Charlotte was in the kitchen eating some cereal and drinking a coffee. She was getting ready to leave for work. She worked locally at the Tilted Kilt. Her parents were understanding and didn’t mind that she wore such a tiny uniform to work. She made good tips, it was paying for her university, and they trusted their daughter.

“Have a good day at work sweetie. Hope you make lots of tips.” Roxanne gave her a daughter a quick peck on the cheek as she was leaving for work herself. “Oh, and your dad had to work a graveyard shift last night so he’s asleep. Don’t be too loud before you leave.”

“Ok mom. Have a good day at work. See you for supper.” Charlotte said as she ate the last spoonful of cereal. She slide out from her chair, straightened her tartan kilt and picked up her dishes bringing them to the dishwasher.

Roxanne turned to look as she walked out through the door to leave for work and saw her daughter bend over to put the dishes in. She shook her head and quietly closed the door so that she didn’t wake her husband.

Charlotte stared down at her phone as she walked back up the stairs to finish putting on her makeup and grab her shoes. She walked past her parents room, her mother had left the door open halfway to keep the air flowing through the room. She glanced over and saw her father asleep on the bed, only covered by a thin white sheet half way up his stomach. For turning 40 earlier this year, her dad was sexy. His chiseled chest, the top of his defined abs, and she could half make out the outline of his cock through the thin sheet. It wasn’t hard but she could tell that he wasn’t wearing anything in bed, and that his cock was pretty big. He was definitely a shower, not a grower. Her friends always called him a DILF. Being such an open family, Charlotte agreed with her friends by saying, “Yes yes yes. My dad’s hot. Now please change the subject before I start talking about your fathers you sluts.” Usually this was followed by them all giggling.

Stopped now in front of his door, she heard his quiet snores. He was in a deep sleep. Her left and went under kilt and rubbed the front of her panties. Startling her, her phone rang. She jumped and ran down the hall to her room to answer, hoping the ring didn’t wake her dad.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Hey Charlotte, it’s Suzanne. Glad I caught you before you came in. There was a pipe şirinevler escort burst down here at the restaurant. The place is flooded. I have a company coming in to clean it up but we’re going to have to cancel your morning shift. Think you could come in this afternoon once it’s all cleaned?”

“Yeah, sure. Thanks for letting me know.”

“Ok, I’ll give you a call when we’re ready for you. Enjoy your morning off.”

“I will.”

Charlotte was very happy to have the morning off. Remembering that her phone went off in front of her parents room, she padded in her stocking feet back down the hallway. Turning her phone on silent, she looked in. Her father was still asleep and still lightly snoring. He must have been having a good dream because he was now starting to tent the bed sheet a little bit.


Tom was having a wonderful dream. He was home with is wife Roxy and she was teasing him. She was flashing him and wearing some very small clothes. Suddenly, it wasn’t just his wife but his daughter Charlie as well. She was wearing her work uniform with no panties on. Unknowingly, the sound of his daughter talking on the phone about work brought her into his dream.

Tom’s cock was getting harder as both his wife and daughter teased him. They embraced and started kissing. The similarity of their bodies was very erotic. They grabbed each others asses as they ground against one another.


She had spied on her dad a few times before. She knew that when he worked overnights, he slept like a log and it was hard to wake him. She crept towards the bed, putting her phone camera on, making sure the flash was off. Standing next to the bed, she took a picture of his half naked body and tented sheet. Lightly she grabbed the corner of the sheet and lifted it. She took a few more pictures of her dad’s chest and abs.

Holding a breath, she lifted the sheet a little more. Her dads cock, almost fully hard now from his dream flopped up and hit his stomach. She put the sheet down on his legs as she took a couple more pictures, and a couple close ups of his cock. It was bigger than she imagined.

Startling her, his hand which was being held in place next to him by the bed sheet rolled off the side of the bed and hit her bare thighs. She jumped back as she surveyed his face. He snored lightly. She şişli escort took one last picture before she walked out the room and headed to her bedroom. Laying on her bed, face down, she scanned through the pictures on her phone. Her hand down in front of her, rubbing her clit through her panties.

“Mmmmmmm…daddy” She moaned as she rubbed herself. She imagined stroking his cock in the picture. Of sucking it. Of riding it. She teased her pussy lips with her fingers, swiping to the last picture she took. Noticing his hand again off the side, she stopped rubbing herself. She just had a naughty thought.

Padding back out to her parents bedroom again, she put her phone at the end of the bed, pointing at his hand and hit record. She had it stood up against a book on the dresser. She looked at the picture and made sure that his body and hand were in the frame, as well as where she would be. She hoped this wouldn’t wake him.

Stepping over to his hand, she lifted her kilt just a little. Enough that when she pushed forward, his large fingers pressed against her panties. She parted her legs a little and his hand slipped between them, rubbing along her pussy as she humped forwards and backwards along his fingers. She kept her eyes on his face, looking for any changes in his breathing. He still snored lightly. She then changed her focus, staring at his cock. It seemed that he was still having his erotic dream.


Tom was indeed having a very nice dream. The smell of his daughters pussy was entering his dream as well, making him harder. In his dream, his wife was giving him a very loving blowjob while his daughter had sat on his face. The smell of her young pussy intoxicating him.

Suddenly, his eyes fluttered open. He realizes he is not alone. He hears his daughters moans and closing his eyes again so they are just slits he peers at his daughter. His cock harder than it has ever been. He feels the warmth of her pussy against his hand. He makes his hand a little stiffer so she can rock harder against it.


Charlotte was rubbing her pussy faster on his hand. Her father seemingly deep in slumber while his half naked little girl was masturbating on his fingers. She pulled back off his hand for a minute. Slipping down her panties, she let them fall to the floor. She stepped back over her father’s hand taksim escort again, this time her bare wet pussy sliding along his fingers. She reached out and teasingly rubs her fingers over her father’s hard cock and balls. Running her nails over them. She feels them pulse in her hands. One of her father’s crooked fingers makes its way between her pussy lips.


Unable to resist, Tom crooked one of his fingers up into her pussy. He is amazed at how tight she is. He hopes she continues using his fingers as he pushes a little deeper inside her.


“Fuck daddy. Yes” She whimpers.

She is very close to coming. Her father still seems deep asleep and unaware of what is happening. Charlotte humps his fingers harder, the one crooked finger becoming two fingers. They start pumping in and out of her pussy and his thumb rubbing her clit. Still teasing his cock with her fingernails.

“Yes, right there, yes daddy. Oh fuck ohhhhhhhh fuck yes.” She’s whispers quietly. Her legs clamp on her daddy’s hand as she cums. “I’m cumming daddy. I’m cumming. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Her pussy drips on his fingers as she cums on it. Coating his fingers in her pussy juices. At the same time, hearing his daughter cum puts him over the edge. He moans, “Mmmm Charlie” as he throbs and cums hard. He spurts one, two, three, four huge loads of cum from his hard cock. It coats her hand, and drips on his stomach. Looking down at her father, his snores have stopped. She studies his face, looking for signs that he’s awake. His two fingers still in her pussy as her legs had clamped around his hand. She lets his hand go and steps back. Walking over to her phone, she picks it up and brings it near him. She scans his body with the camera, taking in his spent cock, the cum over his abs, down his arm to where his fingers glisten with her cum.

She lifts her hand to her mouth, pointing the camera at herself. She licks the cum from her fingers and moans into the camera.

“Mmmmmmm, thank you daddy” She whispers before hitting stop on the video.

Tom feigns sleep and starts snoring lightly again. Charlotte turns around and walks back out of the room. She walks down towards her own room and finishes licking the cum from her fingers. Turning her phone off silent so she can hear when her boss calls her, she lays down on her bed and falls asleep, still in her uniform, minus her panties which she forgot next to daddy’s bed.

Tom, not wanting his daughter to know he was awake the whole time, lays silently in bed. He rolls over and brings his hand to his mouth. He licks his daughters cum from his fingers before falling back asleep.



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