For years now, it had been my habit to spend the first two weeks of April hiking the National forest not too far from my home. This year was no exception; only I was two weeks late. The last assignment on my job had run into problems and I couldn’t get away. I guess it’s better late than never as the old saying goes.

I had set up camp near the end of an old abandon logging road. At one time, it had been a five-way intersection deep in the woods. This is not a normal camping area by any means, but it is an area that I truly love. The large pines and thin underbrush allow sunlight to filter in throughout the area. Along the low creek bottoms, thick stands of oak form large shaded areas that are nearly bare of underbrush. Five old partially overgrown roads wander throughout the area. I’ve only saw one other four-wheel truck in this area, never have I seen anyone on foot. There was one guy on a mountain bike and two older women on a four-wheeler, but that’s not bad considering the amount of time I have spent here over the years. I like the privacy as I do most of my hiking in the nude. It’s a great way to get exercise and a nice start on a tan. Over the winter, I always seem to put on extra weight and turn a terrible pasty white. This year was even worse than most as it had rained a lot and been terribly cold for long stretches.

Spring had finally sprung, I had my time off, and here I was deep in the woods. A great way to rest and relax. I had set my camp up on the backside of a ridge in a large stand of cedar trees. The center of the stand was open with short thick grass growing over most of it. An eight by eight tent was set up between two large bushy cedar trees with the door facing east and the main clearing. To the right of the tent were two small but tall slender oaks. Between them, a cable was stretched tightly, with a small canvas tarp stretched across the cable. Under the tarp, I had placed a table, two chairs; several ice chests, and most of the other stuff that make camp life more comfortable. Without leaving the confines of my thicket, I had a good view of the two main roads into the area and several square miles of the surrounding woods. My truck was hidden in another cedar thicket across the main road.

I had arrived around mid afternoon on Friday and proceeded to get the camp set up. By the time, I was finished the sun was close to setting and I was hot and sweaty. There is a small clear creek at the bottom of the hill that I had taken the time several years before to dam up. It makes a nice secluded swimming and bathing pool close to camp. After a refreshing and quite cold dip to clean up, it was time for supper and an early bedtime. As darkness settled in, I could hear the queen-sized air mattress and my sleeping bags calling my name. It had been a long, tiring day and I wanted an early start tomorrow.

The sunlight streaming through the trees woke me early. The early morning was chilly and damp with the dew as I crawled out of my sleeping bag and dressed. Coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast over an open fire should be the start to every morning the way I see it. After cleaning up from breakfast, I moved the lounge chair out from under the tarp and set it up in a sunny spot. The dew was burning off and the sunshine was warm. Another advantage of the cedar thicket was that it was a fine windbreak. With a fresh cup of coffee, I returned to the lounge chair and stripped off my sweatshirt and Levies. Nude, I sat down, soaking in the warm sunlight as I sipped my coffee, and relaxed. When I had finished the coffee, I lowered the seat back and rolled over to toast my other side. The sound of the wind through the treetops and the warm sun made me drowsy. From time to time, I would swap sides so I wouldn’t burn. An hour or so later, I decided I’d better get my tanning oil before I did burn.

I went to the tent and rummaged through my bag looking for it. Then I remembered I’d left it in the truck, along with my binoculars and several new pairs of shorts. I headed for the top of the ridge; at the edge of the trees, I angled right toward the end of the ridge. From the outer edge of the thick cedars, I could see for nearly a mile down both of the main dirt roads that went toward the highway. I waited and watched for a few minutes then headed down the hill toward the road. At the road, I turned right and walked about two hundred yards then turned left into a faint track of another road. Another hundred yards put me at the thicket where I’d left the truck. After retrieving the forgotten articles, I headed back the way I’d come.

As I reached the tree line back on the camp side of the road, I thought I heard a vehicle approaching from the north. The road in from the highway on that side is fair. A car can negotiate it easily if the driver is careful and experienced. There are several large water puddles that look bad but have a hard sand bottom. They keep most people at bay and out of my area.

I went on into camp, sarıyer escort put the shorts in the tent, and hung the binoculars on the lounge chair. Seated on the end of the chair, I applied the tanning oil liberally too as much of my body as I could reach. I could faintly hear the car getting closer. I had decided that it wasn’t a truck. Curious as to whom it was, I grabbed the binoculars and headed for the edge of the cedars.

There’s a spot at the north end of the thicket, a large bush between two small cedars that makes a safe, comfortable observation point. I had rolled a large rock into position for a seat. Sitting on the rock, I watched the road where it made a curve just past one of the water holes. The engine noise was louder here. An older model silver Camero came into view and slowed to a stop at the water hole. The passenger door opened and a blonde young lady got out. She was standing behind the door and looking all around. I moved slightly left into the shade of the cedar and lifted the binoculars to my eyes. “My, oh my.” I thought. A very nice looking young lady and topless to boot. Her tits were high and widely separated, although small, they were upturned and pointy. There was no sign of a tan line to mar their beauty.

When she didn’t see any sign of other people, she stepped out from behind the door. “Wow!” She’s totally nude, right down to her cleanly shaved little muff. Again, there were no tan lines. I watched the lips of her sex work against each other as she walked toward the puddle. Another girl climbs out of the car and walks after the first. She’s topless and wearing a tiny g-string bottom. The blonde had a nice pert set of tits, but this dark haired lass was packing a pair of thirty-eight’s and maybe a gun. Her nipples were very large and erect, almost as big as my fingertip and very long. The dark circles behind the nipples were small, very small for the size of the breasts. The ends of a beaded string were tied to each nipple and the middle hung down almost to her navel. It swung and swayed as she moved and walked, I thought it was very sexy.

The blonde spent a few minutes wading around in the water hole and then waved the car forward. The brunette got back into the car and closed the door as the car moved into and then through the water. The blonde walked up the road toward me a short ways looking at the soft sand surface. She gave the driver a thumb’s up, climbed up on the hood of the car, and lay down. All I could think of was why I didn’t have my camera.

The road is in good shape from there to the intersection so they made good time. I had come in the long way and cut across a clear cut so I wouldn’t leave any tracks near camp. When they were passed me, I moved back into the thick cedars and headed toward the south point. Half way there, I made a detour through camp and picked up my camera. Near the edge of the tree,’s I got down low and moved under the cedar limbs until I could see the roads below me. The car had just stopped in a grassy spot twenty yards passed the intersection. The road was badly washed out beyond that point. The blonde was still draped across the hood but was hid by the roofline. The brunette got out again, and was looking around as she stretched. The driver’s door opened and a slightly older version of the brunette climbed out. She was still fully dressed but was unbuttoning her shirt as she looked around.

I brought my camera up, focused on the brunette, and snapped a couple of shots as she stretched her arms over her head. Her large breasts moving and rolling on her chest, causing the nipple jewelry to dance. I moved the lens over to the older brunette and snapped a series of shots of her. She removed the shirt and her bra, laying them on the top of the car. She rubbed and massaged her ample breasts for a moment before stretching her arms high above her head. Her breasts were larger than the first brunette, but not much. The difference was in the dark area under the nipples. Were the first girls were very small; these were super large, covering most of the front of each breast. They were also very, very dark in color. The nipples were of the same size and length as the first girl’s and were also adorned with jewelry. These looked like dangly earrings made from feathers and beads.

The blonde had climbed off the hood and was walking around to stand beside the young brunette. I snapped several shots of her as she did so. In the back of my mind, I tried to remember how much film I had brought with me and where it was. There had been a sale on film at the store where I’d bought supplies and I had stocked up. It was in my bag in the tent. I normally don’t take that many photos unless I come across an interesting animal or two. Well, here were three very interesting animals and all Doe’s to boot.

All three ladies had moved to the back of the car and had the trunk open. I watched them through the esenyurt escort zoom lens of the camera as the older girl finished disrobing to display as good a body as either of the other two. The other two girls had unloaded a small ice chest, and a picnic hamper, along with a couple of blankets.

I could faintly hear the sound of their voices as they talked but couldn’t make out the words. The blonde retrieved some clothes from inside the car and placed them and the older girl’s clothes in a bag. Closing up the car, they picked up their stuff and headed off to my right. I had a fair idea where they were going, a small clearing about a hundred yards father down that side road. There were two creeks that crossed that road and they were both washed out pretty badly. The clearing was off to the right between the two creeks and just off the roadside. There was a small screen of brush between it and the road and it had good sun most of the day.

As they reached the first creek, I moved back toward camp and retrieved more film and a large green towel. That creek is where my swimming hole is located. I crossed the creek and moved to my left a little ways before starting up the hill. This put me above them at the side of the hill. There was a small stand of young pine there that was quite thick. Spending so much time here was paying off, as I knew of several deer trails that cut through the pines.

When I reached the edge of the thicket, I found a shaded spot behind a small cedar that gave me a good view of the whole clearing. The women were spreading out the blankets about twenty yards from me. I took several photos of the process, especially when the blonde was bending over to straighten the blanket. Her beautiful bare ass was pointed straight at me; the zoom lens was strong enough for me to see the tight pucker of her brown asshole and the light pink of her pussy.

All three of them stretched out on the blankets to get some sun. They were close enough for me to catch most of their conversation from time to time. The older brunette was Martha and the younger was Bobby, they were sisters. The blonde was Tess. The three girls were home for spring break from college, they’d had other plans, but bad grades had put an end to them.

I got a nice set of pictures as they oiled themselves and each other up with sun tan oil. Once they were back lying down, the only action happened when they rolled over. After a while, I got bored and started to ease my way back into the thicket.

I had only moved a few steps farther back into the screening trees when I heard Tess ask. “Did you guys hear something? I thought I did, over there in those thick little trees.”

I froze and squatted down. Neither of the other two had heard anything, Tess said. “I guess it was my imagination or maybe a small animal. I’m just so tense I can’t relax. School is driving me nuts and now there’s no spring break partying.”

I had moved very slowly back to my observation point, I spread out a green towel and sat down on it. I was in position as Bobby and Martha rolled over to either side of Tess who was lying on her stomach, and sat up. Bobby was facing me and Martha had her back to me.

Bobby grinned over at Martha and winked. Both girls started to rub Tess’s back and shoulder. Martha said softly. “We know how to relax you.” As she let her hands wander down to massage the blonde girl’s ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs.

Tess wiggled but didn’t say anything until one of Martha’s hands slipped down into the crack in that lovely tanned ass. Tess jerked and started to sit up saying. “Hey, watch the hands, you know my gate don’t swing that way. You two can do what you like to each other but leave me out of it. I do dick, not pussy.”

Bobby laughed. “I’ve got a strap on in my bag, should I get it?” Martha laughed at her sister’s remark but Tess didn’t find it funny.

“I don’t think so. I like mine alive and strapped to a man, Ok. I sometimes wonder why I put up with you two lesbo bitches.”

The sisters laughed and Martha said. “I keep telling you we’re not lesbians, we’re bisexual. It triples the number of likely people we can have for sex partners. There are twice as many women as there are men and an orgasm feels the same with both. Try it, you will like it.”

Tess just shook her head with a grin. “How many times have we had this conversation? It always ends the same way, with you two sixty nineing and me watching and masturbating. It’s been that way since we were kids.”

“We keep hoping you’ll wake up and join us one of these days. Sooner or later it will happen, trust me, I know.” Bobby said with a big grin as she leaned around Tess to kiss her sister.

Still kissing, both girls reach over and tweaked each of Tess’s nipples. She slapped at their hands as she rolled away. They broke the kiss and laughed as they dove on top of Tess and started to tickle her. They rolled and wrestled until avrupa yakası escort they were out of breath. I clicked photo after photo throughout.

All three girls were lying on their backs, Bobby had her head resting on Tess’s thigh, and Martha’s head was resting on Bobby’s stomach. When they had their breath back, Martha sat up and looked around. “I’m hungry, where’s that picnic basket?”

Tess giggled as Bobby raised her legs high in the air and pointed with both hands to the vee between her legs. Martha looked to see what was going on behind her back and laughed at what she saw. “You silly bitch, I’m looking for a meal not a little snack.”

Bobby sat up suddenly, grabbed Martha’s head with both hands, and rolled backwards. Martha was caught off balance and went face first into the before indicated vee. Martha tried to raise her head but Bobby pulled it firmly back into place. I heard Martha’s muffled voice say. “Oh hell, why not?” As she applied her tongue to the sweet dessert right against her nose.

Bobby was moaning and rolling her head back and forth after only a few minutes. Tess rose up on her elbow to watch as her right hand slowly stroked and rubbed at her own sex. I took a couple more pictures. As my hand brushed against my ridged manhood when I lowered the camera, I jumped. My left hand grasped and slowly rubbed up and down the length of the hard member. My own orgasm was building fast, so I released myself before it got to the point of no return.

I picked up the camera to get a shot of Bobby’s arched back as she pressed her sex tightly against Martha’s face. Tess had two fingers moving quickly in and out of her wet vagina, her thumb rubbing against her clit on each stroke. Tess’s body tensed as a soft groan escaped her lips. The two fingers were jammed deep into her cunt. Slowly she relaxed and withdrew the fingers. Smiling and looking straight at Martha, she moved the fingers up to her nose and sniffed. Moving her hand down, she licked teasingly at the fingers. Earlier Martha had wiggled around so that one of her hands could tease and play with her own slippery sex. Seeing Tess licking at her wet fingers caused Martha to groan into Bobby’s pussy. Bobby opened her mouth in a loud groan of her own. Tess grinned and jammed the two fingers into the opening. Bobby was startled for a second until the flavor she tasted broke through her climax. She sucked greedily on the fingers and came harder.

Wishing I had three hands, I lowered the camera and grabbed my throbbing dick. I just held it, knowing that if I moved my hand up or down I would explode. My eyes slowly closed as I slowly wiggled my fingers. I was getting closer and closer to climax with every passing second.

I must have groaned or something because I heard Martha’s voice through the hazy of my impending explosion. “Hey, I heard something or someone, that time. It came from over there.”

I released my manhood and opened my eyes. All three girls were up and walking in my direction. I had nowhere to go and no time to get there. Slowly I stood up and stepped out of the trees, it was the only option I had. The girls froze except for their eyes which I could almost feel running over my body. All three sets of eyes ended up at the same place, a very ridged and throbbing piece of my anatomy. Something happened then, that had never happened before; I began to spurt long and hard streams. My knees got weak and began to shake. The girls just stood there with their mouths open but not an eye left my dick.

After the last spurt was through, I placed my hands on the tops of my thighs and leaned forward trying to support myself. I had my eyes shut and was in my own little world until I heard someone say. “Damn!”

I opened my eyes and looked toward the three ladies. Tess had the nipple of her left breast clamped between two fingers and was rolling it around. Her other hand was between her legs rubbing at a slow pace. The other two girls were still frozen with their mouths open.

Bobby snapped out of it and whispered. “Did you see that?” to no one in particular.

Martha’s eyes snapped up to my face and blinked several times rapidly. “Ok, now that, that is over. Who the hell are you and what the hell do you think you’re doing.”

Bobby laughed and answered. “That’s pretty obvious, Sis. He’s coming all over the grass.”

Tess laughed as Martha looked over at her sister. “Smart ass! That’s not what I mean and you know it.”

I had no idea of what to say so I kept my mouth shut. My mind wasn’t working at any speed other than stop and dead slow.

“Hey, guess what, it’s my wish come true.” Tess said. “Remember I only wanted a live one attached to a man. Well, I’ll guarantee that one’s alive and it works, boy, does it ever.”

Tess started to walk toward me but Bobby caught her arm as she went past. “Whoa, where do you think you’re going? We still don’t know who he is or what the fuck he’s doing here spying on us.”

At the sharp words, my brain snapped back into gear. “Oh, hi. I’m David Wright the local peeping tom and satyr of these woods.” I said with a smile.

All three girls looked at me for a long moment. Tess begin to laugh, the other two just stared for a moment more before a faint smile played across first one then both of their faces.



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