The experiement seems to be working.

“Natasha” did read my last installment (thank you Honey!).

At first she was not so receptive (too much too soon?), but realized the value of getting my fantasies out through Literotica was the best way to manage my raging hormones for her. (Plus I think she gets a thrill out of the concept that this is public, read by thousands, while keeping all parties anonymous- the ultimate exhibitionism)

As a result, she has agreed and encourages me to continue writing about our “sexcapades”- and vows to read them.

And now, on to Part 2:

It seemed to take forever until she appeared, but when she did, she was wearing 5 inch pumps accenting legs wrapped in the latex leggings I gave her so long ago, and a nice black lace top. With of course, the clown wig and red nose.

“I’m speechless!” I whispered.

“Well, that’s not obviously true-you just said something- it’s the wig and nose isn’t it?” she said with a sneer.

She sat down next to me. The combination of the look, sound, and faint smell of rubber mixed with her perfume made my senses go into overload.

As she sat, she rubbed her shiny legs. I thought she looked even better than last we saw each other over a decade before. The couple of pounds added gave her body more definition and womanly grace-not so hard and gangly.

A couple of latex-based squeaks snapped me back to reality.

“I’ve kept these. I don’t know why except they do get me horny when I put them on, but didn’t have anyone or anything to wear them for-my ex thought they were silly.” She stated almost in a trance while running her hands up and down the smooth, slippery, surface.

“I’m sure glad you did- Its fate you know” I replied, matter-of-factly.

She leaned into me, lips close-“I think you are right.”

I pulled off the wig and nose and threw them wherever and pulled her into an intense kiss which took her breath away.

As we kissed and I pulled her into me, I sarıyer escort massaged her smooth ass. She reached between us and rubbed my cock.

As she did, she paused for a second, smiled, and then continued with the kiss.

I moved my hand around to the front of her leggings and felt the heat and wetness of her pussy through the thin rubber material barrier. I started to rub her clit carefully and gently, the sound of the squeaky friction could be heard and she shuddered with each squeak.

“Is this what you do when you wear these?” I hissed in between kisses, punctuating my words with the rubbing of my fingers against her, while playfully biting her lower lip.

“Oh yea, that feels amazing” she was obviously somewhere else.

As our kiss intensified, so did her rubbing of my cock.

She pulled away, reached for, and started undoing my belt.

“Take these off” she said, a bit demanding.

I pushed her hands away.

“Nope-I have a plan-I need to do something first” I said, a bit defiantly.

I swiveled off the couch, grabbed her legs, and wrapped them around me in one fairly fluid motion.

With initially cool then warming latex-encased thighs rubbing against my ears, my mouth was pressed against her sex.

The heat of her pussy was amazingly present-even though it was still covered.

I found her hardened clit right away and started to suckle it through the rubber membrane of her leggings.

Within a couple sucklings, her legs clamped around my head driving me in while she started to tremble.

As she came, she didn’t let me go-no breathing, just contortion.

I looked up to see her head back. She was in heaven.

She finally released me, and sat up in the couch as I stood before her. She was radiant, and in her post-orgasm-state, her eyes were glazed over and full of lust. She lunged for my belt and almost violently pulled it completely off me.

She pulled my pants and underwear down at the esenyurt escort same time and grabbed my granite-hard cock at the base. I had so much pre-cum dripping I was amazed.

She used this to her advantage as she rubbed her index finger, scooped up the clear fluid around the slit, and smeared it all over the head.

With a mischievous grin of a “job well done,” she took one giant lick of the underside from my balls to the head and plunged down, keeping me captive in her furnace-like mouth and throat.

Then up and off, then all the way down, slicking up the shaft with a combination of pre-cum and her saliva.

She made sure to make a sexy pop noise each time her lips cleared the head.

Normally, it takes me a while to cum this way, but after 5 or so of her strokes with mouth and hand, together with our hot make-out sessions, I felt my balls boiling.

I want to say I controlled myself, but I didn’t.

The second her mouth left the tip of the head, I started pulsing jets of cum all over her face, hair, couch, floor-it was a mess.

I guess all those masturbation sessions without release built up quite a reserve.

She was a good sport and giggled.

I felt like a fawn just learning to walk, trying best to stand, but light-headed.

“Come here, you need some help,” she said as she reached for my cock, and pulled me into her mouth sucking and licking me clean.

“Yummy-sweet!” she cooed. (I guess eliminating red meat and drinking copious amounts of pineapple juice helped)

“I love giving head-I love the control!” she said looking at me, rubbing the glistening head of my cock back and forth across her lips.

I pulled her up on her feet, and while turning her around, took off her top, and rolled down her leggings to her knees. I bent her over the couch, and while momentarily rubbing the head of my cock against her opening, coating the tip with all her juices, slid inside her with one, long, slow, consistent, avrupa yakası escort thrust.

I held her breasts, pinching her very hard nipples as I slid inside her.

“I love the control too!” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh my!” she said as I bottomed out in her.

Retracting my entire length until just the tip was inside, I immediately plunged all the way back in.

Her body shuddered.

We traded places and somehow were able (but not without some awkward moments), to completely remove-actually peel off-is a better term-her leggings, and had her sitting on me, reverse cowboy, which allowed me to reach around and start to play with her clit directly.

She started to bounce on my lap, slamming down to meet my thrusts.

The sounds of our bodies, heavy breathing, and low moaning filled the silence.

I had to focus on something-anything non-sexual to keep from ending things too soon. It did work for awhile (thank you Hillary, Diane, and Mayor Bloomberg), but then all the senses were inventoried:

This was Natasha,

She was enjoying herself with me,

In latex,

With my cock buried in her amazingly tight, hot, wet, pussy.

With the mental inventory done, I announced my pending climax.

“Can’t hold out too much longer!” I gasped, feeling the non-linear escape closing down.

Instantly, she pulled off my lap and got down on the floor on her knees. I stood up grabbed my very lubricated cock, and started stroking.

“I want it all over my tits!” she exclaimed, bending her head back while pinching her nipples and fondling her breasts.

That was all I needed.

The first sensation was intense pressure, but was a bit surprised that I didn’t see any immediate emission, she sensed the dwell too, and started to move her head back up.

Then all of a sudden there it was, the first blast was so strong, I actually heard it hit the magnificent curves of her breasts and she recoiled just in time.

The second and third volleys hit her chest and throat.

She fingering herself with one hand and massaged my cream onto her nipples with the other.

After my post orgasm “last shakes”, she looked me right in the eyes and said; “That’s a great start to catch up for lost time!”

I couldn’t agree more.



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