Off the Pond TooHe finally broke the silence “I never have.” His eyes were open wide as if he were shocked by the question. I guess I was throwing a lot at him, I mean here he was a virgin, home from the service, and having screaming sex with a guy twice his age. I couldn’t help myself. His skin was pale and beautiful, and it was tight over his muscles. He wasn’t muscular though, just thin and tight. The only hair on him was in his armpits and a little tuft over his dick. Yeah, and his dick. It had a life of it’s own, I swear. Long and thick, sweetly veined and wonderful to taste and feel. I could have played with it all night. I was trying to play with it all night. And now I wanted him to rock it in and out of my ass.“Would you fuck my ass?” I whispered. I think he was blushing, but it was a little too dark to tell. I was stroking his hard dick slowly and gently, and before he could answer I bent down and took his glans between my lips. I worked him very gently, gave his head a tiny nibble and ran the flat of my tongue down his shaft and back up. He moaned softly. “I’ll try it…”I went downstairs to the bathroom and douched, I wanted to be as clean as bahis siteleri I could be for his first time. When the water ran clear I washed up a little bit, grabbed the KY and ran back up the stairs. He’d covered himself in a sheet, which I pulled off. His cock had gone flaccid in my absence, so I went to work bringing it back to life. It didn’t take long. I probably should have stopped sucking him a lot sooner, but having his dick in my mouth was so sexy that I had trouble stopping. We’d come in from skinny dipping earlier and we’d both cum a bunch of times already that night, otherwise I might have brought him off again! And I needed his cock in my ass right then and there. I couldn’t wait.With his cock stiff and throbbing I opened the KY and squeezed some on my fingers. I lubed my ass well and then used the rest on his head and shaft. I put the tube on the nightstand, smiled at him and asked “Ready?”. He nodded. I told him to get on his knees and I turned my back to him and stuck my ass in the air. “Put it in me.” He shuffled around a bit trying to find his angle, his hands on the small of my back. When he was comfortable he pressed his head canlı bahis against my ass. “Ease it in baby, gentle until you’re as far as you can go.” He did what I said.It had been a while since a cock had crossed my threshold. I was tight and his head was big enough to hurt a little as it pushed against me. I forced my self to relax the muscles, he pressed gently and kept the pressure. I relaxed again and he slid past me and deep. It hurt. I hurt really good. He gasped a little. So did I. He rested deep inside me for a few moments. “Does it feel nice?” I asked. “Yes” he whispered. “Ok I said, you can start fucking me now, slow for a little while, until I get used to your cock. He did what I said, easing almost all the way out and then easing back in deep. Long slow strokes, his warm hands pressing on the small of my back. In and out slow and steady. He had a rhythm. His cock filled me. Each time he withdrew it felt like he was coming out, but he never did. It was beautiful.“Do you want to go faster Baby?” I asked. he didn’t respond, just started pumping faster. And faster. Long strokes, and always deep. Before long he was slamming my ass hard. My güvenilir bahis head was spinning. His stomach and balls slapping my ass every time he slammed into me. He was dripping sweat. Slamming in, faster. He moved his hands to my upper back. Slamming even harder. My head was hitting the headboard on every stroke. My ass was screaming but asking for more. His breathing was heavy, his cock and his body stiffening. His pace was ferocious, he started to moan. His thrusting was unbelievably hard. I was pushing back at him.“Stop!” He pulled out of me. I turned toward him. He looked at me like a little boy being punished. I smiled and said “I want to turn on my back so we can kiss while you cum.” He smiled and blushed, the sun was coming up so I cold see him now. I laid on my back, feet in the air and he slid back inside me and slowly started to pump. I shifted a pillow down under my ass so it would be higher. I wrapped my legs around him, put my arms around his neck and pulled him down to me. We kissed. Salty lips and skin, tongues probing. Deep kisses. He pumped harder. We kissed harder. It didn’t take long now. He pushed deep inside me and stiffened, I kissed him as hard and deep as I could. He spilled inside me, his hips jerking uncontrollably. His kiss softened and he collapsed onto me. “Stay inside me.” We kissed softy as his cock softened in my ass. We fell asleep together.



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