Night at the MoviesThis is something I’ve promised myself for God knows how long now. I’m 19 and I’ve never had sex, or had a serious girlfriend. I’ve never even seen a naked girl except in the magazines I’ve purchased but had to furtively throw in the bin before I reached home in case my rather austere mother finds them during one of her many routine searches of my bedroom.My problem is that I feel so awkward and difficult talking to girls, my mind goes completely blank and sometimes worse, I mix my words and leave them sniggering at me as I scurry away, wanting to blend in with the background or simply disappear altogether. I’ve learned to face and come to terms with the fact that the only way I will ever get to see a naked girl is in this porn cinema. I just hope against hope that no one recognises me going in and it gets back to my mother. I couldn’t face her, I don’t know what I’d say but still, I need to see what a naked girl looks like, in the flesh. Stumbling down the stairs of the box office in my haste to disappear off the street into the anonymity of the cinema, pushing my crisp note under the counter glass, a small yellow ticket ejects from the machine, along with my change, which I promptly drop on the floor. Oh no should I leave it and scurry in? but that would look sus, so crouching down I quickly fumble around to recover my lost change before pushing through the double swing doors and lunging towards the next set marked ENTRANCE’. “Just one minute!” Looking round, the ticket collector who I had nearly flattened with the swinging doors without noticing him, holds out his hand and then snatches my ticket, tears it in half, returning one half to me. Rather embarrassed but a little more collected, I apologise profusely and resume my journey through the entrance door towards my objective of seeing naked female flesh for the very first time.Once in the cinema itself, my eyes are blinded by the darkness, hopefully in a few seconds they will re-adjust. Now I can hear strange female grunting.Turning round to my left I see the video screen and for the first time a beautiful, blonde haired girl sucking on the buxom tits of an ecstatic girl with long dark hair on a large double bed. Both girls are like magazine pull-outs, I’ve never seen such beautiful girls before and here they are, totally naked, having sex with each other. The blonde girl’s tits are smaller but just as delectable, her pussy is not as hairy as the dark girls. I’m not sure which of the two I like best. If only I could do that with either of them!Making my way towards the back of the cinema, fumbling along the wall. I covet a seat at the back, plenty of room from the nearest patron and furthest away from the light emitting screen, reducing the chance of being recognised by any of the other audience. Having found the back row, which fortunately is empty, I edge my way along the seats to the corner seat, next to the wall. By this time the two girls are now joined in their frolics by a large well-built man with long hair tied in a ponytail. He’s clearly delighting at having two of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen, industriously working on his huge cock with their lips and fingers. It’s a sight that leaves me agape, until men taking their seats in the row in front of me temporarily interrupt it. I was so transfixed, I hardly notice the rather portly man shuffling along the back row to take his place right next to my seat. Having so many empty seats to choose from, why is it he has to crowd me in and sit next to me?Returning my attentions to the film, watching the man position the blonde girl ready for entering her. I hardly notice the fumbling going on next to me until glancing down, in the dim light I can just make out that the man has his shirt buttons and flies undone and he is fumbling to extract his cock from within his trousers. What on Earth is he doing? That becomes all too apparent upon its release, he immediately commences stroking bursa escort it vigorously. I’m incredulous, I look at his face which is motionless, like he was sat in his own bed-sit behind a locked door, rather than in the back seats of what was after all, a public cinema.I just had to change seats urgently but how could I ask the man to move? How could I get past him without unwittingly touching `it!’? I couldn’t climb over the rows in front, they were full by now, I was trapped. I was faced with no choice but to hope that he would manage to finish what he was doing rapidly and hopefully return it to its rightful place.My observations returned to matters on-screen and the pounding the blonde girl was receiving from the huge thick cock that was plunging down into her hole like a Victorian piston engine. Though I can’t see her face, which is buried deep between the legs of the dark girl, surely she must be suffering some pain from the drumming her pussy is taking from this man’s cock; though from the intense grunts both girls are making, she seemed to be actually taking pleasure from her ordeal. Nevertheless this whole scene is quite the most erotic display I have ever seen and my cock was continuing to bulge and strain uncomfortably from within my trousers.On feeling my neighbour’s hand on my right knee, my enrapture with the scene on screen was instantly dispelled and turned to alarm. I shoot a quick glance at him but he is looking ahead at the screen expressionless, though he continues to stroke his dick assiduously. But his touch with his other hand is obviously deliberate because he’s rubbing my leg in upward strokes which means he wants to play with my cock as well as his own. That must be why he chose to sit next to me when there were all those empty seats around. In some ways I don’t know if I’m flattered by this man’s attentions, he obviously finds me sexually attractive, which to my best knowledge no-one has yet to date, but he is overweight, scruffy, with white thinning hair and about aged between my father and late grandfather. Seconds later he’s rubbing my cock-mound through my trousers, which due to the film scene I was watching is extremely sensitive, having the effect of making my mouth gape and eyes bulge. As his other hand reaches over to start undoing my trousers, I feel almost powerless to intervene. The feel of his chubby fingers rummaging through my trousers, trying to extract my dick from my underpants is every bit as erotic as the film. Trying to mimic my friend’s motionless expression, concentrating my gaze at the film is becoming increasingly difficult as he’s trying to tug my trousers downwards, even though I’m sat on them! I suppose I ought to either object or co-operate and given the condition of my throbbing dick, there is really no choice. Upon lifting my ass tentatively off the seat, my friend leans across my lap and my trousers and underpants both drop down to my knees. Instead of then sitting up to play with my cock as I expected, his head is in my lap moving slightly and oh no! He’s put my dick in his mouth and now he’s sucking on it.Responding to my gasps, three men in the seats in front look around and smile knowingly. I cannot believe this, ten minutes ago I was disgusted at my friend’s audacity and here I am with my trousers around my ankles having my dick sucked while others look on. The feelings my dick and my whole nether region is experiencing as my friend’s head bobs up and down, sucking and slurping are breathtaking. No longer can I maintain my pole-faced expression, the smile on our spectators’ faces widens to a grin.Just as I feel my balls twitch and strain preceding ejaculation, his sucking pauses and my cum is arrested. My friend looks up and smiles at me, all I can do is return the smile tensely. My hand is taken to his cock and put to work on wanking up and down the shaft. It feels really warm and sweaty, it’s as short, chubby and fleshly as its owner. I feel a bit bursa escort bayan uneasy at him putting his arm around me and giving me a hug. This is not love, I’m not gay, this is just a wank but not wanting to offend my friend I disregard his cuddle and continue to work on his short fat cock.His hand moves from my shoulder up to my head and his fingers run through my short hair then I can feel the palm of his hand position itself at the back of my head. Pressure begins to push my head towards his awaiting cock, shaking my head I protest, “No! I don’t want to.” But the pressure continues. Looking distressed towards my spectators for intervention, they just smile and still my head is pushed inexorably towards the awaiting cock. I manage to briefly turn my head towards my friend to ask, “Do I have to?” Just two nods is the reply I receive and so I have no option but to submit. Bracing myself for the smelly, sweaty taste preceded by a pungent stench of sweat from his crotch, I open my mouth to allow his thick fleshy cock to dock inside. The taste is as musty as any strong cheese, the tip is slimy from the excretions emitted during the wank and still my mouth is pushed further onto it and deep into my throat as I gag for breath. The pressure at the back of my head keeps subsiding and returning as my mouth is pushed up and down his stumpy pole. I keep gagging and retching, wanting to throw up each time my head is pushed down and his hard cock is thrust down my throat. It subsides momentarily as I hear him press down to my ears and hiss, “Suck harder!” Maybe if I do, he won’t push my head down so far onto his cock so I endeavour to suck as hard as possible, ignoring the pain at the back of my throat caused by over-stretching to accommodate this hot fleshy organ. Wanking the stem whilst sucking the head seems to have the desired effect of releasing the back of my head, so gratefully I suck and try to mimic my friend’s head bobbing up and down the shaft of his fleshy tool. “Harder! It’s cumming.” I hear, “Don’t you dare spill a drop!” Knowing what is coming, a sense of dread fills me. His cock twitches warning me of imminent ejaculation, so I futilely try to jerk my head up to release my mouth from his cock to find his hand push me harder onto it.A large blob of warm slimy fluid gushes into my mouth. It’s sickening taste of natural yoghurt makes me retch once again, more so as this stuff continues to ooze and seep into my mouth. “Now swallow it!” My head is released so that I can sit up and try to ingest this loathsome slime. The tears streaming down my face and inconsolable sobbing worsens my retching until the thick fluid turns watery enough to swallow. Thereupon the man in the middle seat in front of me, turns back round, stands and pulls his trousers up and hastily scurries back along the row as soon as the man next to him stands to allow his exit. I notice that the man standing, also had his trousers down. Our audience must have been masturbating as they watched me suck. Still the two men on either side of the empty seat look intently at us.By now the previous actors in the film were replaced by others equally erotic and relishing in sexual abundance but right now I am impervious to their fascination. Once again, I shudder as I feel an arm around my shoulder and my friend lean over and whisper, “You were lovely!” Whilst my tears have ceased I still cannot stop whimpering and sobbing. “Cheer up.” Reaching across my lap, he feels my now flaccid dick. The combination of the fondling of his warm sweaty hand and the sight of a woman being fucked doggy-fashion and her large coconut breasts jangling around is inducing a stirring within my dick as it returns to erection. Taking my hand once again, he places it on his pliant dick. “I don’t want to suck it, please don’t make me suck it again.””That’s OK, you don’t need to,” he replies reassuringly.Accepting his reassurances, I get to work on revitalising his dick. Erotic escort bursa and carnal feelings continue to swell up within me as my friend massages my dick and testicles. I can feel the gradual swelling of his cock which is responding well to my strokes. Gradually it’s becoming harder and easier to wank as it swells. On reaching full erection, my friend closes his eyes and lets out a deep sigh of satisfaction, which gives me encouragement to work harder on his fat throbbing tool.I look up at him, he smiles and takes my hand off his cock and hands it to the man in front. He grasps it warmly, as the man next to him is given my other hand. Their grip tightens and I am jerked off my seat, which retracts instantly. I’m wondering what and why they are doing this when one pushes a handkerchief in my mouth. It dawns upon me the violation I am about to suffer. Clenching my teeth, I refuse the handkerchief but I have to open my mouth when he holds my nose and it’s pushed further in until it gags me. And now a cold, oily, slimy fluid is being massaged into my ass and then a finger slides in. I struggle against firm strong hands that hold me stable as the finger probes my asshole, inflicting a sharp violent pain as it moves. But by squeezing my anal muscles, the finger is evicted and slides out to my great relief.But instead of releasing me, the men pull me further over the seat backs. My friend is shuffling past me until his large belly is resting against my upturned ass and then inserts two thumbs, pulling the entrance to my hole, bringing about a surge of pain. His cock, positioned at the entrance rubs, tormenting and terrifying me, pauses as more fluid is rubbed in and then a burning and searing pain sweeps though my ass and into the pit of my stomach. I’m unable to scream for the handkerchief stuffed in my mouth, my eyes bulge and nearly plop out of their sockets. His rigid cock remains stationary as my ass is abruptly repositioned and then the indescribable pain ensues as it slides out and then thrusts down my passage re-igniting the merciless agony – “Oaaaawwww!!!!!” My muffled screams seem to only attract a wider audience of onlookers watching my degradation in morbid intrigue. As his cock thrusts ever deeper, the pain is becoming intolerable, my eyes stream with tears and still no-one expresses objection, much less comes to my aid, despite looking, pleading into the eyes of these witnesses. They just watch me in my agony with not a flicker of compassion.At last the thrusts seem to decelerate as fatigue begins to set in but still they come, and with each downward motion the pain in my ass re-ignites. His driving cock feels like a white hot poker scorching my insides, “oooohhhh – Naaahhhh!!! Nooooh!! Stop!!”Oh at last. “Aaaaah!! Oh no, Aaaaaaaaah!!!” “Oh I’m coming! I’m coming!” The thrusts stop and he collapses on top of me, his weight unbearable but thankfully his cock slides out of my orifice. “You were a great shag.” I hear my friend compliment me as my captors release my wrists and turn around to resume watching the film. At last, now I can spit these sodding tissues out of my mouth and breathe. My mouth is so dry and arid. I need a drink, I need to get out of this Hell! I just want to be back home with my mom, safe and sheltered.On resuming his seat, my friend pushes me back into mine resulting in a sharp stabbing anal pain. He’s feeling my dick but this time it’s refusing to respond. Now he’s going through my jacket pocket – why? Am I being robbed? He seems to have found what he’s looking for and is squinting in the dim light at a scrap of paper. I can’t make out what of mine he’s found. Leaning over, he whispers to me, asking, “Do your parents know you’re in here?” “No” I reply.”Would you want me to tell them – Simon?” He knows my name! The thought of the effect that such news would have on my mom terrifies me, it could kill her! So shaking my bowed head, I look down remorsefully at his fondling of my still limp dick. Squeezing my balls tightly, he hisses, “Well you’d better come with me then.” Standing up, dragging me to my feet me by my shoulder pads, putting his mouth to my ear he hisses, “Then get dressed Simon, you’re coming home with me.



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