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On my first day at my new job I already knew that I wasn’t going to be able to focus. Last night Andi had offered me her ass for the first time, as a celebration of my getting this job at a local TV station. It had been the most amazing sensation ever and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I had expected it to feel like the tightest pussy I’d ever fucked, but I hadn’t expected all the different sensation of it pushing on the top of my dick and the guttural noises that she would make, and the light whimpering. I was beginning to wonder how she’d ever get me to fuck her pussy again.


Great; the HR guy that hired me had caught me daydreaming in, like, my first minute on the job.

“Yes, Tim?”

“I want to take you to meet the assistant news director, she’s who you’ll be working directly for, for the most part. What were you thinking about, you had the dopiest expression on your face”

“Oh, I’m just nervous and I was trying to look over this sample copy that you gave me.”

Tim looked suspicious, but He motioned for me to come with him. I followed Tim silently most of the way around the building. At this point I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to find my way back around to the little cubicle that they had assigned me to.

“Lucy is very excited to meet you, so make me look good in there. All right?”

“Of course, Tim.”

I wanted him to feel like we were buddies.

We came up to Lucy Fortine’s office. It wasn’t anything special from the outside, just an oak door with a name plate.

Through the door we stepped in to her outer office and that’s when I saw her secretary. The woman was a gorgeous little imp.

She was turned away from us talking on the phone and filing.

She was one of those women who managed to be 5′ 4″ and still have long slender legs. She had olive skin and shoulder length wavy black hair. She wore a dark gray suit with a skirt hitting well above the knee. Her tight white collared shirt spread perfectly but not too tight over her breast. Her breasts were what I like to call “hand sized” not huge, but a little too big for a woman of her stature.

“Angela, I’d like to introduce the new guy to Lucy.”

Angela turned to us and looked us over. I was blown away by the obvious checking out she was doing. She even paused for a second to stare at my crotch. I had to concentrate in order to not get a hard-on right there. I think she saw it stir and looked up at my eyes quickly.

“Hello new guy,” she said to me.

“Hi. I’m Steve Jones,” I said, lamely.

“I’ll make sure Lucy is available.”

And she turned around abruptly and went in to the inner office.

I turned to Ted, “Did you see that?”

Ted looked at me quizzically, but didn’t say anything.

Angela came back out and held the door open. Ted shook my hand.

“You should be all set. Let me know if you need anything later.”

I went in.

Lucy’s office was huge. The far wall was all floor-to-ceiling windows. There was a sitting area to my left and a desk straight ahead with the window behind it. It was early in the morning and the sun was on the other side of the building.

Lucy was sitting in the sitting area with piles of pages all over the coffee table in front of her. She was sipping tea from a clear glass mug.

“Hello Steven.”

She was what we call a zaftig woman. Not thin at all, probably the kind of woman that feels fat although she’s healthy. In my opinion she could loose a few pounds. She was wearing black pants and a very light grey cardigan. Most days, I might have joked with a friend that her features, which we soft because of her weight turned me off. Today, Still high off halkalı escort my first anal fuck with my fiancée last night, I could be turned on by anyone, really.

I had to focus on her as my new boss, not as a woman. Beside, she wasn’t some drop dead gorgeous model like her secretary whom I had to stop thinking about.

“Hello Mrs. Fortine.”

“Well it’s Ms. now, but call me Lucy. Tim says great things about you and your resume is impressive. Sit down.”

Sitting down, I started to ramble, “Well I trained at the Kennedy School and NYU Film and then I went on to handle news writing at five good sized stations and I’m just excited to come up to this major market and-“

“Steven, please stop. You have the job. All we’re doing now is getting to know each other. I have no doubt that you are qualified. All that we need to know now is how well you work under pressure, how quickly you adapt to our systems and whether you get along well with everyone here.”

“Yes ma’am, thank you.”

“If you call me Ma’am again, I’ll spank you.”

I stated to laugh, but I realized that she was staring at me straight faced. I shut up, was she serious?

Then she laughed.

“I’m just kidding of course. You are very uptight. Do you get laid enough?”


“Forgive m crudeness, Seven, but I’m a busy woman and I have a lot to get through. I need to know anything that has a bearing on how well you work and I don’t have time to be cute about finding out.”

“I have a fiancée.”

“And you last did it..?”

“Last night.”

“Well, I would have preferred that you’d done it this morning to come in relaxed. Today will be stressful for you. But, that’s your business, I suppose.”

“Thank you, Lucy,” I said for lack of anything better.

“Listen, We’ll have lots of time to get to know each other and I need to move along. Why don’t we see if Angela can take you down to the caf or something and answer any questions to help you set your mind to rest.”

“Thank you, that would be great.”

She hit a button on the phone by the table and Angela walked in almost immediately.

“Angie, take Steven Here down for a coffee and give him the lay of the land, you know? Kind of help him understand the place.”

“Sounds great,” Angela said, “I’d love to get to know him.”


I got a muffing and a green tea for Angela and a coffee with two sugars for myself and was walking back to the table with them on a tray.

The cafeteria was a lot like a school cafeteria, except a pretty nice private school. We got a table near a window and sat down in solid black metal chairs.

“So, you were at a station in southern New Jersey before.”

I was still trying to handle my heightened horniness and now I was having coffee with one of the most beautiful woman that I’d ever seen up close.

“Yeah, I was head writer for the 6 o’clock. How long have you been at the station?”

Angela looked at me, she had a sexual stare and it reminded me of her checking my package in the room before. So help me, if she really made a pass at me I don’t think I’d be able to do anything about it; even if it is a bad idea to fuck the bosses secretary on your first day.

She said, “Well, I’ve been here about 4 years, but I’ve only been with Lucy for about 18 months.”

“That seems like a pretty important job.”

“I don’t know. I think the main thing about my job is that I just try to keep all the people in high stress fields provided for with whatever they need so that they can get their jobs done.”

We just looked at each other.

“So,” I said, “Tim kind of ditched me when I went in to see şişli escort Lucy, do they get along?”

“Actually,” and here I’m almost sure that she laughed a little, “They are married. Well, I guess they are separated or something. Tim used to get really jealous. And I guess he thought that she might try to flirt with you… or do more. He hates to watch that.”

“Why would she do that?”

“It used to be that Lucy liked to ‘sample’ most of the new hires.”

“But not anymore?” Oddly, I felt a little slighted that she hadn’t made a pass at me.

“Now she doesn’t have to.”

I nodded, but I didn’t get what she was talking about. She started stroking my thigh with her foot. I managed not to jump and just look straight in to her eyes.

“So,” I cleared my throat, ” Are you married?”

“I am, actually. My husband works just a block or so away, in the Time Building, do you know it?”

She was now stroking my cock directly and I was at full attention.

Angela kept talking, “Lucy said you seem stressed. I guess you just look more sexually frustrated to me.”

I nodded ever so slightly; I was beginning to think that she could make me come by rubbing the outside of my pants.

“You said that you have a girlfriend, right?”

She stood up abruptly and held out her hand.

“Fiancée,” I said, taking her hand.

She led my quickly out of the cafeteria and out the hallway we’d come from. We turned a corner in to a stairwell that wasn’t the way we’d come downstairs and she pushed me against a wall.

“Doesn’t your fiancé fuck you enough?”

With that she kissed me full on, it wasn’t some dirty hallway kiss, it was a long sensual lover’s kiss. She teased my lip and she pulled back when I leaned in, I probed the inside of her mouth and I grabbed her tongue in my teeth. She bit my lip and I pulled back instinctively.

“Does she?”

“She fucked me last night.”

“And you’re still pent up. It must have been very hot, you don’t seem like you can stop thinking about it.

Angela pushed my suit jacket back off my shoulders, I let it fall. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and smiled at me silently. She reached in and ran her hand over my chest. I have never had so little control over what my dick was going to do next. She peeled back my shirt and pulled me close, kissing me again, this time with a little more strength and a little more teeth. I felt it in my groin.

And then she sent me almost to the edge. My neck is the most sensitive part of my body and she started licking it and softly biting behind my right ear. She moved around and grabbed my right earlobe lightly in her teeth and tugged on it. She licked my chest and licked each of my nipples. Then she knelt down, licking my stomach as she went down.

Kneeling in front of me, she said, “I have to know what kind of a cock you’ve got, I’ve been wondering since you walked in.”

She loosed my belt. ” You didn’t answer my question. Was it that it was so hot with your girl last night that you need more?”

I closed my mouth and nodded as she let my cock free through my button fly.

“Oh, my god, it’s beautiful.”

I actually get that a lot. My fiancée used to be a bit of a slut and she claims to have seen 210 cocks and she is nice enough to say that I’m the best. It’s not so much length, It’s long enough, but not absurd. But all my life, women have told me that it is beautiful. I guess it’s length and girth and just shape; I never questioned it, I just thanked God for it.

Angela rubbed my cock with her right hand to make sure that it stayed hard (which was totally unnecessary.

She held sarıyer escort it, just half an inch from her face and said, “I’m going to suck you better than you’ve ever had it.” I was almost paralyzed with wanting to get this BJ.

She licked the head, ever so slightly, like she was tasting my precum, like it was a delicious delicacy. After tasting, she pushed my cock against my belly and started licking my balls. She took the left on in to her mouth and began slowly pumping the shaft with her hands. She took both balls completely in her mouth and rolled them around for a minute. I almost came right there, but I had to feel the inside of her mouth.

She dropped my balls, but kept stroking my cock.

“Do you want me to do this?”

“Yes, please.”

“Than you have to talk to me, that’s what I get from this, I have to hear you talk dirty, and you have to tell me what you want. Use me.”

“Suck my fucking cock.”

“O.K. Steve.”

“And call me spiffy, that’s what Andi calls me in bed.”

“O.K. Spiffy.”

And with that, she licked up the entire length of my shaft. She held the head in her mouth and sucked hard on what she had. It felt so good.

“Take it all slut,” I ordered her.

She took, in one big swallow, my whole cock, she must have had no gag reflex and let it go down her throat.

She pulled out a little and started to bob her head on my cock, I couldn’t stand it, everything she came forward I could feel the back of her throat. She started moaning and that was almost all I could take. I love the sound of a woman moaning and I could feel the vibration on my cock.

Angela stopped and looked at me, still stroking my cock a little bit.

“Why was it so hot, did she let you fuck her ass?”

“Ohh.. Don’t stop sucking me. Suck me like the office slut that you are.”

Then she did something no on had ever done to me before, she reached her free hand in through my zipper and but her hand on my ass, pushing forward and feeding herself my cock.

It felt so good, but it really blew my mind when she started to work her index finger in to my ass.

“Ugh, what are you doing to me?”

She pulled her head back off my cock and said, “Did she like it in the ass, you fiancée, what’s her name?”

“Andrea, I think she like that I like it.”

“Well, spiffy, I like it in the ass, what do you think about that?”

I said, ” I think that makes you the kind of slut who likes cum on her face.”

And I gave up one of the biggest loads of my life. I spray a huge strong jet of it across her face an on the wall behind her. She quickly put her mouth on me and caught what seemed like gallons of my cum.

Suddenly, I heard something and the door right near me opened.

A statuesque blond woman with curls stared at us, and stepped, back surprised. There wasn’t anything we could do to hide what we were doing. I was starting at this blond woman while cumming in Angela’s mouth.

Then she spoke, “Hi Angela.”

Angela finally let go of my cock and looked at the woman, “Oh. Hello, Jessica.” My last spray of cum hit the side of her face just then. She quickly caught some of it with her hand to keep it from her hair.”

“Is this your new guy?”

“Yeah, Steve.”

I nodded.

Jessica leaned down and licked a little of my cum from the side of Angela’s face.

“He’s not bad.”

And with that, she went up the stairs and away.


Sitting at my desk a little later, I couldn’t help but think that there might be things about this job that would take getting used to. I knew that Andi (which is short for Andrea, if you’re wondering) won’t mind about the BJ, she’s had affairs and we’ve even talked about having another woman over, but I’m not sure how often this kind of thing will happen with Angela, or if it’s part of the “corporate culture” of this place.

I guess I’ll have time to find out. For now, I’ve got a lot of reading and writing to do and I’m behind already.



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