My wife and my mateMY BEST MATE WHO I LET HAVE A drunkEN FUMBLE WITH MY WIFE AS SHE WAS Asleep AS HE HAD TOLD ME HOW MUCH HE FANCIES HER,I EVENTUALLY TOLD WIFE ABOUT IT LATER AND SHE TOLD ME NOT TO TELL HIM SHE KNOWS…SHE HAS FANCIED HIM EVER SINCE SHE FIRST MET HIM. Well last night, me and him and another mate called sunny went out earlier today drinking then came back to my house to carry on drinking. Wife came down wearing a very sexy red coloured silk short gown which goes just below her bum. She stayed with us and noticed she kept texting. I also noticed my mate kept texting. Didn’t realise at the time. Well they’ve all gone and wife is asleep and I’ve had a look through her phone. Checked text messages and them two have been texting each other right infront of me! We were at the table and she was sat at the sofa in the same room. Here’s the text messages I have converted to my phone and edited parts (names etc). Wife:I notice you keep looking at my legs and feet. Would you like me to wear something that covers them up? It is you guys fault that you came home making so much noise waking me up which is why I came down cos I couldn’t get back to sleep Him:sorry for waking youand please do not cover legs and feet ;)Wife:You sure? You keep looking at them. Why is that? You making me get a completion lolHim:Erm sorry?cant help it. hpe ur not offendedWife:Not offended. But illegal bahis why you keep looking? Him:Ok fuck pist. If i say sonething promise u wnt get angry and promise not tell Thee?Wife:Promise won’t get angry and I won’t say a word to Thee. Him:Okfuck! Cnt belve im gonna say this.Ive alwys found u fit and i confess a secret.i have a mad thng bout feet and u have the most sexy feet and can never keep my eyes off them. I realy fancy u and hope u wont get angry or offended and please dont tell Thee. Wife:Really????!!!You fancy me??!!!I’m drunk…. Fuck it. I’m gonna confess too! I really fancy you!Always have but never thought you would ever fancy someone like me!You never caught me looking at you when we come to yours? Always worried ***** (his wife) might catch me looking at you in that way! LolHim:Really? You fancy me?never would hve thght. Never noticed you look at me like that. Beleive it or noti oftn think of u while fucking *****.is that bad?Wife:Really? Wow!No it’s not bad cos I’ve often thought about you while with Thee and also pleasured myself looking at your Facebook pics. Is that bad?? LolHim:Cnt blve its nt bad.Thee wld go mad if he ever caught me looking at u that way. He is so lucky to have you. Not sure if he appreciates you like that and know how lucky he is. Loads of our mates fancy u but we never let Thee know that we think ur so illegal bahis siteleri fit. Wife:Don’t lie lol. His other mates fancy me too? Interesting lol. You keep looking! You think Thee and sunny have noticed how you keep looking at me as they both not looking at me like you are lolHim:I hope not.have they seen me keep looking at you? Shit! Wife:Lol. No! Relax Hun! Watch this…. You fancy a view further up? LolHim:YES PLEASE BABE!Wife:Ok. Gonna have to time it right when they both not looking. Not sure when but keep an eye on them. Him:OK. I can imagine ur feet rubbing my cock!love the way u dangling ur feet lovly archeslove the,toe ring and ankletWife:Thanks Hun. So you imagine my feet rubbing your cock? Gonna come sit at the table opposite you for a bit and give you a surprise :-)Him:WOW!that is so hardWife:I’m so wet!Him:Wanna fuck u hard after I suck ur toesWife:HmmmmGonna go back to sofa. Look out for cheeky view as I sit down ;-)****** I CAN ONLY THINK THAT SHE RUBBED HIS COCK WITH HER FEET AS SHE SAT AT THE TABLE FOR A SHORT WHILE. I ACTUALLY REMEMBER HER SITTING AT THE TABLE BUT DIDNT NOTICE HER BEND DOWN TO GIVE HIM A CHEEKY VIEW *****Him:WOW!u r so fit!Loved ur sexy feet rubbing my rock hard cock. Dnt think these 2 noticed. loved the way u bent down to pik up ur phone as it dropped out ur hands. U acted so naturally dropping it lol. canlı bahis siteleri ur gown slid up and reveald ur sweet bum.want u so bad now!Wife:Gonna try and get Thee and sunny to go in taxi and get me some wine from 24 hour shop. When I say that to him that I want some wine which we not got I’m gonna ask him to go to 24 hour shop and I’ll call taxi. you then engage in deep conversation with me so you have to stay here and let them 2 go to shop. It will take them 15 mins there and back when taxi arrives. So be alert now! Him:OkWife:Taxi on route will be here in 5 mins. Engage deep conversation with me now. Come to the sofa and sit here and we’ll carry on chatting (you’ll also get a better view too lol)As soon as taxi comes, you say that you’ll stay here with me. As soon as they go, we go straight up to my room! 15 mins!! That’s it! so hard!Wife:I’m so wet! Him:Can u slide ur gown up a bit showing me all ur leg please babe or move it from top so I can see ur tits?Wife:I can see your bulge already. If I do that you sure you won’t explode? LolQuick question?Hairy?Trimmed?Shaved? Him:Shaved last weekyou?Wife:Waxed yesterday Taxi here! Get ready. ****** WHILE TWO OF US WENT IN TAXI TO GET HER WINE, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HE FUCKED HER. THEY WERE BOTH SAT IN THE SAME SPOT WE LEFT THEM IN 15 MINUTES BEFORE! **** Him:That was amazing!Wife:Yeah! That was well risky! Was close! They not suspected anything thank god! I’m gonna go to bed now. You lot carry on. Text you tomorrowxxxxHim:Ok babeWOW. FUCKING BRILL X********************************************This is the same mate who me and him have stolen each other’s wife’s worn thongs.



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