Sitting drained in front of her computer, she laid her head on the cool wood of her desk. The past few days trying to get her deadlines meet, taking every last bit of energy from her soul. Her brain gone, her mind fuzzy, and her body sore from working so hard. Lifting her head and going back to writing, no matter what something always seemed to come. There was nothing that would prevent her from finishing this on time if she could help it. Tapping on the keys as her heart poured in to her writing, Kate’s eyes started to drop again. Knowing it was time to take at least a five minute break she saved and stood up. The sun was out and shinning bright on this warm afternoon. The window open to let a breeze through her office as she made her way to the kitchen. The dog padding from the other room to see what was up, Kate figured it was time for more then a five minute break.

Hooking her leash up, she and the dog went for a quick walk down the road. Stretching her legs, soaking up the sun and actually enjoying the air was just what the doctor ordered for this day. Someone else was locked up in his office hard at work as well. It seemed when one had work, the other did. It was a god sent because when they didn’t have work they could spend it together. Taking a long walk through the streets she soaked in world around her. Getting a better idea of just what direction her story should take she head back to the house. The dog almost a little sad that they weren’t going any farther.

Stepping in to her office once again, she sat back at her desk and started away on her keyboard. The words pouring from her fingertips everything seem to flow out of her at once. Finally finishing she shut down the computer. The sun was setting by this time and making the air finally kartal escort start to cool down. This was by far her favorite time of day. Slipping down the hall he was still in his office working away at something, what she had no idea. Popping in to the master bath for a quick shower, she changed in to a tank top and skirt and went out to the porch.

The evening was perfect as she sat back in the hammock with a beer. Just relaxing knowing soon he would have to be calling it a night. The sounds of the evening filling the air, as she let her mind relaxed and become free of all thoughts. There was nothing important that needed to be done, she had no motivation to really cook, just lay here and relaxed. The sound of movement in the house told her someone was finally done. A smile came to her face, knowing when he didn’t find her in her office, he would come looking for her. She just waited as she rocked in the hammock. The night sky was starting to finally come out, a few starts dotted the sky. One great thing about night was the sights you could see in the stars.

The door opening as she looked at him walking out to join her. She slid over in the hammock as he dropped next to her. Letting out a breath of relaxation as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her almost right on top of him. Laughing as she wiggled right between his legs and laid against him looking up in to the night sky. The stars danced through the sky as they relaxed in each others embrace. The night was one of those only the best dreams take place in, the cool air perfect, the stars shinning bright and the love of your life in your arms.

His kisses pressing ever so gently against her cheeks, her fingers just tracing random patterns bostancı escort around his chest. Nothing could be more perfect in her mind. The breeze blowing her hair along his face, as they both closed their eyes and drifted off to dreamland together. But dreamland seemed to be very real to their bodies. Hands stroking down arms, hips wiggling against each other as bodies reacted while minds were off dreaming.

His eyes fluttered open as her hands seemed to caress down his chest to his waist. Knowing she was still in dreamland, his hands slowly pushed the skirt from her hips. Watching his hand slide down her skin with the fabric. His tan hands along her white legs as he caressed her soft, warm skin carefully. Doing everything he could not to wake her, he stripped his shirt up over his head, and let her head rest back against his chest. Her face seemed to just nuzzle the warmth of his chest right away. Grinning knowing she was having an erotic dream from the reaction her body was having to his touch. His hands running up under her tank top, softly stroking the skin around her breasts. Feeling her hips press harder against him, as she lay between his legs.

Her body seemed awake, but he knew she was fast asleep. Her movements telling him that she was acting out what ever erotic dream went through her head. Letting her hands do their thing, he felt the button of his pants give way. His breath becoming quicker as he felt her hand softly stroking against his stomach and down. His length seemed to grow in her hand as he softly stroked her nipples. She only shifted in sleep, it becoming almost to much for him as his need for her was throbbing through his body. Taking deep breaths as he tried not shift under her, maltepe escort not wanting to wake her, knowing she needed this sleep.

When her fingertips stroked over the tip of his length, no fabric covering him, he lost it. Very carefully removing her panties down her legs, lifting her a bit, so not to wake her from his movements. His hips raising to push his own pants down with his boxers. Sliding a hand between her legs, they seemed to part on their own. Her body was reacting to him, even if her mind wasn’t total aware. Turning her carefully with his hands she was soon was straddling his lap. His length pressing right at her opening as the cool breeze across her back had her shifting down against him.

Biting back a groan as he slid all the way inside her, her warmth covering him totally. When her body trembled and her eyes flew open, he knew she was awake and knew what was happening. The grin upon his face, he could not hide, as he pushed his hips up against her, driving deeper inside her. The shock on her face quickly turned to pleasure as she wrapped the sheet over her back, covering them both. The movement was slow, the swaying of the hammock taking them deeper and making the pleasure of their love feel like a lifetime.

Her hair falling against his face, her hips riding against him slowly driving them both insane with pleasure. Her body filling with the most amazing sensations as her body moved in time with his. Neither wanting this to ever end, the stars above them, the pleasure in ones arms as they rocked against each others hot body. Taking their time, both knew that edge would come and it would be the sweetest release ever. The peak rising right before them, as they both climbed together. The release finally coming as both let out a heavy breath.

Falling in to his arms, just resting against him. Both bodies and mind total spent as they feel asleep in each others arms. The night still around them, the stars dancing across the sky. The night air around them they slept in peace, knowing they would be in each others arms come the rise of the sun.



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