MY UNFORGETTABLE FIRST SEX WITH MY BUXOM, LACTATINMY UNFORGETABLE FIRST SEX WITH MY BEAUTIFUL BUXOM, LACTATING MOTHERBy OEDIPUSMy first sexual experience was with my buxom, lactating mother. It was immediately followed by with other lactating mothers. Any man who with mutual consent had sex with his mother will never forget those enjoyable hours or days spent with her. The following experience is the most memorable one that is always fresh, never old, and keeps me young in thinking. My mother’s parents and grandparents were Portuguese and French. In India she’s referred as Anglo-Indian, an awkward term. Some Anglo-Indians look no more different than Indians and some look very much European. My father was part Portuguese and part Indian. He was a captain in the Merchant Navy. We lived in Madras, Calcutta and Bombay and later in three different cities in Europe. Wherever we lived we were given a furnished, spacious and comfortable house by the shipping company. Sailors and officers came from all over India. The company had its own quarters for married sailors and other employees. This Merchant Navy colony (in all the cities) had a sizeable population of separated families of sailors. Houses were allotted according to family size and rank of the sailor. Not all of them availed company’s quarters and many preferred to leave their wives and c***dren either with their parents or family members. We were allotted a three room ‘apartment’ (in long row of houses – barrack style) and it had courtyard at the back with its own entrance. I was given my own room – a luxury for a high school boy. At school I was harassed and teased by other boys because of the color of my eyes. They gave me a nickname, cat eyes, because I had light blue eyes. The colour of my skin – olive – made my presence in the class conspicuous. Women teachers had a soft corner in their hearts for me. I’m very fond of my mother and I loved her dearly. She is very pretty, with sensuous figure with large round breasts and with light blue eyes. I’m the only c***d of my parents. They had three more c***dren after me but they died in infancy. Until I turned seven I slept in my mother’s bed whenever my father was away on high seas. He was on the land for two months and on the sea three to four months. When I was in my teens my mother became pregnant. And another nine months – I became a brother and I was no more ‘only c***d’ in the family. Two months later my father was sent to England with a cargo boat. Four months after the birth of my sister, my mother was taken to hospital for an operation. She returned just after three days. I began to take interest in breasts, especially breasts filled with milk. I roamed the colony in the evenings observing women’s top portion (I was not interested in girl’s breasts) and imagining how big they’re under their blouses. There were women from all over India. They were all the wives of sailors and officers of the navy living in “separated quarters” – like us. Women from Bengal were very sexy with their deep dark brown skin. Deep dark skinned women from South India and Bengal appealed to me. Indians are very much color conscious and they wish for ‘fair complexion’ or ‘wheatish complexion’. My friends could not understand why I loved very smooth black or dark brown skin color. To my mother’s joy, her immediate neighbor (in the opposite house) was the wife of another petty officer. He was away on the seas. She was expecting her first baby. She – let me call her Linda – and my mother became friends in the maternity ward. My mother also made friendship with other mothers. After the birth of my sister all these nursing mothers paid visit to my mother three or four times a week. In spite coming from different regions of India they had many things in common. They were sailors’ wives separated from their husbands for long periods. Their isolation, separation and loneliness brought them together. They drank tea, ate snacks and gossiped. One day I came early from the school and found them in an animated chatting. My mother’s back was to the door and Linda was facing my mother. At one breast her baby was nursing and the other breast was concealed in her blouse. At once I had an erection looking at the large, lactating breast. Linda noticed my staring and smiled at me. That night I could not sleep. I was fantasizing about Linda and my mother alternatively. In my fantasy I was nursing at my mom’s tits. Then I switched over to Flora and sucked her breasts. I was not satisfied with one lactating mother. I lined up (in my imagination) all the lactating mothers and unbuttoned their blouses one after another. Then I took off my clothes and nursed from every single mother in the line. While I nursed they caressed my erect cock. I was restless. I got up, emptied my bladder in the lavatory. Adjacent to my room was mom’s bedroom. I pushed opened it and found her sleeping to one side. My baby sister was sleeping in a small crib. I lay down behind her and hugged. I had an instant erection. My mom woke up and surprised to see me hugging her. I told her that I’m afraid to sleep alone. She laughed, chided me and made me to return to my room. I reluctantly returned to my room and it took some time to fall asleep. I had a dream. In the dream I unbuttoned the blouse of Carla – another neighbour and a mother of four c***dren – and sucked her large breasts. (She’s also has given birth to a baby boy a week before my sister was born. She’s one of the nursing mothers who visited our house regularly.) She stroked my head and caught my erect penis. As I was squeezing her breasts, she transformed into my mother. I said, “Mamma,” and she hugged me and I put my mouth to her breast. As she touched my cock I woke up and found my pyjamas stained with my first emission. It was sticky. I recollected the dream and wondered why I was nursing at Carla’s breasts? I folded my stained pyjamas and placed it under the pillow.The next day, Friday evening, I found once again Linda at our home nursing her baby and talking to my mother. When my mother saw me she stood up and said, “I washed your pyjamas, and it is hung outside to dry.” Then without giving a look at my direction she went into the kitchen. Linda threw a broad smile at me as if to convey of her understanding of my embarrassment. I quickly went into my room and started doing my homework. It was my habit of my doing homework immediately after coming home. After about five minutes I called my mother but she replied from the kitchen that she was busy preparing snacks. I came out of the room and Linda motioned to come near her. She sat on a short, three legged stool and still nursing her baby. Her large, milk filled exposed breast excited me. When I approached her, she motioned to kneel before her and placed her forefinger on her lips, meaning, ‘keep quiet.’ I smiled and nodded my head and kneeled in front of her placing my hands on the floor and pushed my head forward. She again motioned me to move to her right and I moved. With her right hand (her baby was sucking at her left breast) she lifted her blouse and pushed it up. My mouth became dry looking at her large naked breast and I had an instant erection. Then with no warning she aimed her breast at my face and squeezed it. A jet of warm breast milk sprayed on my face. I was surprised. Before I could react another jet of milk hit me and I licked my lips. The milk tasted sweet. Linda was smiling at me and sprayed the milk again and whispered, “Come, suck it.” I was speechless and I at once stood up. I leaned forward, pushed away her right hand that was cupping her breast and mouthed it. I sucked the leaking breast hard and Linda’s right hand held my head. As I sucked Linda’s chest rose and she squirmed. I think I sucked for a minute. My mother’s voice güvenilir bahis şirketleri from the kitchen dislodged my mouth from her breast. She told Linda that she’s coming with the snacks and asked her to place the baby on the mat. I ran into my room wiping my face with my hand. My cock grew in size and my balls pained me. I fell on my bed and I could not remove the incident from my mind. I kept asking myself: “With what intention she allowed me to suck her breast?” About half an hour later my mother went out to get the washing. Linda came into my room and with a broad smile told me to come to her house to help her in moving the furniture. Before I could answer she withdrew quickly into the hall and my mother returned with the washing. I heard my mother telling her to come again the next day. About ten minutes later my baby sister woke up and cried. My mother asked me to bring her into the hall to nurse her. I went in, picked her up and about to give her. My mother said asked me to wait. She sat in a wide chair and unbuttoned her blouse, took it off, threw it on the armrest and then unbuttoned her bra. (In those days women’s bras had front opening with three buttons.) I stood froze (with erection concealed in my briefs) with my sister in my arms. My mother’s huge, globular, milk-filled breasts were released. There was a drop of milk on her right breast and I could see the veins over it. Then she took the baby and nursed her. I went back into my room. Last night’s dream, sucking milk from Linda’s breast, and my mother exposing her lactating breasts drove me mad with desire. I wanted to nurse. I wanted to lie down next to my mother with no clothes on and suck her breasts. I was desperate and I was in an awful state. I made a decision. I’m going ask my mother to nurse me like the way she’s nursing my sister. I did not feel like reading or writing. The exposed milk-filled breasts of so many mothers drove me mad with desire. I took out, from the bottom of the drawer, my collection of my naked drawings. On a white sheet I drew my mother sitting naked with milk leaking from her breasts. Then I drew a young boy, naked with erection, touching her right breast. Then I wrote, “My mother ready to nurse me.” It took about an hour to finish it off. As the hours passed, the desire to suck lactating breasts grew. I hid the drawing in a large brown envelope and placed it in the drawer. Then I undressed and fell on the low wide bed and covered myself with a thin blanket. I was feeling feverish thinking about Linda. I began to fantasize about Linda, Clara and other lactating mothers. I gently stroked my erect cock as they appeared in my fantasy. Then I imagined how I am going to play with Linda’s breasts and how I am going to suck them dry. At school I heard from my friends what men do to women. They said there is a hole in women’s cunt. When they get erection they push the cock into women’s cunt. I wanted to put my cock into Linda’s cunt while sucking her breasts. My back was facing the door. In the meanwhile my mother finished preparing light evening meal and called me from the kitchen to eat. I did not reply to her call because I was restless. When she called again I replied her that I did not feel hungry. A minute or two later my mother came to my room and surprised to see me in the bed. “What’s wrong with you?”I kept quiet.She came near and shook me. At that moment I decided to ask my mother to nurse me. I gave no second thought to her reaction. I should say I did not care for her reaction. I was reckless and I was mentally prepared to receive her beatings and shouting. “Are you sick?”“No,” I said without turning.“Then what?”I could not answer because I was trembling.She placed her hand on my shoulder. I was breathing hard. “Mamma, I also want milk.”“What?”I said: “Mamma, I want milk.”“Milk?”“Yes, mamma, I want your milk.” My mother did not reply. She was puzzled at my request. A few moments passed in silence. “My milk?““Yes, mamma, You’ve milk. I want to suck your breast.”She placed her palm on her mouth and said in muffled voice: “Jesus!”“I want your milk,” I said.“Jesus! What are you talking about?”“Please mamma.”I heard her leaving the room. About five minutes later I heard her saying from the door of my room: “You’re not a baby to drink milk from breasts.”“I want to drink your milk.” I repeated. “No,” she was firm in her decision.The following words came out of my mouth spontaneously. “Mamma, if you don’t give me, then I’ll ask Linda,” I said without turning around.“What?”“Yes, Linda has milk in her breasts. I’m sure she’ll give me,” I replied.“My God! What has happened to you?” “Clara has milk. Amanda has milk. Flora, Debby, Hilda, Edna, Jill, Iris – all of them have milk,” I blurted out. All these women are lactating mothers, visiting our house regularly. (I’m giving western names because it’s easy to pronounce.)“Are you out of your mind?”“No. Give me milk mamma.” “No, you’re not a baby. Only babies need milk.”“Mamma, your breasts are full of milk. I want to suck them.”“No.”“Then I’ll ask Linda,” I repeated once again. A relief came over me. Now my mother knows that I wanted to nurse at her breasts. She cannot avoid me. I was sure of Linda giving me milk when I visit her. She sprayed her milk on me and she did not object when I sucked her breast. Now, no more I cared for my mother whether she would nurse me or not. It was already 7 p.m. I decided to visit Linda the next day, Saturday. I did not have school. In fact she asked me to help her in moving the furniture. My mother stood at the door and yelled. “You’re no more a baby!”I was about to reply. Then I heard someone opening the main door and calling me. It was Linda asking me to come and help her. My heart leaped with joy. Linda wants me now. My mother was confused at that unexpected intrusion of Linda and at a critical juncture. For a moment she did not know what to say. Once again Linda called me. My mother recovered from her fright and replied: “Oh, Linda, he hasn’t finished his homework and he hasn’t eaten his meal. Let him help you tomorrow.” Linda agreed and told me in loud tones not to forget the appointment and left. I did not turn my head to see my mother. The reappearance of Linda and her invitation excited me. About fifteen minutes later I heard my mother bolting the front door. Then a moment or two later I felt my mother taking her place next to me. “I don’t understand you. You’re no more a baby.” I did not turn to look at her or give reply. I could feel her warm breath falling on my neck and her large breasts were touching my back. A few seconds passed in silence. “I’ll give milk now and no more.” Her reply did not satisfy me. I want to nurse at her breasts whenever I had the desire to nurse.I made it explicitly clear to her what’s on my mind: “I want now. I want tomorrow. And I want to drink whenever I want your milk.”My mother said: “You are mad!” “No.”“You can drink now and no more.”I was determined. “Then I’ll go and Linda now,” I replied and tried to get up. My mother panicked. “Jesus,” she uttered and held me by pulling me close to her by my waist. My back was crushed against her large breasts and my cock stiffened under the thin blanket. Again there was silence between us. She repeated a couple of times under her breath: “Jesus, Jesus, what has happened to you.”Then my mother removed the thin blanket and put her right arm around my waist. She at once realized I was naked. “Why did you take off your clothes?” The soft touch of her hand on my waist sent me delicious shivers in my body. I began to tremble and I could not speak properly. I stammered. “I get pain whenever I think of your breasts,” I replied. “Pain? Where?”I did not answer. “Turn to my side,” she said and pulled me closer to her. I turned around, bets10 faced her and noticed her clothes. She wore her long skirt, blouse and bra. “You’ll tell no one, understand,” she said.“Mamma, I’ll tell no one,” I managed to reply. I was in an awful stage. I was shivering as if I was exposed to Arctic wind. She sat and took off her blouse, placed it next to her and lay down facing me. “This is wrong, this is wrong,” she said unbuttoning her bra and exposing her breasts. They were leaking. My mother was feeling tense and feverish. “Mamma,” I said and stared at her milk filled breasts. Just as she thrust her left breast towards my mouth, I threw my left leg swiftly over her hip, pushed my pelvis into her thighs and encircled her hip with my hand and hugged her. My head pressed her exposed swollen breasts. She caressed my head and whispered: “You can suck them.” I was breathing hard and the shuddering didn’t stop. I pulled my head slightly back and squeezed her right breast saying, “Mamma, mamma.” When I took the dark pink nipple into my mouth and sucked it, the sweet, warm milk flowed into my mouth. The moment my mouth took the erect, leaking pink nipple into my mouth, my mother reacted instantly as if she touched a live wire. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” she squirmed. I nursed at those plump breasts when I was a helpless baby. Now I’m in my teens sucking greedily at those breasts again. This time it’s different. My cock wanted to park himself inside her but he did not know where and how. “Mamma, I want to feel it,” I said and caressed gently her smooth heavy breast and the nipple. The nipple was already erect to my sucking and when pressed it the milk leaked and my mother gasped. I sensed by her squirming that she was highly sensitive at her breasts. When sucked hard at her breast she gasped for breath and then placed her right hand behind my head and held me tightly into her. Twice or thrice she asked me to slow down. I did not know what to do with my erection. I released her breast and said, “Mamma, I have pain here.” Then I took her right hand and placed it on my erect cock. “You’re no more a c***d,” she said holding it in her hand. Then she lifted her right leg and placed my erect cock between her thighs, clamped it and pulled my buttocks into her. I nursed at her both breasts, licked them, caressed and squeezed them. With my left hand I caressed her stomach and waist. As I caressed her waist my hand found the knot that held her skirt. I caught one end and pulled it and it came off. Now her skirt was untied but my mother was unaware of it. I went on nursing and caressing. My mother’s head was thrown back and her mouth was partially opened. Then I pulled my hip back and my erect cock that was clamped between her soft thighs was released. I moved my caressing palm slowly from the stomach to down through the untied skirt. My palm reached where her thighs joined. In those days women did not wear panties. I gently moved down and caressed her cunt twice. It was wet and I could feel the trimmed hair. My mother realized where my hand was. She whispered without removing my probing hand: “Don’t, my baby, don’t.” She sighed as I kept caressing. I remembered hearing my classmates discussing sex and I learnt that one has to push the cock into a woman’s cunt. I gently pulled the skirt down and uncovered her right bum. I caressed it for a while, still slowly nursing on her breast. My mother caressed my head while nursed. I fondled her right breast for a while.A moment later, she slightly pulled back and this sudden movement caused me to release her breast from my mouth. I was excited when I saw the milk seeping out from the nipple. She turned to her right and rested on her back. I lifted myself up and saw how far down her skirt uncovered. If I could do the same to her left side, then I could easily remove it. I slipped my hand into the loosened skirt and caressed her stomach below the navel. A moment later I slid my hand between her thighs. She sighed and parted them slightly. When I touched her clitoris she threw her head back and gasped. Gently my left hand explored her moist cunt and I inserted my middle finger into the opening. The stickiness and warmth inside her cunt surprised me. I wanted to remove her skirt and insert my cock into my mommy’s pussy. No more I was afraid of her. Until this time I hardly touched her right breast. “Mamma, I want to suck that also,” I said. “Come this side,” she replied in a throaty voice and turned to her right. Quickly I got hold the waist band of her loosened skirt and pulled it down. Now the skirt was no more resting on her hip. I lifted myself up and pulled her skirt to her ankles and fell back. Instead of getting up and slipping to her other side I pulled her back by holding her right shoulder. Once again she was resting on her back. Then climbed on top of her and placed my hand under her shoulders. I mouthed her right breast and began to suck. Her thighs were closed and my erect cock was resting on her wet cunt. My mother said, “My baby,” and encircled my waist in her hands.I lifted my head to see her. Her eyes were shut and her breath was heavy and warm like mine. For some unknown reason, I pulled myself up and licked her lips. My mother opened her mouth and I pushed my tongue into her. I hugged her tightly when she sucked my tongue. It was a deep kiss between mother and son. It was my first kiss. A while later she released it and I said, “Mamma, my mamma,” panting. Then I lifted my hip slightly and brought it down and the tip of my cock touched her cunt. Once again she took my tongue and sucked it hard and I gasped for breath. How delicious my mother’s kiss was! When she released my tongue after thirty seconds, I cupped the jutting fullness of her right breast with my both hands and squeezed it. My mother gave a soft moan when the milk sprayed. I took the leaking breast and sucked hard. My erect cock was pressing her pubic area. I released the breast and said: “Mamma.” She did not reply. Her mouth was partly opened and her eyes were shut.I was breathing hard. My voice was shaky and nervous. “Momma, I have pain here,” I said in a shaky voice and lifted my hip. Still she did not reply. I took her hand and placed it on my erect cock. “Mamma, I have pain, please hold it.” She sighed and held it in her hand.I was in an uncomfortable position with my hip raised slight up over her closed thighs. A moment later I moved slightly down and brought my left knee between her closed thighs. My mother at once parted them wide and I placed my throbbing cock on the entrance to her cunt. “Oh, no, my baby! No, please, no,” she said weakly. Both of us were in a very excited state and I was feeling feverish. I gently pushed my cock into her warm, slippery cunt. The ecstasy I felt when I slipped my cock into my mother’s pussy and when her cunt muscles tightened my cock was indescribable. When her legs pinned me, I lost my self-control and began to jabber: “My mamma, my mamma!” As I moved in and out of her warm cunt I was overwhelmed by the emotions pouring through my mind. I was fucking my own mother. What a beautiful feeling! I was not ashamed or had any guilty feelings. She’s my mother and I loved her. I did not find anything wrong sucking at her milk filled breasts and fucking her. I did not know that fucking my mother was the most enjoyable thing in this world and there was nothing comparable to this act. My mother, my sweet mother. She gave birth to me, nursed me, cleaned me, bathed me, comforted me, hugged me. Now I am enjoying her. My virgin cock, never experienced masturbation, is going to cum for the first time, not outside but inside my beautiful mother’s deep cunt. I became very emotional. I could feel the tension building up in me and my heart beat increased. bets10 giriş It was pounding and pounding. My mother’s hands were on my back holding me and I was holding her right under her smooth shoulders. Her legs were wide open and it was in the shape of English letter M. I was licking her face, planting kisses on her shut eyes, on the tip of her nose and licking her parted lips. Her breasts were leaking and I took her right breast into my mouth and resumed sucking. Then the most beautiful, unforgettable thing happened. Something rushed out of my cock and I felt deliriously giddy. As I was ejaculating into my mother’s beautiful, tight, hot, slippery cunt through which I came out some years ago my emotions exploded and I screamed, “Mamma, Mamma, Mamma.” Immediately my mother tightened her legs around my waist and held me tightly to her. Then I burst into tears and rested my head between her breasts. I was sobbing. She didn’t say a word but kept on caressing my back and head. My hot tears wetted her cleavage. About three or four minutes later I lifted my head and looked at her face. With tears rolling down from her eyes, she turned her face to her right side. I kissed her cheek and she turned and caressed my head and wiped my tears with her right hand. She smiled through her tears and I brought my lips to her mouth and she opened it. I said: “Mamma, I love you. I love you, Mamma,” and took her tongue into my mouth and sucked it hard. My cock gone limp and lifted my hip and withdrew. Then I rolled down and slipped next to her. I felt my cock sticky and wet. Both of us kept quiet for about two minutes. A moment later my mother raised but I wanted to hold her for some more time. I held her tightly, but my mother removed my hand saying, “Wait, I’ll be back.” She pulled her skirt up as she got up and left my room holding the skirt in her hand. I heard water running from the tap. My cock regained its erection. Her very short absence made me restless. I wanted her badly. Unable to wait any longer, I called, “Mamma, please come. Come, mamma.”Tears filled my eyes. My mother entered the room with a wet rag in her right hand. She had her skirt on and her bra was buttoned. She kneeled next to me and noticed my crying. “Oh, no, I’m with you, my baby,” she said and wiped my cock with the wet rag. She was astonished when my cock hardened in her hand. I could take it no more. I wanted to suck her breasts and fuck her again. “Mamma,” I said, “please don’t leave me. I want you.” I got hold of her hand and pulled. She lost her balance and fell next to me. Without wasting a second I untied her skirt and pulled it down ignoring her mild protest. I climbed on top of her and hugged her. My hands were on her bra unbuttoning it. When her breasts were released I took turns to suck them. We learn how for everything. Somebody teaches to do this and that. But fucking nobody teaches us. I got up and fell between her thighs. With my hands I parted the folds of her pussy and placing my mouth on her clitoris I began to suck. This act sealed our beautiful relationship. I could not keep quiet. I went on saying, “My mamma, my mamma! I want you. I want you.” My sucking her clitoris, licking her entire cunt, gently her with my middle finger made her go almost insane. Then suddenly her hip rose and her legs pinned my shoulders. She had a violent orgasm. Like me before she burst into tears and began to sob like a c***d. I was afraid. I felt I hurt my mother. Quickly I got up and lay down next to her. She turned, faced me and hugged me still sobbing. In between her sobs, she said: “You made mamma, happy, you made mamma happy!” My mother in spite of giving birth to four c***dren, having very happy relationship with my father, never experienced orgasm. She met my father in a charity ball, arranged by the church in Calcutta, liked him and within a year married immediately after finishing her high school. My face was facing her right breast. I was confused at her sudden crying and babbling. She kissed my head repeatedly, saying, “My baby, my baby, my love, my pet!” With her left hand she took my cock, caressed it and whispered. “Come, place it inside mamma. Mamma wants it.”I need no more encouragement. I mounted her, my mother widened her thighs and guided my cock inside her wet, stick pussy. This time I took more time. I was sucking and swallowing her milk, kissing her mouth, and never stopped saying, “Mamma, I want your milk. I want to do this every day. Mamma, please, let me play with your breasts. They are big, mamma, they are big.”Then I stiffened. I ejaculated into my mother’s pussy as she pinned her legs against my thighs. After resting a few minutes, my mother asked me why I wanted her milk in the first place. She nursed me from my birth to one year and weaned me properly. Why? She was puzzled. I asked her to hold my cock in her hand and asked her if I could keep my hand on her pussy. She agreed and took my stiff cock in her hand and held it. I placed my hand on her cunt and told her that I was interested in lactating breasts from very early age, and explained what all I imagined about other nursing mothers who visit us three or four times a week for gossip and company. My mother laughed and gently squeezed my cock. I was eager to obtain her consent for taking liberty with her breasts. “Mamma, Can I nurse at your breasts whenever I want to?” I asked her.She gave a broad smile, kissed me and said OK. But she warned me that before I do anything with her, I should bolt the main door. I promised her that I will make sure to lock the door before I hug her.“Mamma, I don’t want to take bath alone,” I told her. She stared at me.“Mamma, I want to take bath with you.”She protested but after my pleading she agreed to give me bath from that day onwards.I pressed her breast and milk sprayed. She gasped and said that she produces a lot of milk. She has expressed the milk manually and threw it into the sink. She’ll no more throw it and I should empty her breasts. Then she turned and rested on her back. My hand was still on her cunt gently caressing. Now and then she sighed. I leaned forward and licked her pussy, saying, “Mamma, so good you’re, so good you’re.” She took my hand and pulled me up. When I settled on her top, she kissed me and asked me who told that I should lick pussy. I placed my hands under her shoulders and told her that no one told me, and that I did it on my own. She was very much baffled at my reply. She was glad that my natural instinct led me to her warm pussy. Her heart flooded with love when I said that I enjoyed licking and sucking her cunt. She confessed that she was amazed at my skill in bringing her to orgasm. I slipped down and lay next to her. I asked to sleep in my room with me. If my sister wakes up, then she had to go, she said. I agreed and put my left leg between her thighs and closed my eyes. I planned what I wanted to do with my mother when I wake-up. First I should make sure that the door is bolted from inside. Then I go into the kitchen and hug her from behind and fondle her breasts and caress her pussy. Now I know my mother likes my licking and eating her pussy. Also I wanted my mother to hug me from behind and hold my cock while I pissed. This desire I had it for a long time and I made up my mind to ask my mother to help me in peeing. As I began to imagine in this fashion, Linda appeared suddenly in my mind’s eye. I understood now her act of spraying her breast milk on my face and encouraging me to suck her breast. But how I’m going to approach her? If she nurses me like my mother what should I do with my erection? Should I take off my clothes? If she allows me to suck her breasts, then I should insist that I will nurse only with no clothes on. I should tell her that I experience pain in my cock if my keep my clothes on. I will also ask her to take her clothes off. The most important thing I felt was secrecy. I should never tell anyone that I am nursing at my mother’s breasts and fucking her. Next chapter will be on Linda: SEX WITH LACTATING LINDA



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