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My wife fucks on our first rock crawl.My wife and I have always enjoyed mud bogging in our four wheel drive but lately we have started rock crawling. I did some work for a guy on his rock crawler and he told me about a nice crawler that was for sale. I went and had a look and bought it.As I was going over it getting to know the dual stick transfer case and other controls my wife came out to have a look. I explained how this is a lot cleaner four wheeling to her. She said I like getting muddy. I said yeah, but you can wear nicer cloths when we take this Buggy. And since its going to be a nice hot Saturday we should go try to crawl some rocks. She agreed and said she would pack a picnic.I had the buggy loaded on the trailer and was getting a few tools together just encase when I heard the passenger door on my 2500HD close. I looked around to that side to see my wife walking toward me. She was wearing a white tank top and a denim mini skirt. She had on her brand new white tennis shoes and as she got closer I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. You had better go get changed I’m almost ready I told her. She stopped and asked what’s wrong with what she has on? She said we won’t be getting muddy you said. Well OK I said . She noticed me looking at her hard nipples. She arched her back making them stand out and said you like? I said yes I always like seeing those perky tits and nipples. She said well you will love seeing this then as she raised the hem of the already short skirt to show me her hairless little slit was without panties. Oh baby I said, this is a buggy not a truck. She said so? I said anyone standing close will be able to see your ass when you are getting in and out and probably even while setting down. Maybe I know that she responded.She has had sex outside our marriage several times and I always have her tell me all about it. So her wanting to do a little showing off isn’t a surprise. After unloading at the ride site I put the lunch in the buggy and started it up , as it ideled warming up I helped my wife step over the çanakkale escort side bar to get in. Her skirt was so short that while stepping over her uncovered pubic area was easily seen. As I begain strapping her with the five point harness I told there is a crotch strap that comes up between her legs so she spread them wide. I pulled all the straps as tight as I could. She only weighs a hundred pounds and I didn’t want her to come out while bouncing on the trail.As we rode up the side of a small mountain she told me that being held that tight in the seat was making her horny. I laughted at that, well after about thirty minutes I needed to take a dump so I found a clearing and stopped. I told her as I grabbed the TP from her bag that I was going to take a squat. I asked her if she wanted to stretch her legs? She said yeah so I helped her out of the buggy. I ran off down the hill to find a good place to crap.I was just getting started when I heard a buggy coming up the trail. They couldn’t see me but I could tell there where two guys talking in it as it passed. I heard it stop at the same clearing we stopped at. I was pushing as hard as I could but the turd had stage fright. It took about ten minutes to finish up and I started back up the trail to my Buggy. As I got closer I saw my wife squatted down giving one of the guys head. I stopped and knealed down so I couldn’t be seen. I watched her work that guys cock over good while the other guy slowly tugged his own. Soon she stood up and leaned toward our buggy , she pulled her skirt up exposing her naked ass and then she grabbed the side bar of the buggy. The guy she had been blowing stepped up and sank his hard cock into her. He held her hips as he fucked her hard and fast. I could hear her telling him to go faster and harder. He only lasted about five minutes and when I saw him raise up on tip toes and his ass cheeks pinced tightly together I knew he was done. As he stepped away she remained bent over and his buddy took his place inside my wife’s Vagina. ısparta escort He started out with slow strokes but soon he picked up speed and soon he was slapping his nuts against my wife’s pussy lips. He empted his nuts into her and pulled out , as he was zipping up my wife stood up and brushed her skirt down. The guys got in their buggy and left. I waited untill they where out of site before running up to my wife. When I got there I played it cool and acted as if I hadn’t seen anything. I told her I was hungry and I started to get the picnic basket out. She put her hand on my arm and told me to wait. She said she had something for me to eat. I turned around and she bent over putting her hands on her knees. Eat my cunt she said in a stern voice. I could see her inner thighs where shiny . I got on my knees and ran my tongue up between her pussy lips. She shuttered and cood. She was extremely wet and her shaved pussy lips where soft and puffy. I took my thumbs and spread them so I could suck the cum from her hole without my whole face getting wet. She came while I was cleaning her. I stood up and begain to unzip my pants. She stood up and stopped me. No she said. No what, I asked. No you are not fucking me she snapped back. But baby my cock is on fire I almost whined. She took her knee and bashed me right in the balls. I yelled out and bent over in pain. She said that should make it go down. While I rolled around on the pine straw she got the food out. As soon as I could stand I joined her. Before I could speak she said you should always remember it’s my pussy and I’ll be the only one to say who gets it and when. She had spread a blanket on the ground and we sat and ate facing each other. She sat Indian style and I was given a perfect view of her pussy the entire time we ate. My cock got hard again from looking. She noticed it and told me she could make that go away. I said no thank you, I’ll be OK. Back in the buggy she pulled her skirt up so the crotch strap actually pressed against her pussy lips. She sivas escort rubbed herself on that wide nylon strap while we rode. I could tell by her hard nipples she was still horny. I told her if she wanted me to after the ride we could go find her a thick black cock to fuck her. She was happy to hear that. While driving home I called Marcus on the cell phone and with my wife listening I told him to be at our house tonight and that my wife wanted him to tare up her pussy. He told me he wanted me to watch as he stretched her white pussy. I told him to please repeat that to my wife. I handed her the cell and she listen and started smelling. He talked to her for half an hour and the whole time she was rubbing her clit. At the house I was in the garage putting everything up when my phone rang , it was my wife. She said Marcus is about to ruin my pussy if you want to watch. I ran into the house and watched as that big black guy wore my wife’s white pussy out for over an hour. When he finally pulled out her pussy never totally closed. It remained open enough that I know my cock wouldn’t touch the sides if I where allowed to fuck her. Marcus told me to eat her while he watched. I did as I was told and after cleaning her up he was hard again. He fucked her so long that I left them to go pee and get a cold beer. I was setting in the den watching TV when he came in and told me she needs another cleanup. He left and I went back to her. She was asleep. So I got my own hardon out and eased it inside her. I was right she was so loose that I couldn’t even feel anything. I jerked off in my hand and rubbed it all over her pussy lips. I covered her up and she slept all night.The next morning I was up fixing breakfast when she came scooting in wearing one of my t shirts and her pussy was not covered. I asked how she felt. She said my pussy hurts like I have been kicked in it. I offered to kiss it but was denied. Later that afternoon she laid out by the pool with only a bikini bottom on tanning her tits. When I brought her a cold drink she asked me if I had a good time yesterday? I said yeah did you? She putted her pussy through the thin nylon bikini and said yes but my poor pussy can’t take Marcus again for a while. She said his cock hurts me. I said why do you let him do you? She said because it hurts so good.



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