The next few days with my Grandparents were a whirlwind of nudity and sex. None of us would wear any clothes and my own all-over tan started to darken. The lack of clothes being worn by all not only saved Grandma from doing laundry, but also opened up many opportunities for fucking and sucking. Every morning, it seems, either Grandpa or I, or both would take Grandma over the kitchen table. We knew we would end up fucking sooner or later so doing it first thing worked out well. It allowed me the opportunity to get my chores done after breakfast so I could spend the rest of the day goofing off or having even more sex. I am still surprised at how much Grandpa and Grandma fuck. I am 18 and these 60+ year olds have more sexual stamina and energy than me. I figured for sure that Grandpa must take Viagra but they both swear that his hard-ons are natural. At one point, Grandpa offered his ass to me to fuck. I don’t mind sucking his cock but something about anal sex with another man still turned me off. I declined his invitation. On the other hand, when Grandma offered her ass to me, I accepted her offer. Her asshole is nice and tight and grips my cock nicely. Grandpa and I even did a DP on Grandma. Grandpa filled her pussy with his cum and I filled her ass with mine.

One morning at about 11 o’clock, I had just finished my chores and was heading up to the house. A black Jeep came driving down the driveway toward the house. I was naked and ran for the back door. Charlie (the dog) barked a few times and met the Jeep by the front porch. His tail was wagging so I figured he must know whoever it was. I watched from the front window as Grandma walked out onto the porch. Grandma was still naked.

“Good Morning, Sally!” she called toward the Jeep.

The passenger door opened and a lady got out of the car. The driver’s side was empty.

“Hello, Marge!” the lady responded, “I have a package for Harold.”

The lady was OK looking. She was mid to late 30s, average height and a little overweight. She had long auburn hair and a friendly smile. She was kind of pretty in a ‘natural’ way. She was carrying a box and some letters. Sally was the mail carrier.

“Porn or toys?” Grandma asked.

“Porn is my guess.” answered Sally as she walked toward the porch, “Plus he got his new ‘Penthouse’ magazine.”

“Well, that ought to keep him busy. At least for a few hours.” Grandma joked as she took the stuff that Sally was carrying; “Do you have time for coffee?”

“Sure. It’s a pretty light day today,” said Sally.

They both went into the kitchen. Sally sat at the table and Grandma put the box and the rest of the mail on the table. Grandma poured them both a cup of coffee and called for me.

“Jake! Come down here. I want you to meet somebody.” She yelled toward the stairs.

“I’m right here, Grandma!” I told her.

I was just in the other room and was only a few feet from her. I startled her a bit, but she recovered quickly.

“Come in here and meet somebody.”

Grandma grabbed my arm with her free hand and gently ushered me into the kitchen. I was still naked and tried to cover myself.

“Oh! Stop being shy!” Grandma said. “Jake, this is Sally. Sally, this is my grandson Jake. Sally delivers our mail.”

“Hello!” I muttered.

“Grandson?” Sally puzzled briefly before lighting up “Oh! This must be Patty’s oldest boy. Nice meeting you!”

Sally stretched out her hand in greeting. I took her hand in mine and shook it quickly. I used the hand that I had covered my dick with and Sally got an eyeful. I tried to let go, but she kept shaking.

“VERY nice meeting you.” She added. Her smile broadened.

“Jake will be staying with us while he goes to college here in town.” Grandma chimed in. “and he is adapting to our lifestyle quite nicely. Aren’t you, honey?”

“Umm. Yeah. I’m trying.” I answered.

Sally let go of my hand, but I decided not to cover up this time. Grandma motioned for me to sit and visit with them. I sat in a way that allowed Sally to keep looking at my dick, if she wanted. She looked away often in conversation but always looked back.

“Where is Harold?” Sally asked

I hadn’t seen him all day. Grandma and I had fucked and had breakfast without him that morning.

“He went to town early.” Grandma responded. “He’ll be back later.”

I could tell that Sally enjoyed looking at my cock. I stroked it a bit to get it hard.

Sally looked at me and asked, “You know, I only have a few minutes left before I have to go. You just planning on teasing me or can I suck you off before I leave?”

“WOW! Is everybody around here so forward and blunt?” I thought to myself.

“Please do.” I answered her.

Sally looked at Grandma, smiled and then got on her knees in front of me. She was good but still not as good as Grandma. Sally spent a lot of time stroking my balls and licking and sucking them. I really enjoyed all of that. She really seemed to get into it as well.

Grandma moved into Sally’s chair so she could watch. While Sally sucked my cock and balls, I watched Grandma masturbate. taksim grup yapan escort

“He already came in my pussy once today” Grandma bragged, “But I know he has a nice load of cum for you too.”

Sally was moaning and her sucking intensified.

“Damn!” She said, “If I had more time, I’d let him fuck me and cum in my pussy too.”

Watching Grandma acting and talking like a slut again helped me get off. Sally was a good cocksucker too. Both of these factors helped me cum.

“I’m gunna cum!” I warned Sally.

She just sucked harder. I shot my cum into her mouth. Several, nice, hard blasts. She swallowed it all. Sally swallowed up every last bit of my cum. She didn’t leave one drop. As soon as she was done with me she went to work on Grandma. She stood next to Grandma and bet over her. She fingered Grandma’s pussy and was whispering in her ear. Sally must have known what she was doing because she had Grandma cumming in no time. I still don’t know what Sally whispered to Grandma, but I am sure it was nasty. Grandma squirted all over Sally’s hand, her chair and the floor. When Grandma stopped quivering, Sally licked her fingers clean.

“You should have ate my pussy.” Grandma told her.

“The last time I did that, I had to go home and change my shirt” Sally joked.

Grandma and I composed ourselves and walked Sally to her car. Sally gave us both a quick hug and kiss and we said our good-byes.

“Nice meeting you.” I said.

“Yes… ” she said, “I hope to see you again sometime. Especially when I have more time.”

Sally was smiling as she drove away. Grandma and I were smiling too.

Grandpa got home about around 2PM that afternoon and immediately took his clothes off. Grandma gave him his mail. While he went through his box of adult DVDs, Grandma told him about our visit with Sally. Telling him about Sally giving me a blowjob while Grandma watched got Grandpa more excited than his new box of porn. I glanced at some of the DVD covers. Most had to do with gang bangs and white women taking on huge black cocks. It didn’t take long for Grandpa’s cock to become rock-hard. We all decided to fuck in the living room this time. We fucked while watching one of Grandpa’s new DVDs of some poor little blonde chick get impaled by 4 humongous black cocks.

The next day was Thursday. It went as well as the previous days had. We always had plenty of time for chores and working on one or two of Grandpa’s bigger projects for the summer. Time for relaxing, meals, and goofing off. We also had plenty of time for sex. Thursday night was going to be different. This was my first night to be left alone. Grandpa and Grandma had some ‘members-only’ dinner at the country club to kick off the summer. I was kinda disappointed that I couldn’t go. Well, disappointed until they both assured me that it was a very straight-laced affair and nobody was going to be having sex. I could use some time to myself. If nothing else I could get some sleep and rest my body for a while.

Dinner started at 7PM, but the bar opened at 6PM. Grandpa and Grandma left at about 5:30. They both told me not to bother waiting up. They would probably be late and most likely too drunk to fuck. I laughed and sent them on their way. I ate the dinner Grandma had left for me and got on the computer to chat with my buddies.

Shortly after 6PM the phone rang. It was my Mom. She had called a couple of other times during the week to check up on me. She knew Grandpa and Grandma were going out tonight so wanted to make sure I was OK.

“How are you?” she asked.

“I’m doing OK.” I answered, “It’s kinda weird being here alone. But I’m OK.”

“I love you and I’m worried about you.” Mom said. “If you ever need, you can to call me. Your Grandpa has a cell phone too. You can call him if you have troubles.”

“I know, Mom. I’ll be fine.” I assured her. “Besides, Charlie is here and he barks at anything suspicious”

“He is a good dog.” She said, “I know you’ll be OK. Sooooo… have you been behaving yourself?”

“Of course.” I lied, “I’ve been looking for a way to get into trouble here and can’t find a thing.”

Mom laughed, “Don’t look too hard. It’s easier to find there than you think. Just be good. Make me proud and your Grandma and Grandpa happy.” She said. She hesitated and then added, “Just not too happy. Be careful, OK?”

If she only knew how happy I was making them and they were making me.

“Yes, Mother.” I droned

She proceeded to tell me again how it is a Mother’s duty to be worried about her kids… yadda… yadda… yadda… She also wanted me to tell Grandpa and Grandma that she would not be visiting this weekend and still hoped to the following the week-end. That was fine with me. I was having a lot of fun expressing the new ME and wanted to enjoy a weekend without constraints. Having Mom here would definitely interfere with my new ‘Play often. Play Hard’ attitude.

Eventually, we said our good-byes and hung up the phone. None of my friends were on-line yet and Mom’s phone-call had me bored taksim masöz escort to death. It only took me a moment to remember Grandpa’s offer to help myself to his porn. I enjoyed the DVD we watched the previous night and wanted to see what else he had. I went into their bedroom and looked under the bed. Grandpa said he had a box under his bed with his magazines in it. I assumed his movies would be there too. Under their bed were several boxes of different shapes and sizes. I grabbed the largest box first. Sure enough, It was filled to the top with all sorts of porn magazines. I grabbed another box. This was what I wanted. This box was filled with DVDs. His new ones were right on top. I found the box I wanted, but was curious what was in the other boxes. The third box was the same size as the second one I grabbed and was also full of DVDs. The fourth box was a different size as the others. When I looked inside I saw several photo albums and several videos. Some VHS tapes and some digital videos. The videos all had writing on them. ‘Labor Day 06″, “4th of July 05”, “XXX-mas 06” and the like. Most had some holiday and year associated with them. I chuckled at the ‘XXX-mas’ one. I could only imagine what I would find on that. Then my eye caught one title in particular. “Pat’s B-day 07”. This one was taken at my Mom’s birthday party earlier this year. Mom always visits her family for her birthday, usually on a weekend preceding or following her actual birthday. As usual, Dad never let us kids go with her. This tape was only 6 weeks old. Still… I couldn’t help but wonder why this video was with Grandpa’s porn collection. I knew I had to watch it to find out.

Luckily, Grandpa had his camera hooked to the TV in their bedroom. I was afraid I would have to spend a lot of time looking for a way to watch it.

“Thank You, Grandpa!” I thought out loud.

My heart was pounding. I knew what I wanted to be on the tape. I wanted to see my Mom fucking and sucking and acting like a slut. Part of me knew that I was going to be disappointed.

I opened the camera and loaded the cassette. Grandpa even had a remote right next to it. I turned on the TV and pressed ‘Play’.

The scene was of the living room just below me. It was a typical birthday party scene. Several people sitting around talking. I saw Mom. She was sitting in a chair, fully clothed with a drink in her hand. It was exactly as I expected but continued to watch. Even if Mom did behave herself and there was no sex on the entire tape, I was enjoying ‘spying’ on Mom. This was a completely different environment than I am used to seeing her in. It was also a bit voyeuristic. Mom was smiling a lot in this tape. More than I had ever seen her smile at home. She was actually enjoying herself. Not only was she being allowed to have fun, it was being encouraged. That never happened at home. If anybody, especially Mom, ever had fun, it was by accident. I enjoyed seeing her smile. It was a smile I had never seen before. It was actually very sexy. She looked like a different person. To an extent, she even acted like a different person.

The camera panned the room. I saw Grandma sitting in a chair. Mom was in her own chair and Aunt Barb and Uncle Samuel were sitting on one of the couches. I could tell by the voice that Grandpa was running the camera. Everybody there had clothes on. Even Grandma was clothed. I couldn’t see Grandpa but assumed he was dressed too. The conversations consisted mostly of small talk.

Not far into the tape, Grandpa panned to the front door as it was swinging open. Two black teens walked through the door. I heard their names being called out in greeting. It was two of my cousins, Sam JR and Alicia. Grant was still in Boise. Alicia ran across the room and gave my Mom a big hug. The tape was starting to pick up a bit. Alicia was wearing a tiny, little mini-skirt. When she bent over to hug Mom, it rode up the back of her ass, exposing her ass and panty-less pussy. Grandpa zoomed in. As soon as Alicia moved out of the way, Sam JR kissed Mom on the cheek and hugged her.

Mom put her drink down and spun Sam JR toward the camera.

“Is this my birthday present?” Mom ask him, but addressing the camera as well.

Mom was rubbing the front of Sam JR’s pants over what appeared to be a rather impressive package. She found his cock and gave it a squeeze through his pants. I could see his cock start to swell.

“Not until later.” He answered her.

My cock did not ‘start’ to grow. It did not ‘become’ hard. It was instantly hard. Mom was starting to act like a slut and I liked it.

Apparently Mom missed the reaction to Alicia’s ass shot and just caught on to it.

“Huh? You’re not wearing panties? She asked her.

“Hell no!” Alicia replied, “I came prepared.”

“Let me see!” Mom demanded.

Alicia went back over next to my Mom and lifted her skirt. Alicia was facing the camera and I could see Mom reach out and start to finger her pussy. Alicia moaned and Mom smiled at the camera. Just then Grandma came from off-screen and smacked Mom’s taksim otele gelen escort hand away from Alicia’s pussy.

“Not yet!” Grandma scolded her. “You have to wait. You know the rules.”

Rules? What rules? I didn’t want there to be any rules. I wanted to watch Mom act like a slut. What a load of crap. I was getting mad at Grandma for stopping Mom.

Then I heard Aunt Barb speak up.

“OK Patty… when do we get to have some of Jake?” Barb asked.

“Never.” Mom responded.

“Awww… c’mon!” Barb said, “He’s old enough now.”

Grandma joined the debate, “Jake is 18 now. You can keep protecting him if you want. But it is ultimately up to him.”

“My kids were all 18, when we introduced them.” I heard Barb say.

“And look at us now.” Alicia chimed in again.

“Besides, Patty…” Grandma added, “We all know you want to fuck him too.”

“Oh, Hush!” Mom snapped at Grandma.

I could see Mom blushing. Did she really? Did Mom actually want to fuck me? I started stroking my cock when Mom first grabbed Sam JR’s cock. But now I had to stop. This was too much and I was about to cum. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold off cumming very long but wanted to hold off as long as I could.

“Aunt Patty, you’re blushing!” Alicia commented again.

From behind the camera, I heard Grandpa speak up.

“OK, then, little-miss-innocent.” he started, “If Jake was here right now and he was standing in front of you naked, what would you do? Would you tell him to get dressed or suck his cock?”

Grandpa put her on the spot. The rest of the crowd all commented and voiced their opinions but then Mom finally answered him.

“First.” she started, “I would send you all home and then I would fuck him in that special way that a Mother fucks her son without you guys all here getting in the way.”

I almost came. I wasn’t even touching my cock anymore but I still almost came. HOLY SHIT! Not only was Mom a slut, but she wants to fuck me. ME! Her oldest son! If I hadn’t heard her say it with my own ears, I would have never believed it.

Just then, I could here the front door open again. Grandpa adjusted the camera to the door just in time to see two more people arrive. They were also heralded with a round of greetings from everybody. It was my older sister Debbie and her husband Ron.

With everything that was going on, I didn’t even stop to consider what role she might have in all of this. Debbie was almost 2 years older than me and was really quite pretty. She looked a lot like Mom, but a bit shorter and thinner. I spied on her a few times growing up. I would try and catch her changing clothes or in the shower. Summer days by the pool always offered me the most skin. My mind was more than able to remove her skimpy bikinis. I hadn’t seen much of her since she married Ron. Ron was an OK guy. He was more fun that Dad, but still a bit reserved. Or so I thought. They had been married a little over a year and Debbie just had a baby boy about 2 months prior to the party.

They both hugged and kissed Mom. Mom grabbed one of Debbie’s boobs and squeezed it until a large wet spot showed on the front of her blouse. Debbie was obviously lactating.

“Got Milk?” Mom joked.

“Sure do, MOM.” Debbie responded, “Want some?”

Debbie lifted her shirt and bra, grabbed both boobs and started squeezing them and squirting milk at Mom. Mom closed her eyes and moved her head back and forth, getting as much milk as she could on her face from both streams. Mom opened her mouth and leaned in toward Debbie’s breast. Debbie stopped squirting and put one of her nipples in Mom’s mouth. Mom started nursing and sucking milk from Debbie’s breast.

“Just make sure to leave some for your Grandson.” Debbie told her.

Just then, Grandma latched onto Debbie’s other breast.

“Leave some for MY great-grandson.” Grandma added.

“Is everybody here now?” Mom asked.

“Everybody is here.” Grandma answered, “Let’s get started.”

Grandma looked at the camera.

The screen went black.

I was about to get upset. Both my Mom and Grandma were sucking milk from my sister’s boobs and the screen goes black! I was about to get VERY upset.

An image appeared on the screen. It was my Mom. She was naked, lying on the very same bed I was now sitting on. I was no longer upset. She was lying on her back, legs only slightly open. The camera was positioned at the foot of the bed, giving me a direct view of her pussy. Mom’s pussy was partially shaved. She had a ‘V’ shape of pubic hairs left. I had never seen Mom naked before. Sure, I tried to catch glimpses of her whenever I could but was for the most part unsuccessful. She had large, round, natural breasts that lay slightly to side. In her battle versus age and gravity she was the obvious winner.

I heard the door burst open and a wave of naked relatives flooded the room and surrounded the bed. The bed was high enough that I couldn’t see most of their genitals. I did catch a glimpse of Uncle Samuel’s cock. It was huge! It was already bigger than my cock is when I am hard, but he was still limp. I might not have been able to see pussies or cocks, but I could see boobs. Alicia’s breasts were nice and perky. Probably a B-cup. Aunt Barb was a different story. She was 35-40 pounds heavier than my Mom was and it definitely showed in her breasts. She had large, pendulous breasts with large, dark aereolas. They looked fun.



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