my wife is a bitch?sorry for my english is not perfect … someone wants to help me make the correction?Hello,let’s start with the presentations; I am married since 10 years with Charline, who is aged 30 years. I have the chance to have a beautiful wife of 1m70 for 55kg, sensual mediteranian, with black long hair ( I love his beautiful “”petit cul and her hard breasts of average size.For my part I have 5 more years, i am slim, little hairy with a rather long white dick; my first name: Simon. We are a couple rather ordinary, sexually opened without extravaguance. I have all of even the special feature to be bisexual, what my wife does not know; at least i never admitted…This story took place a few months ago during a stay in his country of origin in southern Europe. Following a delirium between us, we decided to spend an evening in a club libertine of the region (thank you internet! ), “for the fun”…Despite everything, we had played the game side dress … My wife has opted for a whole of Maison Close (French lingerie), black color, which to the particularity of being open on his buttocks ( … in short it was terribly “bandante”. And a long black dress, just a little sexy … I do not not doing non-more my attire, well dressed in jeans – shirt – blazer and especially a boxer white very short who mold my cock.Despite the excitement of our preparation, once on the spot we are rather tense and intimidated by this atmosphere that we knew not; all the more that many eyes rested on Charlin; men, women, young, old … Fortunately the framework of the place is friendly and we spend a long time at the bar and on the surrounding benches, drinking a few glasses …The alcohol helping, we feel more and more like at home; we talked with many people even if I do not control perfectly the language and that I do not, therefore, understand everything. We we kissed vigorously, my hands are wandering around on the waves of my wife, ranging from even me sometimes venture under her dress, excited to be openly observed.And then, in order to repel the di fferentes advances which we are made, we decide us to walk around in the different locations of the club; reviewing the showers, swimming pools and other saunasAnd then, in order to repel the differentes canlı bahis advances which we are made, we decide us to walk around in the different locations of the club; reviewing the showers, swimming pools and other saunas … My memories a little scrambled by the alcohol, I doesn’t remember how, but we got arrived in what I believe to be a “sexual backroom”. I was sitted on a chair, shirt and pants open, Charline straddling me and rubbing his sex on my hard dick. I meaning of eyes on us; I distinguished a door open on the corridor and the shadows which we are watching you. This makes me bandage even more hard.And then, without that i understood on the time, me woman fate of i don’t know of where, a pair of handcuffs and strap me a hand to the chair. And then she gets up and, installed in doggystyle in front of me, well cambered with her ass in back. She pulled down my boxer in order to liber my sex well stretched; it the leche throughout and then started to suck me as she knows so well, swallowing up entirely my 19 cm dick in his mouth. I always sense of eyes on us and I am surprised by the excitement that this causes in me …Without warning, my wife stops and she stands up in front of me. I try to tell him to continue, but I read in his eyes something that I do not know, as a challenges … I do not know what will apened and i cannot say anything. She remains a time standing before me, look at me without saying anything … And then I sense one of the shadows of the corridor come to us, and after some seconds i distinguished a large silhoutte. It is a great black man, what do I say, he is huge even. It advance toward my wife, they exchange of words that I do not understand, he smiles, then vas sit in a sofa which is at the end of the small workpiece and that i had not yet noted … Charline is still standing between us two, face to him. And then she returned, once again throwing his gaze in the mine; then she arches her well by putting her ass right back. I finished by realizing that she will obey the guidelines of this large guy … I am amazed and i can’t pronounce a single word during that this little game continues. After she have taken different positions, my wife opens her dress and the leaves fall to the ground. She is standing up to can be ton one metter between us, only dressed with his terribly exciting underwear, and when bahis siteleri she turns again, it has a stunning view on her magnificent ass that her panties, open on the rear, let entirely see. He smiles, he is energized, his hand caressed the bump that i guessed now under his pants … she ends by advancing toward him, with this approach if sexy that gives him his “talon aiguille” shoes, and take position itself to four tabs on the sofa with his elbows on the folder. she is parallel to him and I have a breathtaking view on its rump when he starts to caressing and than pinching her buttocks . At this time I tryed to get up, but the chair is sealed in the ground and I am stuck not the handcuffs. I have barely opened his mouth to shout “stop”, that Charline turn his head toward me; and always with this look of challenges, she takes off her bra, thus offering his chest at the sight of this huge black man. He touch her nice breasts and kneaded its without sweetness and then pull on his small nipples who blushes.Then he decided to stand up, I realize that he is really very large, Charline seems quite small next to him. She sits down on the sofa while he removed his t-shirt, revealing a muscles of body-builder, as for leering at me a little more. And then he dropped his pants and as he does not under-garments, i discovers his sex huge … It does tape not even fully yet, I sense that my wife she also is surprised by this big bite black.Despite everything she shall approach him and takes this big black cock in his small hand and began to kiss this cock. This energizes this big male and its tail grows still, if well that when my women decided to masturbate it either use its two hands! His sex was still grows and it is well right when my wife approach his face., more she advance and more this dick seems huge! How can it measure?? I read a lot of apprehension in her eyes when Charline opens the mouth to put his big gland; she happened yet perfectly well, to the great pleasure of his partner who does not hesitate to look at me with pride. She looks at me she’s sucking this bbc ; which contrast with the pink of his lips, in order to ensure that i don’t move … The “spectacle” is beautiful to see and despite me i band. Despite its know-how, Charline cannot suck that around a third of the sex of ebony of his partner; which take the head of my wife güvenilir bahis ovenin order to try to put a little more its dick in her mouth. Charline is left to do, her saliva sank on this sex abroad and on his chin; tears squirt on his cheeks as”it gained ground … It is not going to be able to just push in his mouth, but once it was felt that this was sufficient, it began to make coming and going and to use the mouth of my wife as a fucking pussy. Charline is always leaves do, he fucking loudly her mouth, saliva dripping down until now on the breasts … She even put a hand under her panties to caress her shaved pussy …After some minute, he withdrew from the mouth of Charline, the forsook resume his soufflle. And then he spoke again. My wife started to get on in doggystyle, her hands on the sofa. With one of its hands she caress her small washer pink which was not covered by this famous underpants open on back ….. Her fucker spat upon on the anus of my wife and i did the most of doubt on what was going to happen in front of me when Charline began to caress her asshole and push a finger … Once more she turned his head with this same next in order to make sure that I said nothing. She looked at me still in the eye when he approached his enormous black dick, covered with the white saliva of my wife, its small washer relaxed. he thrust his cock with her ??hand. The tears gushed out on the cheeks of Charline as its fucker if thrust centimetre by centimetre in her ass … She groans softly. Once more he could not put all his sex but he began its moves to and fro in the anus completely dilated of my wife. First gently, then he fucked squarely her ass, prying off of long Cree to Charline; who after a moment began to caress her shaved pussy and clito under his underpants. As it was put, i do maquais nothing of the spectacle of this big black cock who fuck the small pink ass of my wife. To the good of a time, I do not know any time, it stopped by pushing a large cree, his sex was taken of gasp during that he enjoyed, flooding of his semen the codend of my wife. When he withdrew, the anus of Charline remained open, pouring the thick cum of his baiseur along her thighs.She gave her dress without even wipe. Charline approached then me with my air bewildered. she smelled of the sweat, the codend, the male and the semen. In leaning toward me to detach my handcuffs, she said to me calmly: “As thou, I also like suck and make me sodomize by bbc, but I do not do that for thy back … “. Then she went out of the room … Oops I had been unmasked; we are two bitch …



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