There is always some trepidation when new neighbors move in next door. We don’t want someone who is too friendly or nosey. People who are unable to fit into the community are equally bothersome. The home next to mine had been up for rent for several weeks. The price is a little to steep for most rental property but it did have the distinction of being in one of the finer areas of town. The owner decided to retire and live in his lake home. Being unwilling to sell the “in town” house left no choice but rental. So, after many showings, the sign finally came down from the front yard. Now it was a matter of waiting for the new arrival.

It had been almost a week and the new tenants had failed to be seen outside. It was easy to tell of the progress inside by the large number of empty boxes and full garbage cans. I don’t believe either car moved the entire week. But, I worked every day and the comings and goings certainly didn’t need to correspond to my schedule. I guessed that the initial meeting and impressions would come soon enough. Many would find a reason to greet and introduce them but that is not my style. I would rather give them time to settle in.

While I was doing the normal Saturday morning pool maintenance, the first activity was heard next door. The storage room door was opening and closing. Items were being dragged into the yard. I could see little bits of movement through the gaps in the privacy fence and while the figure was definitely female, not much else could be seen. I could hear the cover for the pool pump housing being opened but none of the normal sounds that accompanied cleaning the filters. I thought that it was just a matter of familiarization with the equipment.

Later that morning the doorbell rang. When I opened the door my first impression was surprise. The most wonderful creature stood looking at me with a slightly embarrassed look. She told me her name was Beth and she was my new neighbor. Now, Beth was not just an attractive woman. She was a beauty. She was about five foot, six inches tall with the most sparkling green eyes I had ever seen. Her hair was shoulder length and blond. I know the color was real because the eyebrows matched her hair perfectly. I couldn’t help but wonder if the entire body matched as well. Her figure was slender but not skinny. The loose blouse didn’t hide the perfect breasts underneath. She said that she and her daughter had just moved in and everything was going fine until she tried to get the pool cleaned. The realty agent had given her a quick run-through of the necessary steps but she could not remember all of them. The agent had told her that with all the pools in the neighborhood that there would almost certainly be someone willing to help, if needed. Of course I was available. I introduced myself as Greg and told her I would be over in just a few minutes.

I flew through a fast face washing and hair brushing. Tucking in my shirt, I headed out the door to give any assistance possible. Once in the back yard I could see that there was a much larger problem with the pool. It appeared that one of our afternoon storms had caused the circuit breaker on the pump to flip off. With no one home to reset the switch, the pool had become a mess. It doesn’t take long in a warm southern summer for the water to resemble a roadside mud puddle. It was easy to get the pump restarted but getting the water ready for use was another story. I checked the chemical status of the water, cleaned out the filters, and vacuumed the bottom. Unfortunately, the algae bloom was far enough advanced to require special treatment. I told Beth that the water would take several days to treat and stabilize before being used. She showed immediate disappointment.

She told me that her daughter had really wanted to use the pool this weekend. One of the only reasons she rented the house was her daughters desire to have a pool of her very own. She told me that her daughter loved to swim and it was her stress-relief while in college. I offered to get the treatments started and in a moment of pure lust over Beth, I told her that she and her daughter could use my pool until theirs was ready. I really wanted to see Beth in a bathing suit of any kind. She graciously accepted the invitation. She didn’t want to tell her daughter that her first weekend in the new place would not be fun. She asked if I would mind if only her daughter used the pool this weekend. She had been off work for the entire week and needed to go into her office and catch up on much needed paperwork. She assured me that her daughter would be no trouble and I could end the pool time whenever I needed. I tried to hide my disappointment that Beth would not be able to come over, but I figured that being friendly would reap more potential benefit in the future.

Early that afternoon the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, there was Beth and her daughter. Beth introduced her as Stephanie, Steph for short. I couldn’t believe that they were mother and daughter. Steph was the most petite girl I had ever seen in my life. She made her mother look gargantuan. She could not have been five feet tall and more than ninety pounds. esenyurt escort Her short hair and eyes were very dark, the exact opposite of her moms. In fact, her hair was shorter than mine. Beth thanked me again for allowing Steph to use the pool, then said goodbye and headed for work. I walked Steph to the backyard and showed her the outside changing room and the storage room with the floats. I said that I would be inside doing some chores for a while but if she needed anything to let me know. There were drinks in the fridge if she wanted. I sort of stumbled back into the house.

After puttering around aimlessly for a short time; my mind was not on the tasks at hand; I walked to the window that overlooked the pool. The sight almost caused me to fall through the glass. Steph was wearing the smallest bikini I had ever seen on a living person. The top and bottom were nothing more than small patches of white fabric with very thin straps holding them together. The contrast of her skin, dark hair, and white bikini were amazing. The beauty of her mother was obvious. Steph, on the other hand, was exotic and erotic. How in the world was I going to stay calm with these two gorgeous women living next door? While watching out the window, she got up from her chaise and walked to the diving board. She gracefully dove into the pool, barely disturbing the water. I could not pull myself away. After several laps she climbed from the water. Her suit was almost completely transparent! I could see the pink of her nipples and the dark triangle between her legs.

I was totally mesmerized. Even though I knew it would be better if I stayed inside, I had to get a closer look at this tiny goddess. I changed into my trunks, grabbed a towel, and headed for the yard. How I was going to hide the obvious reaction from my cock was a problem that would have to be dealt with soon. But this girl had more surprises in store for me. The first thing I saw when walking out onto the pool deck was her lying topless in the chair. I stopped in my tracks. Her breasts were no larger than a cupped palm. Her nipples were rose pink and very erect. I didn’t expect them to be as long either. They protruded more than one-quarter inch from the aureoles. The size of her breasts made the nipples appear much longer than they actually were. While I was staring at her body it became apparent that she was also watching me. I became immediately embarrassed. She apologized for taking off her top but said that she never got the opportunity to go topless at the public pools. She said that her and her mom would sun topless at their previous house. They both loved the look of having no tan-lines. With a hint of smile she said that she would put the top back on if I were too bothered. I was bothered and I am certain that she knew just how much as well. There was no way to hide the growing erection in my trunks. All I could do was dive into the pool to hide myself. She immediately rose from the chair and dove into the pool with me. I tried to stay clear of her as she moved through the water but her movements seemed to be herding me to the shallow end of the pool. I finally gave in and sat on the underwater steps. At least sitting would give some degree of modesty to my painful condition.

There is no doubt that Steph was enjoying my condition and discomfort. She stood on a lower step, proudly displaying her breasts to me. They were like morsels on a platter of hors d’oeuvres. She looked directly in my eyes and asked if I thought her breasts were too small. What could I say? I had been staring at them for quite some time. I quickly told her that they were as perfect as could possibly be. She thanked me for the complement, saying that her boyfriends all seemed to like “big tits”. She liked the ability to not wear a bra with anything she owned. She smiled coyly and told me, “Since you were honest about my tits, could you critique the rest of my body?” I was visibly nervous and embarrassed. She walked up a couple of steps until the water was just below her knees. She slowly turned, allowing me to see her entire body up close and personal. What was marvelous from a few feet away was spectacular when dripping wet and in my face. There was not a blemish on her entire body. The transparency of the bikini was apparent again. From this angle I could see that the darkness of her pubic hair ended before flowing between her legs. She was partially shaved! My cock was pushing like a rocket against the fabric of my trunks. I was not sure how much more of this I could stand.

She turned her ass toward my face and said, “I think my butt is to flabby. What do you think?” She bent forward at the waist, hooked her fingers in the straps of her bottoms and quickly slid them to her thighs. I was now face to face with the most perfect ass in the world, at least my world. Her thighs were parted enough to see the smooth, swollen lips of her pussy peeking through the opening. Her ass was two firm, round globes with a perfectly puckered asshole taking the space between. When I looked up she was looking over her shoulder with a big smile on her face. She said, “Well, it avrupa yakası escort certainly looks like you approve”. She turned back around, with her bottoms still near her knees and said, “ You have obviously enjoyed my body. Don’t you think it is time for me to check you out?” I was in a state of shock. Here was this unbelievably beautiful twenty year old, asking to see my naked body. Now, I am not ashamed of how I look. I have always been a fitness buff and there is no excess fat. But too have someone almost twenty years younger than myself wanting to see it was like a fantasy come true. And, I still was sitting in front of the almost nude daughter of a new neighbor, who was more than most men could hope to have. I didn’t want to ruin my chances with Beth. How could I be in such a position without even trying to get in trouble?

While contemplating what to do, Steph’s cell phone began to ring. She walked past me to her bag and answered her phone. From their conversation it was obvious that Beth was calling to check in. After a few minutes of idle chat, telling her mom that she was having a good time, Steph bluntly told her mom that I was not cooperating with her. My heart jumped to my throat. I was about to be busted and I had not even done anything yet. Steph told Beth that I was too nervous to get naked with her. I was toast! Beth would never speak to me again. Steph walked over to me and handed me the phone, saying, “Mom wants to talk to you”. I could barely croak out a weak hello. Beth asked if Stephanie was causing me trouble? Before I could answer she told me that Steph was a very determined young woman and it would be better for me to just give in and honor her wishes. If I didn’t, Beth would just have to listen to Step’s bitching and griping. Unfortunately, Beth told me, Steph had just as high a sex drive as her mom. She then said her goodbyes and hung up the phone.

I was sitting in stunned silence. Beth had just told me that it was ok to enjoy the pleasure of her daughter. My once dwindling erection was back with a vengeance. Steph leaned over, took the phone from my hand and said, “Did mom explain everything to you?” I could only numbly nod yes. She took my hand and pulled me to my feet. She then led me to the towels and started to dry my body. She looked in my eyes and said, “How can I properly dry you when these trunks are still on?” She dropped to her knees and slowly began to pull my swimsuit down my legs. When my cock sprang free it bounced down and hit her on the forehead. She squealed with delight and grabbed the shaft with her tiny hands. I have never considered myself well endowed, just under seven inches and a little more than average thickness. But in her hands I looked like the stunt cock of all time. Her hands could not begin to reach around the shaft. She slowly slid both hands up and down its length, rotating her hands as they traveled. She would start at the head with one hand and as it slid toward the base she would follow immediately with the other hand. After several slow strokes she grabbed the shaft and milked it toward the tip. A large drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip. She leaned forward and hungrily licked it off with the tip of her tongue. It was all I could do to not cum right then. She licked her lips, stood, and said, “I believe we need to get more comfortable”, and led me by the cock to the house.

Believe me, there was no fear or hesitance in how fast I wanted to get inside. Once in the house, I led her to my bedroom. I stood her in front of my large oval mirror. I told her to just stand there and watch. While standing behind her, I pulled her bikini bottoms to her ankles. She quickly stepped from them. I also removed my suit and kicked it across the room. I reached around her little form and cupped her breasts in my hands. I lightly pressed while pinching the nipples between my fingers. She moaned in agreement. The nipples grew even larger than they were outside. I had to feel more of her in my hands. They roamed down her stomach, over the hard but smooth abdomen, onto her thighs. I purposely stayed away from her pussy. I could see the outer surface of her labia glistening with moisture. The lips were becoming engorged with blood and turning the most wonderful shade of scarlet. As the lips swelled, her clit began to peak from its hiding place. As my hands traveled down her stomach and thighs, the heat could be felt emanating from her center. I could smell the aroma of her wetness.

My cock was pushing into the middle of her back. I could have cum easily, just rubbing against her skin. I bent my knees and slid my cock through the small opening in her thighs. I could not fathom how wet and hot she was. My dick slid easily into the space. Looking into the mirror, I could see the head of my erection poke through to the front. My cock had pushed her lips open. I was nestled in the most wonderful crevasse. But, there were other things that I had to do before entering her body. I kneeled behind her and licked the surface of her butt. With both hands on her ass, I spread the cheeks until I could anadolu yakası escort see the center of her ass, with her dripping pussy below, begging for my tongue. I let the tip of my tongue flick over her asshole. She groaned and jumped at the same time. While licking her ass, I let a lone finger reach around and slowly spread her moisture over her erect clit. I could feel her legs trembling as she tried to push her clit harder against my finger. She would not get relief that easily. Her teasing had to be dealt with.

I stood again behind her. Watching over her shoulder was dream-like. The expression on her face was one of complete lust. Her eyes were partly closed, the breathing was ragged, and a sheen of sweat was spreading over her skin. I took her arm and led her to an overstuffed armchair in the corner of the room. She was like a ragdoll in my hands as I lowered her into the chair. I slid the mirror across the room and placed it where she could watch everything that I was going to do to her body. As much as I wanted to ram my cock into her soaked pussy, I held back. She was far too beautiful to let this chance pass quickly. I intended to savor every nook and cranny of this marvelously lithe body. I knelt before her and asked, “Are you ready?” She nodded her head as a whispered “yes” escaped her lips. “Would you like to cum?” I asked. Again she answered in a low “yes”. I leaned closer to her and told her to open her legs and make herself cum, while she watched in the mirror.

Her eyes widened, as she comprehended my suggestion. A lustful smile spread across her face. She slowly moved her legs until I was able to sit between them. I had the most wonderful view of her wide open, drenched, pussy. Her hands slid over her body, lowering gently to the dark hair in the V of her legs. Through the hair her fingers ventured, until both hands were on either side of her white-hot labia. She pushed the lips together then inched her fingers into the cleft. Her fingers were being coated with the thick liquid that was pouring from her opening. The fingers on her left hand opened herself to my view. How pink and wet could that tender flesh be? Her clit was protruding from the hood that normally kept it protected from prying eyes. The two middle fingers of her right hand pushed slightly into the opening, coaxing more moisture from her interior. The fingers slid up the center of her pussy and pinched the shaft of her clit. I could see a visible jump in the size of her nipples. As she held her lips apart, the other fingers danced over her clit. Occasionally Steph’s fingers would dive back to the opening for more of her own personal lubricant. Then they would move back to the rhythm she had set for herself. Her breathing was becoming more labored. The skin of her face, neck, and chest was reddening. She was pushing her hips into her plunging, sliding fingers. Her eyes had never left the reflection of the mirror. My presence was a distant memory. She was getting so close! The hand that was holding her lips apart suddenly moved. This hand became a battering ram for her pussy. All four fingers were closed together as they pushed into her pussy. The other fingers had never stopped their motion on her clit. The fluid was washing over her fingers, running down her thighs, and soaking into the fabric of the chair. Her fingers were a blur between her thighs. With one final push, she came. Her orgasm was amazing to watch. Her entire body was trembling. The sound escaping her mouth was more of a wail than a groan. I had never seen or heard a woman cum with such force. I wondered if the chair would tip over before she calmed down. Her body slumped into the chair, her eyes glazed and staring, the breathing slowly returning to normal. Her eyes left the mirror and glanced in my direction. Again, that slight hint of a smile as she said, “What should I do next?”

I looked into her eyes and said, “My turn”. I pulled her forward in the chair until her hips were over the edge. I was close enough to feel the radiation of heat from her body. There was nothing more on my mind than tasting her pussy. My hands moved her legs further apart and my tongue came into contact with her now super-sensitive clit. She hissed as the air entered through clenched teeth. I feared my tongue and lips would burn from the contact. My tongue drove deep between her lips, savoring the flavor. I alternated between flicking her clit and tonguing her opening. She was softly moaning, “Please fuck me”, over and over.

Not yet my dear. I easily pushed a finger into her pussy. The wetness was beyond description. As my tongue caressed her clit my slick finger began to push past the tight opening of her ass. Just the tip of my index finger was inside her asshole. She reached down, grabbed my hand, and pulled my finger into her ass until the knuckle caused it to stop. She used my finger like a dildo to fuck her own ass. The liquid was dripping from her pussy, running to her ass, enabling another finger to slide into her ass. She was approaching another orgasm. The moaning was increasing; her ass was tightening around my fingers. Steph pulled my hand as far up to her butt as possible. My tongue was flicking her swollen clit relentlessly. Her free hand reached up to her breast and pinched the nipple so hard I was afraid it would come off. She exploded again. I never took my tongue off her clit, just moved it softer and slower. When she started to settle down I sucked her clit into my mouth and she came once more.



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