my stepsonI woke last night to the sound of thunder, how far off a sat and wonderedI also wondered how long it would be before my husbands pussy son would be before hes banging on our bedroom door.I married his father six years ago and to be honest if he didnt have a six figure income I wouldnt have . but he takes very good care of me, 2 years ago his ex passed away so we are now raising his son, this wasnt in the deal to begin with but what can I really do.His mother babied him and even though hes in his early teens he is the biggest suck ive ever met, mind you his father isnt much better. My husband works out of town a lot, because of his income I dont need to work so I do a littls charity work and get to spend a lot of time in the gym, which keeps me in very good shape, IM 37 and have to admit I put a lot of girls in there 20’s to shame, Im constantly getting hit on, but I really want to be faithful, Im 5-3. 34 -dd, 24 waist and 34 hips, a washboard tummy and yes an ass to die for.Ok now back to the beginnng, Kevin my husband had been gone 3 days now and not expected back for another 4 , we were having a terrible storm and like I said it wasnt long before I heard a knock at the door and a very sheepish, “Jen Im scared, can I come in?” ” yes Shawn ,you can come in, “So he comes in and sits on my bed. ” dont you think its time for you to start being a man and stay in your own room, you will never get a girlfriend acting like that, stop being such a baby” I really didnt have much patience for him right now, “its really thundering, can I stay here,Ill be good”. “fine but let me sleep”So he crawled in his fathers side , I halkalı escort turned away and tried to fall asleep, it was difficult as the thunder was very load and close,however I did manage to doze off for a little while, I woke up again to a big bang, I realised Shawn had crawled up against me and was spooning with me, “get your grubby hands and body away from me” I thought, I really was repulsed by him, I could here him snoring so I knew he was asleep but at the same time his hand was rubbing up and down on my tummy, It had been 3 weeks since my husband fucked me, if you want to call it that,and I was feeling like I was at my sexual peek, I grabbed his arm and pulled it higher so his hand was on my tit, I tried not to think whos hand it was and just enjoy it, then I came to my senses, rolled towards him to push him away, I went to push him, one hand on his shoulder the other on his hip, as I pushed he moved and my hand was right on his cock, “no this cant be ” I thought, he was very hard and from what I could tell very big, I pulled back the sheets ,there was enough light coming through the window, I could see him well enoughI pulled up on his pj bottomes and lifted them over and downwow its huge, it must have been 8 or 9 inches and thickI wrapped my hand around it slowly, my fingers wouldnt touch, slowly i began to stroke it , if I had only known his secret, I lifted my top so my boobs were exposed, I know he couldnt see them but just the thought of it excited me, I stroked a little faster, he tensed and several streams of cum oozed out of his cock, “great nişantaşı escort now I have a mess” so I removed my top and cleaned it up, he never woke the whole time.I nodded of agian until the next clap of thunder, he woke as well and grabbed me in a hug, “Oh shit I was still topless,” I wasnt sure if he noticed as he was shaking, then another load clasp and everything went dark, the power was outHis arme were around my waist and his head against my boobs; I grabbed his head and stroked his head, “its Ok Shawn just relax, Your safe” with out thinking I moved his head in the pitch black ,with the other hand pushed my tit towards his mouth, Here suck on this , you will feel better, he started sucking, what a feeling,he was sucking soft and slow but it was making me very wet, his hand went up and started squeezing my tit, I told him “now the other one” I was feeling so confused ,knowing this wasnt right but getting so turned on by it, Then I felt his hips move agaist my thigh, was it involentary or not, either way I could feel the hardness of his cock growingHe stopped sucking and said”I feel weird, my mom always let me do this but this feels different””its Ok Shawn, its becaise your growing up , ” I reached down to grab his cock again, wrapped my hands around it, he froze”does that feel good Shawn, keep sucking my nipples” in mo time he was rock hard, I was so glad the lights were out, it just made it feel OkI was getting so wet, I knew itI couldnt hold back, “Shawn, lay on your back Ok, And dont move” he rolled over and I quickly removed my pj bottomsI straddled him, şişli escort everything was completely by feel but I knew what to do, I reached down and grasped his cock, slid it up and down along my Pussy, “ok Shanw ,are you ready to become a man?” “yes ” was all he saidwith that I started to push down, I felt his head pass by my pussy lips, fuck he was big, then I sat back, taking him deep, it wa s so tight, Id never felt a cock that big in me beforebut I loved it, “what are you doing “he asked ” shut the fuck up Shawn your going to do as I say Ok” “OK” I was loving every second of it, Iwa s so close to cumming, “Shawn grab my nipples, pull them, pinch therm dont worry I like it” he reached up and fumbled around with my tits “pinch my fucking nippled Shawn” as he did I started to orgasm, the best id had in a long time, almost immediatly after he cried”whats that feeling, ughh ahhhh, ” he filled me with second load of the nightI rolled off and layed beside him “sHawn? hacnt you felt that before, you never made yourself cum?” “no that was the first time”the thought of that had me wanting more, “shawn, im gonna do something ,trust me you will enjoy it” I started rubbing his balls as he let out a little moan, then I moved and started too suck his cock, he was still semi hard and tasted great,I took as much as I could in my mouth, giving him his first bj , and a very good one at that, I felt him growing and getting harderI moved my hand between my legs and started rubbing myself, I immediatly had another orgasm, but kept rubbing.I was slurping and sucking his cock, loving every second, “its happening again ” he cried, I kept sucking ansd swallowing as he came in my mouth, I kept sucking harder ,wanting every drop, for another 30 seconds after he came I kept sucking, wanting every drop as I swallowd the last of it I moved to hold him in My arms”Shawn, Im going to teach you how to be a man, but this has to be our secret OK” “ok” and we bith nodded off to sleep



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