Night of lustNight of LustI’d had a crush on Mac for about five years and had often fantasised about fucking him. You could tell just by looking at him that you knew he would fuck you long and hard. Hubby was well aware that I would love to have Mac slide inside me at the drop of a hat; he even offered to set it up.We’d teased each other in our local pub but always in a banter kind of way. When I had my most recent breast op, I was in the pub with a deep plunging dress revealing my new huge tits. Mac whistled at them and Hubby offered him a feel of the goods. Macs wife was in the pub that night as it was a charity event and was looking in our direction, so Mac said maybe some other time and winked. I smiled at Mac who looked back with a tinge of disappointment. I licked my lips provocatively thinking you will have a feel when the time is right and a lot more besides.We met up with Mac for a quick drink when we were down in London. Nothing would happen that night either as too many of Hubby’s friends were hanging around, but Mac and I did exchange phone numbers that night. For the next few weeks we texted each other almost every day, gradually building up the sexual tension. Harmless jokey texts at first which became flirtier then eventually we began out and out sexting. Hubby and I were in the local with a group of hubby’s friends when Mac began sexting.He mentioned the night of the free feel and I replied they were there to be felt up anytime! He replied that feeling them would be magnificent, kissing them would be fantastic and seeing them would be outstanding. I asked did he want to see a photo of them. He said real life would be better but a pic would suffice. I went into the ladies and posted a selfie of me with my tits out in all their glory and said they were for his eyes only. I didn’t really pay much attention when I took the selfie but my dress had ridden up exposing my bald pussy.He obviously noticed as he told me my tits were magnificent but the view of my shaved pussy was driving him insane. I went back into the ladies scooping my tits out the dress and lifting the hemline above my waist I pointed my iPhone at the mirrored reflection.My stockings and Garter belt framed my hairless pussy magnificently, while my exposed tits were jutting forward an upwards. My nipples were rock hard erect and I could feel my pussy fizzing away.I clicked three pics of my naked tits and pussy, the last one with my legs slightly parted showing my pussy opening ever so slightly. If anyone had come into the ladies at this point, how on earth would I explain this! I sent the three pics to him and waited for his response.Putting my tits back inside the dress I then smooth the lower part over my stockinged thighs.Walking back into the main bar, my thighs were rubbing together and admittedly I was a little flushed with excitement.As I walked toward my Barstool I had a sexy smirk on my face.I sat back on my bar stool, crossed my stocking legs and placed my wine up to my lips.Hubby leant over and whispered “What are you up to?””Just having a bit of slutty fun with an old friend!” I replied.”Anyone I know?””Oh yeah you know him. It’s Mac! I’ve sent him a few selfies and I’m waiting for his response!”“Show me the selfies then!” Hubby asked.Clicking my photo section on my iPhone I showed Hubby the recent pics.Smiling at my erotic pics Hubby gave me a peck on the cheeks and brushed the palm of his hand over my left breast.Leaning in to me he whispered into my ear.”Well if he answers in the positive you can take him back to ours and have a bit of fun, I’m off to the casino with the guys!”Before Mac had a chance to reply I texted him with the following message.”If you can get here within half an hour you can fuck me in any hole you want!””I’ll be there in ten!’ came the reply. Looking at the reply on my iPhone my pussy tingled with desire.I winked over to my husband letting him know that the fuck was on!That particular canlı bahis night I was wearing a tight black mini dress which was clinging to my body. My huge breasts were stretching the gossamer like material of the mini dress. My nipples were most prominent from my state of arousal.Underneath I was bra less and pantie free, but I was wearing a black garter belt with some black fishnet stockings. I always wear high heels and tonight it was a black strappy pair.My garter belt was visible through my sheer dress.I texted Mac with “Give me a text when you’re outside and I’ll come out and we can go straight to mine and I can try your cock out for size!! Don’t worry James is fine with it!”I’d only just pressed send when my phone rang.”Your carriage awaits Madam!” Said Mac.Hanging up my phone I picked my coat off the back of the barstool, gave Hubby a peck on the cheek and whispered that I was away to get fucked. Hubby gave my ass a nice squeeze and said “Enjoy yourself”.”I fully intend to! I’ll even get a few pics for you!””Video would be better!””I’ll see how it goes!”I sashayed out of the pub straight in to Macs car. Mac greeted me with a deep tongue kiss and a soft fondle of my tits, which he began to scoop out of my tight dress.I moaned softly as his fingers pinched my nipples. My dress rode up as I slid down the seat slightly exposing my shaved pussy. We were on a Main Street and the car was well lit and anyone could see what we were up to. He placed his free hand on my pussy and said “Where do we go?”I whispered the address in his ear then rolled my tongue softly inside his ear.He placed the gearstick in first and off we went. We drove to my house with my tits scooped out of my dress and pussy on full display. I rubbed my pussy and pinched my nipples on the journey softly whispering how I wanted his cock inside me, that every hole was his and that I wanted him to come on my face. I asked did he want me to leave my stockings on. He grunted a positive yes to this question.Did he want to fuck my ass? Would he let me suck his cock? Again, both responses were in the positive.His cock was almost bursting the fly on his jeans.We pulled up outside my house and he pulled me toward him, pawing my exposed breasts. Forcing his tongue down my throat he rubbed my hairless mound. My legs opened wide for him to access my pussy. His index finger slid into my opening as his thumb circled my clitoris.The streetlight at my drive showed my glistening pussy lips off to great effect. His finger squelched in and out of my dripping gash. My orgasm was on its way as he inserted a second finger. I eased down the car seat to allow my legs to open further. I raised my opened legs up toward my exposed tits. He removed his fingers from my pussy and slid the soaked digits straight into my puckered asshole. One of my neighbours slowly walked past the car with his dog on a lead. He watched as Mac finger fucked my ass whilst I thrashed beneath his probing fingers. As my orgasm subsided Mac removed his fingers and said “You really are a filthy slut!””Just you watch how dirty!” I winked as I straddled his gearstick.Placing the knob of his gearstick between my pussylips, I slid slowly down the length of the gearstick, till I was fully impaled on the phallic offering.Slowly I began to ride the lever as Mac fingered my ass. The knob of the gearstick was banging against my cervix as an orgasm swept over me.My neighbour was standing at the passenger door watching the free sex show on display.”I want your cock inside me” I whispered.”Let’s go inside and fuck properly!”Mac helped ease my pussy off the gearstick.My neighbour stepped away from the car as I opened the car door, picking up my handbag and coat and stepped out of the car. My dress was still up around my waist exposing my bald wet pussy and stockings and garter belt to my neighbour.”Hi Dave” I said nonchalantly as I made my way up my path tottering on my high heels with my bahis siteleri bare ass on full view leaving my neighbour in a state of bewilderment.Mac followed closely as I placed my key in the door and we then entered the premises.Mac grabbed me in the hallway pulling me close to him and kissed me passionately.”You dirty slut!” Mac uttered.Dirty talk always does it for me and he was right in this instance, I was a dirty slut, and I was about to get much dirtier.As my lips brushed gently across his I whispered “Fuck me in the ass!”His jeans dropped to the floor as he turned me round to face the wall. Spitting on his erect cock he forced his bell end into my puckered ring. My asshole gripped his shaft as it penetrated me delightfully. My pussy gaped slightly from the gearstick as Mac plundered my tightest hole.Pulling my hair back he thrust his cock forcefully into my ass and whispered”Does your husband know that you’re getting fucked up the ass?””It was his idea!” I stated gaining control back.I was being ass fucked by a guy I hadn’t seen fully naked yet in the hallway of my house. Bent over like a wanton filthy, with a cock stretching my tightest of holes, he fucked my ass and called me a cock loving whore!Yes there was no denying I was a totally filthy slut and loved playing the role, every bit of it. His cock was stinging my asshole deliciously with each slamming thrust.I began thrusting my ass back onto his cock. I reached behind myself with both hands, arching my back in the process, and pulled my ass cheeks apart so he could clearly see his cock stretching my ring.”Fucking hell I’m going to come!” he panted.”Pull it out and come on my face!” I insisted.In one swift movement his cock was removed from my ass and somehow I was kneeling before him as splurge after splurge of hot creamy spunk splashed onto my face.My face was drenched in come as I opened my mouth and licked the last few drops from his semi erect cock.It shocked him to see me to perform ass to mouth on him. Now that I was back in control I rolled my tongue around his bulbous purple end, stroking his shaft whilst I fellated his hard cock.Removing his shirt, shoes and jeans I raised my arms in the air encouraging him to remove my dress.My dress was expertly discarded and thrown across the hallway. I knelt before him wearing only stockings, high waisted garter belt and high heels. Mac played with my tits as I continued to suck his cock.Tapping me on the shoulder he said”Let’s go into the bedroom and have a fuck!””First we’ll set up the video camera then you can fuck me. Take a few pics on your iPhone if you wish!”Mac grabbed me up off my knees and headed toward my bedroom. The video camera was already on the tripod and fully charged. I positioned the lens facing the bed so as to catch all the cock and pussy action and maybe even a bit of anal action also.I did a few glamour poses for Mac as he clicked away on his iPhone. The last few were legs open with my fingers playing with my pussy and asshole. My eyes maintained contact with the camera lens throughout. Mac said he wanted to fuck me now.I got off the bed, pressed record on the camera then Mac and I slithered onto the bed. Macs cock was huge and hard and it goes without saying my pussy was drenched at this point. Mac laid me down and lay between my opened legs, which I had splayed as wide as possible. His cock nuzzled between my shaved pussylips as he kissed me deeply. His cock slowly slid inside my pussy for the first time, as I raised my stockinged legs onto his broad back. Thrusting up to meet his cock I began bucking against him. Still kissing and tonguing each other I began to moan quite loudly. Mac broke free from our kiss and I hissed at him.”Fuck me like my husband can’t!”Mac slammed his cock forcefully into my stretched cunt. I screamed out loud with passion “Fuck me!” Placing his hands on my large tits he raised his body up as he ploughed his solid cock into my pussy. güvenilir bahis I looked over his shoulder and saw that our fucking was on display on the flat screen TV in my bedroom. I watched on the screen as Macs cock plundered my pussy. My wetness was glistening on his veined throbbing manhood. I opened my legs as wide as possible so the camera would be able to see my hairless pussy being stretched. I decided to add to the spicy sexiness by becoming more vocal.”Fuck me deep with your big cock like my husband cant!” I groaned knowing full well that James does love a bit of cuckold humiliation.”Your cock is much harder and bigger than my husband’s!” I continued.”Well it stretched your asshole in the hallway earlier and now its filling your dripping cunt!” Mac boldly stated.”Yes! Fuck me deep and make me sore!””In fact I might just fuck your ass in a minute so your limp dicked husband can wank his pathetic cock to this video!””Oh God! Fuck my ass then cum in my mouth!” I pleaded.”You’d like that wouldn’t you. You’re a filthy cock hungry slut!””I love your cock so much more than my husband’s!” I enthused.My mouth opened and clamped on his as his tongue explored my mouth, his cock stretched my pussy wonderfully. My orgasm was beginning as he kissed me passionately.I was being invaded by his cock and tongue, sending me over the edge as a squirting orgasm gushed through me. Macs cock was engulfed in the sexual deluge as he kept pounding my grateful fuckhole.”I’m coming!” I screamed breaking free from his kiss. The orgasm continued as Mac kept thrusting his fabulous skilled cock in and out of my well lubed pussy.”Oh my God!” I continuously panted as the sexual intensity overwhelmed me.My pussy juice was squirting in all directions as Mac unplugged his cock from my pussy and with one swift movement slid his well lubed weapon straight into my ass.My ass accepted his length without any objections whatsoever.My orgasm was subsiding as I wrapped my stockinged legs around his Back as he thrust his veined cock in and out of my ass, using his entire length. “I’m going to fucking destroy your ass!” Mac snarled.”It will be no good for your Husbands limp dick!” he tormented.”My ass is yours now!” I submitted as I thrust toward his invading cock.Mac kissed me deeply as he pushed his cock deep inside my ass, until his heavy balls were resting on my sphincter.”Fuck my ass like a real man!” I enthused.”You filthy cheating slut!” he roared, then laughed as he continued fucking my cheating ass.I rode his cock better than any porno slut or high class whore.”Keep fucking my ass then come in my mouth!” I begged.I knew my husband would lose his load to my sexual antics once he saw this video, but I was no longer playing to the camera. My ass and pussy belonged to Mac; to do with as he wished any time he wanted!An unbearable feeling of pure lust swept over me as Mac looked down on me whilst his cock slid vigorously in and out of my ass.Anal orgasms were happening almost every minute as the greatest cock I’ve ever experienced devoured me.”Fuck my ass!” I pleaded “Then come in my mouth!” I insisted.Mac grunted and spoke through clenched teeth.”I’m coming you dirty bitch!”Climbing off me he grasped his unplugged cock and a stream of white spunk splashed on my lips and cheeks. I was more prepared for the second wave. His come landed smack on the middle of my tongue as my mouth sheathed the throbbing weapon. Four strong spurts followed as I swallowed every masculine drop. His pulsing cock slowly deflating as my tongue swirled around the receding flesh.Running my finger over my chin and cheeks to capture the first onslaught, I removed Macs cock from my mouth, tilted my head back and let the gathered spunk slide off my fingers straight into my open mouth. Smiling at Mac I put his cock back in my mouth and rolled my tongue all around his bulbous cock end. Ensuring the camera was catching my outrageously slutty display, I continued sucking and licking this fabulous cock as my talon like nails gently sc****d the length of his shaft.”You dirty cunt!” he teased “Sucking my cock after its been up your ass!””For this cock I would do anything!” I replied.



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