My wife My mummyMy wife is quite a big girl, she is 5 foot 10, weighs about 240 pounds, and has large 44G breasts. When I met her, I did tell her about my AB fetish (and womens shoes), to which she said she was ok with.She treats me as an Adult baby, and is quite happy to humiliate me in the supermarket, or baby shops, saying to the ladies that, Nappies, dummies, baby formula, or food were not for her k**s, but for her partner. She said to one older lady with grey hair working a checkout, that she had one c***d coming out of nappies, and her partner going back into istanbul escort them! She would also say, so anybody nearby could hear, A baby bottle for you as soon as we get home.As time went on, I moved in with her.She said to me one day, that she had taken her girlfriends round to my house one day, and had shown them my nursery, (decorated very babyish), complete with a baby cot, that I regularly slept in, a pushchair that was in there to make it more babyish, and my wardrobe full of womens avcılar escort shoes and nappies, both adult and baby!She had then shown them my pantry, with lots of baby bottles, baby formula, and baby food. She had also shown them my dummy collection in the side draw of my bedroom.She said all this in front of her teenage daughter.She said that she would be treating me like a baby, that her daughter would be feeding me baby bottles and baby food, and that as all her friends knew, and they had told their husbands, there şirinevler escort was no need to wear adult clothes when we went out.She had organised for one of her friends to make me rompers, and babystyle t shirts, that read I love nappies, or baby bottles, or I’m such a baby, or other humiliating slogan.She said that her mother would come round and babysit when she wanted to go out with a man, but whenever men come round just for sex, she says to them “this is my husband, that would rather put his cock in a nappy, than into me!”Sometimes she puts a collar round my neck, (I have a dummy in my mouth at all times, that is only to be removed by a woman) and handcuff my hands behind my back so I can’t play with myself, and she leads me into the bedroom, lays down on the bed on her back, and holds the lead forcing me to watch the guy give her a good fucking. All the while, both of them verbally humiliating me.



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