Nasty Auntie Candy’s Living Sextoy(When I wrote this, I thought of Candy Sample. She’s been a fantasy of mine since I was a teenager. My dad had a few of her movies I use to sneak into my room at night. lol)John woke up, blinking in the light that was beginning to fill his bedroom. He could hear his aunt Candy watering the plants outside. John had woken up with the usual hard cock, wanting attention. Of course, being 18, he expected it, he’d be a lot more concerned if he didn’t wake up with a hard-on. He grasped his cock, pulled back on the foreskin, and his cock head popped out, shiny and pink. He brought up his favorite fantasy, he knew it would drive the cum out of his cock with a great blast of pleasure.His aunt was his favorite stroke off fantasy. His real mom has died of cancer when he was seven and was sent to live with his aunt. Candy picked him up for the trip to his new home. She had been in the seat next to him on his flight back home, they had started to talk, and talking led to liking her a lot, and he was happy to be with his aunt. He soon discovered that there were fringe benefits, too.They had a backyard pool, and his aunt like to put on her tiniest bikini, and sunbathe. John could feel the squirmy excitement in his groin when he got a visual fill of Candy in her bikini. Her body was smoking hot, the way those hips flared out, and the nipping in of her waist, giving her a classic hourglass figure, made his cock throb. Her tits were just the right size for him, huge and succulent. He had sneaked a look at a bra in the clothes hamper and knew they were a 48DD. Candy was 51, and held it very well. When she was out by the pool, with a high privacy fence around the perimeter, if there were no one but John around, she always stripped off her bikini, and lay back, gloriously nude. When she’d first done that in front of John, his first idea was to look away, but his eyes could not be moved from his aunt’s awesome body. Candy realized he was staring, he flushed guiltily, raising his eyes to Candy’s, but she smiled at him, letting him know it was cool, and continued with her relaxing nudity. Relaxing to her, but it drove John crazy. It didn’t take more than a few minutes before he was in his room, the door locked, and he’d stroked out a thick juicy load, the remembered view of his aunt’s naked body quickly brought on a thick, creamy explosion of cum, his body shaking and jerking as he launched several thick ropes, doing his best impression of a fountain.He’d had several great views of her yesterday, as she seemed to have trouble getting comfortable, he couldn’t decide which side was hotter. That incredible, heart shaped ass, just seeming to beckon to him, he ached to stroke that glorious expanse of smooth, tanned skin. Her sexy waist, with the neatly trimmed nest of dark pubic hair, he’d loved to run his fingers down, through that nest, and slide his fingers along those sexy labial lips. His cock was rock hard, her lay back, and just as he wrapped his fingers around his cock, the door opened. John was thunderstruck, his aunt stepped through. She was totally, gloriously naked, and she had a lust filled smile.”I figured you’d need to take care of things before breakfast” Candy cooed, “I see the way you look at me when I’m out by the pool. It turns me on, thinking of you getting a hot, hard bulge, then needing to stoke out a thick, juicy load. Just lie back, and let your aunt stroke out a load for you.”John may have been startled, but he wasn’t too startled to do exactly as she requested. Candy had him scoot down, until his legs were over the edge of the bed, she knelt on the floor, her eyes flashing arousal as she looked at his 8” inches, throbbing eagerly.”Now, just relax sweetheart, let your Auntie Candy make you feel so much better.”He had a bottle of baby oil on his nightstand, and he watched as Candy took a handful, slicking up her right hand. Candy smiled, she certainly knew how to stoke a stiff hard-on. John stared at here in disbelief at what he had heard.”Get your ass in my room John, get naked, and show me that cock! Got it young man?” Candy said in a firm voice.He gaped at Aunt Candy, thunderstruck by the idea. She repeated the offer, and his horny mind started to like the sound of it. He nodded slowly, and in a minute, they were in her room. She started to peel off her T shirt, feeling emboldened by her nephew’s shyness, but liking the way John started to breathe hard, as her tits were revealed. She could see the growing bulge of his cock tenting up his shorts, as she slid her jeans down, with a deep breath, she slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties. She had a very sparse, wispy covering of pubic hair, and her nephew couldn’t take his eyes off of her. His cock had grown to full height, rock hard and eager.”Yeah, oh fuck yeah, so damn sexy, get over here to your nasty auntie Candy, and let me stroke that cock.”It definitely wasn’t her first time giving a handjob, but after wrapping her lubed up hand around it, stroking at that hard, eager prick, and judging by her nephew’s reaction, it looked like she was doing it perfectly. As she got into the rhythm of stroking his hard stalk of male flesh, she felt a growing sense of power. As he squirmed around, grunting and sighing, her hand clamped around his cock, that feeling increased, then he started to growl, pumping his hips up, fucking his cock with her hand.”Yeah, yeah, that’s it John…. You’re cumming already!! Oh fuck, yeah, yeah, YEAH! Cum for me! Cum all over Auntie Candy’s hands!”His cock erupted, she was absolutely enthralled when a huge thick rope of her nephew’s creamy cum squirted out, then more thick spurts, his cock gushing wildly, Candy eagerly milking at him, making sure that John’s cock was emptied of every drop. Candy liked it so much, she wanted to stroke his cock his cock to another orgasm right then and there! John tried to pull her hand away but she slightly changed the refinement of her technique. She’d been stroking his cock to force him to cum quickly. Now, her lucky nephew, John, was going to enjoy her true skill. Milking a male’s balls completely dry!John looked down, saw his aunt’s face, right next to his cock, grinning at him, as he felt her hand wrapping around him and pinch hard.“Ouch! What was that for?” he asked.“Oh, just to let you know I am in complete control.” Auntie Candy said with a grin. In a flash she was on top of him and had him pinned to the bed. It didn’t take long until she had him restrained in hidden leather bands at each corner of the bed.“Why do you have me tied down?”“Let’s say dear nephew that I want to enjoy your body whether you want me to or not.” She smiled and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before moving down between his legs and took his cock in her soft, well-manicured hand.John looked down and he moaned with pleasure as she started to stroke him. She stroked him slowly, wanting to drag out the pleasure for him. She had a wonderful grip, not too tight, not to loose, just right. Damn, the feeling of her stroking his prick was electrifying, she had a wonderful skill of twisting her hand around his shaft as she stroked, adding more sparks of pleasure to his throbbing cock.Candy was loving the rhythm of stoking John’s prick. Her pussy quickly became a lust fueled center of slick juices, after he shot his load again, she was going to fuck him silly.Candy whispered, “Look at me John” as he did so, she continued, “Imagine that my lips are around your stiff cock. I suck it slowly, can you feel the grip of my hot lips? My tongue slides up and down the shaft of your hard stiff cock. I suck it, up and down, again and again.”Not even breaking her stroke, she repositioned herself, squatting over John’s legs, her pussy mere inches below John’s surging prick. John could feel his spunk building, the sight of her so close made his cock twitch eagerly.“No! Please stop Auntie Candy! My cock is too sensitive!”“Sorry hon, but I am going to milk you dry no matter how much you beg me not to,” she said with a sexy smile. Candy continued, “Just as you’re ready to explode, I move up over top of you. I will look deep into your eyes as I slide my hot, wet pussy down over your thick, stiff cock. Mmmm, oh yes, I can feel your stiff hard cock stretching open the tight walls of my pussy, can you feel the grip of my hot pussy? I slide my throbbing, fiery pussy up and down, faster and faster. Fuck me hard and fast, I want it now! I want you to cum for your aunt, feel my hand fucking your cock, and cum for me NOW!”“No! NO! PLEASE!!!” he begged.Candy loved to feel the tremors of excitement surging through John’s cock, and John quickly did as she wanted, and he was cumming, his cock erupting again and again, a shower of white, hot cum spilling out, Candy could feel his cock’s thick juices covering her hand as he thrust up over and over, fucking his cock with her tight pleasure grip, grunting and spilling a virtual river of cum as it slid down the length of his shaft, over Candy’s tight grip, his ears ringing, gasping for breath, fuck it felt like he was going to pass out.Candy smiled at him as his cock started to slowly soften, releasing him from her grip. She ran a finger through one of the slick trails, then brought it to her mouth, sliding it in, sucking his cum off her finger.”Oh yes, good boy, such a thick, tasty, big load. Now, you just lie back and rest for a while, baby, I’m going to start a shower and have you fuck my ass off, I’m so hot. Think about it for now, just imagine your cock fucking me silly.”At the door, she paused and said, “After you’ve had your way with me, I’ll make a Saturday brunch, I’ll let you know when it’s ready.”He heard her start the shower and in just a few minutes he could see a bit of steam come from the bathroom. Just as John’s cock started to grow hard for a third time as he thought about his aunt, Candy came out and released his bond then gently coaxed her nephew into the shower, and under the warm spray, she was bent over, gripping her ankles as John drove his eager, rampant cock into her. She was letting out squeals and growls of pleasure, feeling her orgasm racing at her. She remembered what she had just done, remembered the feel of John’s cock throbbing, then the explosion of his load gushing hotly out of him, the sight of him cumming in her hand, and as she did that she pushed him backwards against the wall and pinned him with her soapy, wet ass then started grinding her pussy hard on to his cock.“Auntie! I’m going to cum again!”“Yes! Yes you are dear John!” she said. “You love it when your Auntie Candy is in control don’t you?”That did it. As she felt John’s explosion, the jetting gushes of her horny nephew’s cock unloading in her, she let out a howl as her overheated pussy burst in a glorious orgasmic explosion, the spasms racing up and down her overheated tunnel, milking John’s cock for every drop of thick spunk.“That’s it baby…. Give Auntie Candy every drop of cum you have!” she commanded as she felt her young nephew’s prick continue to empty its seed into her hungry pussy. He couldn’t move as he was held fast to the shower wall. All he could do was to hold on to her wet hips as she continued to grind out his cum from his sore balls. A minute later he was slumping on the floor of the shower.Candy washed herself and looked down at him from between her mountainous breasts, “Clean up my dear. I’m going to make us some brunch. Sometime soon we can do more.” With a gleam in her eye she stepped out of the shower and toweled off before leaving.Later, John and Candy were sitting at the breakfast table, John enjoying the view of his sexy aunt, dressed in tight, baby blue shorts and a halter top, giving him a secret smile as she laid out their brunch. John sipped his orange juice and wondered about her remark of doing more this afternoon, he hoped so. He looked at the glass of OJ and thought that it tasted a little weird, but it must just be a different brand. He down the rest of the glass and dug into the food.Early in the afternoon, he watched Candy in her tiny bikini, smiling at him, stripping it off by the poolside. She did a slow turn, letting his eyes drink in everything, then she gave him a knowing smile as he headed upstairs to his bedroom. He ran back what Candy had said to him as she stroked his cock. His mind played it back with word for word precision.”Imagine that my lips are around your stiff cock. I suck it slowly, can you feel the grip of my hot lips? My tongue slides up and down the shaft of your hard stiff cock. I suck it, up and down, again and again. Just as you’re ready to explode, I move up over top of you. I look into your eyes as I slide my hot, wet pussy down over your thick, stiff cock. Mmmm, oh yes, I can feel your stiff hard cock stretching open the tight walls of my pussy, can you feel the grip of my hot pussy? I slide my throbbing, fiery pussy up and down, faster and faster. Fuck me hard and fast, I want it now! I want you to cum for your aunt, feel my hand fucking your cock, and cum for me NOW!”Once again, John arched up, fucking his hand, and he felt the explosion as his cock blew, shooting out another juicy spray, the thick white ropes splattering all over his belly.John was on edge, his aunt kept giving him looks over breakfast, lunch and dinner, making his cock eager. It had been a few days since she had taken his cum, and he was so ready to see if her comment about doing more was just an offhand remark, or whether he was indeed going to get more.In the early afternoon, Candy appeared in her tiny bikini, stepped out into the back yard, and stripped it off, giving John a case of stoneware cock. Before he could slip away to his room, and stroke off to her fantastic vision, she came face to face with him, and gave him a lust filled smile.”No stroking off today, John”, she whispered, huskily, “You save up a nice big load, and let your auntie take care of that big, juicy load your balls are building up for me, later.”John watched, his cock hard as steel, as his auntie stretched out on the chaise lounge. She looked over and him, and grinned.”Like to rub sunscreen on me?” she cooed.In an instant, John’s hands, slippery and slick with the oil, slid over her back, working his hands caressingly over her back. He was a bit worried about going lower.Candy allayed his concern when she whispered, “All of me John, I don’t want my ass or my legs to get burned.” John eagerly did as she asked, that incredible, heart shaped ass, just seeming to beckon to him, he had ached to stroke his hands over the swell of her hips, that glorious expanse of smooth, tanned skin, and here he was, caressing her sexy rump, as he slid his hands lower. He slid a finger along the cleavage between those sexy cheeks, running lightly over the tight rim of her ass hole. She gave out sighs of pleasure escort bayan as he caressed her backside.”Thank you John, could you stay around for a while, when I turn over, I’ll want you to apply sunscreen to my front.”Soon, his hands were gliding over her beautiful melons, he noticed Candy’s nipples hardening up as he caressed her, and he heard her breathing deepen. He slid his hands down, down to that sexy triangle with her neatly trimmed nest of dark pubic hair. He could see dewy moisture, he’d loved to run his fingers down, through that nest, and slide his fingers along those sexy labial lips. He decided to just try it, go for broke. His cock was rock hard, he slid his fingers against her tight lips, and ran his fingers up and down.Candy’s eyes flew open, she let out a guttural moan, and started to hump her hips up toward his stroking fingers. She started to let out gasps and growls of pleasure, John zeroed in, and started to tweak her clitoris, standing up hard and erect, he slid his fingers around and around her hard, pink pleasure button. Her legs started to vibrate.”Don’t stop, don’t, yes, yes, yes, oh YES!”She let out a growl as her body started to shake wildly, Candy’s abdomen started to spasm, she felt the locking up, that squeezing urge, and she tumbled into orgasm, her body shuddering and shaking, gasps and cries of pleasure filling the backyard as she rode that glorious crest, soaking John’s hand with a gush of her juices. Her gasps for breath started to slow down, her breathing slowly returning to normal.Her eyes lambent, she cooed huskily, “Mmmmm, you just made your aunt feel so good, and tonight John, your aunt is going to make you feel so good.”A little after 10, with a glance from Candy, John quickly headed up for bed. He was very eager to experience more of his sexy aunt. He heard her coming upstairs, going into the master bedroom, and a few minutes later, the door opened quietly, and there she was.John had his bedside lamp turned on low, giving him enough light to drink in the vision, she was wearing a black, see through baby doll nightie, that highlighted all of her charms and assets. Her breasts pushed out the front, pressing against the sheer fabric, her nightie ended just below her pubic triangle, and she was wearing a matching sheer black G string with black thigh high nylons and 5” fuck me black leather pumps on her feet.Candy growled huskily, “Tonight, you need more John, and as your Auntie, I’m going to see that you get it! Go to my room please.He got up and quickly ran to her room and got under the bed covers. “You won’t need these. Auntie Candy is going to get you hotter than Hell!” and with that she pulled them off, uncovering his naked body, John’s cock had quickly jumped up, growing quickly. She smiled at him, and John growled with pleasure as she felt Candy’s hands grasp his cock. She gently squeezed his cock up to full erection, and smiled at him.”Remember last time, how I told you to imagine that my lips are around your stiff cock? Now you get to feel it for real. But first, we need to make sure you can’t get away or squirm out from under my grasp when I take you past your orgasm…” He knew what to do and immediately submitted to his Auntie Candy. She buckled him to the four corners of the bed and enjoyed the view as she crawled between his legs.He watched as Candy brought her mouth close, so close to his cock. Her tongue slid out, and licked teasingly at the tip of his cock. His cock responded, jerking as if trying to reach for her mouth. Her tongue slid out again, licking lightly at his bulbous cock head, John growled at the sensations starting to thrum in his cock.”Now, I’m going to suck you slowly, feel the grip of my hot lips, my tongue will slide up and down the shaft of your hard stiff cock. I going to suck it, up and down, again and again.”John watched as her lips parted, and she thrust her head forward, swallowing his cock right down to the balls without even so much as a pause. The feel, oh the feel of those tight crimson lips clamping tightly around his cock, then her hot, wet mouth swallowing him brought moans and grunts of pleasure, his cock was encased in a tight heaven of hot, wet, sucking pleasure that masturbating could not even come close to.Candy drew her head back quickly, and swallowed him down again. She showed John her practiced cock sucking skills and why she is a first class fellatrix. She had honed her skills to a fine edge. No longer did she fight to keep from gagging, she had learned to control her gag reflex, and she knew exactly how to swallow a large 8” inches, all the while growling with pleasure the first time she deep throated her nephew. Candy loved the feel of having his throbbing, rock hard cock deep in her mouth, and looked forward to his young cock pulsing as he orgasmed, then the feeling the hot streams of thick, gooey cum filling her mouth. It was total pleasure being able to control and dominate the young man. She brought her talents to bear, giving John the blow job of his dreams, eager to feel his wet spray of sperm filling her eager mouth.John looked down, saw Candy’s head of dark curls, bobbing up and down as her eager mouth worked over his prick. Her mouth was warm, wet and expert as she swallowed him down, deep throating John’s prick, taking him right to the balls on every down stroke. John wanted so bad to slide his hands over her head and to caress her luscious dark locks, but his arms were held tight to the top corners of her bed. He could feel Candy’s hot wet lips, sliding up and down his stiff cock, and the feel of her tongue painting designs of pleasure over his throbbing shaft as she sucked him in. He was determined to try and make it last as long as possible, but in a few minutes, he could feel it rising up, and he knew he was so close.Candy sensed he was close, she released him, looked him in the eye, and growled, “Now John, I want you to cum, I want my mouth filled to overflowing, feel my mouth sucking your cock, and give your horny little slut of a aunt that juicy load!”She swallowed him down, sucking wildly, and that did it. John could feel the cum rising, and he let her know.”Oh fuck yeah! I love your tight cocksucker lips Auntie Candy! I’m gonna cum, gonna fill your sweet hot mouth! Ooh fuck YEAH! I’m cumming Auntie Candy! You’re making me cum!”That brought on the explosion, and John grunted loudly as he went off. His cock was cumming, erupting, squirting wildly, spewing thick ropes of spunk, filling her eager mouth.“Ohhhh God! Please Auntie Candy! Stop!” John begged. “I am so fucking sensitive!Candy ignored his pleads for mercy and sucked his cock deep then back until the purplish head of his cock held firm in her mouth. Her nephew screamed in orgasmic agony as she felt his thick streams hitting the roof of her mouth, then spewing all over her tongue, and she eagerly sucked every last drop out of his spurting cock. Keeping him in until every drop was in her mouth, she slid down to the balls one last time, then tightened her lips, pulling back with a delicious milking action as she released him. Lifting her head up, she looked up at John, her cheeks bulging with his load, smiling, Candy was savoring the taste of his tasty hot whitewash in her mouth, before she eagerly swallowed the big load John had filled her mouth with. His eyes were unfocused and drowsy looking.”I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did”, Candy cooed, “Now for the crème de la crème! I know you are a virgin… and I want to ‘deflower’ you my sweet, sweet nephew!”Aunt Candy stood next to the bed and she skimmed off her G string. Her pussy was a gushing, soaking volcano of lust, and she needed it taken care of. Climbing into bed, she was all over her nephew, he awoke from his stupor quickly with Candy sucking his cock again, and very soon, she was getting his bone hard cock back up to full mast. ‘Please Auntie… no. Don’t! It’s my first time! No more. I can’t take anymore!”“Sure you can,” she said cunningly. “You just don’t have any choice in the matter!”On her hands and knees, she slowly moved up her nephew’s legs while gripping his hips tightly. John gasped with surprise as Candy mounted him, her big breasts hung over his head like two large dough balls. He was still quite stiff, and his mind hadn’t fully recovered from her amazing blowjob. As the heat of her love box surrounded his member, he felt the strong walls of her love muscles grasp his manhood on all sides and start to pulsate in a strong steady rhythm that he had no chance of resisting. “Ohhhh!” he moaned in pleasure as the all-encompassing sensation pumped him rock solid within seconds. He looked up to see that Candy was pushing her breasts together as she ground down on to his cock.Auntie Candy looked so powerful to John as she applied the tight cunt hold to her helpless nephew’s prick. “Ohhh Auntie! My cockhead is too sensitive! Please stop!” he moaned.”I don’t think so John. This is why I have you secured to my milking bed!” she said as the living muscular wave of her cunt pumped him to ecstasy inside the heat of her sticky furnace. She watched in amusement as her nephew’s hands limply fell into the restraints holding them as he gave himself completely over to her control. She knew he was all hers now as his eyelids started to flicker and his eyes rolled back and forth. The sight of the dominating older woman riding his cock nearly made him shoot his load but her strong love muscles clamp around John’s erection so tight that he gasped loudly. John felt is like his dick was stuck fast in quick drying cement. She held her nephew like that and slowly edged him. John desperately wanted to make love to her but was unable to move his member. Auntie Candy held her nephew firm and slowly worked the head of his cock. The strong hard living mass around his dick pulsed every now and then keeping him hard but unable to cum.Candy watched as the young man closed his eyes as she reached behind and grabbed his tight, full balls and stretched them out, then letting them flop limply to the mattress. Candy looked down at John, the wrinkles around her small firm-set mouth appearing as she smiled at him. “Try all you want to hold back your juices from me, my dear” Auntie Candy said. “But I doubt that will happen. My pussy will force another load of sticky, hot young cum from you.””Ohhhh!” John moaned as the amazing old woman began to slide up and down his shaft. “You will cum for me. You don’t have a choice.”She rode her nephew hard, bouncing up and down while he held his gaze to her big bouncing breasts. She knew he couldn’t last out but as soon she felt his cock start to pulse and start to cum, the powerful walls of the mass muscle of her pussy would clamp down until the danger point had passed while she continued to ride him. She kept up the cock edging until he was covered in sweat and his panting was ragged.”Ohhhhhhh yesssss!” Auntie Candy moaned throatily thrusting deep and slowly as she came to a climax. John felt her pussy muscles rippling from cock hilt to head. “Cum baby…. cum for Auntie Candy! Fill my pussy with that fuckjuice!”John threw his head back as he was finally able to completely blast his load inside her. Aunt Candy had control of her love muscles and milked his cock thoroughly. She rode him like a succubus. She cried out in pleasure and delight as she slammed her pussy down onto his cock, quickly pushing her to orgasm, then a second, a third, and as she crested to a fourth, her nephew growled, and she felt the last vestiges of his thick load exploding and squirting wildly, splattering against her cervix as he joined her in orgasm, his pulsing cock pouring a fountain of cum deep inside her. She slowly rode out the storm then pulled his cock from her wet, sloppy cunt.Hovering over him, Auntie Candy looked into her nephew’s eyes, “Time for you to go get cleaned up. We’ll resume this another time of my choosing.” She unbuckled the restraints as John collected himself.A week had passed. John felt like he was going to explode. Every morning she made sure to have him drink her special fresh squeezed orange juice. Candy had been giving him looks all week, on Monday, she had cornered him after breakfast, and backed him up against the table, her hand reached down, stroking the hard, eager bulge of his cock, straining for her hand. His balls were so tight and full they hurt.She whispered, “No playing with yourself, John, your cum belongs to me, and I command you to save it. You have a nice, big load in your balls, and your aunt will make the wait well worth your while.”She made sure that John got more than enough looks at her awesome body for the rest of the week, not just sunning totally nude on the patio, which she did just about every day, but “accidentally” running into him upstairs, completely nude, when they were retiring for the night, and, getting up in the morning, Candy was happy to parade her nudity past John’s eager eyes when she headed for the shower, John could feel his cock, almost howling for release, and it took all of his willpower, plus the remembered promise of his aunt to make it well worth his while, to resist the urge to stroke it. Thursday morning, John was awoken at dawn as he heard the tell tale sign of his Aunt Candy’s 5” skysc****r stiletto heels clicking across the floor in the hallway. Back and forth she walked. He could see her shadow creeping in from under the door, and a few minutes later, Candy opened his bedroom door. She was wearing a robe, and she smiled, her eyes locked on his, the robe dropped to the floor, and John almost lost it right there.His wildly sexy aunt was wearing a black garter belt, long black stockings hugged her legs, a set of sheer black, see-thru crotchless panties, and a demi-cup bra that just cradled her breasts from below, leaving the top 3/4 of those luscious melons naked to his eyes. Her large nipples were red and swollen, stiff and hard. Her neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair was framed perfectly by the open crotch of her panties, and John’s cock throbbed at the idea that Auntie Candy was going to take his cock inside that tight, inviting opening again.Her eyes took on a lust fueled gleam, and she crouched over him, her hands eagerly caressing his rock hard bulge. Mindful of the load he had saved up, and not wanting him to waste it by going off in her hands, she positioned herself, notched his cock-head against her, and pushed down.John felt the heat engulf him, as she thrust her body down, taking his cock in right to the balls, in one deep thrust. John growled, his cock was in a tight, wet hugging sheath of steamy juices, oh fuck, it felt incredible.Candy growled with pleasure as she felt John’s cock slide up her easily. Oh yeah, his hard cock was just what she needed. The idea of fucking her nephew again had been a long standing fantasy tuzla genç escort of hers, ever since John started to fill out as a hunky, well built, good looking teen. Knowing that John was just as horny for her as she was for him, had enabled her to put her fantasy to reality once more.”Um, yeah, I know how good it must feel,” Candy purred, “but I don’t want you to cum too fast, I’m going to fuck your hard cock at my own pace John. Auntie’s going to enjoy this, and make your cock explode!”John felt the iron grip around his cock, then she loosened up, slid up his shaft and down again. Holy fuck, his aunt had awesome muscle control as her heated center stroked his cock, keeping his cock seriously hard, but lightly enough to keep his orgasm at bay, John filled his vision with the sight of his aunt’s body, clad in that super hot lingerie, riding up and down his pole, god it felt so good, he didn’t want it to end.Candy smiled down at John, her mind thinking to the seduction she was inflicting upon her nephew and taking his virginity from him. This was the way it worked, first show him the body and get him use to the idea of wanting you, then wait for him to masturbate, then give him a hand-job, then the blowjob, and then the hard, driving feel of her hot cunt as she takes he nephew’s solid 8” inches into her pussy, stripping away his virginity and making him burst his hot creamy load into her, tearing away that i****tual barrier to ultimate pleasure. Thinking about it her pussy started to cream up crazily, slick and hot with her juices, as she recalled the pleasure of first fucking John, the warm feeling of satisfaction as she deflowered him and took his virginity, then the pleasure growing, quickly replacing the pain, turning it all to pleasure, and soon, she was humping down on his cock madly, her orgasm racing at her, she felt the spasms starting, squealing and crying out as her orgasm burst inside of her. Her nephew had given a loud growl of pleasure as she buried his cock deeper into her spasming sweltering pussy, she could feel the coursing warmth of her womanly juices that flowed all over her nephew’s cock and down his balls. He was pumping and jerking upward like a madman. She could see the frantic look in his eyes as he want so bad to jet his passion for his aunt deep inside her. He wanted desperately to give her his potent seed.The heated look on his face caused her own orgasm to rise once more, Candy rode her nephew, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on him, she tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. She tightened her inner muscles, clasping at John’s throbbing cock like a velvet lined vise, her orgasm was so close, and she wanted him to explode his load right as she came.Candy whispered huskily, “Look at me John. Look into my eyes as I slide my hot, wet pussy down over your thick, stiff cock. Uhhmmm, oh yes, I can feel your stiff hard cock stretching open the tight walls of my pussy, again and again, can you feel the tight grip of my hot pussy?”John nodded, his cock the center of his universe. The tightness of his aunt, milking at his throbbing, twitching length as she rode his pole, the juicy, heated pussy was ready to made him blow every drop.Candy growled, “I’m sliding my throbbing, fiery pussy up and down, faster and faster. Fuck me hard and fast John, I want it now! I want you to cum for your aunt, feel my tight pussy fucking your cock, and cum for me NOW! Fill me John, pump every drop deep inside aunt’s cunt, do it, do it, do it, yes, yes, YEEESSS!”Candy’s voice let out a low pitched wail, and she felt the spasms start, her inner heat clamped tightly at John’s cock, ready to suck out every drop.John had never felt such exquisite tightness, Candy’s pussy was the ultimate gripping receptacle, fiery hot, moist and oh so tight, it sucked and milked greedily at his throbbing shaft, demanding every drop he had. As John saw her shuddering in climax above him, her cries of orgasmic pleasure filling his ears, he groaned from pure pleasure as he reached his peak, John felt his cock jerk, swelling to a massive urgency, as the spunk streaked up his shaft, Candy’s pussy rippling with spasms milking eagerly at his shaft. He arched up into her, as deep as possible, and felt the jetting of his cock, spraying his heated load, his cock jerking over and over in repeated pulses, his cock eager to fire off every drop, and her pulsing pussy just as eager to milk every drop out of his throbbing prick. “Ohhhh… myyyy…. Auntie Candy… Auntie Candy! Auntie Candy! I’m cumming! I’m cumming for you!” John thrashed his hips up and in down to time it so he got the maximum length of thrust. His eyes rolled back into his head.Aunt Candy leaned down and laid her heavy tits across this upper chest and throat and kissed him deeply as she felt the first pulse of his young cum enter her. She continued to explore his mouth with her tongue through the first part of the orgasm then released it and whispered huskily into his ear, “That’s it baby… that’s it… cum for your Auntie Candy… Auntie Candy is milking you my sweet dear… cum… you have more cum in you…. give it all to your nasty Auntie Candy…. that’s it John… cum for me…. cum for me baby… cum…”Candy could feel the throbbing pulses of John’s cock, his cock squirting wildly inside her hot tunnel, over and over, and the heated load he was pouring into her, she smiled as she felt his load splattering her deep inside.“Oh Auntie… please… God, your pussy… I’m still cumming…”“Yesssss…. I know my sweet nephew. The orange juice has a d**g in it. A d**g that will keep your balls nice and full.”As they floated through the afterglow, Candy could feel the need growing again quickly. After her earlier adventures, of stroking John’s cock to a spewing gush, then sucking his cock until he filled her mouth with wet sperm satisfaction, she knew she needed it again soon. Fortunately, John’s youth would bring his cock surging back, with a little help from the d**g and her hot body.She climbed out of bed, and whispered “Watch me John”.John did so, watching as his aunt did a cock reviving striptease, removing her filmy lingerie piece by piece, slowly, until she was totally and gloriously nude.Taking him by the hand, she led him into the shower. Under the warm spray, he washed her down, sliding thick soap suds all over that smooth skin, listening to Candy’s cooing sounds of contentment. She took the soap from him, and with her hands slick with soap, she worked over his cock and balls, smiling as she felt his cock grow back up to full glory, hard and eager, ready to fuck her again.Toweled off, John watched the sexy sight of his aunt arranging herself on her hands and knees. She looked over at him, and told him what to do.”Fuck me from behind John. I love it, getting fucked doggy style, it’s so fucking hot, fuck your aunt just like a dog would!”John mounted her, taking her from behind, sliding his bloated, steel hard cock as far up her tight, burning cunt as he could.Candy squealed with pleasure as his swollen cock opened her up again.John gripped her hips tightly, grunting out, “Oh Fuck, yeah!” as his cock was encased by the feel of her fiery, tight, hugging sheath wrapped around him like a tight glove of pleasure, hearing her squeal of delight as he drove it in right to the hilt.”Yeah, give it to me!” Candy cooed. “That feels so damn great! Let me have it all, John, fuck your aunt, ride my pussy, and shoot your hot load deep inside me! I wanna feel you squirt, my hot pussy wants my nephew’s thick, juicy spray, let me have it!”Fired up by her excitement, John was happy to oblige. He plunged into her again and again, going right to the balls. Candy was grunting passionately as he gripped her hips tightly, plowing her most inviting furrow. The sight of Candy’s sexy ass cheeks rising and falling in time to his plunges, and the feel of her fiery, tight cunt wrapped snugly around his cock kept John steel hard as he gave her a doggy style power fucking, driving deep up her quivering heated tunnel, again and again.Candy was grunting and squealing with pleasure, she loved getting it from behind, and John’s stiff cock was ramming her in just the right way. She knew she would soon be crashing into another massive climax.Her sounds of joy and delight urged John on as he power fucked her steamy depths over and over again. John’s grunts of passion joined hers, as he could feel his nut sac cinch up tight, his balls locked into firing position. John could feel the cum building, he knew he was going to cum a geyser. The feel of Candy’s tight burning fuck-hole, wrapped snugly around his throbbing cock, eagerly milking him, brought John to the boiling point, he could feel his cock thumping, getting set to flood his aunt’s cunt. John’s cock started to jerk and swell up tight.”Yeah, let it go, John, let me have it! Shoot off that thick load, flood your aunt’s horny cunt with that thick juicy load of spunk you have for me, cum in me, cum in me NOW!” Candy gasped.Just before he exploded, she bent over further and reached between her and his legs and wrapped a warm hand around his balls, and gave them a gentle, firm squeeze and held them tight so he couldn’t back up. Her squeezing hand, her hot sexy words, and watching her ass jiggle slightly, as John drove his aching cock into her steaming cunt over and over, shoved him over the edge. With a roar of pleasure, he let it go, his cock buried deep, erupting in her, throbbing wildly, as he shot his hot cum deep inside her aunt’s eager tightness.Candy howled with pleasure as her cunt wrenched wildly, her orgasm tearing into her, making her body shake like a leaf in a storm. Candy could feel the warmth of his liquid satisfaction filling her eager tightness again, and she used her muscle control to give John what her he enjoyed so much, John growled with pleasure as his aunt’s cunt clamped around his prick, he could feel the tight milking grip eagerly sucking every drop out of him.Candy flopped down, sweaty, spent and very satisfied. She smiled, she had the whole day and night to fuck her young nephew, and she was intending to put that to good use. Candy thought it would be good to get some food in them soon. “Let’s get something to eat after we clean up. We have a long day and night ahead of us. Besides, I have some freshly squeezed orange juice for you to drink.” She stood up and washed her nephew and allowed him to wash her as well.After brunch, Candy had introduced John to the glory of 69. While entwined in that well known number, John had gotten a full taste of Candy, her juices had a tart flavor that John relished, and after the first tentative licks, he couldn’t get enough. It had the aftertaste the orange juice left in his mouth. It was strangely addicting. Candy hot mouth was wrapped around John’s cock, her hot, wet mouth sliding up and down John’s throbbing pole. What John lacked in oral sex skill, he more than made up for in enthusiasm, eagerly licking at her, wanting every drop of her juices. Candy decided to give him some help. She lifted up slightly, then positioned her stiff, hard clit, swollen with blood, a deep pink color, right over John’s mouth.”Don’t neglect my clit, John, lick your sexy auntie right there, and let me cum on your face!”John did as he was told, Candy squealed with pleasure as she felt his mouth surround her, tongue starting to swipe at it. She returned her mouth to its previous task, sliding her lips down, swallowing John’s cock right to the balls, she knew that her orgasm was very close, and she wanted John to fill her mouth as she came. John could feel his cock surging, Candy’s full, crimson lips milking at him, wildly sucking his cock. He concentrated on giving Candy the best pussy licking he could, he worked his tongue around Candy’s hard, bulging clit, softly pulling at the stem with his lips, and tugging gently on it, letting his tongue slide along the length of her straining clit. That gave Candy the push she needed, and her orgasm roared at her.She lifted her head, cried out, “Fuck, oh fuck YES!” then plunged down his swollen cock again, as she felt the burst of her orgasm, the wonderful release, her pussy turning into a gushing stream, eagerly pumping out her churning hot juices over John’s face. That did it for her nephew as well and John’s cock started to pulse, he let out a growl, and his cock started spitting his load into Candy’s eager mouth, the streams of pearly seed coating her tongue, giving her orgasm an extra lust boost, as their bodies shook and shuddered together in shared climactic ecstasy.Her pussy was turning into a hot, wet furnace of heated lust, as she continued to work his cock until dinner time. They both ate a hearty meal and she gave her nephew another glass of her special orange juice, which he greedily gulped down.John had gone to bed to get a few minutes of rest, but his mind wandered to the subject of whether Candy wanted more, and he was afraid of asking her. She did want more, she slipped on a totally opaque negligee, and opened his bedroom door. He was in bed, she knew that he could see her body clearly through the negligee, and she saw his cock tent up. She quickly joined him, and soon she was lying back, her legs spread wide, ankles around John’s waist as John pounded his rampant cock into his sexy aunt’s churning heat.”Yeah, yeah, love it, give it to me good John, your aunt’s such a horny little bitch, and I need my hot nephew to put out the fire of lust. Drive it in, and flood my horny cunt!”John was happy to do so, roaring like a bull as his prick went off, the explosion of cum gushing wildly, Candy felt the heat of his load filling her, and she let out squeals of orgasm as her cunt dissolved in a wash of hot juices, her inner muscles milking at his prick, sucking out every drop.Candy took John by the hand and led him to her bedroom, and with him being a horny teen, it was easy to bring him back up after a short rest, and Candy put herself on her hands and knees, and John eagerly plunged into her doggy style. Her pussy exploded again and again as John drove into her, working on building up another orgasm.They tumbled apart, and Candy had John lay back, then she mounted his cock in reverse cowgirl style. Candy gave John a wild midnight ride, her hips pumping up and down, eager to bring John off to a gushing conclusion.John was watching the symmetry of her naked back, sloping down to that wonderful ass, damn, females asses were so damn sexy. Watching that sexy ass rising and falling as she rode him, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on him again and again, he could feel the orgasm building, oh fuck, it felt incredible, her inner pussy muscles were again stroking and milking at him, fuck, her muscle control was nothing short of amazing. Candy tossed her head back, her movements picking tuzla kendi evi olan escort up speed. John had never felt such exquisite tightness, her pussy was the ultimate gripping receptacle, fiery hot, moist and oh so tight, it sucked and milked greedily at his throbbing shaft, demanding every drop he had.Candy let out a shriek of pleasure, as she shuddered in climax above him, John felt a warm hand wrap around his balls, and start kneading them gently as they coaxed out his thick, white manjuice.”Give your horny aunt every drop, shoot your thick creamy load baby, fill my burning fuck-hole, cum in me NOW!” Candy growled huskily.John was happy to do so, with a wild groan of pure pleasure, he felt the sudden explosion of cum from his cock, squirting his load inside her hot tunnel. Her talented muscles greedily milked his cock, draining his balls of every drop.John’s climax seemed to drain all the energy out of him, and Candy fell, sweaty and very satisfied, into his arms as he quickly raced towards sleep. Just before sleep overtook him, he was conscious of the nubile body of his sexy aunt in his arms, this wonton woman had fucked everything out of him, and she was going to spend the night in his bed with him.When John opened his eyes, he felt the hot, wet mouth of Candy around his cock, eager to suck him up to full glory again. His cock quickly jumped to attention, Candy’s eyes flashed desire at him as she and told him what to do.”Lay back John, I want it to be just like the first time, your horny aunt is going to ride your stiff cock, give my hungry cunt the filling I need, I’m such a horny slut, and I need it every day, I’m going to ram you deep inside me and fuck every last drop out of you!”John quickly did so and placed his arms and legs spread-eagle and she securely buckled him down to her milking bed. Auntie Candy looked down and smiled when she saw his cock pointing skyward, then she swung into position above him, her hands stoking and caressing his eager prick, she notched her creamy entrance above his cock head, and grinned at him.”Remember what it was like, as I move up over top of you?”As she started to push her hips down, John’s morning stiff cock starting to slide into that hot, wet, tunnel of lust, Candy, her eyes locked on his, continued, “I look into your eyes as I slide my hot, wet pussy down over your thick, stiff cock. Uhhhhh, oh yes, I can feel your stiff hard cock stretching open the tight walls of my pussy, can you feel the grip of my hot pussy?”With a final push, she drove down onto his prick, taking him in right to the balls. Both of them let out grunts of pleasure, John’s cock was sizzling already from the heated tightness surrounding him, Candy could feel the twinges of orgasm stirring already, she loved the feeling of being split open, her tight walls forced apart by a thick, hard cock, eagerly driving into her, fucking her again and again. Oh fuck, her orgasm was really building speed, she gently grabbed John’s head.”Look at me again baby, can you feel the tight grip?” and she used her muscle control to really grab at John’s cock, she enjoyed his growl of pleasure as she gripped so tightly at his surging cock, and she started to ride him, the pumping of her hips picking up speed, oh yeah, she was fast approaching the brink.Then she began to tighten and flex her thighs, crushing her nephew’s trapped hips in a vise-like grip while grinding her hips against my pelvis. “Arghhh… please Auntie you’re crushing me!” he cried between gritted teeth. “I could crush you to paste between my thighs, John. Would you like that?” she asked. Then she squeezed him tighter flexing her monstrous thighs and pounding her hips against her nephew in a jolting spasmodic rhythm until his angry red cock suddenly popped out. Relaxing her awesome crushing grip for a moment, she reached down between her legs, grabbed John’s stiff manhood and sank it back inside her. Her strong arms pulled me close to her body with a surge of irresistible power. “Your body is mine now John. There’s no point resisting” she told him as she started to control his cock with her pussy grinding, slowly sliding his tool in and out of her channel. He knew she was right, her thighs and vise-like cunt were totally in control of his body. He was unable to resist or alter the tempo. John moaned deeply as he felt the strong muscles of her vaginal walls tighten around his throbbing manhood, caressing and massaging him as she pistoned her hips up and down and back and forth. The sensations were so incredible that he thought he would cum immediately, but she sensed this and flexed her mighty thighs. “Not until I’ve had mine you don’t,” she said as her nephew winced at the frightening pressure crushing of his Auntie Candy’s unrelenting hips. Loosening her grip, she continued to pump away with her internal muscles while controlling the humping of his hips with her thighs. Every now and then she would clamp down hard with her thighs so hard that John would beg for mercy. In that way Candy kept him going for far longer than he would have thought possible. Finally she increased the rhythm of her thrusting hips as she gasped and moaned. Her moans became louder until wave upon wave of rippling flesh and muscle erupted around his pulsating rod of lust. “Yesss… Yes! I’m cumming John!… Oh God…” she screamed.Ecstatic feelings surged through her body as she climaxed on top of John. Her body stiffened, she threw back her head and her huge thighs squeezed so tight around her nephew’s hips that he was scared she would break them while she moaned and came in ecstasy. She continued, her voice a husky growl, “Oh, that was good… no, it was great!”“Auntie Candy… would you please get up?! My hips are hurting…” John breathed out with a heavy pant.“No sweetie. I’m going to steal your cum now.” She said as she began to bear down on her nephew’s turgid member. He groaned in ecstasy at her precise movements. She knew exactly how to work his cock into an unrelenting frenzy.Looking down she took a hold of his head and forced him to look at her. “John, look into my eyes baby… listen to what your Auntie Candy is saying and feel am I am doing to you.”She leaned down and kissed him full on the lips and allowed her tongue to snake into his mouth. She began a gentle up and down, back and forth motion on his cock. He gave her the response she was looking for as he moaned into her mouth. She raised up and locked her gaze on his. He was completely helpless and in the grip of his succulent and lustful aunt.“I’m sliding my throbbing, wet pussy up and down…. slow at first…. then gradually building speed…. it’s getting hotter… feel my tight pussy fucking your cock… faster and faster I go…. I’m fucking you John… fucking you hard and fast… yessss… Auntie Candy is fucking your cock into oblivion… her pussy wants your cum… Your Auntie’s greedy pussy is hungry… hungry for you John… feed your Auntie Candy’s hot cunt… feed it now! I want it now! I want you to cum for your Auntie… cum for me… CUM FOR ME NOW!”She let out a blissful shriek of pleasure as she tumbled into orgasm, her pussy walls became the ultimate in pleasure sucking tightness, and John growled as she felt the sudden explosion, their cries of orgasm mingling as Candy’s pussy squeezed her nephew’s cock! She pushed her cunt down tightly against his groin, and started pumping rapidly, his cock spewing crazily, pumping thick streams of cum deep inside her!“AUNTIE CANDY! I’M CUMMMMMMMINNNNG!!!”Candy’s wildly quivering heat was eagerly milking and sucking every drop out of her nephew’s hard cock. She continued to assault his young cock.“Fill me John, pump every drop deep inside Auntie’s cunt, yes, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming, do it, do it, do it, yes, yes, FFUUUCCKKK!”Her words of encouragement sent him over the edge again. “Uh, uh, oh god,” he mumbled as he reached a quick second climax. “Here it comes!” he yelled. “Ahhhhhh!”And with that, he came, sending large jets of semen shooting into his Auntie Candy.”Yes! That’s it! Cum for me baby,” Auntie Candy encouraged. “Come for me. Nice big spurts. Shoot it! Oh yeah, that’s it. Keep cumming for me baby,” she repeated as she continued to massage his balls, feeling his nut sac throb in her hand, squeezing out as much cum as she could. She felt him suddenly wilt and knew she had drained him completely.After a while of just laying back, and enjoying the afterglow, Candy pulled John to sitting position and handed him a glass of orange juice, and took him into the shower. The d**g was working yet again and so were Candy’s hands, lips and mouth. She worked him over, and being young, he quickly recovered, and back in bed, she lay back, spread eagled for him, and John quickly notched his cock against her, and drove in his renewed hard on, he was back into a hard on fever, powerfucking his sexy aunt’s cunt, Candy’s cries of pleasure, and her urgings to fill his aunt’s cunt, to blow his load deep into her burning fuck-hole, took him to the edge, he saw Candy’s wicked smile as her muscles again clamped down on him, and with Candy drawn out wail of pleasure, he let himself go, the jetting streams pouring into her, the tight grip again milking every drop out of him. John slowly rolled off of her and into a deep slumber.Candy smiled as she could still feel a hot trickle of John’s cum deep inside her, as she sauntered to the walk-in closet and adjusted the camera that stood behind the one way mirror. She stripped down, went to her dresser and took out her “come-fuck-me” racy undies that she had bought for the last phase of her nephew’s training. She put on a flame red tanga style panty that had a sheer, see-thru tanga style bottom that didn’t even cover half her ass. The waistband was merely a fine ribbon of red, that laced at the side, undo the bows, and it would just fall away. Her pussy would be just barely covered by a thin panel of see-thru red fabric. Candy had also got the matching flame red garter belt, matching bra that was in a demi-cup style, leaving the tops of her 48-DD breasts, down to her nipples, uncovered, and a pair of jet black stockings and a pair of sling back heels. She looked at her reflection. She pulled out the pins from her hair, and let it tumble to her shoulders. Right at that moment, she heard the clinking of the glass on the nightstand. She hurried into the room, as soon as she came in, John looked up and saw her, her body displayed to entice him further, ready and eager for more heated fucking. She knew the d**g was firmly implanted into his system. His cock shaft an angry red and the head of his cock a swollen dark purple. She could see that his balls were plump again.She looked up to his face and she could see the heated lust cross his expression, knowing what she looked like in her racy undies, seeing the heat she was feeling reflected in her nephew’s eyes, made her pussy creamy slick with her juices. He dashed over and grabbed her and their lips were together, kissing wildly, urgently, she could feel his stiff cock pressing against her.She broke the kiss off and whispered sexily into his ear, “It worked baby, you are all mine! Addicted to your Auntie Candy’s d**g.”“What… d**g… is… it…” he stammered out.“Why my pussy juice sweetie.”In the bedroom, she had him face the big 42” LCD television on the wall and started the program going. The screen filled with an image of her bedroom, Candy started to slowly strip her nephew. He watched as Candy murmured “Oh my god” as he watched his sexy old Auntie drop her robe, she was wearing a black garter belt, long black stockings hugged her legs, a set of sheer black, see-thru crotch-less panties, and a demi-cup bra that just cradled her breasts from below, leaving the top 3/4 of those luscious melons naked to John’s eyes.Candy was smiling, John grabbed her, pulled her on top of him, and growled “Do me like again! Like up on the screen!”She did indeed, letting out a low growl of pleasure as she notched his eager cock against her, and pushed down, impaling herself in one smooth stroke. Both of them were watching the action on the screen, as Candy started to ride John’s cock, she saw herself, riding her tied down nephew, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on him, she tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed.Candy heard her voice whisper huskily from the speakers, “John, look into my eyes baby… listen to what your Auntie Candy is saying and feel am I am doing to you. I’m sliding my throbbing, wet pussy up and down…. slow at first…. then gradually building speed…. it’s getting hotter… feel my tight pussy fucking your cock… faster and faster I go…. I’m fucking you John… fucking you hard and fast… yessss… Auntie Candy is fucking your cock into oblivion… her pussy wants your cum… Your Auntie’s greedy pussy is hungry… hungry for you John… feed your Auntie Candy’s hot cunt… feed it now! I want it now! I want you to cum for your Auntie… cum for me… CUM FOR ME NOW!”A shriek of pleasure came over the speakers and they watched while she pushed her cunt down tightly against his groin, and started pumping rapidly. John knew that was when his cock shooting thick streams of cum deep inside of his Aunt Candy and then he heard himself scream.“AUNTIE CANDY! I’M CUMMMMMMMINNNNG!!!”Candy could feel the rise, her orgasm was getting ready to let go.Candy’s voice growled next to his ear, “I’m fucking you again John…. Stealing your cum again… you’re my sextoy now baby. Your Auntie Candy’s personal fuck boy… Cum for your nasty Auntie Candy!”As Candy heard her low pitched wail from earlier, she heard John roar like a lion, he grabbed her hips and pulled her tightly against him, the spasms of her orgasm started to quiver, and as John’s sore, abused cock exploded, his load pouring hotly into her, it shoved her into her own climax, and she let out a shriek of joy as she felt the glorious burst deep inside, her pleasure rippling through her, her talented inner muscles clamping at her, eager to suck out every drop of her nephew’s sperm. She flopped down next to him, feeling the hot, sexy trickle of his load deep inside her, it always made her feel so damn sexy to have a lover’s thick juicy load of cum deep inside her.She told John she had been fantasizing about this for the last few weeks, and finally admitted to herself that it needed to become a reality. She knew he was a virgin and thought how hot it would be if she introduced John to the ways of sexual pleasure. She had felt a zing, and she knew she had to have his cock. She wanted to stroke and suck his cock and then fuck her nephew and make him all her own. She had to have him and now she did.They tumbled together in a well satisfied heap, Candy was smiling, she knew that there was more sexy scenes for her and John to watch, and later tonight, after they’d both had some time to recharge their sexual batteries, John would be watching her in action while fucking her wildly again. There was nothing like watching a sexy aunt fuck her nephew and that got John’s cock harder than ever for his Auntie Candy’s eager fuck-hole.John was his Nasty Auntie Candy’s Living Sextoy.



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