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nmdwji writes pre cum dripped at the tip of his diSee Part 3 below! Conan The Barbarian Part4: The amazon needed to get away while it was still dark and Conan’s men were sleeping. She picked Conan up as if he were a doll and threw him on his back on his own horse and jumped on top of him so that he was pinned beneath her. Her huge ass was towards his face. She reached back and placed a leather strap behind his head and pulled his face forward so that his mouth was in her ass and tied the ends of the strap to the front of her waist. Conan’s face was now tied to her ass so tightly he couldn’t move his head in any direction. “I want that tongue of yours moving continually slave while we ride or I’ll punish you even worse”. She kicked the horse in the sides with her feet and off they went at a gallop. The amazon deliberately raised her ass and then lowered it so that his head and face were being battered by her huge ass as they rode. Conan remembered her words and serviced her ass as they rode, hoping it was good enough to please her. She had also tied his arms to her muscular thighs and his hands felt the rippling muscles as they rode and he felt his cock begin to get hard. He had no idea what this huge amazon had in store for him, but he knew it wouldn’t be pleasant. They rode all night and his head ached from the pounding of her ass and his tongue ached from the licking he was giving her ass, but he didn’t dare stop so great was the fear of this once proud warrior, now reduced to being the slave of this revengeful woman. How he wished he had killed her when he had the chance, but he had been overcome with lust at the sight of her beauty, gigantic tits, and huge muscles. The sun was just beginning to come up when they reached her village. She removed the canlı bahis strap from his head and he breathed deeply the fresh air. She threw him to the ground and stood over him. She was well over six feet tall and two hundred plus pounds. He had been shrunken so much that he didn’t even reach the middle of her calf. She grabbed him under his armpits and lifted him up so that his face was even with her ginormous tits. “Suck on my tit slave until my pussy juices flow”. He became instantly hard at the sight of the gigantic tits which probably weighed as much as him. The nipple was so large that he could barely get his mouth around it. Precum appeared at the tip of his cock and she screamed, “Faster and deeper you worm. Suck like you enjoy it. I know you do.” She then reached down and began to stroke his already aroused cock that was no longer the mighty rod it once had been. She began to verbally humiliate him now. “What a tiny cock you have slave. Do you expect to satisfy me with this puny thing. I’ll have to use your whole body to do that”. She could sense he was ready to cum and grabbed a bowl so that his cum went into the bowl rather than on the ground. He groaned in pleasure at the release of his cum, but she was not done. She just kept kept stroking with harder and faster strokes, her hands like a vice around his throbbing cock. He begged her to stop, but that only caused her to increase the level of intensity and his cock was now throbbing in pain as on and on and on she went. “I’m going to milk you several times each day slave, and when this large bowl is full you’ll drink it dry. I love to see a man drink his own cum. Now I need to be pleasured slave”. She took him inside her hut and laid on her back on her bed and began to use his body as a dildo. bahis siteleri In and out slowly at first, head first, up to his shoulders, and then his entire body until her pussy juices were flowing so hard he was drowning in them. She finally stopped, but his punishment was far from over. She wrapped her muscular pythons around his tiny body and began squeezing the life out of him. “I’m not going to kill you slave. That would be the easy way out for you. I’m going to punish you every day until you beg me to kill you, but I won’t. Killing is far too good for you. I’m going to make you suffer”. She began to break his ribs from the pressure of her mighty thighs and he screamed in pain and begged her to stop. “Lick my thighs cunt, worship them and maybe I’ll stop. Tell me how magnificent they are and how puny yours are in comparison”. He began to lick her thighs with big, long, slurping stokes of his tongue. She made him lick and worship them for an hour before allowing him to stop. “I’ll give them a few weeks to heal and then break them again”, and she laughed loudly, a humiliating laugh. She then laid on her stomach and demanded, “Kiss and worship my ass now”, and on and on it went for hours, with Conan being forced to lick and worship every part of her magnificent body.1:37 am, June 26 nmdwjiConan Part3:Conan couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He was completely at the mercy of this huge amazon, and he knew she didn’t have any. It was just a question of how much she would punish and humiliate him-not if. “Well, I’m waiting. You can start begging any time now”. Though he knew it was hopeless, he had too much pride and refused to beg. “Ok, have it your way then. I hope you enjoy eating pussy”. She then shoved him head first up her pussy and began using güvenilir bahis him as a human dildo-thrusting him in and out, faster and faster until her pussy juices were running down her legs and Conan was nearly drowning in them. He wished she would stop soon. He was ready to beg her now to stop and began yelling for her to stop, but she either couldn’t hear him or didn’t care. When she finally stopped she tied a rope around his feet and said, “you had your chance to beg. Let’s see how you like it in the back of my cunt for awhile.” Conan was soaked from head to toe in her pussy juices. “No please, I’m begging you”, he cried out, but his pleading was to no avail as she just roared with laughter and began shoving him far back in her cunt. How could this possibly be happening to him thought the once proud warrior, and how much would this woman make him endure and for how long. After several hours of being trapped in the amazon’s cunt, she brought him out, but his punishment was far from over.”I’m going to punish you every day for the rest of your life worm for what you did to my people. You’ll regret everyday keeping me alive so you could fuck me and play with my huge tits. That was your downfall slave. I’ll give you a good meal everyday though. Would you care to guess what that is?” Conan had a good idea and shuddered at the thought. “That’s right my little cunt slave! S and P. You’ll eat and drink every bit of it to. Right now though I have a job for you. My gorgeous ass needs a cleaning and your just the man-or should I say dildo-for the job. She squatted down so her ass was at the level of his face and commanded, “Now get that tongue licking. You better do a good job or you’ll think time in my cunt was a picnic compared to where you’ll go next.” Conan began licking fast and hard. How humiliating this was, but it was better than being dead. If he knew what else the amazon had in store for him, he wouldn’t have thought that. His time in hell had only begun.



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