Night Two St. Trinians Girls gave all.St Trinians nights out, are nights of sexually loaded innuendos, gropings, and let your pigtails down, and short skirts up, affairs.The guy who directed those 60’s movies, must have done so with a hard-on, not to mention the cameramen and extras.Dressing as a Belle, does something for a womans libido, as our black knickers always have a wet patch, making sitting on an expectant mans lap, a joy, as his erection nestles comfortably between your wet lips, and every movement made sends those shivers up your spine as you tend to grind down on those meaty poles of joy.By closing time most of us are in the mood, and lets face it there’s not much to move for a quick insertion, just pull your knicker crotch over to the side and in he goes.I sit at the table with all my friends sitting on a lap, and notice the mens hands on their naked flesh immediately above the stockings top, their fingers caressing the tightly drawn ‘Camel Toe’, and the owners squirming on his erection.I smile, they all want to fuck, I suggest we rent a room and have an orgy, but some chicken-out, they’re married and they just want a bit of harmless fun, so we canlı bahis just laugh-off the suggestion and continue grinding down and trying to sneak a secretive orgasm.It’s cold outside and the snow is starting to fall, thank God we brought out overcoats, more to hide our indecency than protect our temperatures, which for some of us is high.I am supporting Monica, she is so drunk, and at 19, newly married, will have some explaining to do to her husband for the state she is in.I am staying over at their place, so hopefully I can cover for her.The taxi arrives and the driver gets out to help with her. We bundle her into the back seat and I stand back as he manipulates her into position, not failing to notice he gropes her privates, pulling her knickers to the side to expose her vagina, opening her legs and pushing his fingers inside.I stand-up outside looking through the window as he indecently touches her, making no effort to intervene, pretending to be ignorant and waiting to clamber into the passenger seat, where hopefully his little discretions now will encourage him to slip a hand over my stockinged legs.I close the rear passenger door as he climbs further bahis siteleri into the back seat and turns her face down, suddenly his fat face pops up at the other side, ‘Wont be a minute dear’, he says, ‘Just making sure she wont be sick’, and he ducks back down, to my echoes, ‘Take your time driver, I am in no hurry.’I have my hand on the roof as the car starts to bounce gently, the rhythmic motion clearly indicating he is fucking her, so I walk around the car to be met with his fat white bum bouncing up and down on her.I walk past him and open the passenger door and clamber in. ‘She’s married you know’, as I look between the seats at my girlfriends face, she’s not out of it, just screwed-up as she is being humped, then, suddenly he finishes as quickly as he started, and get off of her and throws her legs into the car and closes the door, I look at her again and not she is asleep.He climbs in, ‘Fuck me that was fucking good’, he explains, ‘You Belles have a bad reputation’, he continues and winks at me, buckles-up and drives off.I was so horny I knew I needed sex, so I slid forward on my seat letting my stocking tops come into view, ‘Did you Cum?’ güvenilir bahis I asked him, he looked sheepishly at me, ‘What do you think?’ he retorted, looking down at my exposed crotch, as I sat with my arms now around the head rest, making no effort to cover or protect my private area.’You’re Gagging for cock?’ I never answered as his hand rested on my bare patch, closing my eyes as I suspected he would have a good feel, ‘Did you cum in her?’ I asked again, as his fingers rubbed my swollen clitoris, it felt good and I was close to a good release.’I came up her bum’ he said as I started to get into my orgasmic state, he saw this and stopped, ‘What are you fucking doing’, I was angry being taken so far and left hanging, my own fingers trying to finish myself off, but it did not feel the same, he was indicating and pulling off the main road, we were stopping, I smiled, he was going to fuck me proper, and I smiled again.My door opened just as the car came to a halt and a pair of hands reached in and pulled me out. The back door opened and another guy climbed in on top of my friend, as I was pulled across the bonnet, my knicker pulled off and the stranger was in doing the dirty, I could only moan, as I had been on the edge all night and his insertion was bringing me off, the rest of the group waited patiently, as Monica and I moaned and gasped and our pussies filled with hot semen.



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