she looked happy and satisfied as if she was getting fucked regularly. Then Liz told me that she thought I was getting the best piece of ass in the world. I smiled and asked how she knew I was an ass man. Liz told me that she caught me checking out her butt when she first walked in. My sister helplessly blurred that:

He can’t leave her ass alone for a minute. Liz found it funny and started laughing at the thought of me checking out my own sister’s ass. She then said that whoever the girl is she is probably lucky to have me pay that much attention to her ass. I told her she is lucky to have her ass well taken care of. We laughed and got up and left the restaurant. My sister caught me gently whack Liz’s bubble butt and heard Liz call me pervert, laughed and wiggled her butt even more. That night when we got home, my sister was mad at me for paying that much attention to Liz and made me pay by sucking my balls and tongue fucking my ass hole. She made me make her cum but never let me cum. I went to sleep with big blue balls that night.

The next night I confronted my sister and told her that she is jealous because she finds Liz sexy and wants a piece of her ass for herself. My sister gently smiled and asked me if I liked the ‘rough babygurl’ role that she played on her daddy last night. I told her I did but it was not fair that I did not get to cum. She said that she will make up for it that night. That night we hung out with Liz and after dinner took her to experience Chicago hip hop club scene. I was a lucky man to walk into that club with two gorgeous and sexy girls on my either side grinding and dirty dancing. My sister and Liz went to the ladies room after a couple songs and came back all giggly and dazed. For the next couple songs watched them grind dance with each other and practically make out. Then Liz came over and grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. Now she was facing her back to me, shoved her bubble butt back into my crotch, started grinding as my sister faced her and started dirty dancing with Liz. My cock was hard as a rock and my sister could tell by looking in my eyes that I was enjoying feeling Liz’s sexy ass rub against my cock and that I was about to cum. She was taken over by strong lust and started pushing Liz into me by kissing her hard on the neck and grinding her thighs and pressing against her breasts. Then my sister leaned into Liz and whispered something and kissed Liz hard on her mouth. I felt increased pressure as Liz’s ass crack wrapped around my fat cock, grinding and rubbing and bumping back and dry fucking. I could esenyurt escort not take it anymore and grabbed Liz’s waist, pulled her back into me and came in my shorts as I felt my fat cock go deeper into the gorgeous crack of her sexy ass. After 5 minutes of just standing I quickly grabbed the two girls and we quietly drove Liz back to her hotel room.

I didn’t know how Liz would react to my cock stuffing her ass crack. Liz told us that we are not allowed to drive home drunk and that we are to go up and keep her company. We all went up to her room and as soon as we got inside the door Liz called me a pervert and told me that she was pretty disturbed by the fact that I almost fucked my own niece and came in my pants. I did not know what to make of it but as soon as I saw her smile I knew something was up. As if it was all planned, my sister started kissing Liz while caressing her ass, her breasts, her hair and her crotch. Liz could not get enough of my sister’s ass and kept massaging it. I fixed myself a stiff drink and sat on the couch watching my sister and my niece make out. I had a huge hard on already. In a matter of a few minutes both girls had taken most of their clothes off and were standing in front of me playing with each other in their bras and panties. My sister had her on hand inside Liz’s panties caressing the crack of her ass and the other hand was inside her panties in the front. Liz was caressing my sister’s breasts with one hand and her ass with the other. I quickly removed my pants and sat on the couch with my tee shirt and boxer shorts on. Liz sat on the couch spread eagle while my sister got down on her knees and started to lick and suck and tongue fuck my niece. My sister was wiggling her ass at me while she ate Liz’s hairless cunt. I could not take it anymore and got down on my knees behind my sister and spread her legs wide and started to suck on her pussy and lick her clitty as I fingered her ass hole. My sister let out a loud moan as she felt my finger penetrate her anus and my tongue lap at her horny pussy. I lapped at her pussy for a few minutes before shoving my tongue in my sister’s ass hole. My sister started to tongue fuck Liz’s ass hole. I started to ooze pre-cum just by tongue fucking my sister’s ass hole.

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