Nude BeachBeen a long time since I had been to the nude beach. Was in the area and had time to kill. So I made my way to the beach. Got there and the county had put up signs saying no public nudity. I was bummed out about that, but I was here so need to enjoy the beach anyways.Use to be the first half be clothed and the second half was clothing optional. Parked towards the end hoping to see some rebels nudist. As I am getting my swim trunks out of my bag. This mid / high 50 year woman comes walking across the lot. Wow she was hot, as she is leaning into the back seat I can see her nice big titties. I watch her and noticed she did not have a swim suit on as she walked over the duns. Put a smile on my face.Walked over the duns and saw to my liking was half to fully nude people. So I walked down a ways from where I parked checking out the sights. Talked to a few locals. And found out as long you don’t bother nobody and no public sex then we can be nude. AWESOME…… I was buck naked in 0.5 seconds flat.I laid there in the shallow facing the shore line. Doing what I enjoy best, people watching. And noticed there were to couples that kept an eye on me. So I baited them to see what would happen. Jumped the waves, body surfing, floating on my back. Worked…. one of the females took a dip and fethiye escort slowly drifted my way. We talked a bit. Just in deep enough water for me to stand on my knees and have the head of my dick pop up and get an eye on this cutie as the waves splashed by us. She was hot, beautiful face, eyes would pierce right through you, long dark brown hair that just covered her cute little titties, flat tummy, trimmed pussy, tight ass and legs I would LOVE to have wrapped around my head. We talked about this and that, as we got a little into sex talk. Her partner made his way towards us, shit he was hung. Three of us talked and he later made his way back up to the beach. (This is awesome, talking to people in the nude, I love it). I tried to get her to be open about us playing with one another right there. Masturbating with each other and her partner would not know. But she was a little scared he would see us and get mad.I enjoyed her walk up towards the beach. The other couple was gay, they then came out for a dip and we talked a few. One of the guys (James) was hung like a bull, dam he was long, tall with slender build. The other guy (Andy) was stocky with a stumpy dick. The little cutie came back out as we all were talking. And sex came up again, Andy asked if we were playing with one another escort fethiye earlier? I told him I asked her too, but she was not comfortable about her partner. Jeff and Andy both said at the same time. That they would block his view of her if they could watch us play a bit. I was all about that, Kristy said yea I would love to. So they slowly drifted around blocking his view. Kristy grabbed hold of my cock and stroked it so nicely as I played with her clit. I had this thought of a Seafood Buffet right here on the water. Kristy would float on her back grabbing hold of Jeff and Andy cocks to keep stable while floating. Then I would slip between her legs and give her all the support need. Sounded awesome but she was not to sure of it. We don’t want to get you in trouble just get you off. Kristy smiled so big and said lets see what you can do. I floated under her and slowly ran my cock between her thighs as she played with her pussy Jeff said that her pussy was opening up. Andy said yea just right for your cock to fuck her. Andy reached down between Kristy legs and grabbed my cock and said of yea I like that. As he played with Kristy’s pussy with my cock. That was so hot, the waves pounding against us kept the motion going as Andy would hand feed my cock to Kristy’s pussy. Kristy’s partner fethiye escort bayan started heading our way, nobody but me noticed him. We all were in the moment, and I was about to get caught fucking this guys girl. So I started playing with her nipples, biting her ears and just pounding as hard as I could. Jeff and Andy started playing with each other, Kristy was moaning deep and harder with every pump. Her partner was almost there as she reaches both hands around my neck arches her back and lets out this scream. OH SHIT…. she was thrashing against me, taking me under with each thrust. I was right there ready to fill her pussy full of my cum. When she sees her partner just a few feet away, she freaks out and try’s to get off my cock. I am about to blow like Moby Dick and hold her tight against me. I tell her to hold her breath as I am getting ready to cum and we are going under so he can’t see. I ram my cock deep in her pussy we sink to the bottom ( 2.5 feet deep) I pound as hard as I can. She is digging her nails into the back of my neck arching her back. CUM BOOM he blows all in her. Kristy also came again, she raises up out of the water and I just float away as he gets there so perfect timing.After Kristy and her partner walked off, Jeff said “did you see that?” Andy and I both said what. Jeff said as she stood up out of the water there was the biggest glob of cum flowing out of her pussy. I told them “YEA” that was AWESOME… Kristy and her partner shortly left as she waved with a smile from ear to ear.



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