This is the conclusion of the Dotson/Davis family story. I enjoyed writing this series and hope most of you enjoyed the journey as well.

Thanks to those who left comments and to those special few who four and five starred the first three chapters.

No more blabbing from me, time to see what the foursome are getting up to.


Craig walks into the den and sees a very firm ass in skin tight yoga shorts sticking right up in the air. Craig walks over and grabs the hips and pulls her back to rub against his shorts. She can feel his cock growing. “Hi Daddy. Is that for me?” She asks wiggling her ass.

“Hi Crissie, indeed it is for you. I couldn’t resist the work of art hanging in front of me.”

Crissie stands up, her ass still firmly planted against her father’s rock hard cock. She says “I was doing some stretching. I was going to see if you wanted to go work out with me. However I like your idea better.” She reaches up and behind her, pulling her father’s face down to hers.

Craig leans in and kisses his daughter’s full lips. His hands slide up from her hips and he pushes her sports bra up. Craig uncovers her pert breasts and he cups them in his hands. Her hardening nipples push against his fingers. He notices something and breaks the kiss. “This is new. Do you like them?” He asks as he lightly pulls the new nipple rings his eighteen year old daughter is wearing.

“Oh yessssss… My nips are always so sensitive, Momma suggested I might like this. She sure does. I can get off with just my boobs now!” She moans again as Craig adds a light twist to the pull. Crissie reaches behind her and rubs her father’s cock through his shorts.

Craig would like to play more with her nipples, but something more urgent is pressing. “Bend over like you were again, Baby.” He asks. When she complies, Craig drops to his knees behind her and peels the skin tight shorts up and then down her muscular ass. He uncovers her light blue thong which is buried between the two firm cheeks. Craig slides the shorts all the way down her legs and as she steps out of them, he reaches back up to squeeze each cheek and he runs his tongue along the light blue fabric pressed tightly against her treasures.

“Ooooh Daddy!!” Crissie moans. She is bent at the waist, with her hands on the floor. She looks back between her spread legs and sees Daddy’s bulge in his shorts. While Craig is massaging and kissing her athletic ass, she reaches back with one hand between her legs and pulls at Daddy’s waistband to lower his shorts.

Craig looks down at the tugging on his shorts. He sees his daughter’s upside down face between her own knees trying to free his cock. Being a good Daddy and not one to deny his precious daughter anything, he stands and quickly drops his shorts and kicks them aside. He kneels back down and resumes his position. He spreads her cheeks with his hands, pulling the thong aside with a thumb and runs his tongue along the glory trail. From clit to puckered hole his tongue runs slowly and with a steady pressure. He swirls his tongue around her rosebud, getting a shiver from her and then he lowers his mouth to taste his daughter’s sweet teen pussy.

Crissie is surprised when Daddy stands up, then smiles when his shorts drop. When he kneels again she reaches back and lovingly rubs his hard cock. Crissie lifts her hand from the floor and wraps her arm around her leg, pulling her into a tighter bend. She uses her other hand to pull gently on Daddy, getting him to crawl forward just slightly. She pulls and reaches and gets Daddy in her mouth, just as his tongue tickles her backside.

As Craig slides his tongue between his daughter’s lips he notices she isn’t just rubbing his cock. He glances down and sees her mouth wrapped around his head. Just then she applies suction and tongue and he shivers in return. “Baby, have I told you how Damn SEXY you are!!” Craig exclaims. She giggles around his cock head and he almost loses it. Craig slips a finger into his daughter, noticing just how damn tight she is, and how soaked she is already. He pulls back away from her magic mouth and stands. Craig looks at this sexy teen bent over in two, her tight pussy glistening for him. He guides his shaft between her lips and slowly advances into her. Her moans match his as he slides in the tight velvet of her tunnel. Craig grips her muscular ass and spreads the cheeks to allow him better access.

Crissie feels her Father slide into her. She can feel every vein and ridge as her pussy surrounds him. She widens her stance and opens her bend just a bit to help his entrance.

Craig slides all the way into his daughter. He again marvels that it seems as if she was built just for sex with him. She is just tall enough that he can enter her like this and he fits perfectly inside of her. Crissie’s velvet tunnel clenches his entire length. Craig holds with his cock buried completely in his sweet girl. He grinds up and down, left and right just a little bit, feeling the muscles grip and squeeze his shaft. He starts slowly moving in and out, but the heat and tightness of his daughter’s teen pussy is too much for slow. He begins long, strong strokes. From head to balls he slides in and out of her. He reaches around her waist and begins strumming bostancı escort her clit in time with his strokes.

Crissie is cumming continually. Her Daddy’s perfect cock sliding in and out of it’s matching sheath has her on the edge and his fingers on her swollen clit pushes her over. She is quivering and clenching on his cock, milking it, squeezing, trying to draw out his glorious cum. “Yesyesyes!! DDDDDAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYY!!” She screams in bliss.

Crissie’s orgasm is bringing Craig to the edge. He pumps two more times and grabs her waist and pulls her back all the way seating his cock in the perfect pocket. “I’m cuuuummmmmmmmiinnnggggg!”

Crissie feels his molten load splash deep inside of her. “YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!”She cries “Fill me up, Daddy!! Show me your love!!” When Craig’s cock is emptied inside of her and his hands release her waist, Crissie falls into a forward roll. She springs up to her feet and spins to face her Daddy. She nudges him back to the couch and when he sits down, Crissie drops to her knees and takes Daddy’s sticky cock in her mouth and she sucks their fluids off of it. She licks and sucks. She strokes and squeezes. More of his seed sneaks out of the tip and she eagerly sucks that clean too. Crissie lets his semi hard cock fall out of her mouth, nice and clean.

She climbs into Craig’s lap and wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him. “Thank you, Daddy. That was a great workout.”

“I hope you aren’t done yet, Baby. We still have a couple more sets to do.” He replies with a kiss. He picks Crissie up in his arms and carries his naked teen daughter upstairs to her room.


Craig and Crissie, father and daughter, lay naked with arms and legs tangled together. They share a long sweet kiss. “Now, that was a workout.” Craig says to his flexible gymnast daughter.

Crissie giggles, “I am surely going to feel it tomorrow.” She kisses Daddy again. “Best workout ever. We need to hire you out as a personal trainer, Daddy. Maybe even start a business, I know you’d be in high demand.” Crissie giggles again.

“I don’t think a business is a good idea. You and your sister are the only workout partners I want.” Craigs laughs and kisses his beautiful daugter. “Your birthday is coming up next week. Want another party? Something else?”

“I want to go to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor. We haven’t been in YEARS, Daddy.” Crissie says pulling close to her Daddy.

“I swear, you two are telepathic or you have a twin mind reading thing going on. Every time! You and Susan come up with the same idea. She says she just thought of that this morning when I asked her.” Craig says in disbelief.

Crissie giggles like a maniac for a moment. “I don’t know what it is, Daddy. Just like last year with the pool party then the bikinis. I blame Susie, she is the strange one.” She giggles again.

“Well, Six Flags it is. I’ll let you and Steph know the details when I get them finalized.” Craig pulls Crissie close and they doze off with his daughter snuggled tight.


Craig, Susan, Crissie and Stephanie are eating dinner together and discussing birthday plans. “Your Mom and I have decided we are all going to stay in Fort Worth for your birthday week. We will get two rooms at the Omni. We will let the two of you choose the daily activities.” Craig looks at his girls who are bouncing in their seats. “How does that sound?”

“Yay!! A week of fun!!” Crissie squeals as Susan giggles.

“Six Flags! Hurricane Harbor! Texas Rangers!” Susan chants.

“Kimbel Museum of Art! Perot Science and Nature museum! The Stockyards!” Crissie joins in.

“Sounds like we will have a busy week.” Stephanie smiles at the energy of the girls. “I have more news. We are going to fly there. In my new plane!!”

“What?! Mom! You got it!!” Susan jumps up and hugs her mother.

Crissie hugs Stephanie as well. “What do you say, Sweetheart. Want to be my cutie pie copilot?” Stephanie asks her teen lover.

“Yes!! Momma, you are the best.” Crissie squeals and then gives Stephanie a long, deep, passionate kiss.

“Next Monday we leave, girls. Get your packing done. There will be a couple surprises as well, so make sure you have at least one very nice dress and shoes.” Craig says as Susan leaps into his lap and plants a kiss on his lips.

“You are the best Daddy in the world. We have the best parents ever!” Susan exclaims

“And the sexiest!!” Crissie adds.


“Thank you for a smooth flight. I say, without question, you two are the best pilots.” Craig tells Stephanie and Crissie.

“And the sexiest!” Susan adds with a giggle.

“Most definetly, Baby Girl. They are sexy too.” Craig says as Stephanie follows the ground guides and moves her plane to the designated space. The four disembark and Craig unloads the plane while Stephanie takes care of the rest.

They load up the rental cars and each couple gets into one. Craig and Susan in the town car and Stephanie and Crissie in the SUV. They drive downtown and to the Omni. Craig checks them in as the three women look around the lobby. They head up to the adjacent rooms and get ready for dinner. They are planning on an early night for a büyükçekmece escort long full day at Six Flags tomorrow. Craig is wearing a pair of jeans and a dark green polo shirt. Susan comes out of the bathroom wearing skinny jeans and a very tight fitting dark green polo shirt.

“That outfit looks a hundred times better on you than on me, Baby Girl. I might have to go change.” Craig laughs as he pulls his young lover up for a long kiss.

“You better not. It took me forever to find this shirt in this color. Be prepared, we are going to match a lot this week.” Susan says and kisses him. “Everyone will know we are together. Gotta keep those other girls away from my super hot, sexy Daddy!!”

“Silly girl! No one is gonna take me away from my mega hot Baby Girl!!” Craig kisses her and says “let’s go get your mom and sister before I tear those matching clothes off of you and have my way with you.” He laughs. “I’m still going to do that, I just want to eat first.” They walk out into the hallway. Hand in hand they walk next door and Susan knocks on the door. Crissie opens the door wearing skin tight jeans and a light blue blouse. Stephanie walks up behind her wearing well fitting jeans and a blue blouse. “Why do I think that the girls went through our luggage?” Craig asks with a chuckle.

“It appears we are going to be matching all week. Our little Darling just told me.” Stephanie says as she makes a spin, showing off her outfit. “I don’t mind at all. We raised a couple fashionistas.”

The foursome take the elevator down to the lobby and to the restaurant. Craig gives his name and confirms the reservation. They follow the hostess, each couple holding hands and smiling happily. They enjoy a wonderful meal and the conversation flows easily as the girls are excited for the amusement park tomorrow. Craig and Stephanie are both thrill seekers and love roller coasters so they are just as excited as the girls. The girls share a big piece of cheesecake and each feeds a bite to their significant other. “Thank you Mom and Dad for being awesome!” The girls say. Some heads turn at that, but nothing is said and the girls didn’t notice. With dinner and dessert over they couples head back up to their rooms.

Craig kisses Crissie good night and gives Stephanie a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “See you in the morning ladies. Sleep well.”

“We will Daddy, eventually.” Crissie says as she hugs Stephanie. “Good night, you two. Have fun.” Crissie and Stephanie each kiss Susan good night and walk into their room. Craig and Susan continue on to theirs.

Stephanie closes and locks the door and turns to see her love standing behind her. “Hi Baby. Did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight.”

“You did, but I still like hearing it. You look beautiful every night, Momma.” Crissie says as she unbuttons her blouse, smiling at Stephanie. Crissie drops her shirt, then turns into the bedroom of the hotel suite. Stephanie drops her blouse and follows her young lover. Crissie turns and holds her arms out and Stephanie walks into them wrapping the younger girl up and kissing her long and passionately. Stephanie’s hands slide up and pop open Crissie’s front hook bra. Her hands cup the small breasts and her fingers lightly tug the ring hanging on each hard nipples. Crissie moans into Stephanie’s mouth as her hands open her Momma’s jeans. She tugs the tight jeans down over Stephanie’s round ass and then Crissie breaks the kiss to keep sliding the jeans down her lover’s long legs. Stephanie steps out of her jeans and kicks them aside.

Crissie kneels in front of her sexy Momma. She runs her hand up Stephanie’s long soft legs and runs her fingers over Stephanie’s panties. “Are these new Momma? These lacy panties are sexy!!”

“I’m glad you like them. I wore them just for you.” Stephanie says. She does a slow spin so Crissie can enjoy the view. The sky blue lace rides high on her hips and hugs her cheeks very nicely. She finishes her spin and looks at her young love. She blows a kiss to Crissie, who smiles.

Crissie reaches up and slides those panties down Momma’s legs. Stephanie’s trimmed auburn triangle is right in front of Crissie’s mouth. She traces her little tongue along the edges and slides her hands up the inside of Stephanie’s thighs. Crissie dips her tongue lower, brushing Momma’s lips. She feels the heat and moisture on her tongue.

Stephanie’s knees wobble when her little lover licks her engorged clit. Stephanie steps over and falls back onto the bed, her legs spread. Crissie hops to her feet and squirms out of her skin tight jeans. Stephanie looks up and sees Crissie go back to her knees at the edge of the bed between Stephanie’s legs.

Crissie returns to licking her Momma’s tasty pussy. Her tongue and lips licking along the lips and then she slides her fingers up to spread Stephanie’s lips. Her tongue darts into the hot center of her Momma. Momma moans in pleasure as her teenager tongues her pussy. “You taste amazing, Momma. You are the best tasting woman.” Crissie says and then dives back in to the older woman’s wetness. She slides her finger in beside her tongue and slides it in and out while she moves her mouth to Momma’s clit.

“Fuck baby! Keep going! Sooooo çapa escort goooooooooodddd!!” Stephanie moans and writhes on the bed. Her hands going to the young blonde’s head, pulling her in tighter. She feels Crissie curl her fingers inside and make the come here move that rubs Stephanie’s G-spot. “CUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIMNNNNNGGGGGG!!” Stephanie screams as her pussy explodes over the teen’s face.

Crissie sucks and licks up her lover’s fluids as they flow from her body. She keeps her fingers slowly sliding in and out as her mouth works. She cleans the pretty pussy and slowly kisses her way up the shivering body of the woman she considers her mother. Her hands and lips trace up the long, smooth, firm stomach to the heaving chest. She takes one of Stephanie’s B-cups in her hand and the other rock hard nipple into her mouth. Stephanie’s hand moves up and cups the back of Crissie’s head, holding her to her breast, entangling her fingers into the short blond hair.

Stephanie’s breathing calms as Crissie sucks and massages her breasts. She lightly pulls Crissie further up her body to bring the young wet lips to her own. She tastes her flavor and pushes her tongue into the girl’s mouth.


At the same time her mother is screaming in bliss and cumming on Crissie’s face, Susan is getting a mouthful of semen from her Daddy. Susan is naked and on her knees at the edge of the bed, between Craig’s legs. She has his cock in her mouth as he groans and cums in her mouth. Susan strokes and sucks every drop of his tasty cum out of his rigid member. She sits back on her feet and swallows the last bit in her mouth while watching him soften. She then climbs up into his arms and Daddy kisses her. “Thank you, Baby Girl. That was fantastic.” He kisses her again.

“I’m glad you liked it Daddy.” Susan kisses him again and snuggles deep into his strong arms and closes her eyes and they drift off to sleep.


Susan wakes the next morning with an exquisite feeling between her legs. She opens her eyes and looks down to see Daddy licking her pussy. “Oooh Daddy! I can like waking up to this!”

“Good morning, Baby.” Craig says and then returns to his tasty breakfast. Now that she is awake, Craig moves to get her off quickly. He knows his girl well and with a few finger movements and some hard sucking on her clit, he has her squirming in excitement. She tumbles over the edge, crying for her Daddy as she cums hard. Craig kisses his way up her body as she comes down. He kisses her deeply as he slides into her quivering pussy. Craig holds his cock fully inside of her hot wet tunnel. He feels her pussy tighten around his shaft and holds him like a tight velvet fist. “Susie Sweetheart, you are so beautiful and sexy. I am so glad you are in my life.” Craig kisses his young girlfriend and starts slowly sliding in and out of her.

“Oh Daddy. I love you so much!! You are too good to me!” Susan smiles as she welcomes her Daddy inside of her. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him close for a kiss. She continues kissing his lips, neck, and shoulders as they slowly make love. Daddy kisses her neck and sucks hard on the junction of her shoulder and neck. She feels his teeth and is sure he is marking her as his. Susan moans in his ear as he speeds up. “DaddyDaddyDaddy! Don’t stop. I’m sooooo cloooosssseeee!!”

“Happy birthday, Susie. I love you.” He whispers in her ear as he thrusts into her deeply and fills her with his cum. She feels him explode inside of her and that triggers her own orgasm. She screams his name and locks her arms and legs around him holding him tightly to her as her body milks his dry.

Susan lays back on the bed, arms and legs wide when she recovers. Craig slips out of her and lays beside her. He pulls her into his arms and kisses her deeply. “I love you, Susie. Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you, Daddy. I love you too. That was my best birthday present ever. Just two more years to go, and you can give me a better gift.” She smiles as she moves his hand down to her belly. Susan kisses Daddy again and then hops up out of bed. “I’m going to shower and get ready for Six Flags!!” She walks towards the bathroom. “Are you coming, Daddy? I need some help washing some really dirty spots.” As he leaps out of bed, she blows him a kiss and walks to the bathroom, wiggling her butt to him.


The families have a fantastic time at Six Flags. They are all wearing shorts and dark blue Fire Department T-shirts. They buy the quick pass so they are able to jump ahead of lines and ride all the rides they want. They break off into couples at times as they wander the park, yet they do have lunch together and ride some of the more popular rides as a foursome. Susan is having an amazing birthday. She gets to hang out with her three most important people in one of her most favorite places. She and Craig hold hands constantly and share kisses throughout the day. Crissie and Stephanie do the same. A few people notice the age differences, but nobody seems to make a deal of it and none of the four let any prudes ruin their day. As the day winds down, Susan decides where she wants to go for dinner. The four ride the Texas Giant one last time and they leave the park with the girls having a giant stuffed animal apiece. Turns out Stephanie is a hell of a shot with the BB gun and won Crissie a giant butterfly and Craig’s softball talents helped him knock over enough milk jugs to win Susan a unicorn she promptly named Craig. The four pile into the SUV and head back to the hotel. They all head to their rooms to shower and change.



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