I had been visiting my Brother last fall and having just finished a great meal we went to the family room to watch some TV. About 30 minutes later he received a phone call telling him that his wife’s mother had been in a car accident, so he and my sister in law asked if I could watch my niece Melinda, even thought she is 18 she might sneak out while they went to the hospital. I told then I would be happy too. And they rushed off.

My niece was a cute little thing, tall and thin, tits the size of soft balls, firm with nipples that stuck out about an inch, and sitting high on her chest and a tomboyish ass, not much hips yet, but if she was anything like her mother she would soon have them! The last couple of years my niece had become a spoiled little bitch, always running her mouth about how she deserved more than her parents gave her, and just a real pain in the ass.

I let her know in no uncertain terms that I was not her mom or dad and she wouldn’t give me the bullshit she did them! That got her going, she jumped up screaming at me that “I am an adult, and You can’t tell me what to do!”

I informed her that where we lived 18 was adult, and for her to sit there and act like the adult she wanted to be treated like. She plopped down on the couch next to me pouting! Trying to break the silence, I asked her about her school and if she had many boyfriends,

“School Sucks and the boys there wouldn’t be able to afford me!”

“Afford you? What are you? A hooker?”

She copped an attitude and mouthed off “No, But I know they can’t, Most of them don’t even have a car!”

“How many 18 or 19 year old boys had cars that they had worked and paid for?” She just shut up again and watched the TV.

At 10:30 I told her it was time for her to go to bed I was tired.

“I will go to bed when I feel like it Uncle Roger, after all, Its Friday Night I can stay up as long as I want!

“You will go right now or I’ll spank your little ass like your mom and dad need too!”

“You wouldn’t Dare!” she glared at me.

“Don’t test me young lady I’m not in the mood!”

She then jumped up and got in my face yelling and started cussing me. I snatched her by the arm and laid her across my lap so fast she didn’t have time to blink. I told her she had asked for it and I gave it to her. I raised her nightshirt up, exposing her cute little bikini panties, and proceeded to spank her ass. She started to cry and scream at me but I didn’t let up, after about 10 good hard licks, I noticed she was squirming against my crotch. I was starting to feel uncomfortable with this new situation, and asked if she was going to mind me now.

She looked at me with a wicked smile and said “NO!” and again wiggled her crotch against my lap, her knowing that it was making my cock get hard. I started to let her up when she said she felt she needed more discipline since she had been so mean to me.

“If you get some more it will be done right.”

I then had her stand up and remove her panties and my eyes glazed over at the sight of her pretty pussy lips between her legs and her ass with my handprints all over her pink cheeks. I began to spank her again, this time with a little more gusto, while noticing her hips continued to hump against my hard cock.

She knew what she had done to me, the sneaky little bitch. I stopped spanking her and started to rub her ass cheeks, trying to sooth her pain. When I felt her hand go to my cock and start rubbing it.

“This was wrong Melinda!”

“I have been wanting to do this mecidiyeköy escort with you since I found out about sex. Iit has always got me excited and wet thinking about fucking you while I played with my pussy at night.”

“If I were to get caught I could end up dead or go to jail Melinda.”.

She giggled, “Who’s gonna tell?”

I reached in between her legs started running my fingers inside her thick cunt lips up to her clit. She humped against my hand. Then I stuck my middle finger inside her wet pussy, amazed at how tight she was. I finger fucked her for a while then stuck another finger inside her while rubbing her thick clit and tickling her asshole with another finger, when she started to cum. I thought she was going to break my wrist she got so excited.

“Can I see your cock Uncle Roger? I have only seen one on a boy and it wasn’t as big as yours feels.”

So I let her take off my pants and she got on her knees and slid my underwear of my hips down to the floor. She gasped as she saw it and asked why mine didn’t have that extra skin on the end.

“I had been circumcised as a baby.”

“That looks so much sexier than the one I saw that had not been. Can I touch it?”

I shook my head yes and when she wrapped her little hand around it I almost came from the heat from her hand. I instructed her on how to jack me off which she did, staring at it the whole time.

“Kiss it for me Melinda.”

She looked like I was crazy, and said, “You pee out of it!”

I laughed, “Yes, but some women seemed to enjoy that! OK, sweetheart let me show you something.”

I got up and laid her on the couch held her pussy lips open with my fingers and began to kiss her sweet little hairy pussy. As I licked her fat little pussy lips with the flat of my tongue, she grabbed my head and buried it deeper between her legs. When I sucked on her thick clit she screamed out,

“Oh SHIT, I’m cumming! Please, never stop what you are doing!”

After about her third orgasm, I then slipped up between her legs,

“Put my cock inside your pussy.”

She looked kind of scared and told me she was a virgin. I knew then what I had to do! Pop that sassy little bitch’s cherry! I slowly rubbed my cock head up and down her cunt, teasing her. Sticking just the head in her then pulling it out and slapping her clit with it.

“Please don’t tease me!” She begged, she was so fucking hot. “Please be gentle.”

I had all the teasing I could take. I stuck my cock inside her hot, tight and soon to be well-fucked pussy. As I felt her cherry against the head of my cock I eased into her more, I pushed the final thrust and broke her hymen, as I felt it break she got a glazed look in her eyes and said,

“Fuck Me You bastard, Fuck Me NOW!!!!”

I pounded her tight little pussy like I would never get another piece of pussy the rest of my life! I was amazed at her tightness, and how hot her little pussy was. I stopped and turned her over on her hands and knees, then and taught her the fine art of doggy style fucking as I played with her clit. Her orgasms where so violent I thought she would break something. We had sweat running off of us, and I felt her start to go limp.

I stopped, “Are you OK?”

Her breathing had become so hard and fast that she had almost fainted. I let her rest a few minutes,

“I needed to cum now Melinda.”

“You can’t cum inside me, Won’t I get pregnant?” And she asked me what to do.

“No you won’t, It is time for you nişantaşı escort to suck my cock!”

Which she now readily did. The girl was a natural. Kissing and licking it all up the shaft. Licking, kissing and nibbling on my balls with her soft full lips. Saying how good it tasted with her pussy juice on it.

“Jack it off while you suck it.”

And soon as I watching her head bouncing on my hard cock. Her long brown hair tickling my legs, I grabbed her long hair and rubbed it all over my stomach and chest. When she stuck her finger in my asshole, I could take no more and I began to Cum in her mouth. I began to spurt load after load into her mouth. I wasn’t sure if she would gag or not but she never slowed down, Swallowing all of it. After she finished, she smiled at me wiping her full lips.

“I never thought I would ever do something that nasty.”

I told her, “Most good girls don’t. But then, I didn’t know many good girls!”

About that time the phone rang. It was My Brother, saying they would have to stay at the hospital for the night and would I stay with Melinda the rest of the night? I said it would be my pleasure.

“Are you still at my house? The way Melinda has been acting, it surely could NOT be a pleasure!”

“Yes, but we finally got her head screwed on right!”

I wonder how she will like getting fucked in her cute little ass? I carried her into her room to find out! I lay her on her pink bedspread and spread her legs wide sticking my face between her legs I licked her dripping pussy from top to bottom, not stopping until my tongue got to her puckered asshole. I held her tight ass cheeks in my hands and spread them open then I gave her the first rim job she ever had. Her ass bucking against my lips when I did.

I stuck my tongue deep inside her virgin ass hole, not missing a inch of it as I licked around her brown ass hair, tickling her rectum with the tip of my thick tongue. I looked up and saw a small trickle of her hymens blood oozing out of her fresh fucked pussy, She pinched and pulled at it while I fucked her ass with my face.

I moved my face and stuck my finger in her tight wet with spit asshole, I felt her ass jerk from the unexpected assault on it. Then when it was in to the first knuckle her hips started a rhythmic circular movement trying to get more of it inside her tight ass. I worked it in deeper then tried another finger. It was tight but slid in without much effort.

“That feels so different Uncle Roger, Not like anything I’ve ever felt before. Ohhh I like it”

Her finger was furiously rubbing her thick clit as my fingers worked her ass hole. I heard her crying out when she came. Now it was time to take her ass and make it mine.

“OK Melinda, get on your hands and knees. I want to fuck you in your tight little ass baby!”

She jumped up and scrambled to her hands and knees, her pretty ass waiting for my hot cock. I had grabbed some Vaseline before getting into bed and opened the top, putting a large glob of it on my hard cock I jacked off a minute, smearing it all over my cock. Then I stuck a finger in the jar and got a big wad of it on my fingertip, I covered her virgin asshole with it, making sure I got a good bit of it inside her ass hole.

“Are you ready Melinda?”

“Yes Sir, I think so, but please be easy. Please don’t hurt me Uncle Roger!”

I eased the head of my hard cock to her puckered ass hole, slowly pushing towards her while I held her small hips in my hands. Pulling her so slowly otele gelen escort to me I felt her open up a bit and the head slipped inside her hot tight ass.

“Uhhhgghh. It feels so big Uncle Roger, It’s filling me up.”

She didn’t seem to want me to take it out so I continued to insert it deeper once she grew accustomed to my size. She gasped as I stuck another inch in, then withdrew it back to the head and pushed back in her, getting half of it in with that shove. Her hips started to move towards me when I started humping her ass. Slowly sliding more of my cock in her until I had all Seven Inches in her.

I grabbed her red ass cheeks in my hands and pulled her to me, squeezing them hard. Her breath was coming faster, I gave her ass a little slap.

“Oh Yes, spank me Uncle Rog, spank me for being a bad girl!”

I hit each cheek with my palm as I shoved in her, her hips bucked against me when I did.

“Oh God Yes Uncle Roger, it feels so fucking good in my ass, fuck me hard now Uncle Roger. Fuck my hot asshole!”

I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her roughly to me, slamming my cock in her hot ass, giving it a good Smack now and then for good measure.

“Clinch your asshole on me Melinda, make it tighter baby girl, Use your ass muscles and make it good for me.”

I felt her ass get tighter as she did as I had told her, and her ass was shaking from the impact of my cock slamming against it. Her moans getting louder as she neared her first anal Orgasm.

“Oh FUCK, I never knew it could feel so fucking good. Fuck Me Uncle Roger, fuck my ass, make me cum now!”

I was dripping sweat on her back as I fucked her for all I was worth. Her hair plastered on her skin from her exertion of the evening. I bent over and licked the back of her sweet smelling neck and ears. Sucking her ear lobe in my mouth nibbling on it, telling her how hot she made me, how good her ass felt. It made her start cumming again.

“Now Uncle Roger, Now!!!”

I felt her ass get as tight as when I first stuck my cock in it as she came on me again. I could feel my cock getting bigger from the blood rushing to it as my own orgasm approached, my balls slapping her dripping pussy.

“OK baby, take it now Melinda, Use your ass to make me cum you nasty little whore!”

Then I shot my thick gummy cum in her ass.

“Oh my God, I can feel it hitting inside me Uncle Roger, I can actually feel it spurting in my ass!”

Shot after shot went in her ass hole while her hips bucked against my pubic bone. She fell on her stomach after cumming so hard and I fell on top of her. Both of us gasping for breath, her body shaking from the after effects of her orgasm. Her head lay on its side and I saw a small tear forming in the edge. My cock slowly softened and plopped out of her ass, a good bit of my spunk following it.

I got off her so we could both cool off and she turned to me, kissing me deeply. My hands holding her long hair in them as my tongue battled hers. Getting up I went to the bathroom and got a clean warm wet towel and took it to her as she lay on her back still recuperating from the sexual evening we had.

Like most men I lay down and quickly fell asleep, but not for long. I felt a warm mouth envelope my cock and some tiny fingers tickling my hairy balls.

But then, that’s another story!

Author’s Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened, it was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only!

I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not!

If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about.

Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉

Thanks, mustanger7up



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