nylon group funFirst off, I have had full permission from the hosts to write about this, my introduction to nylon encasement, and also to a group of new friends, a friendship that I hope will blossom and continue well into the future.The rules were rather simple, turn up with sufficinet amount of nylon, no problem for me as I have way more than I need. The nylon should be no more than 50 denier. I purchased 6 pairs of tan 15 denier tights and 2 pairs of stockings of the same gague on my way home from work yesterday so I was more than ready for the evenings fun. Of the rules that realy interested me was the simulation and stimulation, just looking, teasing and touching. I had visions of the nylon being torn from my body and being treated to a hard fucking, but that is not the case, in fact, I now know that it’s a bit of a challenge to stay inside the cocoon, being unable to touch the skin. In a way it’s very torturous and pleasing at the same time. I had been chatting to a couple, Karen and Mick, for a little while and I have to say I was intrigued by the information they relayed to me about their little fetish group, though, I’m sad to say that I missed my first invite to their group meeting, but after much chat between myself and the hosts I made damn sure that I was not going to miss out on this one.Full nylon encasement had never been something I’d thought about, sure I do love wearing fully fashioned nylons whenever I can and I do enjoy the feel of nylon against the skin of my legs, but I’d never thought of encasing my whole self in that the most wonderful, clingly of materials. So I had a little practice and I have to say that I realy enjoyed the feeling, being trapped inside the nylon and every inch of the body tightly wrapped. I was looking forward to my next venture.My day dragged in at work, most days are long and hard going and I always look forward to the weekend, whether it be having a full on session of sex and debauchery or just having a simple night in feet up with a bottle of white wine, I just love my weekends. The night ahead was all I thought about the whole day, I almost laughed out when one of the women at work had asked me what my plans were for the weekend, ”Just a quiet one,” I said and politely and turned back to the computer screen and carried on. I practically raced out that door at 4.30, went to M&S, bought my tights and stockings, a bottle of wine and then zoomed home to the comfort of my armchair and, of course, a glass of wine. Thoughts of how my night would go played on my mind, a constant reel of questions and scenarios, but in the end I had to block it out and just go with the flow. It’s been said that I could have a party in an empty house and can always enjoy myself no matter where I am, so I out any doubt or niggling questions out of my mind and welcomed the excitement I was feeling.Feeling rather tipsy I went about getting ready, I didn’t know what to wear, least as possible came to mind, less is always best. A simple black dress, black knee high boots and my winter coat. I’d had a bit of a dilema with my makeup, should I apply or not ? In the end I applied a light layer, I don’t think I’ve ever gone out anywhere without it in a long time, but I had the idea that there would be some smudging going on but what the hell, my makeup never stays on in any kind of session so it didn’t matter anyway.I called a taxi and relayed the address to the driver. The thoughts and knots I was feeling earlier had now gone and I could’nt wait to get over there. I still didn’t know what to expect as I got out of the cab and walked up the short driveway. I had visions of the hosts already encased in nylon and the others writhing around on the livingroom floor. This was not the case. Karen warmly greeted me at the door and led me into their beautiful and very halkalı escort spacious house. I did note how beautiful Karen is, I’d seen pictures of her and Mick, but she was much taller than I had imagined, curvy in her clingysilver seasonal dress. I couldn’t help but comment on her natural fair hair and our first meeting got off to a good start. She too was very complimentry of me and I knew that I could be friends with a woman like this. Women generaly don’t like me and I often find myself at the but of their bitch side but karen was very nice and welcoming. I was led into a very large and brightly lit kitchen, Mick was serving drinks and he too was very nice, easy going and he seemed very happy to see me. I was then introduced to Julie and Bobby. She is a very cute and very curvy, of a similar height and size to me, though much younger by at least 10 years she was very welcoming and offered me a seat beside her. Her hubby Bobby, though, struck me as the shy type, but they are the ones you need to watch right, he’s a good looking guy, not much taller than his wife and looked to be rather pissed on the wine that Mick and Karen had on offer.It would be a further half hour before I met the handsome Graham, I was slightly merry on the wine when he finally made an appearance. He made his excuses for being slightly late, but I don’t think anyone cared much. As I said he’s a handsome guy, tall, slim and has a rather cheery face and smile and it turns out he has a wicked sense of humour. It was then that I had a bit of a moment to myself, as I sat there, listening and taking in the atmosphere, I wondered how it was that these people came to be this type of fetishist. Looking at Graham for instance, he didn’t strike me as the type to layer himself in nylon, neither did Bobby or Mick for that matter. It was playing on my mind a little and Iwanted to ask the question of how and why they were partial to nylon, the answer to these burning questions would be answered a little later and I would be at the centre of the questioning. So, where did my love for nylon come from ? Well, it’s simple really. I have always had this thing about the 1950’s, fashion and music from that time has intrigued me. Through my research in my younger years I came across pictures of the wonderful Betti Page, among others from that time period, and I was hooked. Not only did I find my Heroine in Betti, I also found that I was sexually attracted to this woman. Before long I was scouting out 50’s style dresses, fully fashioned stockings, girdles, suspender belts and Bettie style shoes. I didn’t dress like this in public for some time but spent a lot of my time wishing I was Betti, stretched out on my bed in front of the mirror in my copper nylons and suspenders with the obligatory heels, pretending and wishing to be as sexy as Betti. Later in life when I found the courage to go out in public dressed in my 50’s garb I found it rather empowering and I did get a lot of attention, and I was often reminded that a flash of stocking top and a suspender clip holds a lot of power. And there we have it, the others stated similar events in life, but with other twists in their stories, for instance karen was introduced to the fetish by Mick and the same for Julie and Bobby. Graham’s story was a common one, as were Bobby and Mick’s they’d stolen some tights from his aunts or indeed sisters underwear drawers, lured by a stockinged leg at some point and started to wear the stolen garments for mastubation purposes and it grew into a full fetish. Keeping the secret for many years was hard for these guys and they were lucky enough to find partners that, even if they didn’t understand it at first, were willing to at least and give it a go and try for their taksim escort respective partners. I’ve had a couple of cross dressers in my life and can assure any doubters that they were all man. It’s just a fetish after all.Later, I found myself along with Julie, naked in Karen’s bedroom. The guys had gone off to another room to get changed. There was a strange moment when all I could hear was the whispering and the stretching of nylon as we each started to get encassed. Karen was a professional with the scissors as she did the crotch cuts for the upper half. She even helped me to get it on as when I’d last practiced I got a lof of runs in the hose, but Karen knows her stuff when it comes to creating the perfect upper. Now almost fully encassed, I took in the view, Karen had opted for sheer black and also wore a very beautiful pair of studded ankle boots. Julie was in a light grey and looked fantastic, she too had on her heels and to keep with the theme I stepped into my own shoes. Last but not least we hooded ourselves with a stocking, Karen had perfected this too, pulling her hair back tight she slipped her stocking over her head and I followed suit andthen tucked the remainder of the hose under the hood at the back. I have to say I felt amazing and very, very sexyand by the way my fat arse looked good in the mirror in those sheerest of tights ha ha!Karen led us along the landing and into another room, a very small and brightly lit room, the guys were already in there and the fun for them at least had already started. I need to set this scene, lined along the back wall were to massage tables. I quickly worked out that it was Bobby lay out on one of the tables, like his cute wife was encassed in sheer black nylon, while Graham, encassed in an assortment of colours stroked his hard cock. Was I shocked to see Graham stroking Bobby’s cock ? Absolutely not, if anything it was a turn on. Mick was leaning back against the second table, his cock jutting out and tenting his sheer white tights. No more than a moment later I found myself in a sandwich between Mick and karen. It took a few seconds to get used to using my covered hands, I found that if I parted my fingers it gave me more purchase and stretched the nylon, but I soon found my way. I also found that you can do anything with confidence, kiss, lick, suck and touch. I rather enjoyed the kissing, the little patch of wetness that formed made it much easier as I went between Karen and Mick, tongues and lips coming together but separated by the thinest later of material. It was sensational. Throughout this first part I found that the sound of nylon on nylon, the whispering and rippling sounds it created was rather intense and added to the sensation as the hands roamed over me, Micks fingers perssing against my bum cheeks as Karen kissed me intensley, or hands sliding and slipping over each other. The sex simulation was something else altogether, Karen had lay on the table, pulling my head between her legs, I pressed my tongue against her cunt as Mick slid his cock between my butt cheeks and simulated fucking me, his hands running up and down my back as he pumped his hips, his cock pressing against my arsehole. Next, I was lay out on the table, Mick between my legs as Karen plumped her gorgeous arse on my face. Oh my this was heavenly, Mick’s cock was firmly pressed agaist my clitty and he soon had me in the throws of a nice clitoral orgasm. Karen’s rise and fall action on my face added to the whole sensation and I was in ecstacy. I never thought it would be this much fucn without actually having sex. This was a true revelation.I later found myself in a three way with Bobby and Graham, both of them trying to stuff their cocks into my mouth, I found the best way to get a mouth grip on a cock is to cover şişli escort your teeth with your lips and use a biting action. I loved the way Bobby grabbed my head using the stocking to pull my head back and forth as his cock passed over my lips. I have to admit that at this point I wanted to rip a hole in my mouth area and get more of their cocks in my mouth, even just to get more of a taste of their lovely cocks. The best part of this session was the simulation of a DP. Bobby lay below me, his cock rasping against my arse as Graham rubbed his cock against my cunt, their hands pulling and rubbing against my boobs as they rocked hard against me. I didn’t achieve orgasm, but I was damn close and just happy to be in the situation and enjoying every moment.Time didn’t seem to matter in my little nylon covered space and before I knew it all six of us were on the floor, lost in a melee, as hands roamed and touched, mouths kissed, the whisper of nylon now a cacophony as bodies twisted and turned on all directions, women on women, men on men, it was just a tasty tangle of sheer enjoyment. It was Bobby that brought himself to a cumm between my legs, pumping his stubby hard cock over my cunt, he eventually cried out, the spunk seeping out of the nylon, gathering around his cock head. I was then joined by his wife Julie and we both ran our tongues over his spunky tip and I had my first real taste of the night. Just off to my right Mick and Graham were in a sixty nine, sucking furiously on each others cock, Karen used her fingers on Micks arsehole with one hand while stroking her cunt with the other, myself and Julie joined her, our hands running over the guys and over karen, Graham was the first to cumm, Mick stroking hard on his cock to milk the spunk out, again I was joined with Julie and we helped Mick to suck the milky liquid from Grahams pulsing cock while Bobby and Karen brought Mick to a cumm.Later after Bobby and Julie left, myself Graham and Karen were polishing off the last of the wine in the livingroom, still fully encased, apart from the stocking hoods and chatted about my first forray into this new world. I was more than impressed and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was different and I’ll be more than glad to get involved on the bi-monthly meetings. It was a lot of fun and out of my usual zone. It was now 4am, we were all pretty drunk and I found myslef between Graham and Mick on the couch, their cocks as hard as brick and tenting their tights, Mick had ripped a little hole in my tights and slipped his fingers into my wet cunt while Graham nibbled on my ear lobe, his long and steady breaths into my ear driving me wild. I was so lost in the attention that I never noticed Karen leave the room, but when she returned she stood obove me wearing a strap-on with a large black dildo attached. Mick and Graham spread my legs and Karen got down on her knees, I braced myself ready for the dildo, but she went down on me, nibbling on my cramed labia, taking her sweet time about it too, it was deliscious, Mick sucked on my nylon covered boobs as Graham continued to nubble my ear lobe. Karen’s tongue flicked over my clitty, teasing me for a bit before she went to town and used that tongue to full effect and had me in the throws of an orgasm. I had no time to recover when she plowed that huge fucking dildo into me and started to fuck me as hard as she could, when I had climaxed she slid out and Graham took her place between my spread legs, Karen rolled the condom onto his hard cock and he too plowed into me, delivering a relentless fuck he came and next I found Mick between my legs, again Karen provided a hand and rolled a condom onto her hubby’s hard dick. Mick managed to last a lot longer and brought me off with a nice internal orgasm while Karen and Graham coaxed him along encouraging him to fuck me harder, he did and collapsed down on me as he filled the condom with hot creamy spunk.What a night with nice people and a new found fetish. I may never be as into it as they are, but I’m in a nivice stage and I’m always ready to learn. Thank to everyone involved and for all who have taken the time to read this.



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