Fuck! This guy is gorgeous. Here I am in a business meeting and all I can think of is how much I want to get this guy in bed. I’m getting wet and my insides are sort of twitching or itching to feel his cock. He’s smart. That’s why he’s here. The company hired him to show us how to handle certain situations. He’s written books, has college degrees. Which doesn’t hurt. But he’s also a hunk. Like a movie star or something. I mean he’s got be at least in his early forties but he looks like some surfer god. Tan, Tall. Fit. I bet his stomach is hard. And I bet his cock is delicious. I really want him.

The meeting’s ending. Everyone is getting up, most leaving. A couple bigwigs go up to my fuck god and talk to him. I wait in the back of the room. I need to get him alone somehow. And I’ve got to come up with something that will get me in bed with him. Do I just tell him I want to fuck him? Do economists have groupies? Does he have women trying to land him everywhere he goes? I’ve got to come up with something. Wait, the last guy is shaking hands, my guy is gathering up his notes. I step out into the aisle and wait for him.

He sees me. “Hi” he says. He also looks me up and down, checking me out. I should have worn something more revealing than a business suit. “Hi,” I say back. Now what do I do?

“I want you to father my baby,” I blurt out.

“Excuse me?” He answers, giving me a weird look. Shit.

“I know it sounds odd but I wanted to get your attention. You’re obviously intelligent. Brilliant even. And physically you’re great. Your genes must be terrific. That’s what I want, a great set of genes.”

“I’m not sure I follow you. You want me to submit sperm to a bank?”

“No. From what I’ve read, the baby stands a better chance of good health if the mother is aroused, sexually aroused, at conception. More blood to the uterus or something. And maybe even there’s an advantage if the father is aroused. So I want to do it the old fashioned way.”

“I must be missing something. You’re asking me to fuck you?”

Well, I wouldn’t have said it just like that but, yeah, I guess so. I imagine you’re married so I’m not trying to be your girl friend. I would even sign a paper saying you didn’t have to take any responsibility for whatever child might be born. I want a baby and I realized, seeing you, that you’d be the perfect father.”

“Uh, well, how were you planning on how this all would happen?”

“This is the perfect time for me. So right now would be great.”

“Look, this is all sort of goofy. Anyhow, I have to meet several people for dinner in a very few minutes, so I guess I’ll have to pass.”

“I know, you think I’m some kook. In fact, I work for this company, have a master’s degree. I’ve been planning on having a baby for some time and seeing you made me realize this would be perfect. I’m sure you would enjoy it.”

He grinned. “Honey, you look great. Yes, I’m sure I would enjoy it. But it isn’t going to happen. I’ve got to leave now.”

“You’re at the Marriott, right? What room? I’ll wait a couple hours and call you when you’re back form dinner, I’ll come to your room.”

He grinned even more. “You don’t give up. That could be a little scary. What’s that picture, ‘Fatal Attraction’?”

“I’m not crazy. I promise that once we’re done and I have your sperm in me, you don’t have to ever see me again. What’s your room?”

He gives me a look, up and down, checking me out again. “734,” he says and brushes by quickly and leaves. Is that really his room number? Does he think I’m a psych case? Fuck. All I can do is wait a while and try the room and find out. But I need to go home and change first, into something more enticing. When I’m in the hotel lobby I don’t want to look like a whore. I don’t need security to kick me out. But I sure want to look desirable.

In a way, I’m lucky. My genes were right so I have a very good body. Over the years, I’ve managed to not do anything to hurt it so, at 26, I still have what one of my lovers in college called, “a body that just cries out for sex.” And it does. My face is o.k., too, at least I’m even featured if not a raving beauty. But guys seem to like it, too. It started in high school. A neighbor and classmate, Fred, and I taught each other everything possible about sex. We learned together. We should have bought some wholesale industrial size carton of condoms to start with. Instead, we bought inexpensive, small packages, over and over. Me at least as often as him. I learned that I just loved everything about sex. I loved his cock, loved to suck it, taste it, and even more feel it in me. Particularly my vagina, although the times in my butt were good, too. I loved pendik escort when he tasted me, worked his mouth on my clit. For a year or so we orgasmed over and over, multiple times a day, however and whenever we could manage to get together. I’m sure I walked odd all through my senior year. My pussy was always a little sore from almost constant action. It started when my eighteenth birthday ended up without a party so Fred and I commiserated together and ended up naked. It ended when we both went off to different colleges.

I’m sure we both missed each other. In fact, though, we never were in love and never claimed to be. We just loved the sex. I sure found other guys and I’m sure he found other girls because we only got together one more time, almost a year later, when we both were home on a school break. In fact, I almost ruined everything, I became such a huge slut. I sort of went wild for cock. Between my sophomore and junior years I transferred to a larger university and got my act in order. I mean, I still loved cock and got plenty of it but was much more, how would I say it, civilized about it.

I know girls who fell in love and married. The virgins who only had sex with one guy, I understand. They don’t know any different and connect the great sex only with their guy and call it love. But some were just as horny as me and screwed right and left. I don’t know how they decided they loved one guy, that one guy was enough for them. Because if I learned anything, it’s that one guy is not enough for me. I want different experiences. I want lots of experiences. And this genius with the hunky body was going to be another great experience, I could just tell.

I go in the lobby and call room 734. No answer. What do I do? Am I here too early? Did he give me a phony room number? I can’t just hang around the lobby, there must be security of some sort watching out for people like me. I go out and cross the street. I’m still thinking when I see a car pull up and a guy I recognize from our company gets out and then Superman gets out and they shake hands. He’s back. I wait until the car drives away, cross back to the hotel and go to the house phones. I wait a little. I should probably wait longer but can’t stand it so I call Room 734. He answers. I just tell him, “I’m here and am coming up” and hang up before he can say anything.

I get to the door and knock. He opens the door. He’s still in his pants but his shirt is off. He looks as if his body is even better than I thought. He starts to say something but I scoot in sideways and get by him. He’s standing there holding the door open, turned towards me, just looking. That’s because I’m getting my clothes off as quickly as I can. My blouse, my bra, the skirt, my shoes, my panties, and I’m completely naked. He just looks and closes the door.

“I think you’re the first woman I’ve ever seen that looks sexier naked than with clothes on,” he says. I just grin and step to him and unfasten his belt and unzip his trousers. As I pull them down, I get my fingers onto his boxer shorts and get every thing moving down. A really delicious looking, full cock, engorged with blood and standing up staring at me, pops out. I let go of everything to get a hand around that sexy thing , kneel down and get my mouth to it, licking it at first and then sucking it into my mouth. It’s perfect, even better than I had dreamed of. Big and thick and stiff and warm and delicious. Did I mention that I love cocks?

But I don’t want it this way. I suck on him for just a few seconds and then pull back. “I don’t want you to cum in my mouth,” I tell him, pulling back and standing up but keeping hold of his lovely cock. “I want all the sperm I can get inside my vagina, moving up to my uterus,” I say. I start to back to the bed, pulling him by his cock.

“At least let me get out of my shoes and clothes,” he says, almost grinning. “I’m as anxious to get to your lovely body as you are to get to me but we both need to be naked.”

I let go and move to the bed and lay down on my back. I look at him and spread my legs, bending my knees up and making sure my pussy opens to him. He almost struggles to get out of his pants, around his ankles, and shoes and socks, and then heads to the bed and almost dives at me, his hands and face landing between my legs, where he starts licking my very wet and ready pussy.

“You really are ready, aren’t you?” he asks as he slides up over me and gets his cock aimed at me. I reach down to help get him into me and then I feel him spreading me open, his mass moving into me, pushing its way through my body. It’s perfect. He’s fully into me. I can feel him against me inside. I kartal escort push my hips at him.

“Fuck me,” I tell him. “Just fuck me. Let me feel you move inside me.” And he does. He grunts and groans almost as much as me. I push back as hard as I can as he pounds against me. It’s glorious. I’ll never get to much of this feeling.

So we fuck. I cum and he cums. We cuddle and feel and he turns me over and does me again from the rear, me on all fours. I bang into him as much as he banks into me. I love it. We take a shower. I suck him until he’s up again and then he licks me until I cum, then pushes his way into me again. I last and he lasts. I end up on top of him, riding him, bouncing on his lovely cock.

“Are you leaving tomorrow?” I ask as we lay there perspiring, recovering.

“No, I have meetings with another company tomorrow and some more the day after. I’m leaving in two days.”

“No one knows what works and doesn’t, so the more sperm I can get, the better,” I tell him. “I’ll sleep with you awhile now until we can do it again, then I’ll come back tomorrow evening.”

“What’s your name?” he asks. “How can I get hold of you? I’ve never had better sex. I want more of you, too. We should arrange some times, to make sure we can get together.”

“Warren, my name is Nancy. Nancy Collins. I’m a media advisor for the company you were with today. My office is on the fourth floor, my telephone extension is 3285. Whatever you want is fine with me as long as it includes more sperm in me.”

“I don’t know my schedule. Maybe we can even get together mid-day tomorrow, too,” he says. I kiss him. There really is an advantage to being a good fuck. For sure, he’s been a great fuck.

The next day, I’m sitting in my office, not getting as much done as I should because I’m feeling very satisfied with the sex I managed to get last night, when he comes to my door. “Nancy,” he says, “I found you. How about I have you for lunch?” I look at the clock and it’s a half hour early but so what? I get up and leave with him. In a few minutes we’re back in his room at the Marriott, naked, and he licks and sucks on me until I have several terrific orgasms. I then suck on him for a short while and then get him inside me until I experience an even better orgasm and he does, too.

We stop and have a hot dog and a soft drink and then I’m back at work. I’m to come to his room when I get off work. I actually leave early, go by my apartment and change clothes and pack a little bag, so if I stay the night I can get dressed and cleaned up for work the next day. I’ve had a lot of sex, including two guys at once. But I’m not sure I ever had as much sex in as short a period of time as I’m having with Warren. That evening, or late afternoon, we start with a shower. He eats me to an orgasm and I suck him almost to finish — I want to taste his cum but I’d set this up as needing his sperm in my vagina, so we switch to his fucking me. We fool around a little while to get ready and fuck again. He lasts through two orgasms for me and we change positions. I love it any way I can get it but I think that on all fours from the back might be the best. His cock gets the furthest in me and he manages to massage my clit and/or my breasts at the same time. Then dinner from room service. Then more sex. And more. Another shower and more. Then sleep, Then I wake him sucking on him, climb onto him and we fuck again as a wake up call. Another shower and I dress and head off to work. He is a Superman. I’ve never run into anyone with his stamina.

The next day, I don’t hear from him and think it might be over. But about 4pm he’s at my door again. “Nancy, do you think you can arrange a vacation, starting tomorrow? I want you to come with me for two weeks if possible.” I never even ask where but make some phone calls, tell a few quick lies about an emergency, and get approval for a two week vacation starting the very next day. He goes with me so I can pack at home. To change clothes, I get naked, so he joins me and we have some sex at my place. He tells me we aren’t going anyplace exotic, he’s actually still working but he just wants to have a lot more sex with me. So I know what to pack. He does tell me to include at least one very dress up outfit to use in New York City.

Then to his room and more sex. Dinner from room service. More sex. Sleep. More sex in the morning. This time, he goes off to do some work and I go back to sleep. He comes back mid-day for a lunch quickie. His lunch being my pussy. And my pussy and my pussy. No one has ever kept at me as long as he does. He must really like the taste and feel of me. I return the favor and this time, maltepe escort I taste him and swallow his cum. Delicious. And very satisfying to finally do it. I love his cock.

We stay there that night. We then catch a plane. Over the next two weeks we live in three different hotel rooms in three different cities. As much as I love the sex, my pussy is actually slightly sore. I must be walking a little odd. I definitely never had this much sex continuously. If I was ever going to get satiated and want no more, this would be the time. But the opposite is true. I think I end up hungrier for sex than ever, always needing it, wanting it. I feel like, if I was a man, I’d end up with a permanent erection for those weeks. Maybe he did, it seems like we never stop for any great length of time. I do get some rest during the day while he’s out but he’s always back for lunch and then we have late afternoon until morning for more and more sex. Glorious!

Just as our time is ending I finally tell him that I made up that bit about wanting his baby. I’ve been on the pill the whole time. I really just wanted to fuck him and thought I needed some cute way to get him to agree, that if I just said I wanted to fuck him, he’d have turned me down. It doesn’t seem to bother him, we eat each other and then fuck again afterwards. Then I’m on a plane headed home. Back to work. Back to living alone. Neither of us knows very much about the other. I don’t even know if he’s married. At his age, I assume he is. In fact he isn’t as old as I thought, he’s 38. I’m 26. I did learn that much. All we know is sex. Very good sex. He thinks so and so do I.

I rest for about a week. I call some girl friends and go out trolling for guys. I actually get one, go home with him. Bad news. He just climbs on and fucks. No preparatory stuff, just pull my panties to the side and shove it in. Really shove it hard. He then lasts what could probably be measured in seconds and is done. Done. Over. Time for me to go. I was as glad to get away as he was to see me go, I think. Probably the worst fuck of my life. And I’ve had a lot of fucks from a lot of guys. I almost laugh that after a couple weeks of the best sex of my life I have the worst. Is it an omen of some sort? Am I getting that old? Maybe that’s why those girls I mentioned earlier end up committing to one guy, so they won’t ever have another fuck as bad as the one I just had. In his own negative way maybe this guy helps girls make decisions. Never again decisions.

Then I get a call from Warren. He’s coming back to town for a few days and wants to see me. Great. I’m going to get some good sex again. And I do. We have a terrific night. I’m almost pounded sore we have so much. Then he tells me something. “Nancy, you’re the best sex I’ve ever had. I tried a couple girls after you left and it made me realize how good things are with you. If sex was always like it was with them, I might give it up. But with you, I don’t ever want to stop. How do we manage to keep having sex all the time?”

“We need to be at the same place at the same time. Always. I move to where you live and find a job or you move to where I live and find a job,” I tell him. “I’ll admit I love having sex with you. I’m more experienced than I should be and you’re head and shoulders better than anyone. So I’d love to always have you available.”

“What do you think of your career?” he asks. “Do you see that you’re going to accomplish everything you always dreamed of by staying where you are?”

“Truthfully, no,” I tell him.” I do like my work. But I can’t say that it’s everything I’ve always dreamed of. I’m pretty sure that sooner or later I’ll change jobs or find some way to become a consultant or do something on my own.”

“Well I love my work. Things are even better than I ever dreamed of. I make huge amounts of money. A great many important people think I’m important, that I can be valuable to them. My books sell well. The only problem is that I can’t settle down. I travel a lot. I have to go to where my clients need me. In actual fact, I like that. I enjoy living in hotels, being catered to. But it is horrible on my sex life. No woman wants to travel like that. I end up with one night stands and I don’t even have a lot of them because I’m afraid of what disease I might catch, or whether they’re just scheming to get at my money somehow. I’ve had the best sex of my life with you, without any doubt. I want to find a way to continue it. Maybe I even have to change my life a little to keep you around. But then I wonder what that means to you. I mean, you have a life. How could you be willing to change your life to match mine? Maybe I’m expecting too much. But I really want you in my bed every night.”

“Warren, I’d love to be in your bed every night. I’m sure we can find a solution. We’ll have to talk about it. Be open with one another. But for right now, I’m holding on to your very erect cock. Fuck me and we can talk about it all later.”



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