I hadn’t heard from my sister Erin in a few days so I decided to drop by her place. I saw her car was there but no one was answering the door. Finally my sister opened up. She was standing there with a small bathrobe on.

“What are you doing here Matt?” She asked me.

“I hadn’t heard from you this past week, I was worried,” I said.

My sister seemed like she was trying to get rid of me. Then I found out why. Out of her bedroom walked this naked woman.

“Is that your boyfriend Erin?” She asked.

My sister’s face said it all. She was embarrassed to be sure.

“No, it’s my brother Matt,” she said.

“Cute,” said the naked woman.

Needless to say, I got an eyeful. She was tall, blond and her pussy was all shaved down. She had these pear shaped breasts and she didn’t seem to mind that I was seeing her naked.

“Let me talk to you later,” my sister practically shoved me out the door.

I drove back home and then early in the evening my sister showed up. I could see she was flustered having to talk to me.

“You can’t say a word to Mom and Dad,” Erin told me.

I knew what she meant. My father was from another century when it came to things like lesbians. His head would explode if he found out his daughter was in bed with another woman.

“My lips are sealed,” I told her. “I thought you were interested in men,” I said.

Erin told me that guys didn’t seem to be calling like they once did. That was when my sister met Molly. Molly was a free spirit according to my sister. They met at a bar and just like that, Erin found herself in Molly’s bed that night.

“We’re in love,” Erin told me.

“We?” I said.

“Well istanbul rus escort I told Molly I was in love with her.”

“What was her reply?” I asked.

My sister said that Molly just laughed at her. Molly said she didn’t fall in love that quickly. She was just interested in having a good time. I was thinking how naive my sister was. She just met this woman and she already told her she was in love. I knew there would be no reasoning with Erin. She thanked me for keeping her secret. She hugged me and then left. I just had to shake my head at the silliness of the whole situation.

An hour had passed and my doorbell rang. I couldn’t think who would be there. I opened the door and there stood Molly.

“Do you mind if I came in?”

I did mind but I didn’t want to be rude.

“What is it you wanted?” I asked her. “And how did you find out where I lived?”

Molly inquired from my sister about me. Erin freely told her where I lived. My sister was like that.

“You aren’t in love with my sister, are you?”

Molly just laughed. She said she liked both men and women. Erin got totally carried away and began to tell Molly she was in love. Molly did tell my sister that she just wanted a good time, nothing more. It was just as I thought. My sister didn’t have any common sense when it came to sex and love. She mixed the two up.

“Did you come over just to tell me that?” I asked her.

Molly shook her head. She pulled her shirt up over her head and then she unsnapped her bra. Out came those magnificent breasts. I wasn’t expecting that. Molly walked over to me and her hand found my bulge. kadıköy escort She began massaging the front of my pants. I soon found out I was as stupid as my sister. We began kissing and undressing each other.

“I thought you had a big cock,” Molly told me.

I was already half erect standing there in front of Molly. Molly took hold of my dick and she walked me back to my bedroom. Molly fell onto the bed. Like a fool I climbed over top of Molly and I started to suck on her nipples. We were both getting worked up. The flat part of my cock was rubbing across Molly’s mound. Molly had her hands on the back of my head urging me to suck and fondle her tits.

You can say I just lost it there on the bed. Molly removed her hands from my head and she reached down and grabbed my cock. She guided me to her opening and I entered her wet pussy. We got into it in short order. I buried my dick into Molly’s hot quim. She was moaning and telling me to fuck her hard. I drove my dick into her pussy and I circled my fat pole against her walls.

The comparison would be like a silk glove holding my prick. My balls were slapping against her bottom. I wanted Molly really bad right then. I wanted to make her orgasm multiple times. Molly’s pussy muscles were holding me tightly. We must have gone at it for a half hour or so. Molly told me to pull out. She pushed me onto my back and then climbed over top of my cock. My mushroom found her opening and we began all over.

Molly was riding me hard and I was thrusting my fat prick up into her passage.

“Use me Matt, fuck me like a whore!” She told me.

I reached up and squeezed her kartal escort big melons. I pushed my cock up inside as far as was possible. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to maintain this for very long. I was feeling my balls pinching and I drove my dick into Molly a few more times. My cum came spewing out from the tip of my cock. Molly felt me and she threw her head back.

“Oh Fuck!” She cried out.

We just went at it like two teenagers might. Molly squeezed and milked my bone and I kept feeding her my cock. I held on for as long as I could. I soon felt myself getting soft. My dick finally slid out of Molly’s pussy. Molly flipped onto her back. I sat up and watched as my seed came dripping out of her hole.

“God, you know how to fuck a woman,” she told me.

Molly was still shaking as she lie there on my bed. We did kiss each other a few minutes before Molly got cleaned up. If I thought there was going to be more, it didn’t happen that day.

“I need to get going,” she said.

Molly didn’t say she was seeing someone else after me or why she had to leave. She gave me her phone number and told me to call her later. Molly kissed me at the door and then left. I began to wonder who had done the more foolish thing, my sister or myself. I did call Molly later that night. She said she was hoping I would call. She said that she wanted to see me again soon. She needed my cock. She also said she told Erin it was over between them. It was fun but Molly said she wanted to see other people besides Erin.

My sister didn’t take it well. She began to cry and Molly said she had to finally hang up on her. I knew I would be hearing from my sister the next day. I told Molly we would have to be careful. I didn’t want my sister knowing that we were now fucking. Molly said she would be discreet. There it was. I got myself into something and I didn’t know how to get out of it or even if I did want it to end. My dick was ruling me now and I would soon be fucking Molly once more.



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