My Three Favorite Uncles – Part 5deleteddeleteddeletedI blushed since I got carried away by how much fun I was having giving Vijay uncle the blow job. I pulled out and stood up beside him. Uncle’s hand immediately went for my boob as he took a couple of deep breaths to settle his cock down a bit and suddenly swooped me off my feet.I yelped, “What are you doing uncle?” as I held him around his neck, he lifted me up in his arms in a bridal position. “I am taking you into the bedroom to have my suhaag raat with you, baby,” he said, walking into my room. “I thought it already started uncle” I replied cheekily.“Oh, shut up Sweta. I am taking you inside to put you on the bed and get on top of you, smother you under my body as I fuck your pussy for that first time” he added, “Is that clear enough for you.” I blushed hard and felt shivers of pleasure and anticipation course through my body as he told me his plan for the next few minutes.I could not get words out of my mouth to form a reply. So I just buried my face into his shoulder and let him carry me in for his suhaag raat. He dropped me on my bed and the first thing he did was to undo the hook for my lehenga. In one pull, he got both my lehenga and panties off me and I was completely naked (except for my jewelry – the necklace, bangles, anklet, and navel chain).He pulled my legs up and opened them to expose the most intimate part of my body. I prepared myself by shaving my pussy and legs completely and knew my skin was very soft and smooth to touch. His first touch on my pussy sent a jolt of electricity through my body to the extent that I immediately felt more wetness ooze out of my pussy. “Oh uncle,” I moaned out.“Yes Sweta,” he replied as his fingers traced all over my pussy lips. “What are you doing uncle?” I asked as I struggled desperately with my urge to close my legs. But I resisted, as uncle studied my pussy and ass very closely, with his face mere inches away from them.“I am studying and memorizing every hair, every fold, every flap and every bit of color in your pussy, Sweta” he replied. He ran his finger through my pussy slit, illegal bahis playing with my clitoris. “Oh, your clitoris loves it when I do this, Sweta,” he said as he scratched over my clitoris with one finger and then two fingers. “It is swelling up and reddening when I do that,” he added.His finger went further down and found my vaginal opening and pushed it deep inside me. I felt my world explode in colorful stars as he began slowly fucking my pussy with his finger. “Oh boy, your pussy is quite sensitive Sweta. It is already oozing so much juice” he said as he continued fucking with his finger.“It feels like a balloon is about to burst in my pussy, uncle” I croaked out. He pulled his finger out of my pussy with such suddenness that I felt the balloon fizz out. I looked down to question him. But the question was unnecessary as he laid on top of me. His big hard cock was now rubbing over my pussy lips, causing the fizzed out balloon in my tummy to blow up immediately.He found the opening and pushed his cock into me and I had the first of my many orgasms explode out of my pussy. Uncle pulled his cock out of my pussy with a loud laugh as he must have felt the orgasm explode out of me. I felt myself slowly drifting down to earth when all of a sudden I felt his cock invade into my pussy again.And the balloon began inflating immediately. He started pushing his cock deeper and deeper with every stroke, slowly increasing the depth. I reached up and hugged him around his neck and held tightly as his cock slowly went deeper than Sharma uncle’s cock ever did. I was loving every bit of it.Vijay uncle was fucking my pussy in long slow strokes that he gradually picked the pace of. “Uncle, that feels so good,” I said. “Gosh Sweta, your pussy feels so tight, it is hugging my cock like a sleeve. I don’t remember ever feeling this much of pleasure ever before. I love your pussy so much Sweta. I love your body so much Sweta. I love fucking your pussy so much Sweta.”I could hear, see and feel Vijay uncle getting lost in pleasure as he fucked me wildly. The way he was talking made me feel happy, excited illegal bahis siteleri and eager at the same time. Like he suddenly remembered something, he lifted himself off my upper body and reached for my boobs.He began massaging one after the other my boobs and pinching my nipples as he continued fucking my pussy. He bent his body and tried to reach for my nipple with his mouth, but since he was so tall and I am so short, he could not do it. Somehow that felt so funny, I let out a laugh.Vijay uncle just laughed along with me and continued riding me and taking me on the pleasure train with his cock. He suddenly said, “Oh Sweta, I forgot to put a condom on my cock before I entered into you. I planned to put it on, but in the heat of the moment, I just forgot to put it on and am inside you bare.”I just laughed at the familiar way Vijay uncle was saying this, just like Sharma uncle. “Oh don’t worry uncle. This is not the first time this happened to me either. Sharma uncle also very routinely ‘forgets’ putting on the condom on his cock before fucking me ‘in the heat of the moment.’” I said with a wide smile.“In my medicine box, I have a big stash of ipill tablets just for that.” Then I added, “You two are so similar in coming up with that excuse half way through fucking me when I have no choice in that matter. So sneaky,” I said with a light loving slap on him.Uncle just laughed and replied, “What can I say, we have been close friends for a long time and share such tricks with each other.” He continued fucking me in long hard strokes. Each stroke was sending jolts of pleasure through my body originating from my pussy I could feel his cock getting harder even more, as he was grunting with every stroke.I knew he was getting close to cumming. The hardness of the cock made my pussy also create higher and higher pleasure bolts through my body. I told him, “Go ahead uncle, cum inside my bare pussy. I want your cum to flow into my womb right now. I will take care of it” I added, “I will take care of it.”That must have pushed him over the hill. I felt his cock spit out warm cum canlı bahis siteleri that filled deep in my pussy. I felt the warmth flow up into my tummy and all over my body. It caused all barriers in my body to melt away. I was orgasming as well along with uncle.Uncle was smothering my body into the bed as his cock was still letting out spasms of pleasure into my pussy. Even though his weight was almost smothering me into the bed, I just held him tightly till he finished cumming into me and recover. He rose up and looked into my face with absolute happiness – an expression that filled me with so much happiness, knowing that I caused him to have it.I reached up and kissed him on his lips causing him to smile wider. “Did you enjoy me, uncle?” I asked. Uncle clearly understood how I was referring to myself replied, “Yes Sweta. I enjoyed you a lot. I enjoyed your body, sucking your boobs, fucking your pussy and cumming in your womb so much. I can not wait to do it again.”I laughed out at this. Uncle had just finished fucking me once, and his cock was still semi-hard, still inside my pussy, and he was already making plans to fuck me again. I think I love Vijay uncle just as much as Sharma uncle now. Vijay uncle rolled off me and laid on the bed beside me gasping for breath a few minutes before getting off to put his pajamas on.Thankfully he did not put anything else on, and just flopped on the bed beside me. I also put on a nightie that was hanging on the side of the bed and laid down beside him. Uncle laid on his back and I moved over to put my head on his shoulder and a hand over his bare tummy.Uncle put an arm around me and pulled me closer. u*********sly his hand grasped my boob from around my body in the comfortable way that I liked it too. I let my hand snake down his tummy, into his pajama, till I felt his soft but still wet cock. I grasped it in my hand and let out a sigh.“What are you doing Sweta?” he asked. I replied, “Well, you are a boobs man, and I am a cock girl.” I said playing with his soft cock and the sack with his balls. I relaxed over his shoulder and promptly fell asleep after the strenuous workout we had.The next morning also, I woke up to find that my hand was still in uncles pajama and is still holding his cock. Well, what happened after that is for another story now, isn’t it? Let me know what you think,



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