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NO TOUCHING ALLOWED PART 2NO TOUCHING ALLOWEDPART 2by MariaAfter a few minutes I told him to go ahead and shower first. So he went on in the bathroom and startedshowering. I could hear the water running and him moving around in the stall. I quietly snuck in and peeked in behindthe curtain and asked him if it was big enough for two and went ahead and stepped in with him. There was enough room.As we washed I could see his dick start rising as he was watching me wash myself. He said that I had a fantastic assand how much It turned him on. In fact he said every inch of me turned him on. While he was talking his dick hadrisen to totally erect. I held on to his dick and played with it a little and washed it for him while jacking itback and forth a little. When I rinsed it off it was hard as a rock. I held onto his arms for support and slid downto the bottom of the tub on my knees and grabbed his cock in my mouth. He started to remind me of the bargain we made,but I stopped him by sucking harder on his throbbing cock. I was sucking and licking and rubbing his balls all atthe same time and he had leaned back against the wall of the stall. I kept it up till his cock started jumping andthrobbing in my mouth and he shot another big load in my mouth and down my throat. I loved it. It was my secondbig load of cum within a couple of hours. I had just made him cum again and I was ready for more. We finished washingthe right way this time and went out, laid down and drifted off to sleep. Such a deep sleep.In the morning when we came back from breakfast, we decided to try our fantasy again, where we watch each othermasturbating. Only this time he sat in a chair fully clothed to watch me strip. So I put on a show, revealingsmall bits and pieces at a time. I started with my shirt of course and slowly removed it to reveal my titties.I had not been wearing a bra. It was slightly chilly in the room plus the excitement made my nipples stick outpretty good. He just sat there watching every move I made. I was wearing a skirt, so I started raising it slowlyrevealing a little more of my legs. I looked up and saw him rubbing his cock through his tight jeans. I pulledup the hem more and more and he opened his pants and started stroking through his undershorts. I reached behind meand unzipped and let my skirt drop as he üsküdar escort was sliding off his pants. I looked up and saw that his eyes were staringdirectly at my pussy. He had not been watching when I dressed earlier, so he was unaware that I had gone pantiless.He pulled off his shirt and grabbed his cock and started rubbing it hard as he saw me standing there rubbing my clit.I decided to lay on the bed this time and layed back on a pillow and started rubbing and with the other hand I puttwo fingers inside me and started playing just as hard as he was. My pussy was already super wet from seeing hiscock so hard for me. He was watching me play and I was watching him play. We were getting into watching each otherand I asked him to stand right next to the bed so that he was standing within range of my body. I wanted that cumthat I knew was building up in his cock. I could tell by now when he was getting closer and I was starting tojuice all over my thighs again. Only this time I had my legs spread very wide with my feet up in the air. My juiceswere flowing so much they were running down my ass and into my crack. Seeing this set him off so much that he moved inreal close and sprayed me with cum all over my pussy and boobs and a little bit of the last landing on my chin.Seeing him start to spray started me coming right away and juices squirted out of my pussy and got all over his cockand stomach. Oh, it felt so good and I came so hard. He sat down next to me and I sat up and we held each other close.We then kissed for the first time. Weird huh? I had already had his cock in my mouth and we had masturbated together andstill we had not kissed till now. It felt good to finally kiss him and hold him. He started to say something and Iput my hand up to his mouth to stop him. And just held him close. We only had tonight till tomorrow late morningwhen we would have to head to the train around 10am. After laying there for a while just talking we both dressed and went out for lunch.We wore the same clothing as before. This time he knew when we were out that I had no panties on and he had notworn underwear either. So when we sat in the diner he could almost see up my skirt. I sat in such a way as totease him by giving him a glimpse every so often while tuzla escort we waited for the food we had ordered. I could see the bulgegrowing in his jeans. He leaned over and whispered to me about how much I was turning him on. I was eating it up.I had a feeling this would get us going again for more play, and it was working just fine. My pussy was so wet.And the scent of my pussy was so strong, it’s a wonder the whole restaurant was not smelling it. I squeezed mylegs together and could feel the heat and wet. I wanted his cock so bad right now and I could tell he was readyfor more. We sat there when the girl brought our sandwiches and tried our best to keep from laughing. She left ourfood and walked away and we smiled our private little smile at each other. While we ate our food, I kept givinghim a lot of bare leg as high up as possible without causing a scene. We were both so ready by the time we left,we almost grabbed each other as soon as we stepped outside. We walked across and entered our room. When we got inside,I pulled my skirt all the way up around my waste so he could look at me, and I asked him about the deal we made.I told him that we were about to have our last time together and we would most likely never see each other again.That was another part of the deal when we made it. One time only and never again. More than once would be anaffair and we did not want any part of that……..we only wanted to fulfill a fantasy and have some fun.After we talked those few minutes he dropped to his knees and started licking me all over my pussy,and sucking my clit. I was already soaked in juice before he started. I let him do that for a while andthen I pulled him up and started kissing him and getting my pussy juice off his mouth…….tasted good too.Then I went to my knees and opened his belt and lowered his zipper real slow and then lowered his pants justenough to get his hard pecker in my mouth and sucked away like a lollypop. I could already taste precum droolingout of the head. That tasted good too. I pulled away and stood up long enough for us to undress each other.I was headed back to my knees but he stopped me, and dragged me to the bed where we lay side by side, with hiscock in my hand and his fingers playing with my pussy. I pulled him pendik escort toward me and started kissing him again whilewe played with each other. His cock was jumping from my fingers rubbing it’s head and I was almost shudderingmyself. His middle finger was way up inside me and his thumb on my clit and it was driving me close to cumming.He started sucking on my nipples and right then I arched my back, grabbed his cock real tight and let go cummingall over his hand. Even squirted a little. I pulled his face up to mine then and kissed him very hard and toldhim to PLEASE put that pecker of his inside me. I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted his cock. I got up on my hands and knees and asked him to give it to me doggie style. Within seconds he was up behind me sliding it in.After all that wait it felt amazing to finally feel his meat inside me going in and out. I had to slow himdown cause he felt like he was going to cum already. Too soon for that. I layed on my stomach and he layedon top of me and kept up the rhythm. It felt so big and nice inside me. I stopped him and turned over and here-entered me and started sucking my titties. We were both so into it because of the wait. I tightened my pussiesgrip on him and that made him go crazy and start pumping faster and faster. He felt like he was getting tothe brink so I stopped him again. And this time I asked him to lay on his back and I got on top. I slidall the way down on his cock so that it was in as deep as it would go and started riding him up and down.I tightened my pussy as much as I could and slammed myself down on him over and over and I started cumming andcumming and then I started squirting and squirting as I came and my juices were going all over him and he washolding my waste and he pulled me down as hard as he could and started cumming inside me and I was cumming againall over and my pussy was grabbing it like a glove and then I could feel the last of his spurts and my contractionsof my pussy subsided and I just sat there on his cock and held all of that inside me. Did not want to let itgo, EVER. Finally after a little while of looking and smiling at each other I slid off and lie beside him.We were both exhausted, so we lay there holding hands side by side and drifted off to sleep.We both overslept, but it was a very deep sleep. In the morning we had no time except toget ready quickly and grab something at the diner and get a taxi to the train. We said our goodbyes and talkedabout how our fantasy was now fulfilled and kissed and went our separate ways and promised to meet up on ourwebsite.And that my friends was my fantasy weekend for two.



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