Office DelightI had seen you many times in your office, sometimes staring outside of your window, other times looking intently at your computer. We had smiled at each other as we passed through the hallway, exchanging a “Hello, how are you?” pleasantries as most people that work in an office do. When we had meetings, my eyes were always focused on you, how quickly your expression could change from amusement to serious in seconds. I knew I liked you and I assumed it was mutual even though we hardly talked. I saw you sneak quick glances at me once in awhile, your smile canlı bahis lighting up the room and I would smile back; my eyes going back to what I was focusing on. During the day, I could control my feelings, not acting them but in the night it was different.When I laid on my bed, fantasizing about you, I felt alive. I imagined your fingers tracing the contours of my cheek, your lips lightly touching mine, promising so much more that I wanted for so long. My panted breaths as I felt your body pressed against mine, your arousal apparent, your kisses making their way down bahis siteleri my neck, right down to my breasts. You swallow my moans as your fingertips lightly tease my nipples to taut peaks, my wetness beginning to flow as I rub my body against yours.Your teeth nibbled on my ear, whispering all the dirty things you have wanted to do to me. I watch as you sit up, your eyes darkened from desire as you take the head of your shaft and slide it against my clit. You smile seductively as you do it more, watching as my back arches off the bed, tugging onto the sheets. güvenilir bahis I hope for you to put your mouth on my mound but you have other plans.You gently push your hard cock into my warmth and I groan, welcoming you, finally fulfilling what I have needed. You start to thrust gently, your hand grasping my breast, my whimpers echoing through the room. We both groan as you pick up the pace, leaning over me, pushing my hands over my head, clasping our hands together as you are sheathed deep inside of me. You become rougher, thrusting and grunting, pushing us both to the edge of ecstasy, until finally we can’t hold on any longer. There are no words to be said, as we kiss passionately, my arms wrapped around you. I sigh, breathing heavily, wishing someday to make this fantasy a reality.



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