Nina Black’s Husband JohnDoes anyone remember the sexy Texas blonde, from the 98-2001 period named Nina Black? There are several great videos of her posted here on Xhamster in the interracial and cuckold section. The following is a narrative of a series of incidents, as were related in a communication from her husband John, back around 2001, 2002 time period.Please note that this is condensed from the original and from my recollection of the communication.John stated that he had encouraged Nina to have sex with black men and as shown Nina Fucks BBC in Hotel #2, things were quite successful. Things took a change when a group of black men from Dallas did a gangbang with Nina. One of the black men in the group had a cobra head tattoo on his stomach and an exceptionally large black cock. Nina did several one on ones with this man, one in an adult bookstore viewing room and it is hot. The couple became good friends with this blackman and he told them how his uncle had a business in Sherveport bakırköy escort that could help furnish materiels to their business at a reduce cost.He also told them he had been a no name lineman on a pro football team, ect ect.One day while John was at work he came by and he and Nina went out together. When John came home to find a note that stated he and Nina went out to look at some materiels and that the k**s were with a babysitter. Hours later John became very concerned and after not being able to reach Nina on her cell, called a number that he had been given by the black man as an alternate contact number. The person that answered the phone was the uncle in Shereveport who related that he had no idea what was going on with his nephew and it quickly became apparent that everything the black stud had told them was a fabrication.The phone range around ten and it was the black man telling him to shut up and listen, informing him that he had taken Nina to a beşiktaş escort black bar and that she had been sucking and fucking black cock all afternoon into the early evening and that she was on her way home and that everything she was going to tell him was a lie. When Nina arrived home she informed John that the two had gone to his uncle’s shop to check out some materiels and that they had proved unsuitable ect ect and that she was sorry for not calling and being late bla bla bla. John knew this was all a lie as he knew the uncle had no shop and the black stud had told everything. John was both pissed and turned on as hell. A short while later there was a knock on the door and it was the black stud. He told John and Nina that the whole incident had been staged and that Nina had been videoed with all those black men in the bar. He showed John, a frail build man, the address book he had thought that he had lost and that if they did not obey him everyone in beylikdüzü escort the book would recieve a copy of the video. John stated he was angry, scared and turned on as hell. The black man made John and Nina perform on his cock and took pictures of John and Nina sucking his cock together.John was told to leave and spend the night in a motel. He said that he was angry and confused and had a hard on as he drove to the motel. When he returned home from work the next day he was surprised to find the house rekeyed and that Nina had taken out a restraining order against him.To shorten things to the point, John related that the k**s had been left with relatives, whom Nina told she and John were having marital problems. John knocked on the door of he and Nina’s home to be greeted by the black stud who informed him of the new arrangment and led him to their bedroom were Nina was sucking a black cock “the size of a large cucumber”.Through blackmail and sexual desire John was femmed and fucked, forced to wear womens outfits and serve the black stud and his friends, whom continued to video everything they did to he and Nina. That is about the long and short of it as I recall from John’s communcation. If anyone has video of Nina Black made after August 2001 I would love to see it.



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