Jasmin Marchand had her full lips wrapped around Mark Archer’s erect penis when her cellphone rang. He was sitting on the couch in his living room in a T-shirt and his glasses, his sweat pants in a puddle around his bare ankles and Jasmin was kneeling between his legs with her head bent determinedly to her task. She continued to bob her head up and down on his shaft, her hands leaving their stroking duties to search for the chiming handset in her purse as it hung down from her shoulder.

She was licking up the leaking pre-cum from the head of his penis when she brought the phone up to look at the name of the caller on the screen. ‘Bianca’ it said. Impatient Bianca, wondering how come ‘dropping off a message’ was taking so long. Jasmin hit the answer button and took her mouth off him. “I’ll be right down. Give me a minute!”

“Well, hurry up!” Bianca laughed. “We want to get to the cute guys before some other women snatch them up!”

“Uh-hmm.” Jasmin hummed in acknowledgment, her tongue going up and down his cock before Bianca had gotten out her second word. Her eyes locked on Mark’s amused face as she hit the hang-up button and continued what she was doing. She licked, sucked, kissed even as she stroked his shaft with her hands, and she fondled and licked his balls and repeatedly took him back into her mouth until he gave a sharp cry and jerked as his cum began to enter her mouth in spurts. She closed her eyes and swallowed automatically …

Two and a half months since their first fateful night of hard sex and a weekend she had spent naked and being fondled, kissed, licked and fucked in her apartment and then his, their ‘arrangement’ had not burned itself out. And sex with Mark had become a rather regular part of her life. At least two days of every week, sometimes three, once or twice four, involved at some point, Mark’s dick or tongue sliding inside her pussy and a significant number of orgasms before they took their leave of each other. Her last two month’s entries into her journal made it read like a sex novel and she had not showed it to her therapist since she made the fateful decision to enter in that first night with Mark … in rather explicit detail. Afterwards, Jasmin found herself entering as much of every encounter as she could. Thankfully, after two pointed inquiries and a few indirect suggestions, much to her relief, Dr. Patterson had quietly let the matter of her journal lie.

This was the second episode of sexual contact between them that day. He had taken her from behind that afternoon in the hotel on 53rd, hard and fast, coming less than five minutes after their entry into the room. Jasmin, easily orgasmic, had still managed to come within that short time. There was often no time to fully undress when she got to the hotel during their lunchtime rendezvous so she usually just hiked up her skirt and opened her blouse, spreading her legs or bending over for him, her panties and bra often off before she left her office. This time, she had successfully gotten her top and office pants off, but her panties she had simply pulled aside, impatient for him to enter her after three days without him being inside her. He had travelled on business and after the second day, with a higher than normal workload, she had become a bundle of nerves and thoughts of him stroking inside her suddenly to began to invade her mind at inopportune moments throughout the day.

The blowjob she was administering now was an apology of sorts. She had arrived less than five minutes earlier to give it to him, telling him to sit down and shut up after a quick licking kiss on his lips at the door. She had then hung up her coat and quickly gone to work. Usually she liked to take her time but she had people waiting for her downstairs so she was doing what she knew would overwhelm him quickly so she could swallow him and get back to the car.

It would be her birthday at the stroke of midnight and he had obviously planned to have her already impaled on his cock at the moment the clock struck twelve. But Jasmin’s girlfriends had already arranged a night out dancing to celebrate and she could not cancel. Mark had not complained or said anything beyond a neutral “That’s okay” when she told him over the phone. It was when he had called to tell her to meet him at the hotel that morning. Jasmin thought he was disappointed – his fucking of her in the hotel had a touch of … anger to it, which her naughty side had liked more than she wanted to admit. She was feeling some regret too – she was looking forward to being with her friends, some of whom she had not seen in more than a year – but greeting a new year in her life with an orgasm was something her naughty side would have liked as well. Very much.

As soon as she was certain he was done cumming, Jasmin took her mouth off Mark’s penis and stood up, job done. Without another word, she went to the last-minute-check mirror by his apartment door, examining herself before she went back out for any tell-tale signs.

There was a small droplet of cum on her chin and she quickly wiped and licked it off her finger. She reached into her purse halkalı escort for a tube of lipstick and gloss and layered them both on her lips – having left her earlier application on Mark’s now semi-flaccid member. She examined herself in the mirror one last time, fidgeting needlessly with long black hair that was still tight in its bun. She was wearing a low rise long black skirt with a slit up to her upper mid-thigh and a white cotton wrap-around shrug top with wide sleeves and a neckline that showed a moderate but noteworthy amount of cleavage. Matching dangling ear-rings and an ankle bracelet, together with a black choker with a gold pendant around her neck completed the picture along with her tiny white handbag and white strappy leather high-heels. She was wearing disposable green contacts on her brown eyes and they looked back at her as she gave herself another once-over.

Jasmin wondered if her friends would notice how her nipples were sharply poking through the lace of her demi-cup and the cotton of her top. She wondered even more if she should have simply straddled and ridden him to his release. Her pussy was alive with heat but it would be some minutes at the earliest before he would be able to ‘rise to the occasion.’ Jasmin turned around to find Mark standing and pulling his sweat pants up, and she walked up to him.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can. 2 o’clock?” she said, putting her arms around his neck and pressing herself against him.

He kissed her. “Sure. That’ll be okay.”

Jasmin was still enjoying the next kiss, and the way his hands were stroking her bared hips, when the phone started ringing again. She broke the kiss, sighing. “Be ready for me, Mr. Archer.” she said, looking pointedly at his crotch and running her hand over it. Then she touched herself through her skirt. “Cause I’ll be ready for you.”

He grinned nonchalantly, the all too familiar predatory gleam in his eyes. “Sure.”

She nodded happily. It may be nothing more than an ‘arrangement’ but she would keep him happy if she could. It was definitely worth it for the consistently great – mindblowing, in fact – and satisfyingly regular sex she was having with him. She wore her coat and was answering the phone as his apartment door closed behind her. “I’m coming, I’m coming!”

The line in front of the club was not quite as long as they had feared. Jasmin, Bianca, Nadine, Anna and Charlotte climbed out of their taxi and quickly walked across the street to join the queue. It took less than five minutes for them to reach the front but by that time, Nadine had been forced to fend off two especially strong advances from men on the line while Bianca had allowed one to strike up a conversation with her. The rest of her friends had simply exchanged knowing smiles – Bianca was an incorrigible flirt. Nadine, Anna and Jasmin were still catching up – the three of them had not been together in the same place for almost two years.

The taxi ride down to the club had been full of teasing and laughter, Bianca loudly demanding to know if Jasmin’s ‘message’ had been for a ‘cute boyfriend’ she was keeping for herself and did not want to share. Luckily for her, Jasmin’s telltale nipples had been well covered by her coat so she could easily laugh off her friend’s question that was so dangerously close to the truth. The only thing was that Mark was not her boyfriend, even though it was quite obvious that they were exclusive sex partners. She did not particularly know why she kept her ‘arrangement’ with Mark a secret from her friends. Perhaps it was more that her naughty side liked the fact that she had a secret lover – or a man with whom she just had lots and lots of pure, unadulterated hardcore sex with loads of foreplay thrown in for good measure. The fact was, despite how often they were on top of each other within minutes of being alone, he seemed to enjoy foreplay sometimes even more than the sex, which she certainly could appreciate.

Jasmin had fallen silent after that for a short moment, thinking. She enjoyed Mark’s company, true enough. But he was far too cool, collected and liable to turn commanding, even if in a strangely attractive way that reverberated with the side of her that liked a man taking charge in bed. He did not drink, smoke or really do anything that risked his losing control. He was simply not her type for a relationship no matter how great a sexual match he was, she decided. She prefered the somewhat brash, persistent and passionate type.

But, she had to admit, they had nice, long and interesting conversations, usually after they lay spent on the couch or in bed, and he easily made her laugh. They had even gone to the movies twice. Both times after having sex at her place and discovering nothing to watch on TV. They had fucked afterwards, of course, foreplay beginning in the theatre and ending on his couch both times as his apartment was closest to the cinema. And if she were being completely truthful, there were times that they had actually had lunch and talked during a lunch break şişli escort meeting. After sex had been gotten out of the way, of course.

And there had been an evening that she had simply had fun without having sex with him … first. She was working at her desk in her apartment after work when her laptop had flashed blue at her, shut down and simply refused to restart. Jasmin knew her way around computers but her computer simply refusing to start was completely new to her. Panicked that she had lost blueprints that she had been working on for three weeks, she had called her firm’s IT guy only to be told that he was not in the city and that he was not going to be at work the next day. Ready to burst into tears, she picked up the phone and called the nearest person she knew who may know a thing about bringing a laptop back to life; Marcus Nathan Archer, her nerdy engineer fuck buddy.

He had told her to come over with the computer and every program disk she could carry, and as she watched and learned, he had extracted her hard drive, rescued her data, helped her wipe the disk clean and re-installed a fresh operating system on her laptop. It took time for them to re-install every application and upgrade and while the computer hummed away, they talked and joked around like the first time they had dinner outside the Thai restaurant on the High Street. He ordered pizza and they talked, and even played video games in between checking to see if the re-incarnation of her computer was going well. He upgraded her video card and RAM while he was at it and by the time she was ready to leave, she was three hours behind her schedule, but her laptop was better than new.

Three minutes after she left for her apartment, he answered a knock at his door to find her there again. This time, her laptop and its case was left by the door as she made herself forty five extra minutes behind schedule, getting licked and caressed and having her pussy plunged into until she squealed out in ecstacy for the second time on his couch. She had left her panties behind and gone to put in some more work at home before she went to bed, still wanting more and masturbating furiously before she went to sleep. Luckily, he had dropped by the following morning for twenty heated minutes before he continued on to work.

The bouncers all smiled at the ladies, and wished them a good night when they got to the door, waving them all in with only a cursory check into their purses. Bianca took her new beau in with them and smiled naughtily when they took off their coats and he whistled appreciatively at her. She was wearing a mid-riff baring halter top with a wide keyhole opening into her cleavage and tight low-rise leather pants that clung to her like a second skin. She was wearing no bra and her nipples made clear impressions on the stretchy fabric of her top. Anna and Nadine were both in short skirts and thin loose tops while Charlotte was wearing something long like Jasmin’s with a crop top corset. The man in the cloakroom booth also whistled when he saw Jasmin without her coat and he winked lewdly at her as she handed it to him and took the token out of his hand, giving him an amused smile. They descended the stairs down to the strobelighted club floor.

Bianca went straight to the dance floor with the man she had brought in while the other girls went to get a table and drinks. They laughed and chatted, talking loudly over the pounding music, watching Bianca tease the man until it was obvious he thought he had struck it lucky before she lifted on her toes and bussed him on the cheek and then sharply turned around and walked over to their table, leaving him gaping with an uncomfortable looking bulge in his trousers.

“That was mean, Bianca!” Anna admonished.

Bianca turned around with her drink to look at the guy who was still staring at her and kissed at him. “Oh … I’m probably taking him home tonight.” She waggled her eyebrows. “But I think I should see if there’s anything better first, don’t you?”

“I thought we were here to celebrate my birthday?” Jasmin said with a grin.

“It’s not yet your birthday, Jasmin.” Bianca retorted, making a show of looking at her watch “You’ve still got two hours left! So until then, I’m man-hunting!”

They all laughed. Bianca was just a shade away from completely slutty and she knew it.

“I don’t know.” Nadine said with a sly wink, “… but maybe you should be man-hunting too, Jasmin?” Nadine was in the second year of a long term relationship that, from all indications, was about to yield an engagement ring.

“Yep!” Charlotte agreed. “Nothing like saying hello to a new year with an orgasm.”

As they giggled together, Jasmin felt the heat rushing to her cheeks at her earlier thoughts being echoed, squirming in her seat. Mark would probably agree. Suddenly, despite how much she was enjoying herself with her friends, she was hoping the time to leave the club would come sooner rather than later.

“Speaking from experience, Charlotte?” Bianca asked, smiling.

“Larry rode me to my last birthday …” Charlotte’s sarıyer escort own relationship was six months old and she was full of stories of what she and her Larry got up to. “It was great. We started screwing at exactly 11:55 and at exactly midnight, he started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me!”

They all laughed again.

“So what about it, Jasmin?” Bianca asked, eyes flashing. “Are you going to find you a man to sing you ‘Happy Birthday’.”

“Let’s just dance first, alright?” Jasmin said firmly.

An hour later, Jasmin was sipping from her glass and dancing with a slim and very handsome man who obviously wanted to get much closer to her body. Anna was dancing far more closely with a man with dark hair, his hands on her waist and her hand behind his head. Charlotte and Nadine danced with each other, clearly broadcasting that they were not available for dancing with a man any closer than arms length. Bianca on the other hand had herself wrapped around the man she had come in with after dancing closely with two other men. It seemed she had made her choice about looking for something better to take home tonight.

The man Jasmin was dancing with suddenly stepped closer and just as suddenly frowned as she felt someone lean forward from behind to speak softly into her ear. “Hey.”

Jasmin turned sharply to see Mark in a well tailored blazer, designer shirt and dark jeans, with his ever present glasses. She was careful to keep her face neutral as she started to dance with him, inadvertently but completely ignoring the frustration on the face of the man who been dancing with her just a few seconds earlier. Mark was not as handsome as the man she had just left but the sight of him had caused a tightening in her breasts that had her lips parting in heat. The warmth in between her legs intensified as he moved with her in an easy step, finding herself a little surprised that he was not atrocious on his feet. He held out his hands and she took them as they continued to dance across the dance floor. Jasmin remembered that he had asked her which club they were going to in the hotel as he pulled her panties back up on her and she had told him.

She put her glass down at some point, and moved into his arms, crushing herself against him like Bianca was doing with her new found beau after an appropriate amount of time so her friends would not suspect that this was not the first time she was seeing him. Charlotte and Anna gave her winks and a thumbs up, but Nadine obviously could not see why she left a better looking man for who was dancing with as she also shrugged and raised her eyebrows. Jasmin felt his hands settle on her waist, his thumbs stroking the sides of her stomach and she threw her arms around his neck. She felt the mass of his manhood begin to engorge and press against her belly and she trembled as her pussy began to flood with lubrication.

She wanted to kiss him but she was not certain her friends would not guess that he was not just chance met at the club. He was effortlessly stirring up what she had foolishly started when she went to give him that blowjob. Why did she not ride him instead? She was tempted to just lift up her skirt and let him inside her pussy in the middle of the dancefloor – it would still be dancing, wouldn’t it? Fucking was dancing too; bodies moving to a particular beat till they both exploded in a crescendo of ecstacy …

He leaned forward to whisper in her ear “I’m going outside. Come meet me. Five minutes.” He suddenly moved away from her and kissed her hand like a French noble. Then he turned and left for the bar, away from the door.

“Who was that guy?” Nadine asked when she went back to her friends – he had virtually carried her across the dancefloor away from them.

“I don’t know.” Jasmin lied, breathing a little flustered.

“Well, he obviously had quite an effect on you.” Charlotte said quietly enough for only Jasmin to hear over the loudness of the music, eyeing her chest and turning away with a smug grin.

Jasmin realized her nipples were poking sharply through the cotton of her top and sighed, directing a small frown at her friend. Cum was coating her inner thighs, and she knew she may not be able to last another two and a half hours before she had to get to Mark or go into the bathroom to ‘relieve’ herself. Perhaps more than once.

But he would be outside in five minutes, waiting for her.

She really had no choice.

“Need to go to the bathroom.” Jasmin said quickly. “Back in a sec.”

“Okay.” Nadine said while Charlotte only raised her eyebrows.

Jasmin went toward the toilets at the rear of the club, keeping an eye out until she was behind a pillar and then swung around, pushing herself through the press of dancing bodies on the side of the club away from her friends. It did not take her long but it seemed to last forever as she had to excuse herself and fend off the hands of more than male who tried to grab at her hand. One made to lay a hand on her ass and she slapped at the offending hand with a snarl. She reached the door at last and stood on her tip toes to make sure her friends were not, by some strange coincidence, looking in her direction. She saw them, and smiled affectionately. None were. Nadine and Charlotte were dancing with each other still, Bianca was being held from behind by her chosen man and Anna was chatting amiably with the dark haired man she had been dancing with, holding a glass in her hand.



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