my wife and pantyhoseThis story is true. My wife accompanied me on a trip to Puerto Rico in October. I had to work a lot so she spent a great deal of time on her own. Rita is in her mid 40s, 5?4, dark hair and about 135 lbs. She has small tits, but a great ass and nice legs. We have a good sex life and recently began discussing the possibility of her having sex with other men while I watch (and maybe join in). Until our trip we hadn?t done anything about it. One other thing, she loves to wear pantyhose (nylons) and high heels, especially during sex. Like I said, during our trip I spent a lot of time working. Rita seemed to be enjoying herself (little did I know!). It wasn?t until we got back from our trip that she told me about her sexual exploits. Our first day back I spotted a huge hickey on her neck at that point she told me the whole story. We arrived on a Monday afternoon. I had a late dinner scheduled with a client. I was gone from 6pm until 1am. Rita decided to go down to the hotel bar. She was horny and thought this trip might be a good opportunity to experiment. She wore a short beige-colored skirt, white silk blouse, suntan colored pantyhose (as usual), with high heels and no panties under the nylons. After an hour at the bar and 3-4 cocktails she was approached by an attractive black man, who was a local. They talked (and drank) for about an hour when he asked her if she wanted to go to a party with him. Rita quickly accepted. She knew what he wanted and she was interested in the same thing. They went to his car and left. His name was Tan and he was 6?1, 230 lbs. After 5 minutes of small talk as they drove along he put his hand on Rita?s nylon-covered thigh. He rubbed up and down and she got wet immediately. He pulled over and began tongue kissing her and she responded. He also worked his hand up her skirt and began to finger-fuck Rita?s nylons into her pussy. She loved it! They quickly decided to change their plans and go to Tan?s apartment. Once inside they went straight to the bedroom. He got her skirt and blouse off, but she kept her nylons and high heels on. Tan continued to finger Rita?s hot, nylon-covered cunt. She began to reciprocate by rubbing his member through his pants. She knew immediately he was big. When she unzipped his pants and pulled it out she found out how big. It was 10-11 inches long and very thick! She didn?t know why, but she took the head of it in her mouth. It?s not that she doesn?t like to suck cock, but it?s not her favorite. After a little ?head? Tan took his pants and underwear completely off and they dry humped. He loved the feel of the nylon rubbing against his cock and so did Rita. His dark skin really turned her on. He rubbed his cock between her legs and flipped her over and humped her nylon-covered ass. He also tried to peel her nylons down over her ass and finger-fuck it, but Rita kept shooing him away. Finally, She told him to ?put a condom on and let?s do it.? Tan told her ?a condom won?t fit, but you can try.? Rita took a rubber out of her purse, but she couldn?t even get it over the head of his huge black pole. After a few minutes of trying, Tan took the rubber out of Rita?s hands and flipped it to the floor. They began another deep tongue kiss. Rita became worried. Her nylons had a very tiny rip in the crotch. Right at her pussy. She always made this hole. It made it easy for her to start fucking when the time was right. But, she wasn?t on any birth control and she knew if Tan found the hole there was a good chance he would rip it open and fuck her right then and there. She had an idea. She told Tan that ?if you wait till Thursday I?ll get on the pill and we can screw without a condom. I?ll güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri do anything you want.? Tan thought about it and told Rita, ?okay, but you need to take care of my big black cock now before it explodes!? Rita agreed. Tan immediately flipped her over and tried to pull her nylons down over her ass again. She told him ?no!? but Tan said ?you can?t get pregnant if I fuck you up the ass.? Rita said, ?Not without a condom, no!? Tan backed off and Rita agreed to give him a blowjob. She got on her knees and took the head of his huge cock in her mouth while she stroked his long shaft. Once he got a good pace going Rita took it out of her mouth and began licking his balls while she continued to stroke. She didn?t want him to come in her mouth, mainly because she doesn?t like to swallow. Tan wasn?t thrilled that Rita wouldn?t let him come in her mouth, but he still managed to squirt a load all over her face and hair. She couldn?t believe how much cum he had. They agreed to meet at our hotel room on Thursday at 10am. She knew I would be at work. Thursday morning came and I left for a meeting around 8:30. That?s when Rita started to get ready. She put on a very short, silky white nightie with pantyhose and high heels. She added some red lipstick, left the door to the room slightly open, and went back to bed to wait for her lover. Tan showed up right on time and came in with a small black bag in his hand. He dropped the bag next to the bed and got right down to business with few preliminaries. Rita lay in the bed on her back as Tan put his head between her legs for a quick taste and to see if she was ready. He found that she had already ripped the nylons at the crotch the length of her pussy lips. He slipped his tongue into her soaked cunt. She was ready. She had been dreaming about this since Monday and all she could think about was having Tan stick his big black cock into her hot pussy and fuck her brains out. He quickly moved into position and placed the head of his enormous prick against her juicy cunt lips. As he slid it in he began rubbing Rita?s nylon-covered thighs. She began to moan and had an intense orgasm when Tan was 1/3 of the way in. It was the biggest cock she had ever taken. She watched it slide into her hot slit and couldn?t believe she was actually taking it all. He continued to fuck her, but he didn?t stay in any one position too long. After missionary style, he stuck it to her doggie-style. From there he took her into the bathroom and made her lean over the sink while he slipped it in from behind. He also had her mount him while he lay on his back on the floor. He finally got her back in bed, had her lay on her stomach while he entered her pussy from behind. This is where he finished the job by filling her hot cunt with his cream while she had another orgasm. They rested for a few minutes, but Tan?s cock never got soft. He moved his hand inside the nylons that covered Rita?s ass and he began to work a finger into her tight butt. She knew what he wanted. She protested immediately and said, ?no anal without a condom.? Tan then went into his black bag and pulled out a rubber. Rita said, ?I thought a condom wouldn?t fit?? Tan said, ?no, the rubber you had wouldn?t fit. This big one will fit just fine.? Rita pleaded, ?I can?t?It?s too big?It won?t fit?I?ve never done it back there before!? Tan was very turned on to find out her ass was virgin. He promised her she would enjoy it and that she would even cum. Finally, realizing there was no way out Rita agreed. Tan went back to his black bag and pulled out a tube of K-Y Jelly. He went to pull Rita?s nylons down from behind when she told him it would güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri be easier for her to spread her legs if he ripped the nylons instead. Tan quickly moved his face down onto her nylon-covered ass and ripped a hole in the pantyhose with his teeth. He then lubricated her ass with one hand while the other fingered her hot pussy. She was now ready and so was he. He placed his huge tool against her puckered anal opening and began to slowly insert it. It was tight and painful at first, but soon, with the help of Tan pinching her nipples Rita was really beginning to enjoy it. They found a rhythm and Rita was beginning to push back on the way to another orgasm. Tan used one hand to rub her nylon-covered ass and the other to finger-fuck her hot cunt. Finally, he asked her, ?Am I the first to fuck your hot white ass?? When she told him, ?Yes!? he shot the load from his huge black cock into the rubber in her nylon-covered, virgin ass. She had her third orgasm of the day at the same time. Rita was still horny. She noticed that Tan?s cock was still stiff even though he had just shot his second load of the day. After a few minutes she began to rub her nylon-covered legs against Tan?s cock and balls while they lay next to each other. They passionately kissed and Tan said, ?You want me to fuck you again don?t you?? Rita said, ?Yes.? He said, ?I will, but only under one condition. You have to meet me tomorrow morning and give me a blowjob all the way. I want to cum in your mouth.? ?Fine.? She said. With that, he asked her how she wanted it. She just laid on her back, spread her legs and said, ?Fuck me hard until I cum.? With that he mounted her and shoved his prick deep into her hot cunt. Within a couple of minutes she was ready to have another orgasm. Tan was pulling his stiff tool most of the way out and then ramming it in as Rita bucked and moaned while Tan came for the third time in her hot snatch. Before leaving, Tan gave Rita instructions on meeting him the next morning. She was to take a cab to a hotel 3 miles away where Tan worked. When Rita got up Friday morning she was sore. Her pussy and ass had never been used like that before, but as she prepared for her Friday morning rendezvous with Tan she couldn?t help but notice that her nipples were hard and her pussy wet. She couldn?t get enough of him. Again, she dressed very sexy. Short white skirt, beige silk blouse (no bra), Pantyhose (suntan), and high heels (mules ? ?come fuck me? shoes). At 9:30 she took a cab to the hotel where Tan worked. She gave the cabby a show by letting her skirt ride way up so he could see the tops of her nylons and constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs. At times, she was sure he had a clear view of her nylon-covered pussy. He spent most of the ride adjusting mirrors and turning around to get the best view possible. Once there, Rita met Tan in the lobby of the hotel, where he handed her an envelope. The envelope had a room number written on it and there was a room key inside. He instructed her to go there and wait. She went to the room. Within 5 minutes Tan showed up. Rita initiated a kiss and slipped her tongue deep into his mouth. His hands went to her tits. He was happy to see she wasn?t wearing a bra. He pinched her nipples and she moaned into his mouth. He also worked his way under her skirt and rubbed the nylons into her pussy. She dry-humped his hand. ?You want to fuck again, don?t you?? Tan asked. Rita responded by nodding her head ?yes?. Tan told her he had to leave, but that he would be back in 15 minutes. He told her to make herself comfortable in the bed. While she waited, Rita put on some red lipstick. güvenilir bahis şirketleri She knew Tan like it and she knew it would probably make her job easier. When he came back she was waiting in bed, on her back. He moved to the side of the bed where her head was and he removed his pants (he wasn?t wearing any underwear). His right hand grabbed Rita by the hair on the back of her head and he guided her mouth down onto his semi-hard cock. She took it into her mouth easily. It felt good. It was much easier for her to suck his cock before it was completely hard. Suddenly, someone else came into the room. Another black man. Tan introduced him as Jim. Jim was 6?0, 180 lbs., not bad looking. Tan kept Rita?s head moving as she continued to work his cock. Jim moved to the bed and went down on Rita as she lay on her back. Jim pushed her skirt up and began licking her thighs through the nylon material as he worked his way to her bush. He started licking and sucking her cunt through the nylons as she continued to work Tan in her mouth. After a few minutes of this Jim stopped and the next thing Rita knew he was standing next to Tan at the head of the bed. He had removed his pants and was stroking his black dick. Tan slowly removed his cock from Rita?s mouth and moved her head down onto Jim?s stiff tool. Jim was smaller than Tan, but still had a nice size dick. She took Jim in her mouth as Tan worked her head up and down. Jim began squeezing Rita?s tits and worked his way down to her twat. He finger-fucked her nylon-covered pussy. The crotch of the nylons were completely soaked from her juices. Suddenly, Rita heard a ripping sound. It was Jim. He had found that tiny hole in the crotch of her nylons and ripped it open. Jim pulled out of Rita?s mouth and Tan slid his dick back in. ?She?s ready to fuck!? Jim said. She was ready! Rita spread her legs a little further as Jim mounted her. He held his cock in his right hand at the entrance to her cunt. As Jim penetrated her she let out a moan that was muffled from the cock she had in her mouth. Jim gave her the full length of his dick all at once and Rita wrapped her legs around Jim and fucked back hard. Tan had pulled out of Rita?s mouth and she was now licking his shaft and balls. Jim kissed and bit Rita?s neck as he continued to fuck the crap out of her. Rita was close to orgasm and she knew Jim was as well. Suddenly, he bucked harder and let out a yell, ?I?m cumming!!!!? He squirted his load into her hot pussy and then pulled out and finished by cumming on the nylons covering her bush. Jim was spent. He rolled off Rita and almost passed out. Rita knew he must have given her a hickey the way he worked on her neck. Meanwhile, Tan was working his balls into Rita?s mouth. He moved his hand down to her pussy and rubbed Jim?s cream into Rita?s nylon-covered bush and then into her cunt. Once he was done, Tan stuck his fingers in her mouth and made her suck them clean. Tan took Rita by the hand and made her get on her knees next to the bed. He stood in front of her fully erect and said, ?Finish the job you came here to do!? With that she took his huge cock in her mouth while she stroked the shaft with her hand. In no time at all Tan was pumping hard and Rita was trying not to gag. He held her hair and worked her head and finally started to cum. ?Swallow me!!!!? he told her. She swallowed the first couple of squirts like a pro, but soon it was too much and Tan?s jism ran out of Rita?s mouth and dripped down her chin. It was 12:30 and Rita knew it was time to get back to our hotel. She grabbed her cloths and went to the bathroom to get dressed. She cleaned the cum from her face and hair. In the mirror she noticed that Jim did in fact give her a hickey on her neck that was about 2? in diameter. On her way out she stopped at the hotel?s gift shop and bought a silk scarf to cover it up. She came back to the hotel. We left on Saturday and nothing was mentioned until I spotted the hickey on Sunday. —————————————-



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